Friday, March 05, 2010


There is so much going on in Broweird we hardly know where to begin.

Lets start with Judge (but not for long) Ana Gardiner. Here's what we know: The girl can chat! Texting and phone calls to her main squeeze -Attorney Howard Scheinberg.

Judge (but not for long) Gardiner just caught a JQC complaint. What you need to know when evaluating her prodigious texting abilities is that the Howard Scheinberg she was texting and canoodling with, is the same Howard Scheinberg who was THE PROSECUTOR in a death penalty case before her.

From the JQC Complaint courtesy of the Daily Pulp:

During the period between March 23, 2007, when you began your close personal relationship with Mr. Scheinberg, and August 24, 2007, the date you imposed the death penalty on Mr. Loureiro, your phone records reveal, and you do not dispute, that you had 949 telephone calls with Mr. Scheinberg and 471 text messages, for a total of 1,450 separate communications over a period of 155 calendar days. That averages 9.35 communications per day between you and Mr. Scheinberg, 7 days a week ...

... On August 23-25, 2007, which included the date before, the date of and the date after the sentencing, you had 19 telephone conversations and 25 text messages with Mr. Scheinberg, for a total of 44 communications on those three days ...

Here's why we say Judge Gardiner is soon to be a former Judge: before issuing the JQC complaint the JCQ questioned Judge Gardiner about her relationship with Prosecutor Scheinberg. Judge Gardiner testified to this under oath:

... The same Panel member asked this follow-up question: "Again, just to clarify, my understanding is that you - - during the time your were a judge and he was a prosecutor, you did not have any kind of social relationship with Howard Scheinberg?" And your answer was: "If I saw him maybe at one retirement - - they gave they give plaquings [sic] to the younger prosecutors when they leave after three years. He could have been at a plaquing [sic] where the attorneys and the judges go. But I don't ever remember even sitting with him and socializing." This was a misleading answer because it failed to reveal the personal relationship and the thousands of calls and text messages between you and Mr. Scheinberg between March 23, 2007, and the date of the November 13, 2008, hearing before the Investigative Panel. Your answer demonstrates a lack of candor toward the Commission ...

"Sitting with"? Nope. "Socializing with"? Not really. Texting? Well that's a different story. From the JQC Complaint:

Your relationship with Mr. Scheinberg continued beyond the sentencing date of Mr. Loureiro. For example, during the period March 31, 2008, through the end of August, 2008, you had 1,166 telephone calls with Mr. Scheinberg and2,222 text messages, for a total number of communications of 3,388. During that 154 day period, you averaged 22 communications per day with Mr. Scheinberg, which is almost one communication per hour for each 24 hour day

Can you say "TOAST"?

And lets no forget the Head Honcho in Broweird- Chief Judge Vic "dodge em" Tobin. The old fella still apparently has a few moves left in him as he "dodged" a Sun Sentinel Reporter who waited outside his chambers on Thursday for two hours (!) just to get a comment.

Chief Broward Judge Victor Tobin dodged a Sun Sentinel reporter who waited outside his chambers Thursday for two hours to speak to him about Gardiner's absence.

You really need to read the Pulp and Sun Sentinel articles in full to get the real flavor of just how corrupt they are in Broweird. Judges sleeping with prosecutors trying death penalty cases before them; Chief Judges dodging the press; lawyers getting special treatment from the Bar. The whole stinking mess smells to high 201 SE 6th Street.

So, on this cold Friday night, cuddle up with your laptop and a steaming mug of tea (with a nip of Brandy) and be prepared to be shocked, surprised, and disgusted with all of your favourtie characters in our most compelling reality Blog Drama: "The Days of Our Broward Judges and Lawyers."


Anonymous said...

As bad as the initial situation is, based upon prior actions of the JQC and the Supreme Court, Gardiner would have survived with a public reprimand and possibly a short suspension. However lying to the JQC is a mortal offense. The judge "death penalty" will be invoked and she will be (appropriately) removed.

Best bets say that sometime before the trial of this matter, Judge Gardiner will attempt to negotiate a resolution which will include her resignation in return for a dismissal of the charges by the JQC. I am not sure they will do that.

More than likely it will be a resignation, a public reprimand and a referral to the Florida Bar, which will suspend her for a minimum of 91 days, thus requiring a petition for reinstatement. That should effectivley end any chance of a return to the bench (a la Sepe).

CAPTAIN said...
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CAPTAIN said...



In County Court, with less than eight weeks left before the qualifying deadline, two sitting County Court Judges have not yet filed for re-election:

Group 5 – Fred Seraphin
Group 35 – Wendell Graham

Also, it appears that sitting County Court Judge Lisa Walsh is now without an opponent. Attorney Silvia Perez, who had filed papers to run against Walsh in October of 2009, has decided to withdraw.

Perez had loaned her campaign a total of $510 and raised a total of $40, that amount coming from her mother.

Walsh now waits another 55 days to see if she will have a new opponent or will win re-election unopposed.

Good luck to Judge Walsh.

Cap Out ....

Anonymous said...

is this gardiner story a joke. she talks to the prosecutor who is seeking death more than i talk to my wife, then she sentences him to death, and LIES to the JQC saying something along the line sof "maybe i saw him at a plaquing party".

my opinion is she should be disbarred at once, and should be prosecuted. i think a broward asa should prosecute, then she will never be eligible for pti, she will be forced to waive speedies at arraignment, and there will be no plea negotiations if discovery if requested. she should also have a dade lawyer, to assure she is called last at every calendar call.

in all seriousness, her actions are incomprehensible. and the lies that she told after are nothing short of embarassing. most attorneys maintain honesty and dignity in their profession. a few bad apples make us all look bad.

I hope the JQC throws the book at her, I hope the supreme court disbars her forever, and i hope i never hear her name again. a true embarassment to the florida bar.

and what about that prosecutor. were his 3,000 text messages just reminding theh "judge" about a plaquing ceremony? and what the hell is a plaquing ceremony. is it 1) im a broward asa and i lost my 12th straight trial award, or is 2) give me a raise, i put a pothead in prison for life.

What really needs to happen is fire every single lawyer and judge in that cesspool at 601 se 6th street, and start fresh. dont the people of broward know they are the laughing stock of the legal community throughout the state.

I should be shocked by this but I'm not. Broweird is an absolute joke and when the toilet pipes erupted and shit all over the court house that should have been a sign.

the only good thing about broward is the ASA's are terrible in trial and its fun to watch acquittal after acquittal. i do feel sorry for the younger ones as their careera are being molded by a moronic and hypocritcal michael Satz.

Ana, get a job at tmobile, i hear they give discounts on giant text messaging plans to employees.

Anonymous said...

Boward sucks. And what's with the SCHNOZOLA on Ana? Is she related to Gooshin Nofrany?

Anonymous said...

Hey 6:33.


Anonymous said...

For ONCE thinking with her vagina got someone into trouble.

One from column "A"... said...

Anyone know what the policy is for judges recommending lawyers to people to see in cases that MAY appear before them?

If judges are allowed to recommend lawyers, do they have to recommend three or can they just recommend one?

Anonymous said...

That's very scary. I have tried cases before her and she seemed very astute, very sharp. This episode is quite the dichotomy from that appearance.

Hearing a murder case during the day and banging the prosecutor at night is as bad as it gets. I wonder how many evidentiary issues were streamlined because she couldn't wait to recess the trial and "get it"?

I have had positive experiences before her but she deserves all that should be coming at her.

Anonymous said...

I got screwed by Ana Gardner once.

Now, it is her turn to get screwed by the system.

Go by Ana.


Richard Essen Liked John Blecher.
Richard Essen respected Jon Blecher.
But Richard Essen never trusted Johan Blecher.

When I awake in the morning if that two million in a bog in your room is here I'll know I have a partner in my DUI firm. If not, then I don't.

Anonymous said...

thats a dumb post, alan. you can do better.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Friday, March 05, 2010 12:56:00 PM

I thought the Florida Bar does not have jurisdiction over Judges, including in JQC proceedings, so then how can she get a 91 day suspension when she is not practicing law as a lawyer.

That prosecutor should be disbarred for not recusing himself from the case, he has just as much responsibility under bar rules to be ethical.

Anonymous said...

Response to @:26 am

After being removed from the bench, the Bar still has jurisdcition for violations of the Rules Governing the Florida Bar. The JQC only deals with the Code Of Judicial Conduct and Judges are still lawyers. 91 days and out she goes.