Tuesday, March 16, 2010


When all the cameras and CNN and MSNBC are gone, people are still suffering in Haiti. Now is the time to help.

We received an email from an attorney who enclosed a story about his legal secretary who is from Haiti. Her mother runs an orphanage in Haiti. We encourage you to donate.

Here is the information on the orphanage.


Those of you unlucky enough to be on Jack Thompson's email list know that on any given day you received multiple emails, many of which are pleadings to the myriad of cases he files throughout the country attempting (and almost universally failing ) to advance agendas that he has.

This one caught our attention on what not to do when your complaint is dismissed and you seek a re-hearing:

(Warning- the following is for amusement purposes only and should not be copied or used other otherwise relied upon as a legal document:)

COMES NOW plaintiff, John B. Thompson, hereinafter Thompson, on his own behalf, and moves this court for reconsideration of its motion for relief from its dismissal order, stating:

There is absolutely no chance that this court will act like a real court and actually reconsider plaintiff’s motion, but this paper must be filed to set the record straight in light of this court’s knowing obfuscation to which many who have appeared before it have grown accustomed.


Anonymous said...

Rumpole said...
I didn't edit your comments about Catalano. I refused to publish them. Big difference. And while I won't let you call someone an asshole for gratuitous reasons, I have decided to call you one- because it fits and I can. And there's really nothing you can do about it.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 9:58:00 AM

Hey Rumpole,

I'm just curious. I see a lot of people called an asshold on your blog. I get that you won't allow unsubstantiated rumor or attacks on sexual identity, etc. However, whether someone is an asshold is an opinion, not a disparagment of their sexual orientation, race, or ethnicity.

SOOOO, I'm curious, is it that I called him an "asshole" or is it that you are a buddy of his?

Oh, and by the way, I probably am an asshole - especially to those I feel deserve it - but most would refer to me as a "bitch". Either way, I appreciate the comment.

Anonymous said...

(Reposting this so those that moved to today's post don't miss it)


Stop taking DUIs for $1000, trafficking cases for $7500 and misdemeanors for $250. Us REAL lawyers understand that the only way that you can eat is by giving it away for little/nothing, but us attorneys that actually do work for our clients would like to make some money for our efforts. You give us all a bad name when you walk them into a plea because your one defense, the "Gee I hope Closius or Dominguez doesn't show up" defense, doesn't work out for you.

No matter how good our rap is at intake, people that CAN pay our fees will WANT to pay 75% less. If you were any good you'd be eating steak instead of tuna and ramen. Eat shit and die.

Oh, and after you're done stealing our cases, we STILL make more money than you, fucking bottomfeeders.

Anonymous said...

Dear Colleagues:

Please join me in supporting the re-election of one of Miami-Dade County’s outstanding and competent jurists, and a good friend, Circuit Court Judge Peter Adrien. Judge Adrien has served this community and the legal profession with distinction over the past sixteen years, as an attorney and then as a Circuit Court Judge, with a strong commitment to both the law and public service. Judge Adrien is knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated, hard working, respectful, and committed to the fair and efficient administration of justice. His diverse experiences give him the necessary knowledge, temperament, professionalism, and high ethical standards essential to serving on the judiciary and our community.

Judge Adrien has always been an excellent role model, both as a practicing attorney and a member of the judiciary. He has received numerous awards recognizing his dedication and contributions, including the Dade County Bar Association Professionalism Award, the American Bar Association Pro Bono Award, the Put Something Back Pro Bono Award, the Deaf Services Bureau Benevolent Angel Award, and the Orthodox of the Year 2010 Award presented by the Grupo Ortodoxo Cubano. He currently serves on the boards of Booker T. Washington’s EESAC Committee, You Count Committee, Overtown Youth Center and the Antigua and Barbuda of South Florida. Furthermore, Judge Adrien participates in the Partnership for Professionalism Program at University of Miami Law School and is a former board member for the U.M. Law Alumni Association. He has been teaching legal education at Miami-Dade College since 1995. He regularly visits many of our schools and community programs teaching children and adults about the legal system, has organized and participates in mock trials for our youth, and taught continuing legal education to practicing attorneys. He is the founder and finances the Becoming a Man Project, which teaches young men how to become responsible adults. He is very active at Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic Church, where he serves as a Eucharistic Minister, a Lector and serves in the Ministry of the Sick.

Judge Adrien’s long history of community and civic involvement includes having volunteered in numerous other programs, including, but not limited to: Teen Court, Pro Bono Mentor Program, Kids Club Program, Florida Bar Foundation Fellowship Program, Community Coalition on Domestic Violence, Hands on Miami, Habitat for Humanity, Deaf Services Bureau, Wills on Wheels Program, UPPAC, and Knights of Columbus. He has been a member of the Wilkie D. Ferguson Black Lawyers Association, the Caribbean Bar Association, and the Cuban American Bar Association.

Please help us maintain experience, integrity and fairness on the bench. Help us retain Judge Peter Adrien. We appreciate your support, and ask that you contribute to Judge Adrien’s re-election campaign in an amount not to exceed $500.00 per individual and/or corporation. You can contribute and join his re-election committee by going online to www.judgeadrien2010.com or you can also send your contributions via mail, payable to Peter Adrien Campaign. P.O. Box 174088, Miami Florida 33017. Thank you for your anticipated support.

Very truly yours,

Douglas J. Jeffrey, Esq.

P.O. Box 174088., Miami Florida 33017 Ph:305-829-5896 Fx:305-459-3951judgeadrien2010@att.net www.judgeadrien2010.com

Rumpole said...

In response to that last comment I find Judge Adrien to NOT be knowledgeable- indeed I have never met a Judge who assumed the criminal bench who knew less about the procedures of criminal law. He is most certainly NOT respectful to lawyers and to clients- there are legions of stories about how he has treated people and ruined their lives. I do not and have not ever found him to be dedicated to Justice.
And I will most certainly not vote for him.

However, that is my opinion based on some very unfortunate experiences with him, and from watching scenes unfold in his courtroom with other cases that I can only categorize as horrific.

I recognize that those are my personal views and as such, as extremely distasteful as this is for me, I posted the previous comment.

And let me explain one thing- this is not about him denying any particular motion I was a part of. This is from watching him and seeing him lash out at lawyers when he was clearly both wrong and ignorant of the law and the procedures in criminal court. This is about hearing from other lawyers sentences that are mind boggling based on the crimes charged, and this is about seeing him do things like illegally incarcerate witnesses when he had no legal authority to do so.

There are many judges I do not care for. But I can admit that while I disagree with what they do, they have a rational and professional and well thought out basis for their actions. I cannot say the same for Judge Adrien.


Old Guy said...

I cannot honestly say that ADRIEN is the stupidest judge I ever appeared before - but that is more a function of my age. I cannot remember one who understood less about the points that I was trying to make, but maybe there was one before I started to lose some brain cells.

I agree with Rumpole. ADRIEN universally treated lawyers poorly, ignored cogent arguments from both parties, and acted as though we were serfs in the kingdom of Oz. Unfortunately, we could all see behind the curtain.

Vote for him? Not even if he ran unapposed.

Anonymous said...

Hey 2:08,

I'm by no means a bottom feeder and rarely step foot in county court, but NEWS FLASH: The days of the $7,500 DUI, the $20,000 trafficking and $3,500 misdemeanor have been put on hold until further notice. When people cant pay their mortgages, they can't (and won't) pay your fees. Get it?

So hold off on the next Mercedes lease, the 3 week cruise to Europe, the expensive dinners and suck it up like the rest of us.

And you can always tell the offending bottom feeders when they go to a county court sounding and say, "Judge, I have seven cases on your 9:15 calendar." There's your $250 misdemeanor guys.

Anonymous said...


A question for your and your readers.

Who was the youngest circuit court judge ever elected or appointed in Dade County?

Anonymous said...

Adrien should not be on the bench. He's not informed enough and doesn't "get it." Rumpole someone need to remind these Judges that they are PUBLIC SERVANTS, not the rulers to some sort of personal fiefdom.

Anonymous said...

I agree- Adien must go. Samantha will grown into a good judge. She is open minded and smart.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, obviously Mr. Jeffery is only a friend of the Judge and has never, once, been before him as a litigant. Perhaps you should post his comment as a post and let him read the responses.

Anonymous said...

To the guy who does not like Mike Catalano:

Call him, email him and write him and tell him so and stop putting insults on the blog. We already know you, whoever you are, do not like him.

And by the way, thanks for pissing him off. How, he never sends any DUI updates and now I have to go looking for good stuff to win my stupid DUI cases.

Thanks, Ass*&^#

Anonymous said...


1. I agree with your comments in their entirety, and I think that most of us at the REGJB would think likewise.

2. I'd like to know what drugs this Jeffries guy is taking, as I could use some right now.

Anonymous said...

I have won issues and lost issues in front of Judge Adrien. He is not qualified to be a judge. He has no fundamental understanding of civil procedure. His motion calendars in civil run till noon. He may try hard, but he just does not have what it takes to wear the black robe.

Anonymous said...

Take it from a civil practitioner that Judge Adrien is no better in civil court.

CAPTAIN said...

TO 11:18 PM

Can you say "Gold Plumbing Caper" case .....

Johnny Jones, Solomon Barnes, HT Smith, etc.

Judge Thomas Scott, Circuit Court Judge at the age of 32; 1980-1984. US District Court Judge at the age of 37; 1985-1990.

In 1990, when they would not give him a pay raise, he resigned. Then he came back to serve as the US Attorney from 1997-2000.

Resigned that position and went on to build one of the top law firms in the State in Cole, Scott & Kissane, P.A.

Cap Out ...

Anonymous said...

while you all are talking about 7500 cases i feel like my clients are ripping me off and im getting 400k a pop. its all relative. knock wood!!

Anonymous said...

I have a question about Judge Adrian, perhaps the Captain and chime in on this: Is this is first election for Judge?

Because at:


He uses the term "Re-Elect" and the term "Retain" if this is the first election then he cannot on the Canons use the term "Re-Elect" and his opposition can file a complaint with the JQC should he win the election. Maybe other remedies available to the voters.

Anonymous said...

Tom Scott is the most overated attorney in Miami. He has never tried a jury trial by himself, if at all. He has zero personality and is as bland as a vanilla wafer. and his firm, as a whole sucks.

You Have Been Warned! said...

An Open Letter to Carlos Llorente and his ‘Investigators’

I see that the members of the Broward County Bar Association are rattling swords against the JAABLOG and its presenter, William Gelin, suggesting that some sort of professionalism committee is going to look into “its conduct.”

This letter is to put those inquisitors and investigators on notice that on no less than two separate occasions in two separate years Florida Bar disciplinary committees have looked into purported misconduct of William Gelin as it relates to this blog.

For your information, in each instance, after exhaustive review and research those Florida Bar investigators, committees, reviewers, and counsel concluded that Mr. Gelin is not violating Florida Bar codes by presenting for public dissemination materials posted on this blog.

You may not like what you read, and you may not appreciate what is said about lawyers or this profession. But even in Utopia, somebody has to take out the garbage. This blog may trash persons and professionals, and if those who feel they are unjustly criticized seek to initiate legal action to remedy such a wrong, there is no bar stopping them from doing so.

Nor can there be another bar or bar association inhibiting a free press from publishing those comments and criticisms, unless you want to sacrifice the very First Amendment you as a lawyer should protect.

This letter than is to put the Bar on notice that if any ‘investigation’ is initiated against Mr. Gelin for allowing free speech to be published on the blog, we would have to conclude that ‘investigation’ is in bad faith and violative of the very Florida Bar rules you are sworn to abide by.

The Communications Decency Act protects a host from civil liability for postings by others on a blog he presents to the public. Nevertheless, it can be argued attorneys are held to a higher standard. If that is the case, those who seek to file claims against Mr. Gelin should know we will be holding you to a higher standard.

Having been exonerated twice by the Orlando and Fort Lauderdale offices of the Florida Bar as not being liable for the postings on JAABLOG, if any new lawyers seek sanctions against Mr. Gelin, please understand you are doing so in contraindication to prior rulings of the Florida Bar.

Consequently, we would then take administrative action against you for filing spurious claims which you knew or should have known had no merit or foundation. We would correspondingly ask that the highest level of discipline be meted out against you, not Mr. Gelin.

Anyone seeking copies of the prior dispositions the Florida Bar has made concerning JAABLOG can address an email to me, and I will copy you with the said resolutions, exonerating the conduct of this blog or its presenters- concluding that Florida Bar rules have not been violated.

Accordingly, one can only assume that any lawyers who would author a new complaint based on similar postings are doing so vindictively, in bad faith, out of vitriol, and ignoring past precedent.

Govern yourself accordingly.

Norm Kent

Fight the Power said...

You Go, Norm!!

Fight the Power!

Anonymous said...

Cap are you on crack calling the Cole Scott firm one of the top firms in the state. Nothing but a bunch of insurance defense hacks who have, by and large, substandard reps. The number of associates that have gone through their revolving doors is incredible.

Anonymous said...

Judge Scott was a hottie in the day!!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't seeking a rehearing, you moron. I was using the fake rehearing motion to stick it to the liar, Judge Jordan. I guess you need a remedial reading course.

Jack Thompson