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Some nincompoop - blowhard-slug who is (hold your nose....ughh) an insurance defense lawyer and who is president of some organization called the Broward County Bar Association (motto: "duhhh...we hate dade") is taking on Bill Gelin who runs the Broward Blog.

If you happen to be in some backwater sewer in Broward and bump into this insurance defense attorney crawling out from under some rock after denying coverage to an injured child, tell him that Rumpole says he doesn't like him.


The JNC has sent six names to Governor Crist tonight to replace Circuit Court Judge Norman Gerstein.

They are:

Judge Victoria Brennan
Judge Jose Fernandez
Alan Fine
Judge Darrin Gayles
Anita Moss
Judge Deborah White-Labora


Wednesday, March 10, 2010 8:38:00 PM

Rumpole says: Judge White-Labora deserves the spot and Judge Gayles wouldn't be a bad choice either.


The Straw Buyer said...

No doubt what their doing up in broward is ridiculous but you have no idea what the Miami SAO is doing against certain other blogs!

Anonymous said...

Rumpole: You are being so unfair to the president of the Broward Bar Assn. He isn't being an asshole. He's just up-sucking to the judges, anyone of whom is likely, apaprently, to appear in the blog or the newspapers based upon the last few month's track record.
It appears that passion, love, and lust are far more prevalent north of Ives Dairy Road.

You cannot make this crap up said...

The link takes you to the letter of the Florida Bar, "Motto: If it involves another J.T. complaint dismiss using the standard official J.T. pre-typed dismissal form"

Yep, you guessed it Jack "Disbarred" Nut-Job, filed another complaint against The Broward Blog.

But it gets better because J.T. has found a friend in the Broward Bar Association, Motto: Give us a few years and we will tell you why we matter.

In the middle of the biggest legal scandal to hit any county in Florida, the leader of the Broward Bar Association teams up with a disbarred attorney from Miami?

Broward, Broward, Broward...

Anonymous said...

I don't know why Gordo filed for that seat? She should have shown she has balls and run against Johnson. Plus he has no money, as opposed to one of her opponents already has 40k in the bank.

Anonymous said...

DUI free agent season is heating up and the hottest rumor is that Essen and Essen is after one of their former superstars who has made a name for himself all on his own.

Yup- dangling a big salary and a large bonus package EnE is after the 007 of DUI's- the man with the license to kill the intoxilyzer....Mr. J...B his self.

Captain Wannabe said...

Dear 9:11:

The Captain you ain't. Learn to read a campaign financial report. Mr. Robert Kuntz, Jr., has less than 9k "in the bank." Milt Hirsch he ain't. Kuntz has raised $43,000, but spent over $34,000. All those consultants don't work for free, you know.

It is Kuntz who should consider jumping in against Johnson, because Monica's going tosweep the floor with him. Miami is for Monica. Monica is for Miami.

Kuntz best move fast before Paulson-Gonzalez (Go Flora!), Swartz, Kopco, or even Macho Camacho Adrien, figure out that is where their best chance of success lies. I guarantee you will see a scramble to run against Johnson. Hirsch (booooo!), De La O (boooooo!), and Ruiz-Cohen (Go Sam!) are the big dogs (soon to be joined by Gordo), the rest will run to Johnson's race or get trampled by the big dogs.

Woof woof, the Wannbe Captain has spoken.

Anonymous said...

Monica Gordo has a nice Latin name and will take a nice headshot and plaster it on 57 million posters throughout Dade County. Kuntz is a dead man walking.

Anonymous said...

When is Catalano throwing his hat into this race?

eyeonshumietime said...


Anonymous said...

Boy would Gayles and White-Labora made good Circuit Judges.

Inquiring minds want to know:

How on earth did Joe Fernandez even get out of committee?

How will Victoria get appointed now that her buddy, Jeb is not in charge and Charlie snd Jeb hate each other? (Not to mention her really rotten courtroom demeanor)

Anonymous said...

Catalano is not running for anything and is not feeling well lately and does not appreciate the wise cracks.

Anonymous said...

White-Labora all the way. Lets hope and pray Jose Fernandez is not the choice. What a miserable and moody man.

Anonymous said...

So everyone in town is supporting Kuntz because he's a good guy and a good candidate, and Monica decides to run against him with Hector as her treasurer? Gee, I wonder what went into that decision? Typical Miami garbage.

Anonymous said...

I hope Joe gets it so we don't have to deal with him in County anymore.

Anonymous said...

The one thing I like about court in Browierd, and there is only one thing, you don't have to take your belt off. Therefore, my pants don't fall down.

Anonymous said...

Dear 9:44pm (or should I say, Mr. Kuntz?):

I would like to respectfully point out the emperor has no clothes. Kuntz received a lot of support because he was NOT JC Planas. Other than not being JC Planas, what does Kuntz bring to the table? He's a good backslapper? Come on! Shouldn't it take more than that???

Do you have any idea how many trials Kuntz has tried before a jury? Trust me, you won't need more than one hand. In fact, you won't need more than a finger. You'll need a lot of extra hands to count Monica's.

Your insinuation at the end that Hector and Monica chose this race because of Kuntz's ethnicity, is barely concealed racism. You assume Monica is not qualified because she's latina, and because Kuntz is a white male? THAT is typical Miami BS.

I'll admit too many latino judges have been elected that had no business on the bench. That is not the case this year with the latino folks running for Circuit Court. Monica, Samantha and Miguel are all well qualified. Monica and Samantha have TONS of criminal trial experience. Samantha teaches ConLaw at FIU, and has been a lawyer for 18 years. Miguel has lots of criminal AND civil trial experience, and significant appellate cases. He's been a lawyer 20 years and even been nominated by the JNC to the Guv. So don't stereotype! BTW, I admit Michelle Gonzalez-Paulsen has no business running against Flora.

Anonymous said...

Has J.B. ever actually tried a case (you know, with a jury, etc.)? I don't think E & E (if there even is an E & E anymore with neither alive) wants a non-trial lawyer trial lawyer.

Anonymous said...

To Sunday 9:44:
What went into Gordo's decision to run against a particular opponent? How about that she wants to win the election just like every other person who runs for judge. It would be stupid to run against a candidate who can't be beaten, woulnd't it? So what do you propose for people who want to be judge - to pointlessly run against someone who will beat them? If you don't like the candidate, then don't vote for her. But you can't blame someone for seeking the "weakest" opponent in this situation.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rumpole, easy up on the Insurance Defense lawyers.
After 5 years in the pits, my law school loans were bigger than when I graduated (depsite making a mortgage sized payment every month). The lotto didn't work out so I HAD to make the transition to the dark side.
At least some ISDs fight the good fight for their clients every day. Don't hate.

Rumpole said...

Remove the "narcissistic asshole comment" and I will publish the rest of it.

confused about SHumie time. said...

I always get confused- is it "Spring ahead-Shumie back" or "Shumie ahead-spring back"? I can't figure out the time today.
It makes a difference as to when I cut out of work today.

Moneypenny said...

10:31- IT'S NO ACCIDENT that JB= James Bond and Blech- of course he has no trials. He has a license to kill the Intoxilyzer - no breath test has ever withstood his assassin like motions. Plus the ASAs are all terrified of him. Hire him and it's a guaranteed breakdown to careless. He won't even consider a reckless.

DUI ASA said...

I won't say we're terrified of him. Let's just say we have a healthy respect for him.

Dr. Pepper guy said...

I just opened a Dr. Pepper.

So misunderstood.

Just like the guys who run this blog- Shumie and Blecher.

007 of DUI? Please! Only a blog moderator would let that pile of ...fly.

Broward New Times Joins The Fight said...

This is a email Gellin received from Llorente after Gellin left a voice message. The highlight is the cite to the Florida Bar Rules if this email is posted on his "Gossip" blog and that he will not return his telephone call because he ... I have no f-ing clue.

"From: Anya
Subject: Return Call
To: wgelin@yahoo.com
Date: Thursday, March 11, 2010, 9:29 AM

Mr. Gelin:

I am responding to your voicemail left at my office yesterday. Professional courtesy and common courtesy dictate that I return the call. However, I choose this medium for that return since the topic of your message is your jaablog. Please understand I do not and will not comment or discuss any matters whatsoever with gossip writers, gossip columnist or shock writers/reporters. In my opinion your writings and publications that I have observed, fit into one or

more of those categories. My self imposed restriction does not extend to legitimate journalist, reporters or investigative reporters. Accordingly, some of the information you seek or topics you wish to discuss may be found in the Dailey [sic] Business Review, if reported accurately.

Of course I recognize that even this brief communiqué and its intended purpose is subject to being used and abused. For that reason I am referring you to The Rules of The Florida Bar, Rule 4-8: Maintaining the Integrity of the Profession, in its entirety.


Carlos M. Llorente, aka "Nic-compoop" President
Broward County Bar Association
E-mail: info@browardbar.org "

Anonymous said...

Did anyone hear that Kenny Weisman was impaled by a stray beach umbrella over the weekend.

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor that Monico Gordo is desiring to wear a black robe and sit on a bench to pass judgment on each of us. I would encourage everyone in the world to stand up and emphatically say "NO!".

Monico Gordo should wear black everyday, and be sent to sit on a bench, a bus stop bench. Monico should take the first bus out of town!

Anonymous said...

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

That De la O guy is not well respected. He has burned many a bridge and have few friends.

Ask around and you will see. He has taken positions that are down right foolish and judges don't respect him.

The other latins are OK.

Fake Chief of County Court said...

We have issued an emergency pack of super-extra-strength Imodium A/D to all DUI ASA's to prevent embarrassing incidents of unsanitary nuisances when they see Mr. Blecher enter their courtrooms. The SAO does not approve of its ASA's contaminating the floor with coliform bacteria upon sighting JB.

Anonymous said...

2:40 PM, it's not just a breakdown to a careless. It's a breakdown to a careless with a Withhold SES.


YES I heard that. And to make matters worse- the offending umbrella hit the largest part of Kenny's body.....(and I am not making this up)


Anonymous said...

Coliform, Shmoliform. Any ASA using any of these things will be fired. On second thought, you are fired.

Don Horn.

Anonymous said...

Let's review:

"used and abused. . . .I am referring you to The Rules of The Florida Bar, Rule 4-8: (1.) the tenure or service of a villein, serf, or slave, (2.) a state of being bound usually by compulsion (as of law or mastery): as a : captivity, serfdom b : servitude or subjugation to a controlling person or force

or when a Judge and Prosecutor (handling a death penalty case) are alone: (3.) sadomasochistic sexual practices involving the physical restraint of one partner.

* Note that this section of the Bar rules only applies to Broward County.

Broward Crack House Whores
aka Browards Judicial System

Anonymous said...

I handled countless DUIs in county as an ASA, and never saw Blecher on anything. Can't be that great.

Fake Scotty Saul said...

Judges should be evaluated by performing feats of strength

Anonymous said...

The biggest part of weisman certainly is not his nose!

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Blecher = good guy....
former ASA, who is hated!

Anonymous said...

9:44:00 PM when you say everyone, are you referring to yourself and Mr. Kuntz? What exactly has this man done to garner your intense loyalty, other than being anglo?

We are all going to be trying cases in front of the future Judge (unless you are like Mr. Kuntz, you will be at home, Best Buy, Lowe's or some location other than a trial court room). Shouldn't we vouch for people who are actually capable of doing the job they seek?

Anonymous said...

Rumpole wants me to remove certain comment I amde about Mike Catalano and then he would publish my comment.

So, let's see if he will.

Mike Catalano should not be elected or appointed to anything. He would have the worst judicial demeanor on the planet. He is extremely full of himself and rude.

Is that a more "acceptable" description of my feelings than my last attempt that was edited?

Anonymous said...


Stop taking DUIs for $1000, trafficking cases for $7500 and misdemeanors for $250. Us REAL lawyers understand that the only way that you can eat is by giving it away for little/nothing, but us attorneys that actually do work for our clients would like to make some money for our efforts. You give us all a bad name when you walk them into a plea because your one defense, the "Gee I hope Closius or Dominguez doesn't show up" defense, doesn't work out for you.

No matter how good our rap is at intake, people that CAN pay our fees will WANT to pay 75% less. If you were any good you'd be eating steak instead of tuna and ramen. Eat shit and die.

Oh, and after you're done stealing our cases, we STILL make more money than you, fucking bottomfeeders.

Rumpole said...

I didn't edit your comments about Catalano. I refused to publish them. Big difference. And while I won't let you call someone an asshole for gratuitous reasons, I have decided to call you one- because it fits and I can. And there's really nothing you can do about it.

Anonymous said...

uh oh. Rumpy needs to take his St. John's Wort

Anonymous said...

funny how there are few that constantly bash Catalano. I am a young attorney and he has always been gracious and willing to share his knowledge. He is a strong personality and some people think anyone with a strong personality is an asshole. He is a F***king advocate. Of course he is strong.

The court house is littered with too many of these traffic hacks, weak defense attorneys, ASAs who are drunk with power and crooked cops. We work at a courthouse, I am happy to have people like catalano, hirsch, etc around. I like advocates and people who are not scared to take a stand. Stop demeaning everyone who you had a disagreement with or who kicked your ass in a case once, twice or for some of you real jokes, all the time.

Anonymous said...

I concur on the Catalano comments, except for the one who says he should be a judge.

Catalano is a good DUI attorney. In my opinion, Catalano cannot do anything other than defend a DUI.

Catalano should not be elected to be a judge, because he is a jerk, arrogant jerk that is. Remember how he treated court staff, young ASAs, and SAO support staff.

Catalano would not do anything, except for someone who would do something for him. Catalano will bend over for a judge, just as quickly as he would run over anyone else who is in his way (and do it unprofessionally and unethically)!!!

Anonymous said...

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