Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We've learned some really big news about Federal Court.
New Chief Judge? Bigger.
More than 10 minutes for voire dire? Bigger.
Early discovery? Much bigger!

Our favourite federal blogger Mr. David Markus with a K has the big story: The cafeteria in the new Federal Courthouse is now open!

After doing a quick (and we mean quick) arraignment before Judge Huck and getting your case set for trial the following Thursday, you can stop down on 5, where we hear they have one of the largest selection of antacids in all of Miami for sale. Pop a few Tums, get a coffee and starting working your way through the 8500 documents in order to get ready for trial in six days.

Some times all the news is good news. And with that we are happy to provide the link here to the DBR article announcing that a record 12 Judges North of the Border are being challenged in the upcoming election.

And we have even better news: The deadline for filing is not until April 30, 2010!

Circuit Judge and Miami Judicial Historian Scott Silverman has been honored by the Miami Jewish Federation with the 2010 Community Service award. The link to the announcement for the award is here. And the community service was apparently not even a condition of probation.

If you read one commentary on the repugnant problems with the Republican Party, read Bob Herbert's piece in the NY Times on Tuesday entitled "An Absence Of Class."

From the piece:
For decades the G.O.P. has been the party of fear, ignorance and divisiveness. ... This is the party of trickle down and weapons of mass destruction, the party of birthers and death-panel lunatics. This is the party that genuflects at the altar of right-wing talk radio, with its insane, nauseating, nonstop commitment to hatred and bigotry....The G.O.P. poisons the political atmosphere and then has the gall to complain about an absence of bipartisanship....A party that promotes ignorance (“Just say no to global warming”) and provides a safe house for bigotry cannot serve the best interests of our country.

See you in court.

(Coming tomorrow: "Hold the Mayo, Extra Relish")


Anonymous said...

Neither party has clean hands. The level of partisanship being displayed as each party moves toward its outer fringes is more than disturbing.


Rumpole said...

I did not post your comment about a particular judge who happens to be married and does not have , as you wrote "a life partner". Plus your comment was plain dumb. Get a life.

Rumpole said...

BTDT- as a real Reagan Republican who has been driven out of the Republican Party because of people like Sarah Palin, I have to disagree. The Republican leadership sent a memo to all members of congress asking them to resist any temptation to enter into any deal on health care because of the belief that if they held the line now, they would be successful in November.

I think an objective view of what has occurred over the last month is that the President has continually reached out to Republicans and they have rebuffed him at every turn. They are the party of NO and it is to their shame that they cannot put the interests of the country above the interests of their party.

RNC Memo said...

Here is part of the memo from the RNC

In another sign of just how much Republicans are staking on standing in the way of the health care reform proposal, the chief of the GOP’s efforts to win Senate seats is distributing a memo on Capitol Hill and among candidates making the case that united obstruction of the Dems’ plan is good politics for the GOP.

The memo, from NRSC chief John Cornyn, has been sent to Senators and Senate candidates around the country. It marshalls poll data to argue that Dems will pay a price in the 2010 midterm elections for trying to push an unpopular health care bill through.

The memo cites Bill Clinton’s health care plan as a precedent, arguing that it “played a major role in the Republican sweep of the 1994 elections, and it is reasonable to conclude that history could repeat itself in 2010.” Some analysts think that it was the failure to get a bill through that led to catastrophe for Dems in 1994.

eyeonthefinal4 said...

Shumie is a top notch bracketologist.

Anonymous said...

Miami Beach cops are paid up to $225K and face lawsuits galore


Anonymous said...

how about a Martinez sandwich? a heap of bologa with mustard on a toasted slice of cuban bread?

Anonymous said...


I want to know your top 5 of all time in each category? Miami ASA, Miami APD, Judge, and of course, Corrections officers.

The Devil's Advocate said...

Just heard there's a runoff for The Fla Bar Board of Governors - Lesile Lott is one of the candidates in the runoff - anybody know who the other one is ?

Kissimmiee Kid said...

Dear BTDT of Wednesday, March 24, 2010 5:32:00 AM;

That neither party has clean hands is what the dirtbags always say when they get caught.

We liberal are hapless, ineffectual intellectuals. Them republicans are evil mutherfinking nazis.

Anonymous said...

BTDT is correct. Both parties are controlled by their lunatic, ideological and idiotic fringes and don't care much for the center.

Anonymous said...

I used to think that BTDT was a judge, now I believe it is actually either Abe Laser or David Waksman.

totally immature lawyer said...

Today, I got two judges to pull my finger!

Anonymous said...

It is really a shame that there is not another blog for state court practitioners. One grows weary of the ridiculously-constant left wing viewpoint on every political question (St. Obama, philosopher king extraordinaire, keeper of the torch of justice and righteousness, knower of all worth knowing, pray for us). The only thing worse is the shop steward-like constant bitching about everything going on in the Public Defender's Office.
Thank God for the Democrats, who have sold everything on Capitol Hill except the furniture. Thank God, they are able to rebuff those nasty, evil Republicans who don't know and appreciate transparency when they see it.
Finally, it is apparent that the over 60 set knows who Shumie is and cares. But for the fact that almost every reference to Shumie in the very text of the message makes it clear that it is not worth knowing who or what he or she is, one might feel badly.
How about some info about what goes on in the different divisions that would be at least as interesting as leftist musings and octogenarian humor.

Anonymous said...

time will tell on health care. but if history is a guide it will weaken the country because of government waste. im in the party of no because in this governments state of corruption and special interests, its better to just say no to everything. the less we let them do the better we will be. now get your fucking piss cup out of my face.

a real liberal

Anonymous said...

4:50........nope, I'm not a judge. I'm also not Abe or Waksy, though I appreciate and am flattered that you think I am.

Abe routinely signs his name; I can't speak to whether Waksy posts here.

Don't bother trying to guess who I am.........my views have moderated so dramatically over the last few years that you don't have a shot.


Anonymous said...

Rump, I consider myself a Pelosi Republican (I also am a Reagan Republican). I say that only half kidding. Like you, I feel that my party has all but abandoned me in the same way that the Democratic Party has abandoned the Blue Dog Dems whom I've traditionally respected as well.

I don't believe for one second that a health bill like the current one, which provides an entitlement for millions of people, is going to save money (I don't see how any fiscal conservative can like the idea of another massive entitlement that surely will cost far more than we're being told and that has been justified on questionable accounting practices). I also have a serious problem with a bill that requires people to engage in commerce with a private company simply because they are breathing. It's funny to me how so many of us can agree on providing murderers, rapists, etc. with a great defense (ie. protecting their rights as individuals), then turn around and defend a law that does this.

The bill that was passed does not represent the views of a majority of Americans. Look what happened in Massachusetts, the great bastion of liberalism. Just wait til November (I don't say that with relish........things will be out of control and that's more than unfortunate).

How anyone can think that either party has behaved appropriately over the last couple of years is beyond me. I'm tired of the lies and fighting.


PS---the Republican memo was a disgrace. Obstructing for political gain is despicable. BUT, I believe that the majority of opposition was founded on the two concerns expressed above and Federal funding of abortions (that may be resolved.......I don't know.......I haven't been able to keep up the last couple of weeks because I've been too busy).

Anonymous said...

Instead of mandates Health reform should have increased the elligability on medicade/medicare and just expanded those programs using same treatment and payment guidelines, BUT with more over sight. Simply raise the poverty level and allow those who lose their jobs or are working but w/ no insurance to going those programs at suitable premiums.
Makes much more sense.
D. Sisselman

the triallmaster said...

the Rumpole sandwich: a large slab of mystery meat, topped with rocky mountain oysters, easy on the mayo, heavy with dujon mustard and a small portion of sweetbreads on the side with a dash of kounty kourt.