Tuesday, March 09, 2010


BREAKING NEWS: BROWEIRD JUDGES IN REVOLT! Ask for a "no confidence/confidence" vote on Tricky Vic Tobin for this Friday.
Will Judge Holmes orchestrate a coup d' etat?
Will Tobin keep screaming at Mike Mayo?
Will Ana Gardiner ever show up for work?
Will we ever get a continuance in Broward again?
Keep it here- and remember our motto: "We may not have the news first- but we'll get around to it."

The Chief administrative Judge of Criminal Court is rumored to be resigning.
The Chief Judge is having a meltdown.
Another Judge is just not showing up for work.

Dade? Nah. We couldn't be that lucky.
West Palm? Get real.

It can only be our favourite County in all of Florida.....(everybody now) B..R..O...W..I..E..R...D!!!

It starts with this rumor that Illona Holmes -chief administrative Judge of the criminal courts (and former Dade Prosecutor) is rumored to be resigning because she cannot get along with Judge Tobin, who is the chief Judge. (Join the club. He absolutely hates us.)

Meanwhile, the Chief Judge "tricky Vic" Victor Tobin, who last graced these pages putting the moves on a Sun Sentinel Reporter and dashing away before she had a chance to ask him any questions (it was the old "look- it's Judges Gardiner and Seidlin kissing" trick) is now having a meltdown over a blog.

Oh but how we wish it was our blog giving him agita. However, it is our Broward Blog compatriots that is causing Tobin to lose it with Sun Sentinel reporter Mike Mayo.

And finally, while you may have to be in court, and while we have to be in court, Judge Gardiner doesn't have to be in court. And she's not. (Maybe she hurt her thumb texting.)

And now a plea to our robed readers:

This is getting embarrassing.
You are getting totally outclassed by your Broweird brethren. This is the county where circuit judges almost came to fist-a-cuffs over a fax machine. This is the county whose Judges normally take a back seat to no one over acting foolish.

And yet.....our robed readers remain quiet and apparently steadfast in their work.

Please- we know you have it in you. One of you: do something stupid and wrest the headlines away from the judges North of the border.


Anonymous said...

To all who visit TGK: If you do not clear the scanner, you will not be allowed inside. Period. Even if you have metal buckles on your shoes, you will no longer be allowed inside. This is a problem because many pairs of dress shoes, even without buckles, have metal inside of the them. I had to beg my way in today but a doctor that I had scheduled to visit a client was denied access because her shoes wouldn't clear.

Also, Corrections is no longer allowing you to visit clients if you have not filed a notice of appearance AND the notice has made the file and is reflected in CJIS. That means, no more visits to prospective clients who want to meet you before their families hire you. Also, if you substitute on a case, you cannot visit the client until the motion for substitution is filed and reflected in CJIS.

Anonymous said...

1:03 pm

Are you dumb or just plain stupid? Read the rules!

Anonymous said...

Ever since Diaz and Faber started that decorating business, all the Dade Judges can think about is curtins and matching rugs.

Anonymous said...

DNA's Dirty Little Secret: A forensic tool renowned for exonerating the innocent may actually be putting them in prison.

This article http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/features/2010/1003.bobelian.html listed in this blog http://massprivatei.blogspot.com/ explains how DNA evidence can lead to wrongful convictions in cold-hit cases where less than the 13 DNA markers are present and how the FBI rarity statistics used by prosecutors have a lot less rarity in them than the government claims. Nonetheless, the FBI and prosecutors continue to fight the presentation to juros of the far-more-accurate Database Match Probability statistics, and judges who don't understand DNA and statistical sciences well keep this evidence out in violation of defendants' due process rights. Very interesting and eye-opening article for your next cold-hit DNA case.

Anonymous said...

The other day, a certain "Judge" called me for a sidebar, told the State to remain at the podium, when I arrived at the bench he violently grabbed my head, pulled me towards his midsection, threw the robe over my face and proceeded to subject me to a "Dutch Oven".

Has that ever happened in Broward?

Judges, Help Please said...

Need a robed-reader to help here.

What are the rules regarding judges recommending lawyers to people? Do they have to defer, or do they have to give 3 names?

In particular, can a judge make any recommendation in a case that may appear before them?

Anonymous said...

6:24 am: charming post. Didn't know that 5th graders were reading or writing on this blog.

Grow the F up.

Anonymous said...

Judge Holmes only resigned her position as the Administrative Judge in circuit criminal. She will remain a Judge and preside over a normal division (if there even is such a thing in Broward).

Anonymous said...

Broward belongs next to Leon and Duval Counties, in the Good Ole South. Miami-Dade is not in the South, it's in the Caribbean, big difference.

911 Call said...

This 911 call is hard to listen to but shocking.

Anonymous said...


Check out the Broward Blog. Apparently a majority of the judges have sent the Chief Judge an email demanding a full judge's meeting and an up-or-down vote of confidence (or lack thereof) on Chief Judge Tobin.

Check out the Broward Blog for it.


Anonymous said...

Oh Rumpy: were you a comedian in a former life? Your sense of humor is SO sexy. And the skill at which you describe the weirdness (and deplorable I might add ) events in Broweird is unmatched. So glad you keep folks south of the border informed in a humerous way. Keeps me reading.

Yours truly, Long time faithful reader of the blog

Anonymous said...

8:28 am,

While I was in branch court, a Judge gave me an atomic wedgie and then waffled my ass.

It happens more in Dade than in Broward

CAPTAIN said...



The JNC has sent six names to Governor Crist tonight to replace Circuit Court Judge Norman Gerstein.

They are:

Judge Victoria Brennan
Judge Jose Fernandez
Alan Fine
Judge Darrin Gayles
Anita Moss
Judge Deborah White-Labora

Below is the list of names that were interviewed. You can see who did not make the final cut.

Victoria Brennan
Ofelia Damas-Rodriguez
Marie A. Davidson
Robin Faber
Jose Fernandez
Alan Fine
Robert Galt
Darrin Gayles
Andrew Hague
Browyn Miller
Anita Moss
Deborah White-Labora


the trialmaster said...

the best choice to replace Norman is Alan Fine, that is if he is the alan fine from sterns weaver. Does anyone know? the trialmaster has litigated against him and found him to be reasonable and effective. Plus, he is not looking for a raise,unlike most of the others who could not get a job or clients in private practice.

Dick Zinormous said...

The "Trialmaster" can suck me.

Anonymous said...

No one can repace Judge Gerstein.

the trialmaster said...

Its the wrong Fine. the Sterns Weaver Alan is spelled "Fein". the trialmaster withdraws his endorsement of Fine. the trialmaster does not know him.

Jonathan Blecher said...

The Alan Fine whose name has been sent to the Governor (for the second time) is not the Alan Fine from Stearns Weaver.

The blue link sends you to his website:

"Alan S. Fine founded his own firm in 1993. For more than 20 years, his practice has focused on the resolution of complex international commercial disputes through litigation in federal and state courts, arbitration and mediation. Many of his clients have been victims of fraud. In such cases, Mr. Fine prosecutes the civil claims in court, and traces and pursues stolen assets, usually in conjunction with private investigators and, when appropriate, with legal and investigative assistance outside the United States.

Mr. Fine has also represented more than 100 bank account owners whose accounts were seized and made subject to forfeiture by the United States or the State of Florida. The vast majority of these cases are based on parallel market transactions involving the purchase of dollars outside the United States. Based on his early experience in this field, Mr. Fine authored Of Forfeiture, Facilitation and Foreign Innocent Owners: Is a Bank Account Containing Parallel Market Funds Fair Game?, 16 Nova Law Review 1125, 1992. Mr. Fine also represented the first claimant in a reported decision to have his attorney's fees paid by the United States in connection with a civil forfeiture case. United States v. Eighty-Eight (88) Designated Accounts etc., 786 F. Supp 1578 (S.D. Fla. 1992).

In addition to actively representing clients from around the world, Mr. Fine has advised financial institutions and businesses in the recognition and prevention of money laundering and has been a panelist at numerous conferences in the United States and Colombia regarding governmental confiscation of property and money laundering.

Mr. Fine speaks Spanish and has studied French and Portuguese and is rated “AV” by Martindale Hubbell.

Mr. Fine received his B.A. from Princeton University (magna cum laude) in 1979 and his J.D., with honors, from the University of Florida College of Law in 1983. During law school, Mr. Fine was a member of the National Mock Trial Team and the Law Review which published his Comment: Criminal Procedure – Self-Incrimination: Miranda Lives, 33 University of Florida Law Review 788, 1981. In 1982 Mr. Fine obtained a diploma from the Institute of International Comparative Law in Paris, France. Mr. Fine is a member of the Florida Bar, and is admitted to practice in the U. S. Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit and U. S. District Court, Southern District of Florida. In 1983 and 1984, Mr. Fine was a law clerk for the Honorable Sidney M. Aronovitz, United States District Court Judge."

On a personal note, Alan and I attended UF Law together from '78-81, except he got A's.

Our sons have been best friends since pre-K. He has two children at Gulliver and one in college in Florida. His wife, Victoria Corrigan Fine, is a Carrolton grad, First Vice President at Merrill Lynch and sits on the Board of Directors of UM.

Alan has wanted to be a judge for a very long time. He is one of the brightest, yet humble, men I know. He has a calm demeanor, rarely raising his voice, even when coaching basketball at Beth Am.

There are some qualified names on that list, and many are friends of mine. However, I think Alan's breadth of experience, demeanor and intellect raises him above this pack.

Jonathan Blecher.

Anonymous said...

I say Gayles or White-Labora.

Anonymous said...

I believe weird is spelled "WEIRD," not "WIERD"

the trialmaster said...

after reviewing Alan Fine's impressive resume, I have concluded that we need another Gator judge on the bench. I am sick and tired of long time asa, and pds applying for judgships with no private practice experience. I want attorneys who have met a payroll and have been in private practice instead of looking for another government paycheck. there the trialmaster endorses Alan Fine for judge. We need more experienced attorneys with private practice experience.

Anonymous said...

to 9:10 am. the trialmaster is hetersexual and although he does occassionly suck members of the oppposite gender he is not your type.

Anonymous said...

alan fine should get the nod. christ should know