Thursday, December 31, 2009


Someone sent this to us, and it seems appropriate to usher in the New Year:

There is a blue moon tonight (the second full moon of a month) on a New Years Eve which is ushering in a new decade. Last time was in 1819. James Monroe was president. The next time a blue moon will appear on a new decade's New Years Eve won’t be until 2229.

2010 is upon us. Back in say, 1975, didn't it seem that by 2010 we'd all be zipping around in flying cars, and perambulating through cities on moving walkways? 2009 was a difficult year. We lost some people close to us. We got a year older, and hopefully wiser. We won some wars and lost some battles, but we never stopped trying or fighting.

It may be time for a change for us. Time is slipping by and things that we thought we would have done by now remain a distant dream. There is more to life than work. Nobody on their death bed ever said "I wish I had spent more time at the office."

So here's our New Year's resolutions: to stop and smell the ocean breeze; to do even more random acts of kindness; to exercise more and get angry less; less sugar - more fiber; to breathe deeply and to communicate better; and most importantly- to write, to write and to write, for writing is the art that warms our heart and feeds our soul.

Happy New Year dear readers, and may this year bring you unexpected joy and simple pleasures.


CAPTAIN said...


I want to wish all of you a very healthy and Happy New Year. May 2010 bring with it a joyous and prosperous beginning to the second decade of our 21st century.

Rump, I can tell you from personal experience, I have taken that post to heart over the past couple of years and have learned to stop and smell the roses and enjoy the short time that we have here. I have spent more time with my family and can't be happier for the decision I made to work a little less and enjoy life so much more.

To SFL, back at ya! To Rump, I enjoy the opportunity to be able to contribute ever so often to your blog and look forward to more postings in 2010. After all, it’s an election year!


AFL said...

My understanding of the West Coast offense is that it is slightly different from the Air Coryell offense.

The Bungles of the 1960's and the old AFL were a pretty bad team. They could not seem to find a way to move the ball down the field. Along came QB's Ken Anderson and Sam Wyche and offensive coach Bill Walsh and under the head coaching of Paul Brown, the west coast style of offense was born.

The name was later coined the "west coast offense" by the Fins own Bill Parcells, while he was coaching the Gints.

Rump is correct that some of the origins of the west coast style of offense started further back with Sid Gillman. He is really the author of the Air Coryell style of offense.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, I agree with you 100% on profiling.

If overweight, white fat guys from Canada start blowing up trains and Airplanes, then all white male fat asses from Canada had better come to the airport 5 hours earlier.

So if people with brown skin and arabic sounding names are blowing up airplanes and trains, I cannot find the logic behind a 85 year old lady from Nebraska (who is white as snow and never even had as much as a traffic ticket) gets on the no fly list or has her only pair of nail clippers confiscated. While Osama's friends and relatives stoll pass the TSA because we should not profile based on race.

Give me a freakin break!

Anonymous said...

Sam Wyche? Did he ever leave the bench?

Virgil Carter was the 1st Bengal QB to run that offense.

Anonymous said...

This doesn't mean that we're going to spend less time trashing people we're jealous of? Is it? Because that is my whole life - dealing with my miserable pathetic life by anonymously writing shit about people I've never met.

Anonymous said...

bennet brummer ruined the spirit of the public defenders office in Miami. A perfect example is what happened to the infamous public defender annual christmas party. Today you need to get an invitation to attend. Times have changed.

Anonymous said...

Happy and Healthy to all

Anonymous said...

Profiling is a fool's bet. It only makes sense that if a certain group is targeted for inspection, the terrorists would employ stooges from outside the targeted group. Profiling is the opposite of thinking outside the box.
No system that is operated by human beings is going to be perfect 100% of the time. This time we got lucky even though lots of human error enabled the terrorist to board Flight 253. It may even have been systemic error (much easier to fix that). But don't fix the errors by suddenly spending all resources on profiling certain groups.
This isn't an argument based on political correctness; it's an argument based on logic.

South Florida Lawyers said...

Nicely done.

Here's to better days.

Anonymous said...

the TRIALMASTER sends his best wishes to all of his followers for a healthy new year. The TRIALMASTER has many signficant trials coming up and will gladly give his trial tips to all.

expd said...

Rump- here's a rollover from the previous comments section re- former PDs who don't get their name on the ex-pd board.

James "Night train" MacClain- they also called him "Big Mac" and "Jimmy Mac".

PD who made felonies circa January 1987- actually the first week in January 1987- because the boy went off. From the First week in January until the last week of august- something like 32 straight weeks- Big Mac tried 34 jury trials- with 30 not guiltie, 4 misdemeanor lessers, and one hung jury (and yes the math works out because he retried the hung jury case and got an acquittal). Called "night train" because something like almost all his verdicts were after 7pm. Took over a backlogged division that hadn't seen a 3rd degree felony tried in forever, and read the depos and plowed through the cases. Had his intern at first do the depos on the new cases, until the higher ups saw what he was doing to the state and gave him some support with other attorneys. Holds the PD record for most cases tried consecutively and most consecutive not guilty verdicts.

Was made an A PD and quickly had a falling out with one of those supervisors who never tried a case. They ordered Big Mac to conflict on a nasty armed robbery and keep the gettaway driver, Big Mac of course wanted the client who was in the store on video - so he ignored the order and kept him. The supervisor demanded he change it- Mac told him to- and this is in PD lore- take a flying fuck at a rolling donut- and was fired. He promptly asked the judge to appoint him on the case- this was the days before the wheel- and the judge did just that. Big Mac worked out of his house for several months, tried that case- and a few others- won them all, and then returned to Odessa, Texas where his family was from. Got involved in a few of the Ford rollover lawsuits, made a killing in one 80 million verdict that was upheld on appeal with interest, and returned to his first love- criminal defense for the indigent. Bought a big ranch for himself and works for the local pds office kicking the ass of the state which is no easy job in Texas.

Night train MacClain never married. He was married to his work. His legendary photographic memory allowed him to memorize depos and use them at trial while standing at the podium with no notes, and to memorize venires, - which always impressed potential jury members as he almost never got a name wrong on a 50 or 60 member panel and picked every jury with out a pen or pad.

Amazing lawyer- lost to dade because of some danish eating supervisor who hid from the inside of courtrooms. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't anyone get it? It is IMPOSSIBLE to to stop "terrorism!" That's one of the reasons it's called terrorism. How many times must it be said: there can be no war on terrorism any more than there can be a war on "frontal assaults" or "flanking maneuver." They, like terrorism, are tactics, not enemies.

You want a war on Islam like Cheney and his ilk? Ta-ta US of A. In the mean time accept some losses, and prepare some VERY narrow responses, BECAUSE THERE IS NO CHOICE. The enemies are persons of faith, willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. There is no 100% protection against them.

fake blake said...

Rumpole- a few of us made the trek to New Orleans to watch our Gators and reminisce of National Championship games played here and won.

But we solider on and lead our Gator Nation in a few of our favorite chants, including:

Tim Tebow Tim Tebow
we worship at your feet
Tim Tebow Tim Tebow
with you we can't be beat;


Tim Tebow Tim Tebow
you make the Gators fine
Tim Tebow Tim Tebow
you turn water into wine;

and our favorite, but the coach doesn't like it- but screw him, he's on the way out

Tim Tebow Tim Tebow
the offense never rests
Tim Tebow Tim Tebow
his girlfriend has great breasts!!!


Anonymous said...

I miss joyce brenner and fred bragdon.

Ex pd from the 80's said...

7:29pm. You don't know what the F you are talking about. Big Mac happens to be living in Montana with Pete Mezairch. They own the second largest ranch in the state with over 30,000 acres and several thousand head of cattle. They are living the life.

Gator fan said...

Where was this in the SEC Championship game.

Tim Tebow 28/31 436 yards, three passing TDs and one running TD.

Elect Scott Hawkins Bar President said...

Two veteran members of the Bar Board of Governors have qualified to run for president-elect in the March Bar elections.

Eleventh Circuit board member Ervin Gonzalez of Coral Gables and 15th Circuit board member Scott Hawkins of West Palm Beach filed qualifying papers by the December 15 deadline. It is the first contested race for president-elect in 11 years.

“My record has demonstrated an ability to reach a broad spectrum of people with different backgrounds,” Hawkins said. “I truly get satisfaction from my Bar work. . . . It’s a way to serve while serving the profession.”

Hawkins said his work with past Bar presidents including Ray Ferrero, Jr., and Marshall Criser influenced his decision to seek the Bar’s top spot, adding he sees it as a way of paying back the opportunities he’s been given.

“I’ve been very motivated by the noble impact they’ve had on Bar service,” Hawkins said. “It has led me to conclude that seeking the responsibility of president-elect is worth the personal sacrifices that go with all that.”



limousine hire said...

New year's blue moon.........happy new year to everyone..

Mr. Hankey said...

Like the more fiber resolution. HOWDY HO!


10:34 FREDDIE BOW TIE- he was DA MAN!!!

Anonymous said...

all this talk about this pd and that pd who won 20 trials in a row is a bunch of shit like stories about unicorns and moderate republicans. When I was an asa, we had a joke, the initials PD meant Pez Dispenser cause you treated your PD like a pez dispenser cause you knocked thier head back took thier candy and did it over and over.

Anonymous said...

it all went wrong when them old guys stopped playing hoops on palm island.

Anonymous said...

People on this blog who think racial profiling is not happening everywhere, including airports, need to come out from under that rock they are living in. Question we should be asking is how did this guy get on the plane inspite of the profiling?

Anonymous said...

Hawkins is an insurance hack. Erv is the man.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of PDs who's name is not up on the board- the famous dancing Jew- Menachem Mayberg, a/k/a Mendy. Tore it up as a PD, and nada- no mention on the board. The famous "Country" Dave Pettus, also worked at the PDs 7 years Name not on the board.

And finally, from the 1980's the infamous "Lesser Included Les" Lester Margolius. Guy tried like 30 cases and got 29 lessers. Drove him nuts to the point where he wanted to stop asking for lessers, but was afraid for his clients. His name ain't up there either. The board is a joke.

EyeonShumie said...

Shumster update- Saw the big man himself holding court at Joes on New Years Eve around lunchtime. Sitting at the head of a table of at least twenty- must of been a staff party. Table loaded with mounds of jumbos, selects and a pile-o-hash browns.

Tried to catch what was going on but we were seated on the other side of the joint.

Eventually there was some sort of speech, and applause, and then what seemed like a half dozen full key lime pies. Bill must of been at least 3K plus tip.

Say this about the big fella- he has it, but he spends it.

exasa said...

4:23- I tried 3 cases against Les and you guessed it- lessers each of them.

Mrs Albright the english teacher said...

4:53, where DID you go to college:

"Must of been" (and you typed it in two separate paragraphs).

You "must of been" a Hurricane!

Anonymous said...

Country rules

Anonymous said...


Erv is a geek!

Dry humor at the 3rd DCA said...

Gotta love the humor over at the 3rd DCA. When it comes to review of the Circuit Court Appellant Division ordering a "PCA" on review, why the 3rd DCA will have no part of it! What kind of appeals court could be so lazy?

PCA orders on review are not for amatures to issue. Leave that kind of hard work and heavy lifting to the 11 professionals at the third district court of appeal, so says Judge Scwartz at the 3rd DCA.


Anonymous said...

To Mr. Dry Humor,

Boy are you right.

I file lots of writs at the 11th circuit and they frequently don't to shit.....even when you are 100% right.

Get what you pay for......