Wednesday, December 23, 2009


(at times) but HE 'S OUR PAIN, and we don't take kindly to the Broward Blog putting him through the wringer.

Who are we talking about? What did the Broward Blog do?

It all started with this post on the Broward Blog:

JAABLOG FIELD TRIP - our first stop this morning took us to the North Dade Justice Center, for our first ever hearing before the legendary Judge Sheldon Schwartz. We were warned by a Miami lawyer about his curt, sometimes abrasive demeanor, with the caveat that he always does the right thing in the end. This description turned out to be accurate.

Schwartz came out bedecked in a black trimmed, glaring red robe. Was the sartorial splendor simply a nod to the holiday season, or par for the course? No, we were advised, he often dons flowing, colorful accoutrements worthy of a Roman emperor.

Next, he proceeded to rip an Israeli national, represented by counsel. Schwartz felt the defendant was trying to pull a fast one, by claiming he didn't speak English. He ordered the tapes played from a previous hearing, when the defendant had appeared without benefit of counsel, apparently understanding and speaking the English language. MOTION DENIED.

Counsel for the defendant got into it with Schwartz, but the Judge wouldn't budge. There were some choice berations directed at the defendant, worthy of Broward's finest, along the lines of "
You may be one of the privileged people, but you don't have the privilege of driving in the United States without a license."

Classic north of the border stuff, except very un-Broward-like in the end, since Schwartz stated on multiple occasions that he would recuse himself if the defendant didn't feel he was getting a fair shake. Just like that. No motions to file, no tricky rules and deadlines to navigate, and no convoluted, hide the ball, highly technical bogus rulings to appeal later. In short, it was fair.

Impressed, we asked around after returning to home turf. It turns out Schwartz was also a super hot shot lawyer before he retired, at least according to Fred Haddad and Howard Finkelstein. As far as the red robe is concerned, however, no one could offer a satisfactory explanation.

Rumpole says: If you don't know about Shelly Schwartz's penchant for sartorial statements in the form of colorful ties, robes, shirts and suits.... then you don't know Shelly Schwartz, which puts that last line from the Broward Blog in dispute. How could Haddad or Finkelstein profess to know Shelly Schwartz and not know about his signature choices in haberdashery?

Kudos in the end to the JAABlog for recognizing the world of difference between Miami schtick, and Broward nastiness.


Anonymous said...

Ugh. Honestly Rump. I'm so sick and tired of all of this whinning and complaining about the PDO. I'm an APD and I really could care less about all of these whinny babies. "Carlos is this", "Rory is that." The fact of the matter is that many of the people in this office who are bitching are so self-centered and self-absorbed with themselves that they have actually no idea what those to gentleman are actually doing. Those attorneys think that their A, or B, or C, caseload is the most important thing going on in this office. Well my friends, its not. The fighting that Rory and Carlos and the rest of the administration do, is not just for the clients, but its in an attempt to make the attorneys quality of lives better. Unfortunately, the boneheads in this office can't see that, so they resort to baseless bitching.
I read more bitching in the comments section of this blog, then I do from my own clients. If you don't like your job here, quit. Believe me, the office won't miss you. I'll say that again. If you don't like your job, QUIT. Go private, set up your own firm, go teach at a law school. Just leave and this will be a much better place.
The office will hire a new young attorney who is hungry and ready to go, and they'll just move the next person up and into your spot.

I agree, that the situation here is not ideal. Carlos knows it. Rory knows it. They are trying their best to work with the budget which the legislature is giving them.
If there is a person here, who believes that the legislature is giving the PDO enough money to appropriately represent criminal defendants, then that person obviously doesn't know how to properly represent their own clients.
A few years ago, if the brass at the SAO wasn't made up of people who wanted to fight the PDO on every little issue, they'd have realized that perhaps supporting the public defenders office in their quest for more funding and a break on the cases would benefit them, and the two offices could cooperate and fight for more money for the justice system as a whole. The entire system is under staffed and under fundeded, and that means bad news for victims and defendant's alike.

All I read on this blog is trashing of Carlos, and Rory, and the office behind the "anonymous," heading. Quite frankly I'm sick of it. Rory's door is always open to those who wish to bitch.
So if you're one of the criers, walk to the elevator, press 5, head right down the hall and stop by and see Rory. He'll at least listen to you.
To say that Rory has never met a Danish he didn't like, etc, is ridiculous, and it's cowardly.

And Rump, you are one of the biggest offenders. You post everyday under a name which is not your own, hiding behind "Rumpole" while you comment on many things which are not true, which are harmful, and which are hurtful as well.
Come on out Rump. Tell us who you are. Tell us your sources. Then maybe we'll take your comments as credible. Until then, you a coward just like the rest.

We all know that you won't come out though. We all know that you'll have some excuse which you'll say is to preserve the blog, etc. But those of us who keep it real, know that you're just a coward.
And those of us who keep it real. We don't really listen to cowards.
I'll continue to read the blog to find out who the latest "hottie" in the courtrooms is. I'll continue to read about who judge made what ridiculous ruling. But pay attention to your ridiculous conspiracy theories. Pay attention to the whinny babies in our office. No thanks.

Until the next time.

Keeping It Real

Rumpole said...

I don't use my name when I post? Think outside of the box chump.

Anonymous said...

850 you are right about one thing. rory has met a danish that he doesnt like--the prune danish makes him go to the bathroom all day

Anonymous said...

Dear "Keeping It Real":

If you don't like what is written on the Blog, DON'T READ IT. As you say in your letter, "I'll say that again. If you don't like the Blog, DON'T READ IT."

You sound awfully bitter and grouchy for a Christmas Eve morning when most other people, regardless of their religion, are trying to be nice to others.

But, if it makes you feel better to complain about how others are constantly complaining, why not? Consider the publication of your grinchy letter a gift from Rumpole.

Peace out.

Anonymous said...

Hey 8:50 - most of the bitching actually comes from ex-PD's not
current PD's.

But what you are missing is that
the PD's office has been underfunded and understaffed forever and a day. But all along
the office provided quality
representation to all its clients.
An experienced PD knows how to prioritize his/her cases so that everyone gets effective representation. But the office gets
rid of most of its experienced PD's. Ever notice how the office is split between one group of lawyers ages 25 to 35 and another group of lawyers ages 45 to 60.

A young PD only really knows what they are doing after doing about 25
felony jury trials. But most young
PD's leave the office after doing that amount of trials. So ofcourse the young inexperienced PD's are over-whelmed with the caseloads because they don't have the experience required to prioritize
cases and handle a large caseload.

If PD's Office made more of an effort to actually keep its lawyers with experience they wouldn't be in such a predicament.
Instead they have always wanted to get rid of the young lawyers after
3 to 5 years so that they can keep their little fiefdom at the top of
the organization intact.

Anonymous said...

8:50 ??? That has got to be silent Charlie!

Flaming away....

Anonymous said...

850 AM
Happy Holidays!

Rory has ego problems. At least he did when I was in the house. He was sore cause he never made it big in the courtroom or in private practice for the matter. He has some fierce loyalists but only because he has power.
As for Carlos, he is a very nice guy. Thats about all I can say. Time will tell if he makes the office better however. He should answer Rumpoles questions because over the years, R has become a popular voice of reason. Speak up Mr PD...

Anonymous said...

Obvious Irony Alert:

Anonymous supposed lawyer claiming anonymous blogger is offender and coward for being "anonymous."

Keeping Reality Check. Ho Ho Ho.