Sunday, December 13, 2009


Lets start with the suicide pool, which is setting some kind of record for longevity.

Rick Freedman: Titans; Peter Sautter: Saints; Daniel Tibbitt- Bears.

Good luck guys and send me the winner of MNF and the total points scored broken down by total TDs and total field goals. This could be it.

One big bet last week and one winner. Thank you Giants and thank you Vanilla Phillips for that December Cowpoke swoon. Right on time.

The Dolphins are getting 3 in Jacksonville, and while we like the Fins +3 for 200 Hennes, we really like the under 44 for 500 Parcells.

Eagles at Giants. The line is 44. We loved the under in the first matchup this season, and as usual for this year, we were wrong. The history is these two teams is that there are several tight low scoring games and then one big blow out, which happened earlier this year. The Eagles are clicking , the Giants had a big win last week but their offense is still struggling. Look for a low scoring ground game in cold winter weather. Once burned....but we bravely take the under again. Giants/Eagles under 44 for 500 Osi Umenyioras.


Pick Em Paulie said...

Well, another 3-2 week last week, which seems to be our story in 2009Vig is getting us, but a breakout week and we can buy some Christmas presents. Let's try for a nice 4-1 week
Each bet for $500.00

Atlanta +10
BUF/KC Under 37.5
New England -13
WAS/OAK Under 37.5
Dallas -3

2009 Record
31-31-3 50.00%

Good luck to the suicide pool folks. Picking straight up winners is not easy in the NFL, much less thirteen weeks in a row. Just ask the champion Steelers who lost to the pathetic Browns.

Fat Tony said...

Rumpole, you fangul, where's my money? Don't think you can hide in the Sierra Nevada--we'll find you and whack you, just like we did to your pal Pick 'em Paulie.

Rumpole said...

Thanks to the Fins we're up 700 heading into the Giants game. It's nice to put together a few winning weeks in a row.

And when will Paulie learn? The Cowpokes can't win in December under Vamilla Phillips, even when playing the 3rd worst coach in the league- Norv Turner.

Suicide survivor said...

Pick em Paulie thanks for the support. Ever week seems to get tougher in this Suicide Pool. But I survived another week. Fourteen weeks down and three to go.

Good luck.

fins fan said...

The Fins cannot beat the Ravens in a tiebreaker. They need the Ravens to lose a game while the Fins finish 10-6.

Not worried about the Jags or the Jets. Two of three get into wildcard between Fins, Broncos & Ravens.

Of course, if Fins don't win out, no need to calculate tiebreakers. But if they do, they could land anywhere from 4-7 seed.

Key week is week 16: Denver AT Philly. Ravens AT Steelers and Fins home against the team they cannot seem to beat - the Texans. Matt Schaub had over 300 yards in the air in the first half alone today. Andre Johnson up against two rookie CB's when they play the Fins. Yes, week 16 is going to be a big week for Broncos, Ravens & Fins.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rump...good call on the Giants/Eagles under. I'm glad I went with my gut...and my gut tells me to do the opposite of you.

Rumpole said...

did you go with your ample gut last week and pick the cowboys over the Giants wiseguy? Or how about this week? Did you pick the Jags and over?

Anonymous said...

Fins' hopes are probably dashed this weekend. Going into Tenn and beating a hot team is going to be tough. And to think that they should have handed both Indy and NO their only losses. And losing to Buffalo? Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

ff - Okay Clarabell, where does the 7 seed in a six team tournament play?