Wednesday, June 20, 2007


It's summer time (you can tell because it's raining.)

We have discussed before that for all their short comings our colleagues North of The Border have an enlightened approach to summer time dress codes.

Do you think our Administrative Judges should show some leadership here and issue an order allowing attorneys, if they so choose, to appear in Court sans Tie for soundings, reports, and miscellaneous hearings?

Dressing in a suit and tie shows respect for the court and jurors. However, our female colleagues manage to pull it off without wearing a Tie most of the time.

It's something to consider.

We've been pondering the Brendlin decision from the US Supreme Court (there is a link to the decision in the previous post). The decision extends the protections of the Fourth Amendment to Passengers in Vehicles.

We have two thoughts: 1) Justice Souter wrote: A traffic stop "necessarily curtails the travel a passenger has chosen just as much as it halts the driver," …. "a passenger's "attempt to leave the scene would be so obviously likely to prompt an objection from the officer that no passenger would feel free to leave in the first place".

Sort of undermines all those decisions that say that citizens are free to leave an "encounter" with the police any time they wish.

2) Extending the "protections" of this court's view of the Fourth Amendment to passengers is sort of like handing a broken umbrella to an attorney scurrying from their parking lot in the rain. The thought is good, but they still get wet. We read this decision as giving passengers standing to file motions, which can then be denied on grounds other than lack of standing. Woo Hoo! What a big day for the rights of citizens in the good ol' USA

Judge Seidlin (he of Anna Nicole Smith weeping fame) resigned North of The Border to pursue ventures in Hollywood. You can read about it on the Broward Blog.

Judge Speiser withdrew from the race to be the new chief honcho in Broward. The race is now down to Dale Ross, Mrs. Dale Ross, and Judge Stacy Ross, Dale Ross's daughter, and a Judge in her own right. What a coincidence!

See You In Court, wearing a tie until we are told otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Barzee has ZERO chance. Try again.

Anonymous said...

The adventures of Captain Pro Se.

In today’s episode CPS is visiting the local post office

CPS: dum Da dum dum dum .

Clerk: What did you just say.

CPS: Sorry no time to explain. I need to overnight this package to the Florida Supreme Court or else I will sue?

Other Clerk: Are you mailing more threats to sue?

CPS: Sorry no time to chat. Rumpole is at it again this time he hurt my feelings.

Other Clerk: Did you take your medication today?

CPS: Stop talking to me or I will sue you. I need this overnighted . I need tracking number! I need signature confirmation! I need delivery confirmation.......what else?

Postal Clerk: Overnight mail already has tracking included. Why are you so paranoid?

CPS: I have to be careful Rumpole could be anywhere he could try and intercept the package.

(After arriving home.)

CPS: .... Lets see Third District Court of Appeal is speed dial one, The Florida Bar is speed dial two, Governors Office is three..... oh yes here it is Supreme Court of Florida speed dial number four.

(Dialing the Florida Supreme Court)

SCT: Hello, Florida Supreme Court can I help you.

CPS: Dum da Dum Dum.

SCT: Hold one moment please - Mr. Hall, I have Captain Pro Se on the telephone what should I do this time?

Mr. Hall: Just put him on hold until he hangs up. If he calls back transfer him around the office until he stops calling. It worked last week.

SCT: Captain Pro Se can you hold please.

CPS: No wait I just want to .....ask...

SCT: !!! CLICK !!!

Tune into Operation Restore Sanity for the next great adventure of Captain Pro Se.

Hardwick/Fenwick Prods...in association with Operation Restore Sanity (C) 2007, all rights reserved.

Anonymous said...

Lawyers should wear ties winter spring summer and fall.
Those Broward bozos look like the
hacks that they are walking around with khakis and blazers in open court.
Have some dignity and respect for
your profession.
And another thing just buy some
cotton suits and you won't be
sweating like ...
(comment edited by Rumpole)

Rumpole said...

I took out the name of the lawyer in the last comment because it was a mean and cheap shot.

Anonymous said...

Hey, why not just show up in shorts and sandals. But don't stop there. Don't shave. And maybe the judge, instead of sitting literally above it all, can relax in a chaise lounge and drink a pina colada while you ramble on. And we can make things easier for the witnesses, defendants, and their hangers on, and more profitable for the clerk, by selling hot dogs and soda right in the courtroom. And if an attorney's appearance is irrelevant, we might as well sell advertising space on the interior walls of the courtroom, maybe have bondsmen and attorneys pay so much a square foot.
Of course, I jest but let's face reality: how you dress in court is a reflection of the respect you have for the court as an institution. What goes on in court is serious business; people should dress in a way that reflects this fact. I for one am tired of seeing attorneys show up for court dressed the way I did in first grade in 1963. Enough.

Anonymous said...

just put your damn ties on in the lobby like the rest of you cry-babies..

fake captian pro se said...

I wear a tie with my cape and mask. Curse you Rumpole.

Fake CPS is NOT in association with Fenwick/Hardwick Prods..and NOT in association with Operation Restore Sanity. Fake Captain Pro Se is NOT copyrighted and is available for everyone to use.

Anonymous said...

you have no right to partially censor a comment. either post it all or none of it. you just lost a lot of credibility- my intrepretation is that you know who many of your friends are when they post and you don't want to hurt their feelings by denying their comment so you post it.why edit this name. You allow constant criticism and gossip and slander of dozens of attorneys since you( and I don't think for a minute that all the work on this blog is done by 1 person who also practices felony criminal defense)started this blog including elected officials-accusing people of corruption- incompetency etc. so where do you get the gumption to edit a reference to an attorney sweating. Probably you buddy nw.

Rumpole said...

2:24- I was waiting for this. This was the first time I have edited a comment. I usually just don't post comments that mock a person's physical appearance. It violates one of my rules. Other than the gratutious meaness essentially calling the attorney in question a messy sweaty person, the comment was good. So I did something I have never done.

Now as to losing your respect- This blog is not about hurting people. I have said this many times- you can call a Judge dumb, but not ugly.

You want to make a point? Make it without calling someone a mean nasty name.

And I have no idea who NW is, or for that matter the attorney mentioned in the comment. But just because I don't know someone is no reason to let them be torn apart on the blog.

the trialmaster said...

rump, stop censoring the names of attorneys in the posts. it has never been done before and it should stop. other than that, keep up the good work>

Anonymous said...

Why oh why has Bill Barzee turned on Bennett Brummer??? Bennett hired Bill out of law school. When Bill was not admitted to the Bar becasue of his past conduct or misconduct, did he get fired? No!!! Instead Bennett kept him employed, let him work for quite some time as an investigator until his Bar problems were cleared up. After that Bennett employed him as a lawyer. Bennett was very good to Bill. To show his gratitude Bill campaigns against Bennett and now wants to run against him. Great guy that Bill B. He has a snow ball's chance in hell of winning

Anonymous said...

Rumpole your comment at 2:34 is hogwash. You just yesterday called CPS a crazy man, said he is mentally ill, allowed others to do the same.

He may not be one of us but your 2:34 comment is just hogwash. I don't like liars so you have lost a dedicated reader. How dare you edit someones comments. How many times have you done this.

Rumpole said...

The person who wrote the comment about several lawyers and their physical shortcomings. You are obviously reading these comments. Why take the time to right something, that has some good points, and put in stuff you know I will not approve? It's a waste of time.

Query- would the readers rather I just not publish a comment, or publish it with some stuff removed at times?

Rumpole said...

2:54- as I have said I have done this once.

I have called the individual who spams the blog and sends me threatening emails mentally ill, because- and I have posted some of his comments- I believe he is mentally ill. Remember when he was going to shut the blog down by 5PM because (he imagined) he had a personal relationship with the owner of Google. This individual invites comments by emailing me and threatening me. And even though I believe he is mentally ill, I have not commented on his appearance. I deal with the emails and comments he sends- I do not seek him out or attack him for no reason- unlike the comment that for no particular reason calls some one fat, or ugly, or whatever.

As I said- I did this once- and made sure it was clear when I did it. I again ask you- should I not post the comment at all? Or edit out the name? Let me know.

Rumpole said...

Can we all get back to the imoortant blog stuff? Shumie songs!

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Anonymous said...

Dear 2:47

I suggest you temper your tone toward Don Barzinee. He is not a man to cross....

And by the way. Is Brummer really going to run again? He's been in office since before President Carter making him close to 70 years of age. On the other hand, Don Barzinee is still spry.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Bimini today, Rump:

I agree with your actions in removing the attorneys name but by leaving the phrase "sweating like..." everyone knows who it was that the post was talking about. What you did was commendable, though.


Anonymous said...

How about this song:

Shuminer spoke in
spoke in
Shuminer spoke in
spoke in
Shuminer spoke in
class todaaaaaaay

Anonymous said...

How does the post trashing Bill Barzee pass muster when it was in response to an obvious joke. You outed Bill, man, totally bogus on your part monsieur Rumphole

Rumpole said...

Is today "attack Rumpole day?"

Bill Barzee is a quasi public figure. He assisted Gabe Martin for a while in his campaign. If someone says he's going to run- it's legitimate news.

How come everyone seems to know who the person who sweats is, except me and I actually read the name and did not recognize it?

Rumpole said...

At least my Circle K clerk is on my side. Bimini huh? Sounds nice. Not sure my yacht would make it,especially if the gulf stream is rough.

Anonymous said...

Bill Barzee is not going to run for PD anymore than Rod Vereen or HT Smith will, and for the same reason. Private lawyers make far too much money to take on an office that would be hell to run properly (by making the lawyers who earn $150,000 actually do some work). It would be nice, however, if Bennett would choose not to run again. Thirty two years in one position is a long time. Some fresh blood might do the office some good.

Anonymous said...

Don Barzinee's gonna make that ole man an offer he can't refuse.

1. Country and Overmann are allowed back in the building.

2. Either Rory or Warren must be fired.

You have until Julu 1, 2007 to comply or feel the wrath of Barzinee come November 08.

Barzee in "08 said...

Barzee the boss of Rory and Weed!If BB steps down, it could happen. The real loser in this will be Carlos Martinez b/c BB won't step down and let Barzee run in an open primary against a nobody like Carlos. (He's a public figure, Rumpole, and it was a mild slap, so don't you censor it)

Rumpole said...

Ohhh..you're sneaky. But I caught ya. Ever wonder how I know- really know- even the most innocent comment is yours? Hmmm....

Anonymous said...

I heard that BB died during the Clinton years.

Anonymous said...

When I received my mail yesterday, I had my first request for money for the 08' election. It was from Hogan Scola.

fake ck said...

I remember being turned away at the door of the Port Antonio, Jamaica courthouse because I was not dressed appropriately to enter the courtroom as a spectator. But, at the same time, the courthouse had a huge banner hanging from the second floor advertising the weekly town bingo game. Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes.

Anonymous said...

You post information about barzee's past but not who is the sweating attorney? what are your priorities?

Anonymous said...

Not really much of a latitude change. Dumb phrase anyway

Mario Puzo said...

Benny Brummer: Samonucch! I got a hundred buttonmen on the street right now. That Barzee shows one hair on his ass, he's a dead man.

David Weed: Benny let's talk about this and get a meeting set up.

Benny Brummer: No! No no more meetings no more Barzee tricks. You sending a message to Gabe Martin ? Say "I want Barzee" if not it's all out war and we go to the mattresses.

David Weed: Benny the other families won't stand for that!

Benny: Well than business is gonna have to suffer.

David Weed: You're taking this too personally, Benny!

Benny Brummer: You call Gabe running against me in the election two years ago against me not personal?

David Weed: Even the campaign against you was business, not personal Benny!

Benny Brummer: Ok I'll do more business. Hey, listen, do me a favor, David , just help me win ok?

David Weed : Ok. I checked out the Bar attorney that's after Gabe Martin. Now he's definetely on Barzee's payroll and for big money. What you have to understand, Benny is that while Barzee is guarded like this he is invulnerable.

Benny: Alright we'll wait.

Rory Stein: It can't wait.
Benny Brummer: what?

Rory Stein: It can't wait. No matter what Barzee's says, he's gonna go after Benny. That's the key for him. Gotta get Benny.

They're gonna wanna set up a meeting, right? It will be me, Barzee and Gabe Martin. Get our informers out and find out where it's gonna be held. Now we insist that it's a public place: a bar, restaurant somewhere where there's people so I feel safe. They're gonna frisk me when I first show up right? So I can't have a bar complaint on me, but if Warren Schwartz can find a way to have a bar complaint planted there for me, then I'll serve them both.

Benny: What are you doing? Nice college boy PD. Doesn't wanna get mixed up in the family business. You get a bar complaint up close and bada bing blood all over your nice ivy league seersucker suit.

You're taking this awfully personal. David this is business and this kid's taking this very personal.

Rory Stein: Where does it say you can't file a bar complaint?

David Weed: Rory, come on.

Rory Stein: David wait a minute, we're talking about Barzee who got caught up in the rackets and got what was coming to him. That's a terrific story. Now we got newspaper people on the payroll don't we, David?
[David nods]

Rory Stein: Well they might like a story like that

David Weed: They might, just might.

Rory Stein: It's not personal, Benny. It's strictly business.

Tone Deaf Timmy said...

when you post a Shumie Song, can you please post a "sung to the tune of" tag line because were all not on the same wavelength. that way we can all be in on the joke.

your pal.

Tone Deaf Timmy

Anonymous said...

great stuff!

zinee in 08.

shumie doobie doo said...

Tone deaf- fair enough- except the basic shumie song-

Shumie shumie
coco puffs
shumie shumie shumie

is just it's own tune.

the do wop shumie do wop
song is sung to the tune of Hansen's do bop song.

Rumpole said...

Nope CPS- that one didn't make it either. But you keep trying to disguise your writing.

Rumpole said...

Sorry jackass- It's still you. You just can't win. But then, you know that already.

Anonymous said...

Pehaps the best piece of writing in a long time- the Benny Brummer/Barzee it's not personal- its business piece.

Classic Blog work.

Anonymous said...

More people filing for Circuit seats in 2008.Check the State web page. Expect many more when the quarter changes July 1....Where can Gina Mendez Locke 'N Load be???Are Alvarez, Gonzales, Parks, et al lurking in the wings???????

Anonymous said...

I'll send the Gulfstream over when you are ready, Rump. I share it with a couple of friends of ours but right now it's just sitting here. Let me know


Anonymous said...

How about this song:

Shuminer spoke in
spoke in
Shuminer spoke in
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Shuminer spoke in
class todaaaaaaay

Sung to the tune of Jeremy by Pearl Jam

Anonymous said...

on to a real issue. Too bad Speiser withdrew, he actually is a pretty decent smart guy. Better than an egomaniac like Backman, Judge Lynch is just a mini-dale rosee and vic tobin is alright, he is just in the wrong county and really belongs with the gang of lawyers who practice in dade he went to law school with

Rumpole said...

To the person who thinks he knows my identity based on the ravings of a crazy person- 1) you're both wrong. 2)send me a private email if you really want to discuss this matter as innocent people should not be bothered with this.

Anonymous said...

Uhh...Scott Fingerhut..err..Rumpole seems a bit worried.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! Manny Segarra is running for Circuit Court Judge! Do you all know who this guy is? He's a DV chief at the SAO. I have so many bad, legitimate things to say about him that I don't know where to begin! Please let me use bad words Rump. Please don't censor me!!! Please tell me I have the green light to tell the world how I truly feel about this pr___ck.

Anonymous said...

I think the thought of Fingerhut as Rumpole is great, i've thought so many of times. I can't convince myself though, he just doesn't have the time to pull this off.

Anonymous said...

If it is true that Segarra is running (making him a "quasi public figure"), here's my two cents as a former colleague: He can't walk and chew gum at the same time. He didn't goto DV by choice...fill in blanks.

Rumpole said...

Why so worried? You can comment on a person's fitness or lack thereof for Judge. You just can't make fun of their appearance. It's quite simple really.

Anonymous said...

Manny Segarra for judge??? And circuit court no less!!! Now I've seen everything...

Anonymous said...

Manny Segarra is running for judge? I have a $500 check ready to contribute, to any single sole running against him, anyone, doesn't matter.

CAPTAIN said...


ELECTION 2008 ...

Confirming the new filings for Circuit Court Judge for 2008, the following lawyers have filed their names as possible candidates to replace Judge Jeffrey Rosinek:

Stephen Millan
Maria Sampedro-Iglesia
Manny Segarra

Other newbies include:

Josie Velis
Migna Sanchez
Mario Garcia
Abby Cynamon

... all others that have filed are incumbent judges.

CAPTAIN OUT ..............

Anonymous said...

OMG. As a former colleague of Manny Segarra's, all I can say is, this guy is DUMB. Dumb as rocks. He has no business running for Animal Catcher, no less Circuit Court Judge! It continues to boggle my mind how these people with limited legal experience, with NOTHING upstairs, continue to think they are qualified to be judges. Maybe they are so empty and vacant that they don't even realize their own SEVERE intellectual limitations.

Anonymous said...

Tom Lynch HAS A MULLET for chrissakes.

Anonymous said...

Who is Maria Sampedro-Iglesia?

Anonymous said...

It is doubly amazing that people run who the JNC will not even grant an interview, much less a recommendation to the Governor. Manny hasn't even tried to get a JNC appointment.

Rumpole said...

We did not post a few comments about someone running for Judge because they were deletd by mistake.

We are not posting any more comments about our identity because someone is threatening to file bar complaints against anyone associated with the blog. The same old rumors are the same- none of them are true- not the one that we are a judge; not the one that we are a prosecutor; not the one that we are the guy whose picture was put onTV; not the one that we are a high ranking PD; not the one that we are a retired judge; basically people should move on.

real bill barzee said...

you folks need to get a life...(except for the godfather guy-very funny stuff)

Anonymous said...

I am a present prosecutor. I have spoken to Manny many times. I still do not believe that he passed the Bar.

He has never been to Circuit Court, now he wants to be a Judge of the Circuit Court. I never thought that he was smart enough to walk + chew gum at the same time. It would be shameful.

Nice enough guy, but totally DUM + DUMMERER.

Anonymous said...

Segarra running for judge? I just threw up a little bit in my mouth! This guy is a walking joke!!! Not sure why the SAO has kept him around so long but he has no idea what to do with a DV case let alone the case law that goes with it. He believes the world should be run according to his rules.... The constitution? What is that? says Manny. Please, I would place money on the homeless man that hangs out in front of the SAO that he know more about the law and trying cases than that dimwit does! Maybe this is a ploy for Kathy to have a judge in that will do exactly what she wants. Naw- on second thought not even Kathy would stoop that low !

Anonymous said...

Anyone out there been retained by any of the 11 Miami City employees picked up this morning? Please call me.

Susannah Nesmith
Miami Herald
305-772-4380 (cel)

Anonymous said...

Can we all pause a minute and take a hard look at who's running for Judge?


Shouldn't we be recruiting good people to run against these idiots instead of getting sick over who's running?

It's time to get some good candidates.

Any suggestions, like real suggestions.?

Anonymous said...

LOOOOVE YOU BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Manny Segarra was in circuit court for a while. He used to be assigned to Glick's division.

Anonymous said...

Not only is Manny Segarra dumb, but he thinks he's smart, which makes it even worse! He actually lectured me once and although everything he was saying was logically and legally incorrect, I had to sit there silently and listen because at the end of the speech he was nolle prossing my client's case. Boy, that was a hard pill to swallow! What I do for my clients!!

Anonymous said...

This is for you Bill Barzee:

Hector (The Godfather) Lomabana meets with Consigliere Tomas (Tommy Smiles) Gamba:

Tommy Smiles: You summoned me Godfather?

The Godfather: Yo Tommy, did you take care of that little matter with the JNC? I mean do we have control over the Thornton thing? You know without Little Chris we have a problem. We need to sell our protection to someone.

Tommy Smiles: Not to worry Godfather we come out looking like we are responsible for this. I mean even though he had it in the bag from the beginning I played it right. There wasn't one our boys applying. It was slim pickings.

Godfather: That is okay cause this Sarduy guy is our man for Little Chris's seat. We can afford to be generous with this one.

Tommy Smiles: Yeah, I hope so, cause that cornbeef and cabbage thing was making me sick to my stomach. There is nothing like a good Lechon and all the fixings.

Godfather: Careful man, that stuff will put the pounds on. Look at me.

Tommy Smiles: We do have one real problem though. I am not sure that I will be in the right place after July 1. You have to lean on that Huck guy. He could ace me out and then where are we? Especially if he picks guys that don't like us. Our influence will dry up.

Godfather: I'll do what I can, but that guy is tough. Little Chris really screwed us up there.

Tommy Smiles: I'll try to find out what it will take. I'll get back to you on that one.

Godfather: Okay. Damn you. You had to mention Lechon. Now I am starving and I just had lunch. Let's go over to Versailles and have another lunch.

Tommy Smiles: If you promise I can have Flan too.

Anonymous said...

I have read this blog for awhile, never posted anything, UNTIL NOW.

If Manny Segarra is EVER a Judge, I will leave Dade County forever, turn in my Florida Bar Card, never practice law again in any State, and most likely leave the United States.

In all seriousness, if you asked me to make a list of the worst people I have ever worked closely with, HE IS AT THE TOP. Rude, rude, arrogant, rude, rude, arrogant, and rude. Did I say rude?

Funny thing is, there are about 200 other lawyers out there thinking the same thing I just wrote, so it should be fun to watch the fireworks. He has no chance.

ps--Millan will win that seat anyway, so Manny is not even smart enough to pick the right race. He will get blown out, and no, I don't like Millan either.

Anonymous said...

All the good ones are trying to get the JNC to appoint them. You think John Thornton is going to waste time and money to run against Segarra and still only have a 50-50 shot against a hispanic surnamed ASA who's not even qualified to carry John's briefcase?

Anonymous said...

Draft Michael Gilfarb! He'd be a great judge.

hot jewish attorney boy said...

hey did you hear, Sara Shulevitz got TWO not guilty jury verdicts on felonies back to back in a week in BROWARD north of the border.. congrats Sara she is awesome!!! Miamis finest... you go girrl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! showing them what miami is made of!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Does Bill Barzee have a girlfriend/wife?

Anonymous said...

Maria Sampedro Iglesia is married to a close friend of mine, Jose R. Iglesia. Jose used to do quite a bit of criminal law. In the last few years, they have both concentrated mainly in the civil arena. Mari has been practicing for 19 years. She has done some criminal many years ago, and lately has done a lot of civil, both at the trial level and at the appellate level.

Anonymous said...

I was searching Manny Segarra as I am considering retaining him for a family law issue. I am curious if any of the negative commentary on him is well founded and based upon what issues? Commentary seems very strong worded. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.