Monday, June 11, 2007


THE MIAMI HERALD REPORTED THAT Veteran Coral Gables Officer Alan Davis was arrested for picking up a prostitute and driving her to the warehouse district near Merrick Park for the purposes of comitting prostituion related activities.

In other words, he wanted her to do that voodoo that she do so well.

A portion of the Herald Article is below:

A veteran Coral Gables Police canine officer picked up what he thought was a prostitute Sunday morning -- but not to take her to jail.
Instead Officer Alan Davis -- on duty, in his marked patrol car and accompanied by his K-9 -- drove the woman from Pierce Park in Coconut Grove to a warehouse area near the posh Village of Merrick.
There, police said, he offered her $40 for sex and began removing his gun belt

(wow officer, are you happy to see me or is that a gun in your belt?)
Davis, 43, didn't know the woman was a police informant wearing a wire or that he had been under surveillance by his own department.
Davis, a 21-year veteran, was taken into custody in his uniform and charged with solicitation and transportation with the purpose of prostitution.

His police dog, Troll, who two weeks ago won a statewide bomb sniffing competition, was in the backseat of the cruiser, said Coral Gables Police Chief Michael Hammerschmidt.

(There should be an enhancement for performing a sexual act in front of a minor animal. We are assuming the dog was under the age of 18.)
The case really began a month ago, the chief said. Davis had been under investigation by Gables police internal affairs after the department received an allegation from another woman that Davis had solicited her for sex, Hammerschmidt said.
In the case that landed him in jail Sunday, Davis apparently first had contact with the female police informant on Thursday.
''There were discussions that led us to believe he was going to start working on this lady,'' Hammerschmidt said. ``She notified Miami police. They notified our internal affairs because they knew we were working on this investigation.''
The department said Davis is married and has a family

Rumpole says, as any sex crimes prosecutor will tell you, the probability is that if he is indeed guilty, Davis has been engaging in this type of behavior for some time.


Anonymous said...

Officer Davis is famous for his hijinks years ago.

Think back, kids:

Officer Davis was famous for making DUI subjects apologize to the photo of the deceased DUI victim on the wall at the police department.

He is the guy who saw a citizen video taping a DUI from the citizen's condo balcony so, he forced his way into the apartment, took the tape and erased it.

He is the guy who stopped Mike Catalano in bumper to bumper rush hour traffic about 12 years ago and wrote him a speeding ticket for which he eventually was found not guilty. Catalano had two not guilty verdicts and Davis was pissed. He then tried harrass him on a police boat.

IA has always cleared him. They never believe a citizen unless the cop is caught on tape.

I guess his bad judgment finally caught up with him.

One has to wonder how Gables IA will find a way to clear him again and get him back to work.

Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed that the DUI power rankings were not up Sunday. It's not really a Sunday until the DUI power rankings are posted.

I had such high hopes for Johnny "No Slope" Blecher. He was, to continue the puns, "on the rise."

Anonymous said...

To Officer Davis:

Karma is a bitch.

Anonymous said...

4:17----hey genius, the department was investigating him, in case you missed it. They helped make the case.

Officer McRuff said...


You forget dogs age faster than humans. For all we know, Davis' canine was an "of age" co-conspirator.

Anonymous said...

I remember him. Very hard to work with and, not nice.

What on earth was he thinking doing hookers on duty?

I bet his wife was real happy to hear about this.

Anonymous said...

Is it armed kidnapping to transport a hooker in a police car while armed with a gun and an attack dog, asportation to facillitate the commission of a crime-to wit sexual battery- mouth penis contact- or an attempt to do same- furthermore is this animal cruelty to subject your dog to watching you have sex with a stranger- anyone who has owned a dog knows they have feelings and are probably smarter than us.public corruption-use of government vehicle to commit a crime-since the dog is in the backseat and can see through the divider is this technically a menage-a-trois and is the dog a coconspirator as a fellow officer or is the dog falsely imprisoned while having to observe a pornographic or lewd act. does the dog get departmental counseling for losing his partner in the line of duty,. Is getting head in the presence of the dog a form of bestiality? Let's hear from the Abemeister on this- or should the case be ignored because prostitution in the U.S. is rampant and unenforced. They make porno movies on Miami Beach, the Bang Brothers have an office on Lincoln Road.Why target this cop and not enforce all the porn and prostitution on the beach. Isn't the chief of MBPD closely tied to Coral Gables PD. If the SAO prosecutes this case where are they with all that goes on on the beach, they literally shoot porn movies on Ocean Drive on Memorial, Labor and July 4th weekends. Just a few issues I thought up, nothing like what the trialmaster could come up with.

Anonymous said...

that's freakin great....

Anonymous said...

I knew "Officer" Alan Davis. He was dating (having an affair) with a high school student that I went to class with every day. After watching him grope, kiss, and hang all over this girl, he instructed me not to say anything "or else". After reporting this to the school and the Coral Gables Police Department, my parents and I were told that nothing would be done due to lack of evidence. Makes me wonder if this had been noted years ago, would he still be a threat to our society. He has a past of sexual problems and threatening people. What's next?

Anonymous said...

Alan Davis should have been fired long ago. He lacks the judgment and temperament to be a cop and is a walking liability to the CGPD.

Anonymous said...

One has to wonder how he could have dated and later married a high school girl when he was a school resource officer and it was reported.

That sounds real bad.

Anonymous said...

The Coral Gables Police Department should be ashamed of itself for setting up one of its own. Hasn’t the PD ever heard of counseling or helping one of their own, rather than throwing one of its own under the bus? Sure, Davis shouldn’t have taken the bait, but the dept shouldn’t have set him up. The dept does not need to throw away a 21 year veteran and his award winning bomb sniffing dog because of a misdemeanor.

Nobody’s perfect, not even police officers. And for the bloggers that think they are perfect, they’re a bunch of nitwits. But even worse is the press. Don’t they have something better to do? Isn’t there more important news? How about reporting on something that is real news rather than vilifying a police officer.

Anonymous said...

That Davis dude should have been fired back since he was stalking Catalano and stole and erased that videotape from a citizen.

Anonymous said...

To the last person... you have to be kidding. Wrong to set up a cop????

Get real!

Anonymous said...

yea, very wrong. the pd should have gotten him help rather than setting him up. why would anyone want to work for them if those are the tactics they use on their own. bad ia policy.

Berny said...

Several years ago Davis asked me for a bribe for a minor offense. When I didn't pay, he destroyed the front seat of my car.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't 've happened to a nicer guy! He was the a-hole that accused Judge Ramirez' son of leaving the scene of an 'accident' when there was no 'accident' under the law. He called the press to put heat on the Judge so as to blackmail the kid into giving up his rights. Kid arrested, taken to jail for nothing. CGPD - You should be ashamed! Karma, karma.

Anonymous said...

You liberal idiots! Hey, nirvana's just another puff away--WHY DO YOU THINK IA EXISTS????

Anonymous said...

Officer Luna is just as bad. Keep your eyes on him.

Anonymous said...

I should have sued him back when he took my video-tape......and erased it.

Anonymous said...

This is great to hear. Officer Davis also told offensive racial jokes at work when I worked with him. I never liked him. He always acted like he was entitled to be offensive to minorities.