Saturday, June 16, 2007


After deliberating for less than an hour, the Disciplinary Hearing Panel in North Carolina voted today to recommend disbarment for disgraced prosecutor Michael Nifong.


Despite how hard it appears to become a Judge, South Florida is losing Judges at an alarming rate.

We neglected to report that earlier this week, Judge Korda, late of North of the Border, and in the headlines for partaking in Cannabis Sativa, has resigned after 30 years on the bench.

You can check out the story on the Broward Blog, and also check out the great letter from lawyer Tony Serra, 71, who did 10 months at Lompoc, California, for tax evasion. It's a great letter and story.

The Broward Blog link is on the left.

Our favourite Federal Blog, besides stealing our lines, covers the apology from the lawyer who suggested a Federal Bankruptcy Judge was " a few french fries short of a happy meal." The hearing on the rule to show cause is this week, and according to the Federal Blog, the lawyer is "really, really sorry."

Tomorrow: Our version of "Stanford Hamlet" , as he confronts the Ghost of Gerry Klein."


Anonymous said...

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Arthur Winton Society and the Meek Robinette Club have -with an overwhelming vote- agreed to merge and create the MIAMI COUNTY COURT SOCIETY- dedicated to the proposition that Miami County Court has had some of the greatest legal jurists in the history of the county, and country.

We will continue to meet on the last Friday of every month at the Ruth Cris steakhouse in Coral Gables.

This month's meeting: The Chief- Alfred Nesbitt- The Judge in the Blue Robe. His battles with the radar detector, his battles with the police, his greatest legal trials.

Everyone's invited.

Anonymous said...

9:19:00 pm, don't make fun of the Judge in the Blue Robe. First of all, don't call him Alfred, he always wanted to be called "Fred" though some people called him "Radar Freddie". His opinion in State v. Aquilera pointed out the inherent errors in police radar and led to legislation and rules to minimize those errors. The case is studied in law school on how to deal with scientific evidence. Fred Nesbitt was a very fair judge who followed the law and the rules and who would not hesitate to direct a verdict for acquittal any time that the state failed to meet its burden of production. He didn't take any crap from anyone, be it the state or the defense.

Arthur Winton was another fine jurist from the time when the judges were indeed jurists and were more concerned with doing justice than with collecting court costs. He was a compassionate judge with common sense.

Meek Robinette was a good judge for jail arraignments and bond hearings. His approach to findings of PC was rather unique but it got the job done, and if warranted he could "say otherwise. Meek closed out lots of cases on CTS, as long as he could "do it in good conscience and under the laws of the State of Florida".

Anonymous said...

Nifong was disbarred for taking action. KFR is the queen of inaction. The political corruption in Miami is literally unparalleled anywhere in the U.S. -how large is her public corruption unit? When has she ever come up with any crime prevention techniques or programs? what about gun control or programs for kids? did she oppose a billion dollar opera house that is already in financial trouble- 20 years in Miami and it is the same old shit. at least janet reno had some balls.