Saturday, June 30, 2007


England has raised its security level to “critical”. That is the highest level, and in the wake of three attempted terrorist attacks, it makes sense.

The US will raising its security level to “Chartreuse” from “Mauve.”

Our colour coded system is designed to make things easier than the English, whose levels are a confusing set of words like “safe”; ‘elevated”: “high” and “critical”.
Who can understand that?

Our much easier system is based on slight deviations from the colours of the rainbow. Thus one merely needs to take the derivative of the colour from the basic colours of the rainbow, convert that colour to a simple number which can be obtained by taking the day of the week, and the prime number associated with that day. Then, simply multiply the first number by the second and you have a number that lets you know just how safe you really are.

Also, airport security measures will be increased.
Pursuant to FAA regulations when the security level is raised to “Mauve” (a derivative of blue- which is the fifth colour of the rainbow on a Saturday ( the 6th day of the week; the 6th prime number is 11) thus our security level has been raised to a 55 (5 x 11. see how easy that was?) “and the security level exceeds 50, any ‘non-Starbucks’ liquid shall not be allowed in the airport terminal.”

Only Café-Lattes and such until the threat eases off.

In other news, the Pope is reaching out to the Chinese.

Earlier this month, the Vatican released the ten commandments of driving, so that drivers would be more courteous and safe. See what’s going on here? There is clearly a problem with the Chinese food delivery service the Pope is experiencing and he wants changes (and a decent egg roll delivered quick, hot and fresh) now.

Despite the overwhelming rain storms, the Herald has teamed up with Channel 7 and Home Depot to warn that “despite the current excessive rain falls, only a series of category Five hurricanes which will devastate Miami, can save South Florida from the drought.”

Judge Seidlin’s
in Broward continue. The losing party in the Anna Nicole Smith case has declared that Seidlin “demanded an Apple I-Phone for each member of his family and said we had no chance unless he got the phones, fully loaded with songs, prior to the end of the case.”
Seidlin, who busy reviewing the 12 million dollar private island in the Caribbean that he claimed a group of lawyers “thoughtfully purchased for me and my family as a good-bye present” was unavailable for further comment.

(After reading the link to the Sun Sentinel story above, can anybody seriously explain to us why it took a letter from a Miami lawyer to get the Broward State attorney’s office to investigate? Don’t they read the newspaper?

Mr. Satz, the Sun Sentinel is reporting the names of another 20 judges who have taken bribes.”
“Have we gotten any complaints yet?”
“No sir”
“Then what are you bothering me for?”)

Anyway, that’s the news as we see it on a wet and rainy Saturday. Opps, Homeland security just changed the threat level from Mauve to Indigo. Lets see….6 times 11….

See you in court Monday.


Anonymous said...

Random Off Topic Saturday Night Thoughts -- I am a young single Miami attorney. I have been reading all of the news articles and thinking about the recent actions of Broward judges. I thought being a member of the Bar was going to be alot different than it has turned out to be. Sometimes I look around and say to myself, "These people are attorneys." Maybe it is just that I am stressed out about bills, student loans, doing the right thing, etc. Even the thought of a handsome date does not appeal to me anymore. What is wrong with me?

Anonymous said...

Caught once again.

Lobbyist to pay $750 ethics fine!


Rumpole, I am confused about who the good Judge caught in this mess is and if this Judge has a JQC Complaint to answer to...

"Levy was accused of slipping a poison-pen letter about his client's competitor to a county judge who was helping pick the winner of a multimillion-dollar contract to oversee misdemeanor probation cases in Miami-Dade."

Captain or Batman, any help here?

Anonymous said...

THIS is what I love about you, Rump:

"Because it's my blog and I said so. Go start someother blog. You are free to do so."



Batman said...

12:36 - Why would there be a JQC complaint against a judge who reports Levy to the Ethics Commission? Actually he/she should be congragulated for taking his/her career in hand and face the rath of the most unethical man in Miami-Dade. Levy will do everything dirty and underhanded to get back at this judge. We applaud the honesty of such people.

Anonymous said...

The link to the original Bob Levy story is in one of the old posts in this blog. Check out the posts for the past two or three months and you'll see who the judge was.

Anonymous said...

Here's the link to the article on Bob Levy:


It mentions that he gave a letter to Beth Bloom and talked to Amy Karan. Bob Levy was representing Metro Traffic Safety and trying to get the contract for misdemeanor probation services held by Advocate Program. In his letter, Levy attacked the connections of David McGriff of Advocate to Farina's office and court staff. Levy never registered Metro Traffic Safety as a client.

Anonymous said...

Who is "we", batman? You are such a DORK!

Batman said...

"We" are all those who applaud honesty and ethical conduct. Guess you aren't one of them or you would have recognized yourself, you self absorbed as-h--e. See if you can fill in the blanks.

By the way how many of you know that Judge Karan once dated Bob Levy?

Anonymous said...

Wowsers. Thanks for the information on Bob Levy and his hi-jinks.

I am sure that no Judge in Miami-Dade or Broward County will dare hire Bob Levy with this awful reputation of being a bully as well as a lawless individual. That said, I wonder how many of his clients will drop him as their lobbyist?

Moreover, I wonder if Kathy Fernandez-Rundle will put him on her campaign team as she has for the past years. I think we need to ask John Rivera this question folks.

Anonymous said...

batman, you are as relevant as the guy that does the Q posts!

Batman said...

To 12:33 -

Bob Levy joins the debate. Come on Bob try to guess who I am and go after me. Chances are you will be in jail before you can. I might even be (you never know) the one sentencing you some day. But I will visit you, if only to laugh in your face. Your day is done. Even Lorenzo can't stand you anymore. The Teachers are going to drop you and the FOP is too. Only the scum of the earth, the dishonest and the unethical will have anything to do with you. You are over, fried, finished, toast and any other adjective of which your corrupted mind can think. Leave Bob and don't let the door hit you in the face on the way out. (Oops, I meant ass, but your face does resemble one.)

As Marty Martian used to say: "Oh you make me so angry!!"

Anonymous said...

Batman is Alan Postman?

Anonymous said...

Dear Batman:

I would like to inform you that the comment you made to Bob "Scum" Levy is one I truly cherish and pray to God so it can happen. Great job and make sure you give him hell when he comes to your court.

With that said, can we please start a campaign to contact his lobbying clients so they know who he really is? I mean, why do government entities do business with this scum? Anyone? Anyone?

God Bless you Batman!
The Dis-Robed One

Anonymous said...

I am curious, Levy paid Mcgillis to do all those mailers in the last campaign. Was that not illegal? Hey, Ethics people. Have you investigated that? I mean, if Levy goes to talk to a Judge on an issue she is about to decide, why would he not do illegal mailers or lie to advance his candidate. It sounds reasonable.

Yeah, I agree. He is scum.

Anonymous said...

Why did Fernandez-Rundle pay this Bob Levy guy over $150,000? I mean, is she not supposed to fight crime and corruption? Does he have something on her or is she too stupid to know that she needs to stay away from a character like Bob Levy? Please someone explain this to ignorant me.

Anonymous said...

To: Thursday, July 05, 2007 11:31:00 PM, you should contact John Rivera so that he can add that to his web page and hopefully have Rundle investigated and hopefully removed from office once and for all.

Good luck.