Friday, June 22, 2007


Where were the police.

There is more to the shooting at the Polish/American Club last weekend that resulted in the death of teenager Sam Brown age 16.

The Herald reported HERE that the owner of the club hired City of Miami Police Officers for security, and that the officers were “no shows.”

Mayor Miami Diaz, showing the knowledge and acumen that has made South Florida politicians famous, fought back against the allegations that the City of Miami Police Department dropped the ball.

“The department is simply incapable of providing officers at every private event”, the Herald quoted the Mayor as saying.

One problem: In the same article the Mayor admitted he did not know how the off-duty security program with the Police Department worked.

That’s what we like- a politician who holds a press conference and speaks authoritatively on an issue he admits he knows nothing about. Give the mayor high marks for honesty. It's not often a politican admits he's a dunce.

The real tragedy here is that an apparently wonderful 16 year old young man lost his life, before it really began.

The Herald reported HERE
on just what a special young man Sam Brown was turning out to be.

The Herald reported that Sam Brown was a member of “Lamplighters, the youth wing of Omega Psi Phi, the prestigious black fraternity with more than 100,000 members.The group's goal is to lend a hand to black teens like Sam -- and Sam was already returning the favor by giving back to his own community.

The six-foot-three kid with the linebacker's physique was known as ''Big Sam.'' He was a long-standing volunteer at the Miami Rescue Mission's Community Activity Center, where he served as an afternoon counselor to kids in Overtown. His job was to lead them in games at the center's gym.

''All the kids loved Sam,'' said Quanina Hodgson, an employee at the mission. ``They took it very hard when they heard what had happened to him.''
On Thursday, the center will hold a vigil in his honor at 6 p.m. at 2025 NW First Ave.”

This is just an awful, senseless tragedy, in a City that seems beset with gun and youth violence.

We need more young men like Sam Brown. His death should not be in vain. It is time for this community to strike back against the proliferation of weapons and careless disregard for human life that all too often ends with someone like Sam Brown dead.

Mayor Diaz should not be holding press conferences defending the City of Miami Police Department.

Mayor Diaz s and the City of Miami Police Department should be holding press conferences trying to get the public to help in finding Sam Brown’s killers.

We wonder what is more important to the Mayor: Making this community safe, or making his police department immune from lawsuits?

See You In Court.

Oh: Judge Zack said he didn't do anything wrong. The ol' The Hurricane made me do it defense


Rumpole said...

Justice Building Blog
- Site Summary ---
Total ...................... 256,739
Average per Day ................ 742
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This Week .................... 5,194

Not bad for a simple courtroom hack.

Anonymous said...

I am very surprised at these numbers. Thought it would be a lot more.

Anonymous said...

Great Numbers, Rump. Congrats, from the Islands east of where u are.


Rumpole said...

9:36 Longtime and careful readers of the blog know that we have always had between 500-800 readers per day- which is not bad considering that the criminal legal community in Miami is not that large.We know we have some regular readers who are civil laweyrs and lawyers from other parts of the country, as well as some law students and law professors because we get email from them regularly. All in all- we're very happy with our numbers.

Anonymous said...

What's missing from that story is that the defense from the City is that after you reserve off-duty officers, you have to call to confirm.

So because no one called the city to remind them, somebody died - but HEY - protocol was not followed, the phone call was not made. These same cops that loathe defense lawyers using technicalities will do the SAME DAMN THING HERE

It's the "nobody called me" defense

fake Spicoli said...

the implication that cristina p. and shumie "get high" is inappropriate, rumpole.

everyone knows that shumie is "high" on himself only.

and cris, despite her nicole ritchie-type figure, doesnt fit that profile. trust me i know.

i can think of some judges who do fit that profile, but not her.

Fake Manny Segarra said...

I am amazed that Manny Segarras good name, character, and abilities are being besmerched. Lets hear from those who have tried cases against him. Manny is a skilled litigator who is not afraid to mix it up.

Fact Checker - CNN Keeping Them Honest said...

I was impressed at one time by the numbers until I investigated the site meter software you are using and low-n-be-hold you can alter the numbers. Not to say that you would do such a thing considering no robed reader has posted in months. Heck even the captain has disappeared.

Will you post this negative fact?

Anonymous said...

When is deadline for 08 papers to be filed?

I want to run against a sitting judge who is a easy target?

Anonymous said...

And when the killers of Sam Brown are found: A defense attorney will string the case out as long as he/she can to make sure the witnesses forget, refuse to cooperate or vaporize. The witnesses and next of kin will be frustrated with the legal process in Miami and will be horrified when the ASA explains that this is a defense ploy and the Court is letting it happen. This will further galvanize the residents of Miami against the legal system.

If the case makes it to trial with all of the witnesses and next of kin still willing/able to testify: a defense attorney will argue to the jury how the police completely botched the investigation. You know, like describing the suspect as 6'1 when in actuality he/she is 6'2. The defense attorney will accuse the police of racial profiling when there is no such evidence in the record. A defense attorney will accuse the police of corruption when there is no evidence of corruption in the instant case. The next of kin will be horrified that an attorney is engaging in this practice. The next of kin will be horrified that a judge is letting this happen. This will sour the interested spectators against the legal system in Miami.

At the conclusion of the trial (guilty or not guilty): at least some of the jurors will remember the baseless arguments made by the defense attorney.

By no means is this post directed at all defense attorneys. I have had the honor of learning from some skillful practitioners as they have shredded my case based on their legal and evidentiary acumen. This is directed towards those defense attorneys who do not have the skill and intellect to defend their client effectively within the rules of ethics and evidence. To the former, keep up the good work. To the latter, grow up. You get the community you deserve.

Anonymous said...

Well, those numbers represent the same people checking repeatedly to see if their comments made it on the blog or not. Get a life Rumpole. You have no scoops any longer.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a case for the trialmaster.

Anonymous said...

Zack should have known better.

He did that before and got caught.

It is so nice seeing the Broward judiciary getting what they have had coming for a long, long time.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe that Governor Crist did NOT select Michael Hanzman for the 3rd DCA. Huge mistake and terrible injustice to Michael. Major disappointment Governor and a major disappointment by those who Michael thought were his friends. His friends in the end did not help him with the Governor. If his friends like Bob Martinez, Manny Kadre and Hector Lombana would have given an all out effort, they had enough juice to convince the Governor to appoint their "friend".

Would Shuminer have gottent he appointment if she had stayed in the race? Would Lombana and Kadre and Martinez have done more to help her?

What are your thoughts Rumpole?

Anonymous said...

Your numbers would be better if people could post in real time. Put up a disclaimer or something, you know you're immune for simply hosting this little chat....there's plenty of caselaw on the subject if that's what you're worried about

Anonymous said...

Vance Salter appointed to the 3rd dca

Anonymous said...

I just read on the Herald's website that in the Broward County case where the witness was killed the day she was due to testify, her sworn statement to the police was read to the jury who were told that she was "unavailable". How do they get around the Crawford issue? Am I missing something or is this case coming right back?

Jonathan Blecher said...


Anonymous said...

News from around the planet...or our little wqrld anyway!!

The Gov has made his selection for the 3RD DCA....

And the winner is.... But first the second runnerup:

Michael Hanzmann.

The first runner up is...


The newest member of the Third is...

V. Salter. Who? Thats right ladies and germs the Big Guy picked a lifelong Dem. who received a Pro Bono award from the Bar. This Governor is beholden to no one. He picks them as he sees them. Best man for the job and all...So resd em and weep all you prognosticators. You had no clue.

Rumpole said...

10:50- you were right about the "get high" comment- I missed it- and now I removed it.

1:14- I had no idea I could manipulate the numbers. Indeed, I still don't know how I could. I had the site meter installed by a network tech in the office- I don't know how to use it. Indeed, the site is protected with his password and I don't know even how to access it. All I know is I get an email once a week and sometimes I post the results. Trust me, if I was maniuplating the numbers, they would be at 1500 a day plus.

Oh, by the way- an on line media company made me an offer to sell this site for numbers that are ridiculous- above 100K- and I turned them down. Don't need the money, and I like to write.

Anonymous said...

I posted the "get high" song spoof. It just slipped by. I apologize to Cris and Alan who are friends. Cris is an absolute lady and Alan I know for certain neither drinks nor partakes in any illegal substance. I am truly sorry. I was not even thinking. Sorry Rump, I shouldn't have put you in that position.

Anonymous said...

shumie doobee doo
no 3rd DCA shumie
shumie doobeedoo
i'm gonna miss you
shumie doobee doo
no 3rd dca shumie eeeeee

Anonymous said...

I guess Emas pissed off too many people in high places.

No DCA for him.

Now, I wonder who Crist will appoint to the Circuit Court?

Anonymous said...

In response to "Fake Manny Segarra:" You haven't received any other responses because the real Manny Segarra hasn't tried any cases in years. Face it, he's a joke. It amazes me that he passed the bar exam.

Dateline NBC Investigates said...

Investigation of who is rumpole....

Tip from rumpole:

"I had the site meter installed by a network tech in the office- I don't know how to use it. Indeed, the site is protected with his password and I don't know even how to access it."

So at least someone else in Miami knows who rumpole is? A tech who handles software for sire meter.

Lets get the word out and get info on this valuable tip.

Anonymous said...

After the shuminer detting high comment, I am shocked to see that you allowed the "Emas...in high places" coment

Dateline NBC Investigates "The truth in web site traffic" said...

At www.alexa.com you can get real web site traffice hit numbers and more.

We did a quick search of this site plus a few news outlets and here is how they ranked on the internet:

ranked 167

ranked 68,199

ranked 89,652

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www.wsvn.com (channel 7 web site)
ranked 94,693

As to the two south Florida blogs causing commotion Rumpole is ranked better:

ranked 1,042,768

ranked 4,804,057

The New York Times seems to be a big hit at a rank of 167 compared to the Miami Herald rank of only 68,199 I was surprised to see The Miami New Times coming as close as it did to the Herald at 89,652. The biggest disappointment is the Daily Business Review with a huge 371,371 rank.

Rumpole you are doing good for a local blog.

David Marcus Blog ranked better than the Broward Blog at 1,826,832

Harvey Ruvins Clerk of Court is ranked at 43,346 better than the Herald.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that former Judge Colby has purchased interest in a fishing boat named Andrea Gale II out of Bar Harbor Maine, that will offer tourists chances to work as real fishermen as the boat goes once a month to fish the Flemish Cap?

Anonymous said...

Now the herald is on to something.

Anonymous said...

Manny Segarra is the biggest buffoon I have had the dis-pleasure of ever knowing. He is a complete MORON. The ASA's that worked for him neither liked nor respected him....and these guys are 6 minutes out of law school. He would be a disgrace to benches everywhere...Sorry Johnny!!!

Anonymous said...

In respose to "Fake Manny Segarra". I have tried a case against the real Manny Segarra, and he is a joke. Yes, it was years ago, when he was in Judge Glick's division, but my recent experiences with him have only served to reinforce the fact that he is a waste of a bar number!

Anonymous said...

Your article makes sense -- if we had four police officers at every party, then it would no longer be the criminal's fault that murders take place.

Is that the way of things - Mr Spock?

Anonymous said...

Well to be fair, this is a comment from the Herald site:

I worked for a police agency in Dade County for 18 years and this is how "Off-Duty" jobs (as this one was) goes.

The person calls the police department requesting off-duty police officers to work a party, special event, at a retail business whatever the reason is.

The job is posted and officers can sign up for it if they want and if they are not interested they are not obligated in any form or manner to work that job. Usually most jobs get filled, but sometimes they don't.

Usually there is an effort made to fill jobs but with staffing and other circumstances like people on vacation, working other off-duty jobs etc. sometimes there are jobs that don't get filled.

I've worked a lot of parties over the years at similar type places...then there were jobs that I wasn't interested in working so I did not take them. I'm sure there are some officers who will take some jobs and not others...

Unfortunate that this turned into a tragic event but I don't think the MPD is obligated to make sure officers sign up for this type of off-duty job. I'm not exactly sure what Miami's policy is but I think it would be as I stated previously.
Also, as a supervisor I often time had to fill off-duty slots...not an easy thing to do all the time.

- A retired police officer from Dade County

So if truly the jobs are on a sign up basis, there are naturally going to be times when jobs can't be filled.

However, on the other side of the coin, if someone contracts you for services, you at least owe an explanation why you can't fulfill a contract with advance notice to the other party, so that they can make other arrangements. Doing nothing is tantamout to a breach of contract.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what gives? I make a comment about "Her Highness" Princess Cris and her straightness and you don't post.

Anonymous said...

Well, in reference to Segarra....no negatives to speak of that I can say.....in reference to the Polish American club shooting....that says more about the Culture of Death that permeates the black communities of Overtown, Liberty City and Model City. There is folks, no civil society in those neighborhoods. Thus the rule of the gun is in place. Very sad.