Saturday, May 26, 2007


As we spend another holiday weekend in our fair city, there are several random thoughts we thought we might share.

Go over to the Broward Blog.

As the debate rages in Broward County between the Status Quo Brigade of Judges and a few good ol boy lawyers (Motto: "It’s our Court System and we’ll run it however we damn please.") and the upstart Brigade of Brave Broward lawyers, there is a nice reprint of Thomas Payne’s Common Sense pamphlet on the Broward Blog.

Printed anonymously in February 1776, Common Sense serves now to remind us why reasoned anonymous critique is a backbone of American Democracy.

The Broward Judiciary’s “Diversity Committee” immediately responded to the Blog's defense of anonymous critique with a press release stating “anything written about Common Sense has absolutely nothing to do with the Broward Judiciary.”

Rumpole says that what these lawyers have done is nothing short of remarkable. We who labour here in Miami well know the feeling of being “a stranger in a strange land”. Ask any Judge who was a practicing trial lawyer before ascending to the bench, and they will tell you that “going to Broward” is one of the things they miss the least. These Broward Blogging Lawyers have drawn intense media coverage of their Courthouse. (Of course, lets give credit where credit is due. They were ably assisted by a bevy of Judges whose propensity for making outlandish statements from the bench, or getting arrested, was remarkable.)

The Broward Bloggers succeeded in bringing down the Chief Judge, and have opened for discussion with the current judicial leadership topics like why the rate of defendants sentenced to State prison in Broward is the highest in the State by far.

In a very real sense, Blogging is the 21st century American’s answer to the anonymous pamphleteering during the Revolutionary War. It is no surprise that of all the countries on earth, it was the United States that brought forth blogging to the forefront of political action.
Questioning authority by reasoned critiques of those who govern, is in our blood. It makes us proud to be a small part of this legacy of democracy.


Switching topics, if you head over to the on-line edition of various newspapers you might randomly view headlines like these:

“Engulfed by Climate Change, Town Seeks Lifeline”

The earth beneath much of Alaska is not what it used to be. The permanently frozen subsoil, known as permafrost, upon which Newtok and so many other Native Alaskan villages rest, is melting, yielding to warming air temperatures and a warming ocean. Sea ice that would normally protect coastal villages is forming later in the year, allowing fall storms to pound away at the shoreline.
Erosion has made Newtok an island...


White House rejected warnings on Iraq War


U.S. intelligence agencies warned the Bush administration before the invasion of Iraq that ousting Saddam Hussein would create a ''significant risk'' of sectarian strife, encourage al Qaeda attacks and open the way for Iranian interference. ..
Nevertheless, President Bush, then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other top aides decided not to deploy the major occupation that force military planners had recommended, planned to reduce U.S. troops rapidly after the invasion and believed that ousting Saddam would ignite a democratic revolution across the Middle East.

What these two stories have in common is a man from Texas with his head buried in the sand.

Experts told the current administration that global warming was a fact and needed to be addressed. The administration responded with a campaign to terrorize those experts by threatening their jobs if they released their reports.

Experts told the current administration that we did not have enough troops to win the peace in Iraq. They were ridiculed by men (namely the President, Vice President, and their respective staffs) whose youth was marked by a successful determination to avoid military service in the Vietnam war.

Welcome to Vietnam redux.

Created by men whose main qualification to lead a country into war was the ability to look into the camera and tell the American public that because they pray, they can be trusted and know what their doing-- its fourty years later and a new generation of old men are sending young men and women to die half way around the world for a war no one wants.

Hopefully, as an electorate, we will never make that mistake again.

So there you have it.

Good old American common sense and the legacy of Common Sense drives modern day Bloggers North of the Border to take back our courthouse from the oligarchy of Ross and his crowd.

Meanwhile a town in Alaska melts- but don't tell the President it's because of global warming, because his henchmen may well just fire you. No, maybe those Inuit are just praying to the wrong deity.
And more troops die in a war the President was told we could not win -but- as an idiot from Texas once tried to say "fool me once shame on you....fool me twice, shame on me."

There is a lot to think about on any Memorial Day, but this is what is on our Mind this Memorial Day Weekend.

Be safe, and see you in Court Tuesday, and maybe for drinks and Hors De Oeuvres afterwards.


Anonymous said...

Alex Michaels and his one man Roumanian Band will be appearing nightly over the Memorial Day Weekend at the Clevelander.

3 Shows nightly. Plus after the last show, Alex yells at selected members of the audience. On Sunday night, special guest star Freddy Moldovan will appear with Alex as they reprise their famous "Shmengie Brothers" routine.

Anonymous said...

Where are the DUI power rankings? I woke up early to read them and they are not up yet. Please post them as soon as possible.

The Dui Guy said...


Our Cray Computer software has a bug.

All software engineers are on vacation.

So am I.


South of France

Anonymous said...

6:51 and 9:20
nobody cares about dui lawyers.

thomas paine said...

Perhaps the only positive aspect of the news that Bush et al ignored the warnings in the Intelligence Agency Study is that the Intelligence Agency actually was able to offer a very accurate prediction of what was going to happen in Iraq. Now we need to find a President of minimal competence who will actually listen to what career government bureaucrats have to say. It's amazing that this country went from being governed a Rhode's Scholar to a dry drunk legacy C student who doesn't want to read any sort of briefing paper longer than one page and who would rather spend his time clearing brush in his fake Texas Ranch than trying to figure out what is going wrong with America. Is it any wonder that we find ourselves in the position we are now?

Batman said...

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. Many will go to the beach, take the boat out, play golf and BBQ.
Somewhere in all of this activity we will lose the true meaning of the day. It is not a day about
car racing or celebration. It is a national day of mourning. It is a day to honor those who gave
the ultimate sacrifice for you to be able to BBQ, go to the beach, take the boat out, play golf or
write on the blog.

The Iraq War brings home to a new generation what those of us who lived through the Viet Nam
War, or the Korean War or out parents war, WWII had to face. Young men, good young men,
dying, in some cases for no reason at all except for some idiots folly. Why are old men so free
with young lives?

To be sure there are times that one must fight for your very survival. WWII is an example of that type of conflict. But everyone realized it and everyone had a stake in the outcome. Everyone stepped up and did their part. Such is not the case here, as it was not the case 35 years ago with Viet Nam.

Some of us have served in the military and seen people die. Some of us have served, but never
saw combat. Some of us know people who have died. We understand the import of the day. If you want to know then go to Arlington National Cemetery, the cemetery at Omaha Beach, the
Wall (Viet Nam War Memorial), the WWII Memorial or just a Memorial Day Ceremony in North Miami Beach and see the WWII veterans and Pearl Harbor survivors.

Remember those who are dying even as you read this. Think of their families. Remember those who have gone before. Even if it is just for a moment, say thanks and then go back to your day at beach, your BBQ, rev up your boat and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Those Born 1930-1979

TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED the 1930's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's!!

First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they were pregnant.

They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can, and didn't get tested for diabetes.

Then after that trauma, we were put to sleep on our tummies in baby cribs covered with bright colored lead-based paints.

We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, not to mention, the risks we took hitchhiking.

As infants & children, we would ride in cars with no car seats, booster seats, seat belts or air bags.

Riding in the back of a pick up on a warm day was always a special treat.

We drank water from the garden hose and NOT from a bottle.

We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle and NO ONE actually died from this.

We ate cupcakes, white bread and real butter and drank Kool-aid made with sugar, but we weren't overweight because,

We would leave home in the morning and play all day, as long as we were back when the streetlights came on.

No one was able to reach us all day. And we were O.K.

We would spend hours building our go-carts out of scraps and then ride down the hill, only to find out we forgot the brakes. After running into the bushes a few times, we learned to solve the problem.

We did not have Playstations, Nintendo's, X-boxes, no video games at all, no 150 channels on cable, no video movies or DVD's, no surround-sound or CD's, no cell phones, no personal computer! s, no Internet or chat rooms.......
WE HAD FRIENDS and we went outside and found them!

We fell out of trees, got cut, broke bones and teeth and there were no lawsuits from these accidents.

We ate worms and mud pies made from dirt, and the worms did not live in us forever.

We were given BB guns for our 10th birthdays, made up games with sticks and tennis balls and, although we were told it would happen, we did not put out very many eyes.

We rode bikes or walked to a friend's house and knocked on the door or rang the bell, or just walked in and talked to them!

Little League had tryouts and not everyone made the team. Those who didn't had to learn to deal with disappointment. Imagine that!!

The idea of a parent bailing us out if we broke the law was unheard of. They actually sided with the law!

These generations have produced some of the best risk-takers, problem solvers and inventors ever!

The past 50 years have been an explosion of innovation and new ideas.
We had freedom, failure, success and responsibility, and we learned HOW TO DEAL WITH IT ALL!

If YOU are one of themCONGRATULATIONS!

You might want to share this with others who have had the luck to grow up as kids, before the lawyers and the government regulated so much of our lives for our own good.
While you are at it, forward it to your kids so they will know how brave (and lucky) their parents were.

Kind of makes you want to run through the house with scissors, doesn't it?!

The quote of the month is by Jay Leno:
"With hurricanes, tornados, fires out of control, mud slides, flooding, severe thunderstorms tearing up the country from one end to another, and with the threat of bird flu and terrorist attacks, are we sure this is a good time to take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance?"

Anonymous said...

I saw Alex last night at the Clevelander. The best part was the end of the show when he did the Roumanian Tenderloin Twist, and then after the show, when people asked him questions on different topics, he had the same answer:

"Dats Bullsheeet!"

I may go back for the Midnight show tonight.

Anonymous said...


When Alex started as a prosecutor, his name was Alexi Michalescue.

He changed it.

He was one hell of a prosecutor.

He is probably very high up on the contempt power ratings.

Hey, let's have contempt power ratings intead of DUI power ratings.

Let's examine our brothers and sometimes, sisters who get held in contempt for really dumb things said... Like a few fries short of a happy meal. That comment even made Joan's artilce in the Herald today.

Anonymous said...

Why can't we all just learn apostrophes?

Rhodes Scholarship (NO APOSTROPHE), named for Cecil Rhodes, of "Rhodesia" fame (or infamy).

Anonymous said...

I care about DUI lawyers. I care about ticket lawyers, misdemeanor lawyers, felony lawyers, federal lawyers.


But the fact that people think the DUI power rankings are real makes me laugh

Anonymous said...

Hey Rick
Is FACDL challenging the new conflict law?

Operation Restore Sanity. said...

Fenwick Productions, and Operation Restore Sanity, proudly present, the Further Adventures Of Captain Pro Se.

In a dark and cool Coral Gables Courtroom, a Judge signs and order of eviction. Suddenly, the door bursts open:

Captain Pro Se (CPS) STOP in the name of Justice.

Judge: Who are you?

Security Official: We tried to stop him at the door but he screamed like a girl and then when we let go of him, he leaped over a chair and ran in here.

CPS. I am Captain pro Se. Dum dum da dum.

Judge: Why did you say dum dum da dum?

CPS: those are the trupmets that herald my entrance into a courtroom. But I ran out of batteries for my tape player, so until I can afford new batteries, I have to wing it.

Judge. Oh. What do you want?

CPS: In the name of Justice, I order you to rescind that order of eviction.

Judge. Are you a lawyer?

CPS. No. I am Captain pro Se. Dum dum da dum.

Judge OK. This will go a lot faster if you skip the trumpets from now on.

CPS. Stop I say. Or I will open a web site against you in the next election.

Judge. Have you seen the Federal Courthouse? Do you know whose name is on it?

CPS. I will sue. And a JQC complaint. And just for good measure I will file an EPA, SEC, and LMNOP complaint.

Judge. Knock yourself out. I have signed the order.

CPS. (being dragged from the courtroom). You haven't heard the last of me. Ouch, stop pinching, that hurts. Are any of you Rumpole? He could be anywhere.
I'll get you Judge. If it takes everything I have. I'll get you.

Judge. What's the next case clerk?

Clerk: Some teenagers in a band want a restraining order against some wacko who's trying to become their manager.

Stay tuned for the further adventures of Captain Pro Se!!!

Anonymous said...

Sunday, May 27, 2007 10:14:00 AM said:

6:51 and 9:20
nobody cares about dui lawyers.

True, until you or a family member get busted for DUI. Then you want to know who to got to.

Anonymous said...

The Captain Pro Se stuff is hilarious. So it Op Restore Sanity's website. It must be driving McNutty Mcbatty that he can't respond to this blog that's read by 800 or so people a day. What a mook.

Anonymous said...

Alex is quite an entertainer. The Roumanian Tenderloin Twist may well be the next Achy Breaky heart or macarena.

Good for you Alex. You have a dream to be an entertainer, and you are following it.

Anonymous said...

MEMORIAL DAY: From the Onion Peeler. The growing call for an end to the war in Iraq has yielded little results reminicient of the Vietnam era which dragged on for a decade AFTER public outcries for an end. To honor the dead, over 3500 American soldiers I propose the following as my idea to help lead to a pullout of American troops because our commander in chief has stated that on his watch- 18 more months- we are not leaving Iraq with the mission incomplete. I propose the following: have Nancy Pelosi and the leadership of the House now controlled by the Democrat Party begin hearings on THE PURCHASE OF AND CONVERSION OF THE SOFTBALL FIELDS ON THE WASHINGTON MALL FOR A MONUMENT TO THE DEAD WHILE THE WAR IS ONGOING AND HAVE THE NAMES OF THE DEAD ENGRAVED WHILE THE WAR IS ONGOING. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL TEN YEARS AFTER THE WAR WHEN 58000 HAVE DIED TO BEGIN THE MEMORIAL PROCESS. PERHAPS THIS WILL CUT DOWN THE NUMBER FROM 58000 TO PERHAPS 5800 AND IN CASE NOBODY IN AT THE PENTAGON HAS FIGURED IT OUT- THEY ARE TOYING WITH US- THEY HAVE NEVER ENDING SUPPLIES OF BOMB MAKING MATERIAL FROM THEIR NEIGHBORS TO CONTINUE THE SUICIDE BOMBINGS AND THEY ARE INTENTIONALLY KILLING US 6 AT A TIME INSTEAD OF 60. NOW A WARNING TO MY FELLOW AMERICAN ANTI-WAR PROTESTERS- YOU DO SO AT THE RISK OF BEING LABELED SOMEONE WORTHY OF WARRANTLESS FBI SEARCHES OF YOUR HOME, BEING PUT ON THE WATCH LIST FOR WHEN YOU TRAVEL BY AIR, AND OF HAVING YOUR PHONE TAPPED, as mine have been because of my complaints in writing to the government when I learned of the inceration of childhood friends at the WTC on 9/11. God bless America. Land that I love. Stand beside her, and guide her .....

Anonymous said...

Seen today in Bal Harbor: the two hottie apds lunching together. And believe me, they looked good. Do they have to torture us by constantly being together?

Anonymous said...

DUI lawyers are funny. The cops don't show and they claim victory to their clients rather then telling them the truth, that they got lucky. These men are not trial lawyers-a dui trial is like a whip lash trial in civil ct. Not very complicated....

Anonymous said...

Hey, 9:13, let's see you try a blood or breath case.

Anonymous said...

correction from onion: incineration.

Anonymous said...

Which hottie APD's are those? Which courtrooms do they work in?

Anonymous said...

2100 to 1 and a .02 margin for error or, a retrograde argument-not real complicated with an expert. As for a blood case-name one u have ever tried and won.

Batman said...

To 11:59 a.m.

Let me name a few more things that we grew up with:

The Viet Nam War, the draft and the threat of nuclear holocaust.

Great judges like Douglas, Warren, Thurgood Marshall.

US Senators and Congress"persons" who saw their duty to their country not just their party.

Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey.

We were taught music, art and literature.

We were taught to critically think about what we were taught not just regurgitate what was spoon fed to us.

Baseball was the national past time.

Public schools were a good education.

Everybody who came to the US learned to speak English, so we all understood each other.

Our parents were not self-absorbed and selfish.

“God” was not in the pledge of allegiance.

We read books like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn because we knew the value of a good story even if it was not politically correct.

The milkman brought the milk to our house.

The corner drug store was a place to buy a fountain coke, not cocaine.

We got jobs or worked at jobs to make money and learned the value of a dollar.

Fidel Castro was a bad man who liked the Russians, but other than 10 days in October, 1962 we did not care and he did not dominate our lives.

We all knew our rights, we learned them in school, not on the street, but we also learned our obligations as citizens.

But then again we spent our entire college experience stoned out of our minds.

Anonymous said...

To 12:31 - you know who they are - in Newman and Ortiz. No wonder they look so good, if they spend their afternoon drinking wine at Carpaccio and shopping.

Anonymous said...

Robert Rudolph in trouble again-The Court having issued its Order to Show Cause to respondent and respondent having failed to file a response to said Order to Show Cause, IT IS ORDERED that respondent is held in contempt of this Court--SC07-550

dui defender said...

there are plenty of lawyers that have DUI cases and do the "cop no show snoopy dance". but, there are a handful who litigate the same motions to suppress stops, statements, use of scientfic evidence, develop impeachement materials against witness, do crime scene investigations, etc..

admittedly these guys (and, regrettably no gals yet) are the distinct minority of DUI lawyers. but, they are no less capable as lawyers. just because your client isnt looking at 30 years doesnt make the lawyering any easier.

in fact, most DUI clients arent hardened criminals, for whom even a 10-day jail sentence is catastrophic. talk about pressure.

Anonymous said...

Blood or Breath whatever. It ain't
hard. Hire an expert, cross the state expert. What is so hard about
that? It is all the same. You are either a trial lawyer or you aren't.

Rumpole said...

Sorry CPS- Your comment didn't male it. I can distinguis between people mocking you- which you have brought on yourself- and you trying to strike back.

If you can't stand the heat, you should learn to apologize in the kitchen.

Fake Eric Courtney said...

Alex Michaels and his one man Roumanian Band featuring the Roumanian Temderloin twist rocked the Clevelander last night!

The DUI Guy said...


I have been informed that the entire system crashed and the cause was probably a virus. We may have lost all our data, all our old records, and a specialist on the Cray told me in an email "it could be weeks before we can get you up and running to a point similar to where you were before the attack."

Sorry Guys.

However, the South Of France is great!

Anonymous said...

dui lawyers are the bottom of the barrel in the criminal lawyer spectrum. the prosecutors have been lawyer for under a year and the facts are always the same... a great triial lawyer can try a dui but a dui lawyer can not try a murder or walk into federal court and try a case.

Anonymous said...

First they came for the DUI Lawyers
and I did not speak out
because I was not a DUI Lawyer.
Then they came for the Ticket Lawyers
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Ticket Lawyer.
Then they came for the court appointed lawyers
and I did not speak out
because I was not a court appointed lawyer.
Then they came for me, a self-absorbed criminal defense lawyer
and there was no one left
to speak out for me.

Anonymous said...

I may have called him an idiot, but I have to admit "batboy" has a soul.

Rumpole said...

Calling certain lawyers hot and others not- and identifying the not-does not make the blog.

Also being a delusional nut means you do not get to post. The courthouse was closed today, right? Going to have to wait until tomorrow before you watse your 200+dollar filing fee jackass.

Anonymous said...

"dui lawyers are the bottom of the barrel in the criminal lawyer spectrum. the prosecutors have been lawyer for under a year and the facts are always the same... a great triial lawyer can try a dui but a dui lawyer can not try a murder or walk into federal court and try a case."

And pediatricians dont do heart surgery, and dentists dont do brain surgery, and brain surgeons don't diagnose cancer.

Trust me, the first thing a "big federal lawyer" or "murder lawyer" does when they know someone with a DUI is to call a DUI lawyer.

Is there something wrong with what people choose to do for a living? Are the DUI lawyers walking around the courthouse critical of other lawyers?

Can't we all just SHUT UP and practice law?

Another DUI Defender said...

I would take Bobby Reiff or Richard Hersch in a murder case anyday before those PCAC hacks.

Anonymous said...

I'd take Philly R in a DUI or a Murder case any day. He wins both.

Rumpole said...

To the person who complained I did not post their comment- read above and see that I mentioned it. If you want it up, send me a private email.

Anonymous said...

any criminal lawyer who only handles one type of crime in not a criminal defense atty. Therefore, if you only handle dui's u are not a criminal defense atty u are a dui atty.

Anonymous said...

I need some help. I am a law student and need to know if to get a job as a PD/SA or work at a firm.

Here is the Question: Do PD/SA go there because they have so much money that they can afford to work for peanuts, but get to play with people's lives? Or, is it because they do so poorly in school that those are the only jobs they can get and are stuck making peanuts?

I have a good GPA and attend a top 50 school. I am pretty with little body fat, a six pack and was Phi Beta Kappa in undergrad. Meaning, that I am blessed with looks and smarts. I do not want to waste my opportunity and make an unwise selection. Help! I would love to hear from as many of you as possible. Thanks Rumpole.

Anonymous said...

I would refer a DUI case to a DUI lawyer- not a felony lawyer. I did 20 mm dui trials and several manslaughter cases which plead- well over ten years ago and I consider myself not competent to handle a dui- i have not kept up on case law, breathalyzer, maintenance regulations etc. they are more complicated- all the different permutations-breath, blood, accident, statements, young asa almost causing mistrial etc. than almost all 3rd degree felony cases and most 2nds. having said that there is a tremendous difference between those who know the aforementioned and some idiot who collects a 2500 fee and gets someone a reckless when they could get the same resolution pleading guilty at arraignment without a lawyer- or are you going to tell me that EVERYONE does not know that a reckless was a dui-insurance companies, bosses, media-EVERYBODY.

Anonymous said...

you should see Philly R shread a cop in a DWLS...spectacular!

Anonymous said...

Rumpole - I think it's disgusting that several people have made such low-brow comments about several of the female APDs. It just goes to show the type of sexism we as female lawyers have to endure every day. I know both of the attorneys that were referred to and I think they are both capable and intelligent lawyers. However, these posters would reduce them to eye candy at best. Besides, the one who saw them out to lunch at Bal Harbor sounds a bit like a stalker!

And on another note - I have to agree that one of the most moving moments of my life was to visit the American Cemetery at Normandy. Makes one feel incredibly blessed and thankful on this Memorial Day.

Batman said...

To 9:49

You have reason to be disturbed and concerned. It does appear that someone is obsessed with these two women.

More to the point why are they referred to as "hotties" and who cares where they eat lunch or what they drink?

judge rob pineiro said...

A few things have been posted on how Judge David Young did his job from an attorney’s viewpoint. Let me chime in with how he is as a colleague.

Judge Young is always willing to help out a fellow judge. He will readily lend an ear to another judge’s tale of woe and give thoughtful counsel in return. Judge Young can always bring a smile to your eyes and lighten your footsteps.

David, you will be sorely missed. I’m looking forward to seeing you on the tube. Just, please, don’t sing.

Your friend, Rob

Fake Hugh Hefner said...

the reasons we pigs comment on young PD hotties are simple.

1. we are animals

2. there more hot pds than asas

3. we see the same tired old faces in the regjb, so the young hotties are a breath of fresh air

4. we are animals

any questions.

Anonymous said...

BULLETIN FROM THE NATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF WOMEN(NOW). The following comments are considered offensive and inappropriate when referring to women: stacked, babe, chiquita banana, easy, two bagger, she can suck a golfball through a gardenhose, toothpaste tits, nice tits, buns of steel, fat ass, work it girl, you go girl, the carpet doesn't match the drapes, ghetto bitch, the better or bigger the cushion the better the pushin, stuck up, cocktease, great head, won't swallow, cunt, bitch, golddigger, dike, seahag, high maintenance, taken, unavailable, married , good in the sack, trainable, blonde, bimbo, silicon valley, airhead, doggie style, takes it in the poop shute and of course kissing her is like kissing your sister. now women please list the men.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Bill Gelin and the rest of the Broward Bloggers. Miami attorneys who do not travel up to our neck of the woods just can't fully comprehend some of the outrages shananagans that goes on..from the Broward ASA's and the Broward Judges.

Enjoy the Miami politics. They work wonders for judicial economy.

Delivery of cannabis (first time offender) - standard ASA offer is 18 months fsp.

Violation of Probation - neither the Judges nor the ASA's EVER will reinstate, without a special condition of some jail time. I have never got a client a straight reinstatement. Doesn't happen in Broward.

Now, there is talk about a VOP Blitz. Result: I predict, a fast track of technical violationers going to fsp.