Tuesday, May 22, 2007


(With apologies to Howard Cosell and his call of the Foreman Frazier title fight)




Here is the text of the announcement:

After much reflection and soul searching, maybe it's time to be a real judge again. It is my intent not to serve the new Chief Judge term to completion. I'll call for a special election for Tuesday, July 3, 2007 to fill an anticipated un-expired term beginning September 4, 2007 through June 30, 2009.

The last couple of years have been particularly difficult for me and my family. In July I am having my hips replaced and will be out for a while.

For these reasons and others, [umm...like Judges calling people less than human, like Judges belittling people for not speaking English?) but primarily because of my love for our circuit, I think a new Chief Judge should lead us forward.

It's appropriate that I take the summer to try to help with an orderly transition.
[I'll give North of the Border this: we don't have to wear a tie in court during the summer.]
I am particularly proud of this circuit and its personnel, who have labored so hard to make it the best in Florida . [Pardon me. I'm choking. I also just fell out of my chair. Blatant disregard for reality tends to have that effect on me.]

Our circuit has accomplished a number of "firsts" and has been very aggressive and pro-active in serving the people of the State of Florida . I extend my appreciation to our Administrative Judges (past and present) whose valuable advice and hard work made my job so much easier. ... I truly love being a judge and public servant. [Not to mention the kick you get out of humiliating litigants and lawyers you don't like]. To quote Bob Hope, "thanks for the memories," it's been special.
Dale Ross, Chief Judge
[To quote someone else: Don't let the door hit you on the way out.]

Rumpole says: Thanks for the memories….(not). I cannot remember one time I appeared before that Judge that he did not treat me and my client rudely, made mention of my office being located in Miami, and made my client feel he/she made a grievous mistake in hiring a lawyer from Miami. Good riddance.


Anonymous said...

maybe his daughter could take his place...that would be typical for that county

Anonymous said...

hi ho the witch is dead, the witch is dead, the witch is dead. Hi ho the witch is dead

opps sorry

Anonymous said...

Aleman for Chief Judge. Aleman for Chief Judge. Aleman for Chief Judge. Aleman for Chief Judge. Aleman for Chief Judge. Aleman for Chief Judge. Aleman for Chief Judge. Aleman for Chief Judge. Aleman for Chief Judge. Aleman for Chief Judge. Aleman for Chief Judge. Aleman for Chief Judge.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I'm blown. Kudos to all those who wouldn't let up on the pressure. The times they are a changin' up north.

Anonymous said...

Last person is wrong... the last line is hi ho the WICKED witch is dead.

I never thought I would see the day that Dale would ever admit he was wrong.

I hope the next chief has more class and brains.

Anonymous said...

goodbye and good riddance. youve got to love to shake up in brd. im convinced these blogs have helped the chaning of the guard.

now, where is thesmart money on the next chief emperor?

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Anonymous said...

This is a case of the good news and the bad news. First the good news: He's gone...as a chief judge. Now the bad news....He'll get a full caseload now. He will now have the opportunity to @#%* more people. Oh well it seems at least that David has slain Goliath...somewhat.

Anonymous said...

Bob Levy may be fined by the ethics commission for passing letters to judges deciding the award of Dade County's misdemeanor probation contract. Levy was lobbying for Metro Traffic to replace Advocate, but he didn't register as Metro's lobbyst.


Rumpole said...


Anonymous said...

Just who do you thonk sat down with Ross "and made em an offer he couldn't refuse?"

Elijah "Don" Williams???

Michael Corleone said...

"Dale, you're nothing to me now. You're not a brother, you're not a friend, you're not a chief judge. I don't want to know you or what you do."

Mario Puzo said...

Tom Hagen: [after finding out Elijiah Williams sold Dale Ross out]" Williams! I always thought it would be Greene.

Michael: It's the smart move. Williams was always smarter.

Anonymous said...

All those celebrating the resignation of Judge Ross clearly do not understand the dynamics at play.The judge is a good man with good intentions and his resignation represents a failure of policy not a victory
The judges in Broward will take their attitudes underground and they and Judge Ross'friends will exact their revenge on those deemed responsible.Sow the wind reap the whirlwind!

Mario Broward Puzo said...

Tom Hagen: Stacy let's talk about this and get a meeting set up.

Stacy Ross : No! No no more meetings no more JAA Blog tricks. You sending a message to Elijah Williams ? Say "I want the JAA Blog" if not it's all out war and we go to the mattresses.

Tom Hagen: Stacy the other Judges and lawyers won't stand for that!

Stacy : Than business is gonna have to suffer.

Tom Hagen: You're taking this too personally, Stacy!

Stacy : You call the hit on my father not personal?

Tom Hagen: Even the hit on your father was business, not personal Stacy!

Stacy: Ok I'll do more business. Hey, listen, do me a favor, Tom, just help me win ok?

Anonymous said...

The one time I've seen Dale Ross was at a broward lawyers function. He did one of those quick turns of his head at me as if to say "who are you, I don't know you and that concerns me"

I have never, ever heard anyone say anything positive about him.

Mario Broward Puzo said...

Stacy : What are you doing? Nice college boy. Doesn't wanna get mixed up in the family business. You think this is a battle field where you shoot someone a mile away? No, this is the courtroom. You get a 45' shoot them up close and bada bing blood all over your nice ivy league suit. You're taking this awfully personal. Tom this is business and this kid's taking this very personal.

Michael: Where does it say you can't become chief Judge and take over for Pop?

Tom Hagen: Mikey, come on.

Michael: Tom, wait a minute, we're talking about a crooked Judge mixed up in drugs. We're talking about a dishonest Judge who got caught up in the rackets and got what was coming to him. That's a terrific story. Now we got Sun Sentinel newspaper people on the payroll don't we, Tom?
[Tom nods]
Michael: Well they might like a story like that

Tom Hagen: They might, just might.

Michael: It's not personal, Stacy. It's strictly business.

Anonymous said...

So we won't have to hear:



Anonymous said...

In MY HOUSE! Where my wife and children sleep! No, not even in the Godfather, unless you count three which is not a film, do they go after the daughter to get at Micheal.

Tom, you're out.

Anonymous said...

Its just about settling in north of the border that they are better off with Chief Judge Dale Ross, than just Judge Dale Ross.

Ya know?

Mario Broward Puzo said...

Tessio brings in Chief Ross's bulletproof Robe, delivered with a fish inside]

Stacy Ross: What the hell is this?

Clemenza: It's a Sicilian message. It means Dale Ross sleeps with the fishes.

Anonymous said...

Now if they can only find a way to get rid of that fraud and self-promoting public defender things might move more smoothly up there

Anonymous said...

What is most interesting is that Judge Ross was unanimously elected by the Broward Judges. I find that laughable because everyone in Broward knows that Ross is the 500 lb elephant in the room and that he is a vicious man who gets pleasure from embarrasing defendants and their families, belittling lawyers and acting superior for no reason. The Broward Judges all whisper about it but yet they don't have the balls to stand up to him and believe me plenty of them are dancing in their houses and speed dialing on their cell phones tonight

Anonymous said...

I'll never forget the first weekend I had to go to Magistrate hearings in Broward for a client. I had to wait awhile since I am a Dade lawyer, i sat patiently and watched as Judge Ross spoke in his garbled tone, all the while making snide comments and innuendos and insults. As a young lawyer who was so eager to practice and believed that Judges were to be respected i was horrified at the man with the black robe. Nothing about Dale Ross has ever changed

Anonymous said...

#@#!@# GREAT!! Now that Ross is getting a full case load and you miami guys are trashing him, ummm ...let me predict how that trial before Judge Ross goes next month.

Thanks Miami

While the Herald Sleeps said...

Miami judges to yank concealed weapons permits in domestic violence cases

By Megan O'Matz
South Florida Sun-Sentinel

May 23, 2007

People accused of domestic violence must surrender their concealed weapon licenses along with their guns and ammunition under new procedures implemented by the courts in Miami-Dade County.

Earlier this month, Amy Karan, administrative judge for the county's Domestic Violence Division, ordered that firearm forms for restraining orders and misdemeanor acts of domestic abuse be revised to specifically require that people give up their licenses to carry guns.

The judge said she took the step after reading a South Florida Sun-Sentinel investigation of Florida's concealed weapon system.

Anonymous said...

I'm into the whole Stu Mishkin/Gerry Klein 1970's ring-a-ding-ding throw back way of practising law.

Rumpole said...

File this under "Be careful what you ask for in life"

The Broward Blog has a great big problem with the Judge who wants to replace Ross. Apparentrly Judge Lynch is Ross's right hand guy, and would mean more of the same good ol boy stuff. I don't know the details, but the Broward Blog Boys seem to be very upset.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Lynch the guy with a mullet?

Only in Broward.

Anonymous said...

You are a real piece of work Rumpole. Many comments I and others post do not make it to the comments section.

What ever happened to free speech.

1. You like Judge Rothenberg
2. You like Judge King

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dumb question: Is Ross a Circuit Judge? Does the Chief Judge have to be a circuit judge?

Anonymous said...

Top candidates to replace Ross:

1. Seidlin
2. Korda
3. Greene
4. Aleman

Rumpole said...

Re: 903 Am. Time for a little Blog refresher: 1) You cannot make a slur on someone's alleged sexual orientation. 2) If you say someone hates (pick the group here) have some reason to back it up. If you can't, I won't post it. How would you like it if I posted a comment that said you hate lawyers? Wouldn't that be unfair without any reason.

To the person who tried to post the entire Herald Article on Levy- we don't do whole articles anymore. How about using your brain and writing a simple comment on the Levy article? Try it- you may like using your brain.

Rumpole said...

Oh and by the ay 9:03- I can recognize your syle of writing anywhere. And yes, for you jackass, I normally don't post anything you write.

Anonymous said...

9:03 (aka HWMNBN): Read the Constitution again. The Government cannot abridge your free speech. Rumpole can do what he pleases on his Blog. You can do what you please on your websites..... and you do. Free speech and hate speech, both alive and well in South Florida.

Fake William Randoph Hearst said...


Freedom of the press belongs to those who own one.

Go start your own blog.

Anonymous said...

ps ps :

"Anonymous said...
hi ho the witch is dead, the witch is dead, the witch is dead. Hi ho the witch is dead

opps sorry "

That was my post but made it up ??? guess ya got me!

Oh and tons more.

Anonymous said...

Jackass now thats not nice!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To the person who said that Dale Ross is a good judge, YOU ARE WRONG and you obviously never practiced in front of him.

He is abusive, rude, obnoxious and makes bad decisions.

He should not be a judge at all.

Anonymous said...

Korda would be a fine, mellow judge who's tuned in to nature and appreciates parks, trees, and weeds that can calm down the stress of being a judge in the Broward County system.

Rumpole said...

To the complete idiot who's announced he's filing a lawsuit Monday:

You have wasted dozens of hours of your own time with stupid bar complaints, lawsuits, and public records requests. You must realize you are totally incompetent and clueless because without me even responding, you keep losing. But at some point your pathetic mewling even gets to me.....so, although I should just let you waste some more time, here is a tip:

Don't go to the courthouse Monday, you moron: It will be closed for Memorial Day. See- I just saved you roundtrip bus fare. Wait until Tuesday when the clerk's office is open.

Now you can't say I have never given you anything. Besides driving you to distraction, I just saved you roundtrip bus fare. No need to thank me. All part of the service we provide here on your favorite blog.

PS. It must really make you nuts that with moderation, you can't respond.

Operation Restore Sanity said...

RUMPOLE!!! Just when we were getting ready to close our website Operation Restore Sanity, we get this gem from you. It is hilarious!!! We have been chuckling in our firm all afternoon. Anyway, by tonight we will post our version of the complaint. You have the exact adress and password, so log on and share a laugh with us.

Plus, we "jazzed up" the video of the argument at the 3rd DCA with some music and fun graphics. A must see. Anyway, thanks again for making our day.

Anonymous said...

You should call the website "Operation take your medicine."

Paxil works nutjob.

Anonymous said...

You know Rumpole, one of my favorite posts is the "Someone forgot to take his Medicine" Post. I look at it every now and then when I need a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Operation Restore Sanity. That is a GREAT website. The Third DCA video is brilliant. You guys should quit your day jobs.

Rumpole, can't you host the video on the Blog so those without user names and passwords can see it too?


Anonymous said...

Broward is a trainwreck. More Judges up there need to follow in the footsteps of Ross and step-down.

Anonymous said...

Godfather Lombana is holding a meeting with his war council:

Godfather Lombana: The judicial family in Broward has been weakened. They can no longer fight back. It is time to go to the matresses up North. The territory is open to be taken over. What do you think?

Consigliere: Well, we do have more people on the streets every day. If we move quickly we can put them in a position where they will have to show you more respect.

Godfather Lombana: They are fighting among themselves. Lets identify the weakest ones and hire the right people to take care of them. It is only 12 months from qualifying. The won't know what hit them.

Consigliere: Okay, Godfather. I got just the people. What do we do about the new boss?

Godfather Lombana: We are not strong enough to influence that right now. We have to be satisfied with what we can do here in Miami for now. All we have to do is wait for Farina to quit and then it will all be ours. Remember whoever comes to you to make a deal, he is the traitor. Then we will know who we have to deal with. Got it?

Consigliere: I understand Godfather. You are so wise.

Godfather Lombana: Yes I am and don't you ever forget it. Now kiss my hand and let's go have some dinner. I am starving.

Anonymous said...

How do the rest of us get a link to ORS?

Anonymous said...

isn't mental health kind of beyond a joking subject yet?

Operation Restore Sanity said...

You have to be invited. We have to know you. We are a law firm and do not want to have this maniac file his bucket o- frivilous complaints against us. But if we know you and give you a personalized password, trust us, you will laugh ou loud. Some very creative minds have done some very funny stuff.

Rumpole said...

6:12 PM. You are 100% correct. We should not make light of an individual's mental illness. And 99% of the time I ignore him. He cannot email me as his email addresses are blocked by my spam filter. I have no idea if he is mentally ill, although having a fixation and wasting hours on silly "pretend to be a lawyer" stuff seems like a good place to start diagnosing someone as disturbed. He once accused me of something to the effect of writing comments about him on all of the blogs in existence. The exact facts can be seen in my post "someone forgot to take his medicine." Of course his spamming the blog made for a difficult time for everyone else to participate, but I have choosen not to pursue additional action against him. I did give him a chance to apologize, and instead he decided to file another silly case in Broward. So be it. Just like his friendship with the President of Google and his guarantee we would be shut down in a day, it all appears to be some delusional fantasy. But enough comments about him. It seems to validate his existence and give him a reason to live. The worst punsihment is what I have done for the past several months, which is ban him from the blog and ignore him. It really seems to bother him, so that is what we shall contunue to do.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget about our dear Felon, Mr. Bob (I am a crook) Levy. Seems he got caught again demonstrating how smart he really is...


I wonder if the SAO will prosecute him or not?

Anonymous said...

ORS is histerical. The video clip of oral argument has me rolling.

Lets post it on youtube

Anonymous said...

Maybe the new chief judge will have the heart to criticize Judge Ana Gardiner for a change.

Anonymous said...

I do not appreciate someone putting my name on the operation restore thing.

I did not do that.

The REAL Mike Catalano
Rumpy, please remove that post.

Anonymous said...

Why would ANYONE want to pretend to be Catalano????

Anonymous said...

My two golden retrievers LOVE me.

Anonymous said...

Who would claim that which he wasn't? (Catalano)

Todd and in Charge said...

Rumpole -- you could understand him enough to gather that?

Anonymous said...

Mike, I hear McWhorter is also a big fan. Can you feel the love?

Anonymous said...

Any critics of Mike Catalano need to be put on notice that he works out regularly and has increased his bench press with free weights to 85 pounds.

Anonymous said...

Will you please cut it out.

I am in the gym to help my bad back.

I only bench 120 lbs right now.


Anonymous said...

I am confused, why would the Governor put Shirloin McWhorter back in the 11th Judicial when no one liked her besides Judge Rippingale? I need help here people. What has this lady ever done to deserve to be back? She was a pain, lacked respect and was too anti everyone. I want to write a letter and need to know if I am correct or what. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

If Judge Ross is going down, does this mean that Chief Judge Farina will be next? I mean, the man is more like Gotti than Justice Rhenquist. Not only did he stop the poor and over worked Bailiffs from creating a Union, he shafted the JA's from getting raises, gave his wife a great interpreter job, built himself an office worth (don't quote me on this) about 3 million dollars, has nepotism all over and is currently allowing all judges to sign for 40 hours of work for staff that works under 35 hours which includes the Judges themselves.

What say you Judge Farina? Is your time up? Will you be indicted or retire? Seems that you made a bunch of enemies in the last 4 years. You should have fired Bob when you had a chance buddy. :-)

Anonymous said...

What is with this Blog and Broward? I have read over and over everyone's heightened distrust and anger over the way Broward chooses to CLOSE and TRY cases. Everyone in this State, Prosecutors and Defenders alike should cheer for Broward if indeed that county has the highest number of people in State Prison, why? Because, at least Defendants are being placed in front of a jury and not simply taking a plea. In Broward, you may get max, but at least you have the chance of defending yourself in court at trial. In Miami, the prosecutors are scared, and most are simply Defense attorneys in drag. The "real" Defense attorneys feel they are better than a cocaine possession or grand theft auto, and so do the Judges because most Judges, Judge Thomas excluded, use the "C" trial week as just an excuse to roll cases for plea, take a court continuance or worse, pick a trial from another division. This circuit is about rolling cases, Broward is about closing cases. Why get upset because the Chief Judge knows people and lends a hand...tell me one Dade Judge that hasn't done the same, or is it simply...they haven't gotten caught? I am not defending Broward and certainly not bashing Dade, but both systems have their faults. It was time for a change in Broward, maybe it's time for a change in Dade but certainly it's time we try some cases. Prosecutors, don't be scared, do your job or grow some balls and get discretion. Defense Attorneys, freedom isn't always about money, push the good stuff to trial, don't plea it out, and make the State work for what they want. Judges, let's clear the docket, let's look at Judge Thomas and other Judges with low dockets across the courthouse. There is no reason why one case should take 3 days. Let's do 3 trials in a week! Let the State get all their Attorneys that are banking over 100 thousand a year, in the courthouse for a change. Let's drop some demands, let's help the Defendants, the victims, the witnesses, everyone involved, and close this moment in their lives, because while you are ignoring cases, they are ignoring their lives. We there are more people involved in this system. So when a Broward Judge sentences a man with a technical violation on probation for possession of cocaine, to state prison, don't be upset with Judge Ross, be upset with the man that looked at probation like a joke, and listen to every convict in Dade county when they tell you why they commit crimes in Dade and not Broward...the answer is always the same, because they sentence in Broward. Let's get going Dade, let's try some cases, win or lose, but if Defendant loses, let's sentence, it's the only way we will stop this rage of violence and theft on our streets. Oh, wait, I forgot, who wants to stop that? Are the readers of this Blog all that interested in stopping violence and theft, or interested in the money violence and theft brings into your pockets? Maybe that's the BIG difference and distrust between Broward and Dade -- the fact that in Broward, they really care about silencing crime.

Anonymous said...

the wrong judge ross is`resigning