Sunday, May 20, 2007


Jack Thompson, a long time local Coral Gables Lawyer, has written to our Dade State Attorney who we affectionately(???) refer to as "Fernandle" , inquiring as to why her office would employ a prosecutor who was SUSPENDED AND PROHIBITED FROM PRACTISING LAW?

Mr. Thompson, who did a little digging on Dighe (actually he called the Bar) learned that Prosecutor Utpal Dighe who was recently arrested for purchase of Marijuana was suspended by the Bar in October 2005 for failing the "basic skills test." He since failed to re-take the exam, so he was suspended by the Bar. In October 2006 Mr. Dighe failed to pay his Bar Dues, and was suspended again.

Here is the closing paragraph of Mr.Thompson's letter to the State Attorney:

"Thus, you had this guy representing the State of Florida as an Assistant State Attorney, and he didn’t even have a Bar license. Your failure to supervise this lawyer in this simple regard opens you up to Bar discipline, and I plan to research that and act appropriately.

I did see you in Home Depot the other day. Maybe you were looking for someone in the “lumber” section to handle homicide prosecutions."

What in the name of professional office management is going on at the State Attorneys Office?

We recently wrote a piece in which we posted an imaginary phone between the State Attorney and her aide, in which she was on vacation. Everyone is entitled to a vacation. But the genesis of the that idea was based on courthouse chatter that our State Attorney is out of the office a lot- and we don't mean in Tallahassee lobbying against the defendant's right to conduct cross examination.

Back to the Dighe disaster: Query: Can a defendant be prosecuted and convicted by a prosecutor and legally sentenced by a Judge when the prosecutor was not allowed to practice law in the State Of Florida? Just how many informations did Mr. Dighe sign under oath, and is each and everyone of those informations now evidence in a perjury investigation? And is Ms. Fernandle derelict in her duties to supervise her lawyers, which may in fact expose her to discipline from the Bar?

Mr. Dighe may have had his problems responsibly living up to his obligations. It is often said that excessive use of Marijuana will cause a "devil may care...I'll do it tomorrow attitude." Who knows?

The real question is what is going on at the SAO.????
They have an awful lot of chiefs, and not enough Indians. You would think one of those chiefs would take a moment from telling an Indian that they cannot offer a "reduced plea" of 30 years on the grand theft case with no witnesses, and spend a moment or two on personnel issues.

"Has everyone paid their Bar dues? "
"Is everyone current with CLE?"
Here's a neat one: "Is any prosecutor currently suspended by the Bar?"

Or would that kind of work drag the big important supervisor away from their precious duties of sitting on their duffs and writing the word "NO" over and over again in inter-office emails.?

We anxiously await answers to these and other pressing questions in our new Soap Opera/Novella: : "As the SAO Spins."

Tomorrow on As The SAO Spins: it turns out one of the supervisors for the felony division is an identical twin and two people have actually being doing the work of one supervisor.

See You In Court checking the CLE records of our distinguished opponents.

PS. That last line of Mr. Thompson's letter had us chuckling.


old guy said...

I detest Thompson. He is a homophobe, a bigot, and a hater.

On the other hand-- Hey KFR, he does have a point. Who is steering the rudderless ship?

Can Horn and Zerlin do anything other than agree with you, while offering no personal leadership?


i am a friend of michael hanzman. we are best friends. i have known him for over 18 years. the person who wrote this article today (cited below) has no idea of how much michael hanzman has done for women's causes. he started a $100,000 scholarship for poor law students in the name of federal judge lenore nesbitt. he always underwrites dinners and charity events involving women's causes and especially cares about funding children's charities. he is the most competent lawyer that i have ever met. when i was a judge, i appointed him as a special master in a very large complex product liability case. in my opinion, he is the brightest, most compassionate and respected attorney in our town. did you know that he got the highest bar score ever? did you know that he has received the prestigious writing award by the editors of the florida bar journal for his large volume of scholarly articles? did you know that he is the most wonderful husband and father? did you know that he would be giving up multiple millions of dollars per year to take this job at the third? this joan fleischman article is a big nothing. this adios membership is a big nothing. i have played golf there with him and it is just that - a golf club. i am keeping my fingers crossed that michael hanzman will soon be judge michael hanzman and we will all be well served on the 3rd dca. if you don't believe me, ask a judge who michael has tried cases in front of, ie: judge fred moreno...let me know what you find out!
signed, a former judge

Excluded Club Adios Member said...
Very interesting article in Joan "Yenta" Fleishman's column today about a 3rd DCA hopeful. It would appear that one M. Hanzmzn was a member of a club that excluded 1/2 of the population. Seems like a good prerequisite to be an appellate judge. Are these people stupid or do they believe the rules don't apply to them? How can a person in good faith apply for a position, which at least on it's face, that requires a neutral, unbiased, and fair outlook on his fellow humans? I guess the Governor won't be happy about this latest development. How about all of the jockeying for position going on behind the scenes? What about all of the JNC members that knew about Mr. Hanzman's issue and kept it on the down low? Politics is a dirty business and some are dirtier than others. So what say you attorneys and judges all, is this the best we can do?

Sunday, May 20, 2007 11:18:00 AM

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as a basic skills test. There is a basic skills course requirement. So please clarify what your information really is. It appears
that your friend is passing on half truths.

Rumpole said...

Here is what we do know: A lawyer in good standing will turn up when you go on the Florida bar website and run their name. A lawyer who is suspended- when you run their name in the "find a lawyer" link- the search comes back that no listings were found. As of today, Mr. Dighe's name is not listed among active lawyers.

Rumpole said...

By the way- Rumpole has a JI- judicial investigator on the Michael Hanzman hatchet job. Coming Tuesday (or Monday night) the adventures of JQC Rock, Judicial Investigator, and the case of the Knife In Hanzman's Back- only on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess I am NOT going crazy after all. The day after that ASA was arrested, I searched for him on The Florida Bar's web site and I could NOT find him. I just thought I was spelling his name wrong!

Anonymous said...

I myself routinely run every defense attorney against the Florida Bar website, that I am up against on a case, so I can't say that turnabout doesn't deserve fair play.

But even though on 2 occasions I went up against an unlicensed attorney, one of which was for a CLE requirement lacking - and I know this because I phoned the Florida Bar about it to confirm what the internet site was telling me, I never stated in open court, "Objection, he can't speak anymore, he's unlicensed for not doing CLE..." for the whole world to hear.

I gave the defense attorney a heads up first and warned him politely that according to the Florida Bar that to take any further action as an attorney could result in the Bar pursuing UPL charges as the Bar rep instructed me to advise the attorney in question. And then took the judge sidebar. And the cases ended up getting continued until either someone else from the firm could cover or until the deficiency was rectified to avoid the defense attorney's actions from becoming (further) criminal.

I agree that being unlicensed creates a hot can of worms as a prosecutor who must routinely sign off on informations and take sworn testimony is very serious trouble. But is there a line between exposing scandal and further sinking in that knife?

Anonymous said...


Gotta love Jack, the guys been on the prowl for decades, mostly for anita bryant type stuff.

Kathy can be disciplined for failure to supervise.

There is no reciprocal "ineffective assistance of counsel" rule for the state."

PS Rumpole, how'd you get this letter?

Lizzie Borden said...

What a week. Joan Fleischman buries the hatchet in Hanzman. And, Catalano is taking credit for cutting De la O down to size before the JNC. How the mighty have fallen.

Rumpole said...

8:44- I hear you loud and clear. It is a dilema. I take no joy in "sinking the knife" as you put it, and tried to make the emphasis of the post the fact that the SAO apparently has no supervision despite having a thousand or so supervisors. Your actions are a credit to your professionalism. I am a hybrid here- not really a journalist, and yet sometimes I get some real news. It wasn't easy to do this, and I'm not sure I did the right thing. Your comment was the one I was fearing. On the other hand- Mr. Dighe apparently has no one to blame but himself. Much like the people he prosecuted, and that didn't make him ease up on them, did it?

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to get Brian Andrews on that right away!

Let the Motions to Vacate Pleas start rolling!

I wonder if that judge that wrote on the blog supporting him last week will now have his back knowing that he came to court practicing law/conducting trials/being nice to children while he was suspended.

Anonymous said...

Wow! If true, this story has really touched a nerve with me.

This guy has absolutely no regard for the law. He should be permanently disbarred! Where did this quack go to law school?

Anonymous said...

Who remembers "ASA" Greg Latimer, who did quite well in the early 80's despite never having passed the Bar exam?

Anonymous said...

Rump, I have no problem with your hammering Dighe. Apparently, the man has no respect for the law or our profession. By acting as he did, he jeopardized God only knows how many cases. One wonders how much his malfeasance will cost our community in real tax dollars and time.

That said, the KFR, Horn, Zerlin, Solomon bashing is out of control. I was an administrator at the office years ago. I disagreed with a lot of the "administration's" decisions, but can tell you that there's often a lot that the public doesn't know and the VAST majority of decisions are reasonable (if not correct).

The administration handles many more incidents than you or anyone else not connected to it knows about (appropriately so). The administration handles the vast majority of the indiscretions with appropriate discretion (keep in mind that many of erring staffers are young, inexperienced and often worn down from the high caseloads and stress). KFR, et al are not perfect. I disagreed with a lot of what I saw. But, they are far more compassionate that what you and others believe.

We often hear an "aggrieved" prosecutor complain about what the office "did to him [or her]." We hear the prosecutor's side of the story, but rarely the administration's. You and others automatically side with the prosecutor, without considering the source (which amazes me since you routinely advocate that people shouldn't automatically assume guilt no matter the evidence). As much as I disagreed with NUMEROUS decisions I saw, I ALWAYS respected the administration's playing their cards close to the vest. KFR, Don and Lorna regularly declined to defend themselves EVEN WHEN THEY WERE RIGHT because they didn't want to drop to someone else's level, respected the privacy of people they would have had to burn, etc. In short, they did the "professional" thing even though it was to their detriment.

Anonymous said...

Your suggestion amuses me. If KFR had her staff check all of the prosecutors' bar licenses and criminal records on a regular basis, you'd bash her for being paranoid and untrusting. Now you suggest she's not doing enough?


I say she should be able to trust her prosecutors when they say they're members of the Bar.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, stop blaming the SAO administration for not knowing Dighe was not a lawyer - that responsibility goes to, uh, the uh, you know, the person who uh, the uh, that guy.....

Present Memeber of the Human race said...

Former Judge you miss the point, maybe that's why the word former is in front of the word Judge. If this had been a club that did not allow African Americans or Jewish members would you still be defending him? Why is it so different...because it's only women? Your arguement that Hanzman does all of these great things for women smells a lot like the guy who claims he's not a bigot because some of his best friends are black or jewish. This is however not the problem. The fact that Mr. Hanzmzn is wealthy,bright,or your good chum does not make him the right person for the Governor to select to be on the 3rd. The fact that he belonged to a club that discriminated against a segment of the population, despite his other "good deeds", shows that he's not. Your unwillingness to acknowledge this fact whether due to friendship or some other motive proves that you are in no position to fairly judge this situation. It is a big deal. It's always a big deal when a person seeks to judge other people and their disputes but can't judge what is right and wrong in their own life. When either through arrogance, prejudice, or poor judgement they perpetuate bigotry, bias, and class mentality. You keep crossing your fingers, maybe cast a few spells, kill a chicken or two but I too hope this governor gives Mr. Hanzman the word.....ADIOS!!!

Anonymous said...

Lorna? The only visit she makes to the courtroom is to blow kisses at Ranck. Why has she EVER been involved in policy decisions about trial prosecutors? If she is the house counsel, maybe she should be checking on everyone's Bar status.

Sonnet Sylvia said...

There once was a man named Hanznman

Who acted just like a Klansman

He tried for the Third

But oh my word

He lost it over a game man!

Anonymous said...

Sure, i remember "ASA" Greg Latimer who prosecuted for Janet in the early 80's. Abe had me conduct new prefiles on all his open cases and re-file informations.

That I remember, but I cant recall what I had for dinner 2 nights ago.

Abe would know better how the office handled the felony convictions Greg obtained.

CAPTAIN said...


Rump, on this issue I must call PERSONAL FOUL on you and award two shots and the ball to the opposition.

You took a small time issue and tried to milk it for far more than it was worth. Sort of like Nancy Grace or Bill O'Reilly style.

What the PROSECUTOR did was seriously wrong. HE had an obligation to report his Bar status to his superiors. HE didn't do that.

You can't honestly expect someone in the SAO to be responsible for checking each and every ASA's Bar status on a daily or weekly basis.

You may have other valid issues to attack the leadership about - but this was just NOT one of them.

You just went for the big headline here. (buzzer sounding) ... Two shots and the ball!!!

CAPTAIN OUT ...............

Anonymous said...

I'm the 8:44 guy.

I don't apologize for Dighe's actions. We all make choices and he made a choice to be in the glass house. We can't break the laws we're sworn to uphold. Nothing I say is an excuse for him or attempt to explain away the things he has done.

You write: "Much like the people he prosecuted, and that didn't make him ease up on them, did it?" You're right, he only has himself to blame.

But the strange part in this is that, obviously as many have noted, Utpal was an ASA with a conscience who that actually did struggle with the prosecutorial decisions he made. When he made the 18 month plea referred to in the press release, he chose to not beat up on that defendant despite the insistence of the police officer victim and paid the price for it with being put on probation as a punishment.

And when confronted with the dilemna about unlicensed defense attorneys, he was one of the people I asked for advice about the issue on how to handle.

His advice was among those that suggested to make sure the manner was handled delicately and with discretion so as to cause as little trouble as possible. It doesn't excuse him for what he did like I said - but its incredibly ironic.

Anonymous said...

If this guy was practicing law without a license, i.e. suspended, in court before judges on a daily basis, negotiating pleas, sentence recommendations, prosecuting felony cases where people's liberty is at stake. If this is true this guy is so fucked he'll be lucky to avoid disbarment. the pot case is nothing. boy is he ever fucked-get a GREAT LAWYER. Imagine facing several hundred counts of practicing law without a license.

fake neil rogers said...

Be careful in taking your marching orders from Jack Thompson--you may be getting a lot more than you bargained for. Next thing you know, Jack and his Christian Coalition friends will be monitoring the blog (maybe they already are), and you could be next on his hit list, Rumpole, if he disagrees with something you post.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Thompson run for State Attorney against KFR on a "stomp out liberalism in Dade County" platform? And doesn't that mean that he has a hidden agenda in leaking letters to Rumpole and the local legal gossip blog?

Rumpole said...

I didn't publish the comment saying a candidate for the 3rd does not like Jews, as there is no way I can verify that, and it is a pretty strong charge to make.

To 8:44- It seems Dighe was a complicated character. He had his good side, and apparently was widely admired as a fair and responsible prosecutor. What he did does not take away from that, and makes his case all the sadder, because we need more prosecutors like him. We can only wish he had turned to a friend or more experienced lawyer and asked for some advice. I know many defense attorneys would have been happy to help him or someone like him, and get him back on track. We take no joy in this, especially since it appears he was one of the good guys.

If he did practice while suepended, the Bar takes a very very dim view of that. He can expect a 2 year suspension at least. Furthermore, what about all those informations he signed? What about all those pre-files he conducted where he swore witnesses in under oath? Are all of those cases legit? This could explode into a real messs.

A Broward Judge said...

We may have to put up with Dale Ross and his circus, but at least all our prosecutors are lawyers!!!

fake blecher said...

I'm not gonna stand for this DUI Rankings BS. I'm not gonna take it sitting down either. I ain't peaked. You ain't seen nothin yet. I'm gonna rise to the top and laugh at all of you peons on the bottom. I shall raise from this fetid festering group of DUI lawyers and my voice shall be heard in this wilderness of mediocrity.!!

Batman said...


I believe that Rumpole and the public have the right to expect that KFR would have a Bar compliance officer. It does not need to be a full time job, but someone should have been given the responsibility to continually verify each lawyer's Bar status.

This has created a huge mess. The real problem will be with the Informations and other documents signed by Mr.Dighe under the statutory authority conferred upon him by KFR. What good are the charging doucments verified by this supposed ASA? (I call him that because he can not legally hold that office unless he mets the statutory requirements).

I don't know that the cases he handled in court are necessarily fatally tainted. The Defendants will have to show substantial prejudice by clear and convincing evidence.

Anonymous said...

Attorneys who work for the government can defer taking basic skills courses. However, there is a form that has to be filled out to let the bar know that you qualify for the deferment. Maybe this was a case of filing to file the form, rather than failing to take the classes. Whatever the issue was regarding the basic skills courses, it must have been cleared up by 2006 when he was again suspended- if he was still suspended at that time, would the bar really issue another suspension to an already suspended lawyer? If so, maybe we should wonder about the supervision/management at the florida bar. (As an aside, what is their obligation to notify employers that an employee has had disciplinary action taken against him/her? Aren't all bar members required to list their employment information with the bar?) As for the 2006 suspension, does the SAO not pay bar dues of its ASAs? Can anyone explain?

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that Dighe was set up by the jack booted thugs at MDPD and teh PBA for not being tough enough?

Anonymous said...

I promise you that Utpal is not the only ASA who is practicing law without a license. The opposing prosecutor on my case is in the same exact position. I am trying to analyze the best way to handle the knowledge I have uncovered.

Anonymous said...

While I think it is unacceptable that Uptal was delinquent (not suspended) for CLER credits and Bar dues and while I have very little respect for the administration at the SAO, I do not think it is the SAO's fault. Do you really think it is any different at the P.D.'s office? Off the top of my head, I can name ten P.D.'s who are also delinquent. Same with private attorneys.

dui power watcher said...

word is blecher schooled judge lindsey's courtroom on rule 3.191 today. that'll throw the rankings into a spin.

Anonymous said...

There once was judge named Chris Schuminer.
Her friends want the third for her.
They knew Michael Hanzman was the main opponent,
so claims of his being anti-feminist they did hint.
Now Michael will not get the Governor’s call
and Chris is a shoe in to the delight of Hector and all.

Bad poetry, but you get the idea.

NOT the DUI guy said...

Umm... I hate to rain on anyone's parade but I saw the Blecher hearing before Lindsay and if anything he almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. It was clear he was confused on the workings of the speedy trial rule. If anything the DUI Power rankings are right on the money- he's peaked and falling fast.

Anonymous said...

Utpal was SUSPENDED. Call the Bar now and theywill confirm. Indeed the Bar person laughed when I said his name, because apparently about 25 people have called about him this morning.

Fake Peckins said...

I'm just trying to get on the Circuit Bench. Screw that 3rd DCA Crap.

Anonymous said...

The last lawyer I knew of who continued working after cathcing a BAr suspension for CLE credits, got a two year suspension for practising law without a license. The Bar will not be pleased when they get a formal complaint.

not blecher or the dui guy said...

Wait one cotton picking minute here. How can Blecher fall in the DUI power rnakings, when Blecher is the self confessed, admitted, DUI Guy?

Anonymous said...


Rumpole said...



Anonymous said...

Who was that lawyer everyone was talking about that created the DUI intoxilyzer motion, and the rumor was he was dating Nellie Furtado?

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, to answer your question can a lawyer prosecute cases while being a suspended attorney.

Oh my, Chief Legal Counsel for the Florida Department of Children and Families "DCF" appeals division(dependency and TPR's) Robin H Greene, found herself in a bit of a mess with the Florida bar :

"The unconditional guilty plea and consent judgment for discipline are approved and respondent is suspended from the practice of law for 60 days, effective 30 days
from the date of this order so that Respondent can close out her practice and protect the interests of existing clients. If Respondent notifies this Court in writing that she is no longer practicing and does not need the 30 days to protect existing clients, this
Court will enter an order making the suspension effective immediately. Respondent
shall accept no new business from the date this order is filed until the suspension
expires. Respondent is further directed to comply with all other terms and conditions
of the report."

The story is identical and the same just different players. Robin did not take her CLE course for many years and the Bar had suspended her from practicing law.

Well just like our dear ASA Ms. Greene continued for almost six years litigating in the Third DCA on over 180 appeals and over 100 trial court cases.

End result is the Supreme Court suspended her for sixty days as noted above for the same conduct the ASA is accused of.

So the question is, did all the mothers and fathers who got TPR because of Ms. Greene did they get there parental rights back because she was not a member of the Florida bar when the cases got tried and litigated?



Anonymous said...

When did we get a KFR-mobile? I was behind a van this morning with her face on the side and an ad for Kendall Toyota on the back (classy). Do we really need the "Community Outreach JR" van? One fill up of the van could have paid for someone to research the bar status of the people working at the SAO.

Anonymous said...

oh, you mean Kotzin.

he was also linked to nikki hilton and the olsen twins.

Anonymous said...

The PD's office regularly checks the bar status of their employees.

Anonymous said...

it doesnt matter who, if anyone, was behind the outing of hanzmann. the fact is that he's a smart guy but shoulda thought twice with that skeleton in his closet.

maybe he thought he could slide by without someone spotting it. he took the chance that only the JNC would give a crap.

fake chris sclieppi said...

what do you mean you cannot be a prosecutor if you dont have your license?

Anonymous said...

why is rumpole shouting?

Anonymous said...

the convictions will not be impacted in that the asa was suspended due to not paying his bar dues. this was litigated in the 70s when one of the top trial lawyers ever to come out of the SAO , rosemary jones was in the same situation. no reversal.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Andy Kotzin. Thats the guy. Are people still filing Kotzin motions on DUI's in Broward and West Palm and which Judges (if any) are granting them??? I need a little of that Kotzin magic.

Rumpole said...

I was SHOUTING to promote the upcoming post, which I think is kinda fun.

Fake Lloyd Bentsen said...

I knew Michael Hanzman. Michael Hanzman was my friend. You, sir, are no Michael Hanzman.

Anonymous said...

At the PDs they expect the APDs to keep up with their CLEs. BUT, the office pays to send you to seminars, gives reqular inhouse CLE-approved lectures and has DVDs/Tapes/CDs in the library, all to assist us in keeping up w/ CLER hours. Another thing Bennett's Administration has done right.
D. Sisselman

Anonymous said...

Trust me Rumpole, I am NO fan of the SAO or Kathy Fernandle. . .but Thompson's letter crossed the line from being sarcastic to just plain unprofessional, rub-it-in-your-face, kick-you-while-you're-down, self-righteous loquaciousness. I only hope he spends as much efforts on his clients. If not, they ought to demand he work more on their cases and less on drafting 1st grader-ish threats to the SAO.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Bar, did anyone see that Robert Rudolph was suspended? What's the story with that?

Anonymous said...

Jack Thompson here. I guess I'd like to respond to the responsive posts as I find them.

First off, Channel 4 is doing a piece on this tonight on the news. Not sure what half-hour segment.

As to whether I am a "homophobe":

That would be someone who is afraid of homosexuals. I'm not afraid of anyone, except God. As a Christian, I would note that the Bible identifies homosexuality as a sin. Not my idea. God's idea. I pray for my homosexual opponents, and I am called to oppose them in love. That doesn't make me a "hater." That makes me a Bible-believing Christian.

As to whether I am a "bigot," I got started in public life as a teen in the civil rights movement.

I am appreciative of the support for my point as to the State Attorney's failure to see that her lawyers are fully qualified to practice law. Most law firms smaller than her operation have "governmental compliance" people to see to such things. The Channel 4 reporter told me today during the interview that the SA said "we rely upon lawyers to tell us the truth about these things and to police themselves." Gee, that's an interesting law enforcement theory--that lawbreakers can be counted upon to turn themselves in. Let's do away with all police personnel except intake people at the station at a desk.

While typing this, I got a call from the Herald. They're doing a story tomorrow on this. I think the thing that is distressing is that Kathy Rundle is out there huffing and puffing about how "our lawyers must obey the law," and her office is not assuring that her lawyers are in good standing with The Bar.

As to whether I have a hidden agenda: For Heaven's sakes, I ran against Reno in 1988. Is that the forever unforgivable sin? I have lived here for 31 years, have paid my taxes, and I think the State Attorney's Office gets a free ride and always has. I think it's time for a change, Republican or Democrat, I couldn't care less. But somebody who thinks that lawyers ought to comply with the law and that the SA ought to supervise them is a good start.

Jack Thompson, Attorney
1172 South Dixie Highway, Suite 111
Coral Gables, Florida 33146
305-666-4366, cell 305-588-3005

"Most people, when they stumble across the truth, dust themselves off and move on as if nothing had happened." Winston Churchill

Anonymous said...

Hantzman is a decent guy. I wish him well. So is Jack Thompson, for that matter. Unfortunately, many of our current judges are not in that category. Marisa Tinkler Mendez, for one. Peter Adrien for another. Amy Steele Donner for another. Ditto for Valerie Manno Schurr. And many others. So sad...

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, take a bow, and hide real quick - Two questions for Jack - Has he made up with Luther Campbell, and what's his next quest after bringing to light that a 20 something lawyer didnt tell his boss he hadn't paid his bar dues?

fake neil rogers said...


Look what you've started with J.T. This guy is infinitely worse than the other clown who tried to take down your blog, because J.T. is a obsessive compulsive hater who actually has some idea what he is doing and how to use the law to make other people's lives miserable. If your readers thought the present degree of moderation is bad, wait until Mr. First Amendment AntiChrist gets a bug up his ass and decides to go to war with the blog. Please Govern Yourselves Accordingly.

old guy said...

Sure Thompson. And publicly asking Reno if she was a lesbian was just an election tactic. You have the personal morality of a true hater, but are glad to take pot shots at KFR for not having complete control over 1400 employees.

All this from someone who has yet to achieve complete control over his mouth.

Anonymous said...

Lets see what is happening at the SAO:
HP is eating a candy bar and flirting with the female interns.

The division chiefs are running to lunch and shopping at Merrick Park.

DH is running to Chitown to see a special person or he is hiding behind his desk.

LS is running around to see which hunk ASA will be her next hubby.

KFR is working on her next marriage and seeing if she can divorce her boys.

ahhhhhhhhhh gotta love it.

In all seriousness, if the SAO cared about the citizens of Miami-Dade they would care and back up their prosecutors who work hard and not pat those who are lazy on the back.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone find KFR in the Flrodia Bar database...

Anonymous said...

Yes, she's there (in good standing).


Todd and in Charge said...

I like Jack and wish him well. But him trying to take Neil Rogers off the air simply crossed the line!

Anonymous said...

I know Hanzman. He is smart, fair, and decent. He would make a great judge. I am not his friend. I am a colleague who has seen him in action, and read his work product extensively, both against him, and as a cocounsel. We need bright judges. Our constitution protects the rights of others to freely associate with whom they wish. If a private group, without any public funding, wants to have only men, or women, or blacks, or catholics, or jews or WASPS, then that is their constitional right. It does not mean that they would not make a good judge. Its a golf club...get over it.

Anonymous said...

Well Mr. Thompson ought to check his own legal status today...seems the coral gables moralist is himself ineligible to practice law, delinquent in paying fees apparently...i suppose if he represented someone other than himself it would matter, yeah i know it is an old story, and Thompson is old news, but screw him if he can be exposed.....