Wednesday, May 02, 2007


BREAKING BLOG NEWS: The Florida Surpeme Court abolished the rebuttal argument in closing for the defense. The defense will NEVER get to rebut the prosecution's closing argument, except in their one and only argument to the jury. Effective TODAY the proscution always gets the last word.

Rumpole says: Actually, the jury always gets the last word, and in our cases it usually begins with a "NOT". The bottom line is that there is now no reason to shy away from using defense witnesses and defense evidence. Give the jury the evidence necessary for an acquittal, and they will do their job. That's our opinion.

Up Next: The Florida Legistaure abolishes the presumption of innocence.

Leave it to our robed friends North of the Border to make us do something we loathe to do.

We hereby call upon Judge Charles Greene of the 17th Judicial Circuit to resign.

Judge Greene commented on a not guilty verdict by telling the attorneys not to worry about it. He called the case NHI- no humans involved.

Not only should Judge Greene resign, but he should be deeply ashamed of himself.

Let us tell you why Judge Greene is not ashamed.

His words bespeak a deep seated chasm between self deigned Kings, and the rest of humanity. He views himself at the top of the chain of a system of “us versus them”; the US being members of the legal system and White Americans; the THEM is everyone else. People who think that way are not really ashamed of their words or actions. Trust us when we tell you that the only things bothering Judge Greene today is that he got caught and that a public defender reported his loathsome words.

The case Judge Greene presided over involved an African American defendant, African American victims, and an African American witness. If Judge Greene comments do not reflect a deep seated bigotry, then answer us this question- were any of the attorneys African American?

You don’t just dismiss a serious case in which an individual was shot with a comment disparaging the verdict and the parties by calling them less than human, unless you view people of color less than human.
How many NHI cases has Judge Greene been the sentencing Judge on? Has he sentenced defendants because he viewed them as a member of the class of NHI’s?

Judge Greene’s comments are indefensible. The comments are beyond tolerance for a Judge. A judge is supposed to represent the best and brightest among us. Was Judge Greene, like the statute of justice, blind to the color of the parties? Obviously not.

Can we ever trust Judge Greene to hold a defendant’s life in his hands again? Absolutely not.

Can any litigant of color ever trust Judge Greene again? Sending him to civil court doesn’t lessen the effects of his words. Is it OK to be a bigot in civil court but not criminal court? Can any litigant of color who loses a motion before Judge Greene in the future ever believe his decision was color blind? Or will there always be a suspicion that he viewed one of the litigants as a member of those class of people he views as less than human?

Can anybody defend Judge Greene’s remarks and show where there is a place among the judiciary for a person who thinks like he does?

This is not the PC police speaking. Judge Greene is not an entertainer and this is not an issue of freedom of speech. This episode is purely and simply an unintended peek into the dark soul of a man who thinks certain people are less than human. There is no place for a man like that on a bench of justice and law.

Judge Greene needs to resign now and slink away into the slimy bigot world where his thoughts and feelings live.

See you in court.


CAPTAIN said...


In trial today - so must get back to preparing the next cross.

Speaking of qualified vs. unqualified judges, here is the list of those that wish to replace our own David Young, who is scheduled to resign effective June 1, 2007:

Patricia Jean Kyle
Rima Youakim Mullins
Lisa Walsh
Darrin P. Gayles
Maria T. Armas
John W. Thornton Jr.
Rima Catherine Bardawil
Miguel M. de la O
Steven Grossbard
Stephen T. Millan
Fleur J. Lobree
Maria Sampedro-Iglesia
Abigail Elizabeth Cynamon
Alan Adrian Taylor
Lynette McGuinness
Josie Perez Velis
Peter Evan Abraham
Dwayne Edward Williams
Shirlyon J. McWhorter
William Ira Altfield
Joseph John Pecoraro
David M. Peckins
Marie Jo Toussaint
Alan D. Sackrin
Carol "Jodie" Breece
Maria J. Santovenia
Joseph I. Davis, Jr.
Ivy R. Ginsberg
Flora E. Seff

(Carroll Kelly has withdrawn her application and is not listed above).

What is very interesting about this large crop of attorneys - is exactly that - they are all attorneys, (save one County Court Judge Darrin Gayles); the other 28 are all attorneys. Very unusual that not more County Court Judges stepped up to the plate.

The JNC will send six names to the Gov. and he will name a replacement, presumably before June 1, 2007.

CAPTAIN OUT ..........

CAPTAIN said...


And speaking of Administrative Judges of the Criminal Division (which Judge Greene was until today) - anyone happen to see our own Chief - Stanford Blake recently?

He is officially sans the grey beard. Either he wanted to bring the new look to the FACDL black tie shin-dig on Saturday or maybe his better half was just tired of it!

CAPTAIN OUT ..........

Anonymous said...

Again, separate the list of applicants for Young's seat into 4 categories:

Losers from the last election,

perennial applicants who are dying to make $130 grand,

beyond unqualified, and

people who no one has ever heard of.

You'll have one name left,


Judge Greene's Mom said...

While I am no fan of Judge Greene, presuming that he made that comment as a result of racism is a bit of a stretch. Perhaps the same comment would have been made if the participants were white and equally uncivilized. If one ass shoots another ass and neither can conform their actions to the mandate of the law is it so wrong for a civilized member of society to make an offhanded comment concerning the legitimacy of the lawsuit. Like Chris Rock says, you have n______s and you have black people. You also have white trash. Grow up Horace. Certainly the comment was inappropriate but to call for his resignation is absurd. How many prosecutors and defense attorneys (and sometimes Judges) make comments about a criminal case based on the perceived quality of the so called humans that are involved. Judge Greene's case was clearly a case of shooting into occupied clothing case.

Anonymous said...

Lighten up on the Judge Greene commentary. I will bet there is no defense attorney, prosecutor, cop, or judge this side of the Atlantic and Pacific who has not used the term "two for the price of one" or "public service homicide" to describe exactly what Judge Greene was talking about. These comments are not racist or even marginally so.

Anonymous said...

What about Greene's excuse that he meant by NHI was that the witnesses lacked credibility. Note to Greene: that would be WLC not NHI. Where would he get that from. He want us to beleive that he was just naive when he said that. He's just stupid.

Rumpole said...

Judges often sentence people telling them there was no room for error in the way they acted, and they do not deserve a second chance. What makes this Judge deserve less than he has given? Plus, he's not a cop, defense attorney, or prosecutor HES A JUDGE. HE IS EXPECTED TO KNOW BETTER. This comment was not a slip up. it was a peek inside the mind of a bigot, pure and simple. He must go.

Anonymous said...

To: The DUI Guy- this has been a banner week for defense dui victories. I sure hope the power rankings accurately reflect all that went on.

Poltical hot shot said...

Darrin P. Gayles
Shirlyon J. McWhorter
John W. Thornton Jr.
David M. Peckins
Miguel M. de la O

These are the names that go to the governor.

And the Oscar goes to.........

Anonymous said...

Hate group of America will meet this Thursday at bayside 1:30PM to discuss how Judge Greene can get appointed to the 4th DCA now that he qualifies.

(fake) Judge Leslie B Rothenberg, President of Hate Group of America. (a non-profit organization)

Our slogan:
"hating one defendant at a time for being gay or black"

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the Q be up there?

Respect the Q
Fear the Q

close your eyes

watch the governor appoint the Q.

The Fake DUI Guy said...

L&L strike again in Broward. Hersch gets mucho breakdowns. The PDs are on a rampage. What a week. Can't wait for Sunday

Anonymous said...

Peckins for Judge once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Rump, you're wrong, plain and simple. You climb up on your high horse without any facts. Shouldn't Judge Greene be "presumed innocent" just like your clients? You have no idea what the testimony was during the case in question. It is entirely possible that everyone involved in the case in question did behave in a subhuman manner, in which case, Judge Greene's comment, while ill-chosen, was far from racist and is certainly no reason to call for his resignation. Next time, get all the facts first before you begin to bloviate.

Anonymous said...

Rump, I agree with most of your posts, but, I'm sorry to say, you really missed the boat on this one. Yes, Greene's comment was entirely inappropriate. But, no, you can't attribute it to racism without a lot more.

As a defense attorney, I'm sure you've commented on a victim's "worth" many times. We all know that many violent crimes involve victims who are, shall we say, less than savory. We've seen cases where vicitms are found with guns, drugs and even bullet proof vests. Recognizing that doesn't make anyone a racist and, frankly, it reflects poorly on you that you would make that stretch. You shouldn't accuse someone of something as heinous as racism so lightly.

Saying that other judges comment that people have committed crimes that leave no room for error only adds to the absurdity of your comment. MANY judges give people second, third, fourth, etc. chances. I don't know Greene from Adam, and I'd want to know a lot more before judging him so harshly.

ghost of lawton chiles said...

Kind of hard for the governor to appoint the Q when he isn't even on the list, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Hey Rump, private atty and former ASA here...I beg to differ. I would love to know the facts of that case. We always preferred the phrase "shooting into occupied clothing."...I bet the comments by the judge had less to do with color and more to do with the fact that the victim was some shitbird drug dealer. I'll issue a guarantee that he hasn't ever filed a tax return for his "income." I take issue with you ranting on the race card, because if the victim was a white drug dealer, i bet the judge's comment still would have flowed.

Anonymous said...

John Thornton will be selected by the governor. Why? Because he is the best qualified and will make an excellent judge. You could not ask for a better person.

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying the Judges comments weren't racist, I don't know him that well. But automatically assuming they were is doing just what you say people shouldn't do, making a snap judgment without all the facts, on skimpy evidence and no other side of the story. One drug dealer/burglar/robber or general piece of human garbage shoots another= misdemeanor murder. It's a callous remark by people who deal with life and death everyday, but automatically labeling a judge a racist and calling for him to resign due to one reported comment made in bad taste is too much. Maybe he was commenting on what the jury might have been thinking. We've all seen a case or two that looked like a sure Guilty, but a criminal victim plus any possible doubt gets an NG. The air must be pretty thin up there on your high horse, Rumpole.

Anonymous said...

one of life's ironies; a web cite largely based on gossip and character assassination calls for the resignation of a judge because at best he says something he probably shouldn't have. that is the same mentality that helped lead to 9/11- republican bitter politicians like tom delay have the fbi investigating blowjobs instead of persons interested in learning how to steer but not land planes. investigate one comment rather than all the other things that should cause for a judge to be criticized like: vindictive sentencing for going to trial, having affairs, doing coke, playing golf with attorneys before you for the state and don't invite the pd, inappropriate sexual overtures towards lawyers , just about all the judges who love to sit with lawyers before court in au bon- talk about exparte, vindictiveness against attorneys who don't contribute to your campaign, not reading motions filed, denying adequate time for cross or voir dire and oh yeah, banging the asa in your division.

Anonymous said...

If I were sending up the six names here is my pick - what do the rest of you think?
David M. Peckins
Peter Evan Abraham
Shirlyon J. McWhorter
Stephen T. Millan
Darrin P. Gayles
Miguel M. de la O

Anonymous said...

From the ONION PEELER; this controversey of a judge making an inappropriate comment, his transfer and call by some for his resignation is another example how misguided we are in our priorities. We live in one of the most violent nations in the world where children can buy machine guns and commit mass murder to emulate character depicted on tv and in the movies, we have a military which flexes its muscles every few years and if it didn't they would replace the commander in chief in kenney-king like fashion, we have rampant white collar corruption, we wage war and kill and lie to the people about the need for the war refusing to admit that our refusal to conserve oil, carpool,buy fuel efficient cars is the reason that 3500 americans have died, 20000 seriosly injured and untold numbers of iraqis killed. we have rampant illegal drug importation and distribution with government approval to keep minorities poor-incarcerated and out of the board rooms and country clubs, we allow thousands of americans the indignity of sleeping on the sidewalk because we won't care for the mentally ill, veterans and the homeless. we incarcerate rather than rehabilitate having more people in jail than any other nation- you cannot leave your home in the u.s. without violating some law. in orlando they arrest people for feeding the homeless. we are a fraud as a nation and the rest of the world fears our money and military might but knows we have no right to claim the title of moral leader of the world. and with all these injustices-too troublesome to confront for fear of a government which wiretaps its own citizens and builds fbi files on critics- moreso than illegal aliens and suspected terrorists i might add- we focus on triviolitry- a judge makes a comment, brad and angelina had a fight, dwade is injured, the attorney general fired someone he shouldn't have, an nfl player tested positive, trump's hair, brittney's fat ass and whether imus committed slander and while this frivolity continues another mass murder occurred at a mall in kansas city and probably 100 people were murdered this week by handguns. a woman runs for congress 12 years ago after the long island railroad shooter kills her husband and permanently injures her son, gets elected and still no gun control. I AM BECOMING ASHAMED TO BE AN AMERICAN- a bitter burned out judge dealing with violence for decades captures the headlines while we take for granted that NOTHING IS BEING DONE. If we had real leadership in this country the gun factories would be closed, the prisons would be homeless and hurricane shelters, cities would be rebuilt creating jobs for those poor kids who join the military to fight a bullshit war because there are no jobs etc. this country is starting to really suck.

Anonymous said...

50000 a year: after taxes probably 3100 month to live on: rent 1000, car 500, student loan 300, food 400, phone and elctric 200, gas 100. 600 left for whatever , what's the problem. when i was an asa we didn't have money to eat out at restaurants, have real nice clothes and cars, or take a girl out on a decent date and nobody wanted to write an article about our problems. but a woman and it makes the herald. i knew an asa who spent a 100 a month on her nails- go cry to someone else- 25000 people died today around the world of starvation- go on a budget you spoiled bitches.

Anonymous said...

Ex-FBI Agent Back in Court
Tue May 01, 2007 at 04:08:24 PM

John Connolly – a 66-year-old retired FBI agent who is awaiting trial in Miami on murder charges – told a judge Tuesday that his lawyer, Manny Casabielle, wasn’t spending enough quality time with him.
“I have no problem with his ability to defend me,” Connolly told Judge Barbara Areces in his thick Boston accent. “It’s whether he has the time to defend me.”
To be fair, Connolly could have a platoon of lawyers, and even then, they might not have the time to defend him. His case is one of the most unusual and complex ever seen in Miami’s county courthouse.

Here’s the condensed version: Connolly is accused of murdering John Callahan, who was found shot to death at the Miami Airport in 1982. But Connolly didn’t pull the trigger; lawyers for the state say that Boston mobsters killed Callahan after Connolly tipped them off that Callahan was going to inform on the mobsters. Prosecutors also say that Connolly got too close to one of his informants – infamous Boston gangster James “Whitey” Bulger. (The Oscar-winning movie “The Departed” was loosely based on this saga). Prosecuting the case is none other than Assistant State Attorney Michael Von Zamft, who handles the office’s organized crime cases.
Connolly, who is from Boston, was convicted in federal court in 2002 of racketeering and obstruction of justice charges. He’s been in lockup since then, and he’s now facing the murder charge in Miami.
On Tuesday, he said that he has not received thousands of pages of documents relating to his case, and that even if he receives them, neither he, nor his lawyers, may have time to review them before trial, which is scheduled in the fall.
“There’s no way that any ordinary human being could get a handle on the myriad of complex issues involved in this case,” he told Judge Areces. She asked him if he wished to dismiss Casabielle as his lawyer. No, he replied.
And so ended that part of the hearing. But Connolly’s lawyers – who include a former FBI agent – launched into a request for a 1979 FBI memo that has been kept secret under “executive privelege” by the Justice Department, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and President Bush.
Judge Areces promised she would review the memo to determine whether it contained evidence that Connolly should have. An Assistant U.S. Attorney from Boston told Areces she could have a copy of the memo – if she shredded it afterward. A special agent from the Department of Justice was also in the courtroom, and he made a copy for the judge – he wouldn’t even allow the baliff to make the copy. “Did you see that?” an incredulous Casabielle said to the media in attendance. --Tamara Lush

Anonymous said...

Broward judges never resign, they just get reassigned.

Wounded Knee-Jerk Reaction said...

once again the knee-jerk bleeding heart of rumpole spews its blind rage out onto the blog.

greene's comment was inappropriate for a judge, no doubt. does it evidence a deep-seeded racism, no way. should a long-time respected jurist be called to resign from him post for it, gimme a break.

rump, you belong in the frickin peace corps.

Rumpole said...

Shooting into occupied clothing has always meant in my view, a bad case- ie., weak facts. I have never used the term, but have heard many people say it and I did not take ofense to it.

I have never demeaned the value of a victim. I have represented men acused of raping prostitutes, and have won the cases without demeaning the women. In my view, you do not get far as a lawyer, or as a person in life, demeaning the value of another human being. However, we live in a free country, and if people want to think that way- so be it. BUT- we cannot tolerate Judges who have that private view of a segment of the population. Obviously I am in the minority here. So be it. I like being alone.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me about Judge Greene? Good Guy, jerk? Does it matter? YES. Why, same reason Imus was fired - he did it before and was not well liked.

I'd like to know more about Judge Greene.

haikku harry said...

DUI guys
power ratings fake
these DUI guys
ahhh...not my type of guys.

fake mel kipper said...

Judge Charles Greene
Bats left, throws right
6.4 40 yd dash.
Hates poor people and people of color.

earl rogers said...

The one thing that bothered me about Judge Greene was his lazy eye--you could never tell if he was looking at you or the court reporter. He didn't seem any more racist to me than the other Judges in Broward and some of the old-time Jewish condo-commando elected judges in Dade.

Anonymous said...

It's a sad day for us defenders. Say goodbye to the "sandwich."


Anonymous said...

Don't you hate it when you are in a jury trial and the Fla. Supreme Court amends the rule (effective immediately) abolishing close/close for the defense. Yep folks, it's official. Close/close only for the State.

abe laeser said...

New closing argument rule by Supreme Court. Prosecutors always get rebuttal. (SC #06-2065)

O frabjous day. Calloo! Callay! He chortled in his joy.

Anonymous said...

I have appeared before Judge Greene and found him to be arrogant, rude and vindictive. I have shared my experience with others and have heard similarly distasteful experiences. I congratulate him on allowing his true "colors" to appear.

Anonymous said...

Rump I agree with you. Look at Broward- Judges seem to be elected for life because no one will run against them. It is the same good ol' boy system that has been in place for years. When a person violates probation by smoking a joint- does that first time offender deserve a year and a day in prison? Under Judge Greene and a few others unless that person is a rich white kid from Parkland or lives on one of the Isles they do. As an attorney that practices in both counties at least the judges in Dade are a bit more PC or they just hide their bias well. No person, regardless of their race, station in life or ill chosen career path deserves to be called sub human. At least when I was an ASA when we just called certain crimes " baby mama drama" it did not apply to race, just witness credibility.

Anonymous said...

Ex FBI Agent

You racist how dare you make reference to a whitey bulger.Everyone knows whites have no bulge

NHI indexer said...

drug dealer shoots drug dealer over who gets to sell crack on corner a. no humans involved. i could care less what happens to either. they have no value in this world. if they both shot eachother simultaneously and killed eachother, thats a win-win.

hooker steals johns cel phone and runs off after sex. john chases her down punches her and gets his phone back. no humans involved. that case is a wash. neither or both should be prosecuted.

prisoner A, in manslaughter sodomizes prisoner B who has been convicted of sex crimes against kids. no humans involved here.

NHI is a color blind term in my view. it has nothing to do with race, but rather the character and conduct of the participants.

once again, rump, still your guitar gently weeps.

A Robed One said...

Rumpy, you are NOT in the minority.

Anonymous said...

mcWHorter?!?!?! PUUUHHLEEEEAASE!!!!!

oops i did it again... said...

4:02 you make some legitimate points and I too have concerns about the U S of A. However, don't you ever, EVER, say that Brittney's ass is fat. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Recent study just determined the value of stay at home Mom/Housewife. Her salary value should be $138,000. Are there any Circuit Moms? No wonder they say that raises for the Judges are long overdue! Sure there are many very dedicated, hard working members of the judiciary, but you would attract many more if the salaries were more competitive with lawyers in the private sector.

Anonymous said...

Rump de la Rump- I wish you would write more on those thrilling days of yester-year when Murray the K (Judge Murray Klein) was running for State Attorney. Wouldn't that have been a beautiful thing if he had won? Our community was the big loser. Shouldn't there be a monumnent outside the REGJB to this great Judge? I think the historical society should honor him and his legal accomplishments.

Murray The K- all the Way
Is what I always say.

Anonymous said...

Like most women, the ass has grown geometrically since having 2 children. u must be a brother to want to tap an ass that big.

Anonymous said...

Great - Now we're going to get to hear the state do two boring closing arguments. "The elements are.....blah blah blah."

Jason Grey said...

"They sought it with thimbles, they sought it with care;
They pursued it with forks and hope;
They threatened its life with a railway-share;
They charmed it with smiles and soap.

Then the Butcher contrived an ingenious plan
For making a separate sally;
And fixed on a spot unfrequented by man,
A dismal and desolate valley.

But the very same plan to the Beaver occurred:
It had chosen the very same place:
Yet neither betrayed, by a sign or a word,
The disgust that appeared in his face". Be prepared for long trials with many many defense witnesses

QUINCE, J., dissenting said...

QUINCE, J., dissents with an opinion, in which ANSTEAD, J., concurs.

QUINCE, J., dissenting

I would not adopt the rule proposed by The Florida Bar’s Criminal Procedure Rules Committee, but would instead maintain the rule as it presently exists. The present rule allows the defense to have opening and closing final arguments in cases where the defense calls no witnesses other than the defendant himself. I believe this is a better practice and helps to level the field in these criminal cases. Although the Legislature has enacted section 918.19, Florida Statutes (2006), to give the State the opening and closing final arguments, I believe that this is a matter of procedure and is within the jurisdiction of the Court.

ANSTEAD, J., concurs.

jimmy the greek said...

3-2 for thornton
5-1 for de la o
6-1 for gayles
8-1 kyle
10-1 mcwhorter
20-1 peckins

those are the 6. write it down.

no bardawil bandwagon or josie and the puttycats this time around.

Anonymous said...

"Infamous [South] Boston gangster James “Whitey” Bulger. Never forget Southie, and bow down when you say it....... John Connolly will walk on this BS charge!

Anonymous said...

Captain, when does Judge Young's replacement have to stand for election? 2008? Of the favorites mentioned here, who will be the easiest to defeat? The hardest?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Rump, talk about the fine judges of yesteryear. Judges like Fred Nesbitt, John Tanksley, Bob Kaye, W. F. Blanton, C.P. Rubiera, Henry Oppenborn, Dominic Koo, Ed Newbold, Mattie Belle Davis, Carlos B. Fernandez, Meek Robinette, Gene Williams, Gerry Wetherington, Arthur Winton, Lawson E. Thomas, Francis Christie, Sam Silver, Fred Barad, Mario Goderich, Gerald Kogan, Bob Deehl, Francis Knuck, Moeie Tendrich, and so many other great jurists who have sat on the Dade County bench.

Anonymous said...

Batman here is the Transcript of the November 14 hearing were Judge King agrees with counsel that he is making legal error but refuses to reverse himself forcing the appeal you commented on:


Also here is the Florida Bar info on Trial counsel being suspended from law while certain orders being enetered against the pro-se litigant etc etc etc:


As you read before here is the Initial Brief:


Jabbermology said...

Note to Abe:

Lewis Carroll made up most of his words of Jabberwocky from combining well known words... the words you mention: Frabjous, of course, is Fabulous and Joyous... and Chortle is Snort and Chuckle .... "Callooh! Callay!" Most likely, Carroll had in mind two forms of the word kalos, which in Greek can mean "beautiful," "good," or "fair." As to your personal chortling... I didn't realize that the Darth Laser took off his Iron Mask and Deep breathing. Congratulations!... I thought you were NHI... no human in sight.


BATMAN,you who seem to be very knowledgeable about the Judicial election and appointment process do you have any idea why former Judge Jeffrey Swartz did not apply for David Young's seat,especially afer the raw deal he got in that Ada Pozo election from those nasty political consultants?

Anonymous said...

How can you so easily defend men with long criminal records of heinous crimes but so quickly judge a long time public servant a racist without hearing all of the facts or entertaining even the remotest possibility of a defense?

Pretty hypocritical Rump. And very unfair. I don't know Greene, but he deserves better.

PS-----funny how we didn't hear a peep from the defense bar about Ana Maria Pando's more than inappropriate comment regarding Jews (I know the blog didn't exist then, but while the SAO sent a complaint letter in, the defense bar did nothing).

Anonymous said...

Oh my..

"the proscution always gets the last word."

"proscution" and the "prosicution" each get the last word. Rumpole is this true? A new agency comes after our clients?

Anonymous said...

Judge Gayles and John Thornton are the best qualified on that list.

McWhorter was rude and insulting to other judges as well as all the crap she threw at all of us. She will not even get out of committee.

Miguel de la O has way too many people mad at him.

Fleur Lobree is a very good lawyer, smart and nice but, no political connections.

Who the hell are all those others on that list?

fake art teitlebaum said...

never heard of alleged anti-jewish comments from ana pando.

didnt she date a jewish lawyer or two along the way?

Anonymous said...

To 11:34
Long time Blog readers know Catalano and HWMNBN don't like de la O (I refuse to call him the Big O, Oscar is the original Big O). But the rest of us don't know him. Who's mad at him and why?

I agree Gayles and Thornton lead the pack. But don't forget Peckins.

Anonymous said...

To 11:34
Long time Blog readers know Catalano and HWMNBN don't like de la O (I refuse to call him the Big O, Oscar is the original Big O). But the rest of us don't know him. Who's mad at him and why?

I agree Gayles and Thornton lead the pack. But don't forget Peckins.

Anonymous said...

What did Judge Pando say?

Anonymous said...

11:34 am WTF Miguel has more friends then any lawyer in South Florida.

He is a professional always fair and never unethical just ask any of his opposition. He wins my vote.

Just name one person who Miguel has pissed off. Someone of importance.

Rumpole supports the BIG O all the way and I suggest Rumpole do a separate post with Miguel's qualifications with Rumpole endorsing his appoinment.

Anonymous said...

after getting rid of the "sandwich", I see a dismal future for depos! god help defense attorneys (other than sy gaer) who want to competently defend their clients if depos are gotten rid of.

Anonymous said...

McWhorter was HORRENDOUS when she was a county court judge! What makes her think she can even cut it as a circuit judge?! And, let's not forget that she was voted out last election. The only way she can get a judicial job is to beg the governor for one. Seriously though, I once saw her in trial checking her e-mail on her computer.

Anonymous said...

As an ASA in county court at that time, I know that after the "Passion of the Christ" came out Pando said in open court that the "Jews killed Jesus." She said this in front of several jewish ASAs and PDs. Then when one of them advised her that he was offended she said.. "Well the jews did kill Jesus... this is a historical fact."

Steve Talpins went on a tirade and used that as well as other insane things she did in the courtroom like :
1. holding after a motion to suppress hearing that an actual living and breathing human being testifying in court was an anonymous tipster and therefore not reliable even though the tipster was in the courtroom testifying- and therefore not anonymous and for the record was not anonymous at the time of the stop either
2. saying that she would not trust the credibility of a police officer because she dated one once ( yes this was on the record as her reason to grant a motion to suppress.
3.refusing to go to trial when both sides were ready
4.showing up for a 9 am calendar at 11:30 am and leaving at 12 pm.

The list goes on and on

batman said...

To 3:58 a.m. - I can not believe you are losing sleep over Jeffrey Swartz. If you are so concerned I am sure he would gladly tell you. According to the blog he is working at Stephens Lynn, an insurance defense firm or you can find his number in the Bar Directory. Why don’t you call and ask him? But keep it to yourself, I really don't care and I don't think any one else does either.

batman said...

Doesn't anybody get any sleeep in this town? Why are all the comments addressed to me posted after midnight and before 6 a.m.? I know I hide in the dark alleys of the city, but I really do sleep, people.

12:58 - I have read your documents. We have talked by private email. I really don't have much more to say. I understand your point and the judge's. Three circuit judges will decide. I wish all well.

Rumpole said...

The comment about a judge marrying someone younger than her is not blog worthy, so I didn't post it.

Anonymous said...

I dealt with Miguel de la O many years ago when I was a prosecutor. He was honest and pleasant. I really never heard anything bad about him until this blog.......hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I wonder what that means?

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, re your 6:10:00 post, I'd say that the comment you refer to was the result of envy.

Anonymous said...

rumpole you are the one who is racist here because you assume that he was referring to black people. truth is that expression has been used and it has nothing to do with race. if one criminal of any race kills another criminal over a dope deal/woman/slight etc to use the term NHI is to say hey there was no big deal here these we all scumbags.

that may be callous, uncaring but it is not racist.

The Florida Masochist said...

Greene is a Knucklehead. I gave him one of my awards.


He has lots of company in Broward. Korda, Ross, O'Connor, Aleman and two others(Not Seidlen. He's just a goofball) have gotten the same award from me.

Knucklehead judges and idiot police. I'm glad to be living in Palm Beach County.



Anonymous said...

Again with Judge Greene, with whom I have had recent unpleasant contact. He doesn't think too highly of women, either. I believe he may do something soon that might be illegal. I am not a lawyer, but he made a very nasty, disrespectful, demeaning call to me today. I am now afraid of him abusing his authority against me. So, I am trying to move proactively to defend myself against a Judge of all things.