Sunday, June 25, 2006


Now I am speaking in the first person because I am serious.

This is my blog.

I created it out of my own time and creativity.

I will not allow it to be used to attack people.

There is a place for anonymous comments. “Judge so and so always shows up late” or the issue of Judges not allowing attorneys to move for continuances at soundings.

But this stupid gratuitous use of the comments section to make dumb and sexist remarks about people will stop. I am going to erase them as soon as they come on the blog. So eventually you Neanderthals will realize that you are wasting your time.

Comments about people’s sexual habits, or rumors of drug use are verboten.

I am the final arbiter.

Don’t like it?

Start your own stupid blog.

I will win.

I always do. (ask any prosecutor).



Anonymous said...

Don't blog angry Rumpole.

To lighten things up, I propose a poetry competition. Must be legal related. You choose the three best and then conduct a poll. Here is my entry:

There once was a Judge from Nantuket; oh wait, damn, wrong one. Okay, okay, here we go:

There once was a Judge from Miami;
Who had a wonderful hiney;
The rulings were firm,
but not out of turn;
As long as you were not too whiney.

Rumpole said...

Mr. McGillis- you are wasting your time unless you have a comment that is intelligent. Oh- does that mean you are going to sue us now?

To the idiot who can't read- your comment about the judge's appearance didn't make it, moron. Go find McGillis and sue us together.

Abe Laeser said...

I respect your position, and cheer your effort to 'police' this blog. Vile sexual innuendo is hardly the calling of our noble profession.
Both I and "she who must be served" applaud the true purpose of those who labor in our humble version of the Old Bailey.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole is a gay pot smoker

Abe Laeser said...

I cheer your efforts to 'police' this blog. It is wholly unseemly to see vile sexual innuendo in the guise of political speech in this or any other public forum.
Both I and "she who must be served" believe that our noble profession must stand for far more than that. Champions of Justice who do battle on the field of combat at our own version of the Old Bailey may voice their views, but not libel the unprotected. Should we not be ashamed to act in any other manner?

Anonymous said...

A young las with 5 years at the bar;
said, "Hey, I think I'll go far!";
So she moved to Dade County;
and put down a bounty;
to buy a Courtroom seat and become a czar.

Anonymous said...

what happened to the discussion about terrorists? did you take them down?

ORJ said...

Why are you saying McGillis ? I can assure your McGillis does not post on blogs and never has.

ORJ said...

Federal Law suits are costly .... but given the response of the blog editor maybe worthit

Anonymous said...

There once was a guy named "Mench";
who wanted a seat on the bench;
he had lots of money;
he wasn't very funny;
and now that he's elected there's a stench.

Anonymous said...

Supreme Court of Florida


CASE NO.: SC06-505
Lower Tribunal No.: 3D05-2339

Petitioner(s) Respondent(s)

Having determined that this Court is without jurisdiction to consider the petition
for writ of mandamus under any or all of the jurisdictional bases described in article V,
section 3(b)(3) and 3(b)(7)-(9), Florida Constitution, the petition is hereby dismissed.
See Stallworth v. Moore, 827 So. 2d 974 (Fla. 2002). No motion for rehearing will be entertained by the Court.

A True Copy

Anonymous said...


Thank you for taking my advice (Sunday, 5:09 a.m. in the KO comments). It is YOUR forum, and I'm glad to see you plan to start doing some long-awaited and long-needed editing. Perhaps this can actually become the place to exchange useful ideas, as you initially envisioned it to be.

Anonymous said...

I understand removal of posts. However it seems as if you removed a whole lot of posts... some of which appeared well intentioned. If you don't mind the question... why the complete purge? Or did it just seem that way because one purged post was mine?

Anonymous said...

IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME! I knew the blog would degenerate if you didn't start moderating the messages. I'm GLAD you are editing out the inane and gratuitous personal attacks. It's unfortunate that so many lawyers in our community can't keep things civil (whatever happened to professional courtesy or just plain old common decency?), but I guess that's life in the big city.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you protect yourself from a lawsuit by posting a disclaimer. I'm sure the thought sickens you, as it sickens me. Still, I posted one on my yahoo site anyway because I'd rather not be sued and I suggest you do the same (disclaimer: I am NOT giving you legal advice. If you need legal advice, I suggest you consult a lawyer who knows what the hell he's talking about ;-)

Here is some sample language:

The owner of this site does not assume any responsibility for actions or non-actions taken by people who have visited this site, and no one shall be entitled to a claim for detrimental reliance on any information provided or expressed.

The owner does not endorse, guarantee or warranty the accuracy, reliability or thoroughness of any posting, referenced information, product or service. Any opinions, advice, statements, services, offers or other information or content expressed or made available by third parties are those of the respective author(s) or distributor(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of the site owner.

You've contributed a lot to our community be creating this blog (despite some pretty serious errors like the Farina thing). So, I hope you stay with it. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

why are you protecting mr. o

Anonymous said...

It's about time you took control of the blog, Rumpole. Letting these adolescent bloggers fill the pages with sexual innuendo and racist/ethnic vitriole is ruining what had been informative and interesting. And keep D'Are and Migillis off it completely. They're both losers and have proven themselves to be unworthy of space on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Twinkle, twinkle little Judge
Oh how I wish you'd budge.
No, my client isn't a bum;
He's just ever so dumb.

This is really bad, huh?

Anonymous said...

very strange that you took down all the 911 comments....

Rumpole said...

Rumpole responds- I will work as quickly as possible to clear posts. A whole set of posts were removed over the weekend not because they were offensive but because I had trouble with a post and had to delet it and re-do it. All the comments under that post went away.

To the idiots making crude posts:
To the people who had nasty things posted about them, I apologize. Sometimes I am too busy to read all the posts and stuff got by. But not anymore.

Anonymous said...

A lawyer died today.


Lets not lose sight of the big picutre.

Anonymous said...

i don't think he was an attorney. rumor is he was working as a temp in the trust department. nonetheless, regardless of profession, very sad situation...

yota said...

you are in need of therapy beyond what authoring the blog alots. you take yourself too serious. which is a path toward ruination. search yourself old man. and may the force be with you.

Anonymous said...

saw patty MARINO-pedraza's literature - she's using dolphins colors -how cheezy

you just lost my vote patty - relying on people being dumb thinking you're related to Dan Marino - how pathetic

Rumpole said...

Rumpole notes: see how the above comment is critical of a candidate without making any inappropriate attacks? Ms. Marino is invited to respond to the comments about her campaign literature and her reply will be printed un-edited.

Anonymous said...

I think Patti Marino-Pedraza is smart to use the dolphin colors. Smart marketing concept by a smart Judicial Candidate. Would Be really stupid not to use it.

ORJ said...

to the poster at 1:16 am

That order of the Supreme Court regards McGillis Case No. SC06-505 was vacated and they issued a stay order and show cause order. Get the facts straght. Case is still pending Miguel De La O,

Ps why are you defending Mr. De La O, of and this is NOT Mcgillis or D'Arce

Anonymous said...

I love the 6:29 comment....somebody who condones the use of misleading ads by a judicial candidate. Unreal.

Since when is it stupid to NOT mislead the public? Do we really want judges who will stoop to that level? Is this really what we've come to?

Anonymous said...

there once was a guy named reizenstein

who woke up, looked at jackie, and said rise and shine

he called himself rumpy

his stomach was lumpy

and he threatened D'arce which is mighty fine.

Anonymous said...

What is stupid is to actually think Ms. Marino-Pedraza is misleading the public by using Dolphin colors. I do not believe she is trying to imply in any way she is related to Dan Marino. Marino is a common name. (Just look in the phone book) I do think it is a clever way to get her name out there.

Anonymous said...

No, Marino-Pedraza wasn't trying to mislead anyone by using the Dolphins' colors. After all, how many other colors are there? It's not like she had a choice or anything.

Marino is such a common name that no one would think she was related just because she was forced to use the Dolphins' colors.


So, smart guy, give us another reason why she was so smart to use the Dolphins' colors if NOT to mislead the public.

Anonymous said...

Al, you really have too much time on your hands. You should be out there working with your candidates, because they are going to lose!

Judge Lenny Glick said...

Sad reality # 1 is that running for judicial office is the equivalent of an advertising/marketing event.
Sad reality # 2 is that the public does not know, or in many instances does not care, about the qualifications of their candidates.
If you step back as a casual observer of the election scene you realise that it is a promotional event, not unlike the launching of a new product on the shelf of a supermarket.
What will your ad campaign do to promote you and separate you from all the similar products on the shelf (all the other lawyers in your race)?
Will it be a cute catch phrase, i.e. "Tough on crime" ?
Will it be a catchy color scheme,Dolphin Colors,(you have to have some color scheme,after all, for your ad, why not Dolphin colors) to liven up your flyers,billboard or TV ad?
Sad reality # 3 of the election process is that NAMES COUNT.
Since the public realy can't distinguish one candidate from another, they vote according to Name, Ethicity, Gender and any other criteria short of qualifications and experience.
Every once and awhile qualified candidates and a good ad campaign gel, and the public gets the best of the best. It's not as rare as you think.
Sad reality # 4 is always overiding in the election process, and that is that the "law of the jungle" applies to these campaigns.
1.Judges do not own these jobs.
2.Candidates for office are going to look for the"weakest wildebeast" on the plain to attack, and if that's a sitting judge who everyone loves and is perfect for the job, but is weak in the "fundraising" Dept. or has a name not reflective of the voting majority, then that person will be a target for the judicial predator.
"That's a fact Jack", to quote Bill Murray in STRIPES,the movie, and no amount of wishing will make these facts go away.
In a perfect world it would be otherwise, but the last time I looked at MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, FLORIDA it was not a perfect world.

That's just my opinion....I could be wrong.

Judge Lenny Glick,

P.S. Glad to see that you, RUMPOLE, by editing the blogsite, have potentialy moved it to a higher level of information.
Thanks for your time

Anonymous said...

In addition to what Judge Glick states, I would like to add that the Body that makes the laws is elected in the same way that Judges are elected. Additionally, the majority of the people who go to Court are not attorneys, but normal people and they decide who gets in or not to serve as a Judge.

You want selection by qualifications? Then look at your Magistrates, Hearing Officers and other lawyers who serve in some sort of judicial capacity. The names T. Pooler, Peckins, Gonzalez, McWhorter, Brown, Jackson, Klock, Velis, Cinamon and Del Pino come to mind. Some good, many average, and most not perfect, but surely selected through an interview process by so called qualified lawyers and judges. I think you see the problem there too. It is not a perfect system for sure. All we can do is play by it.

You never know a person until they have absolute power, because absolute power corrupts absolutely. (At least attitudes and minds for a fact.) It is called "Robeitist."

Those seats (Groups) do not belong to you Judges, they belong to the Voters of Miami-Dade County. Do not ever forget that!

Anonymous said...

What the hell is wrong with Patti Marino using Dolphin colors on her ads?

Does anyone know if she and her husband are Dolphin fans?

Has it come to this?

Did you know a past chief of the Coral Gables PD painted his police cars the colors of his favorite college football team... SO WHAT!

Anonymous said...

That CATHY PARKS woman is hot. I'll vote for her for judge. She was spotted at the Key Biscayne parade today. No sign of any of her opponents. Also present were DOHN COHN and PATTY Pedrassa. The few other candidates were in cars, limos, buggys, etc. Only PARKS actually walked the entire parade. She's in shape. She's working! She gets my vote!!

Anonymous said...

Who cares? CATHY PARKS has season tickets for the Marlins, the Dolphins, and the Heat. I know, b/c I see her at the games. P.S She doesn't have great seats, but they work.

Anonymous said...

I like someone with local team spirit!

Anonymous said...

I heard Parks might change seats and run against Marin.

Anonymous said...

That could work

Anonymous said...

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