Monday, June 26, 2006


We received this email from a Mr.McGillis: He is threatening us.

Dear, Sir:
You have 24 hours to remove this post from your UNOFFICIAL RICHARD E GERSTEIN JUSTICE BUILDING BLOG. If you do not remove or correct or edit the text of this Puerto Rico Case Law. I will file a immediate claim for temporary and permanent injunction against you, your web server & host, etc, etc , etc. On Tuesday we notify the web server and host of intent to file suit.

I, will also be seeking relief for fraudulent postings being made in my name. False allegations made that I have visited and posted on your blog. In addition to any and all other relief available. {Rumpole can’t help but note that the relief that may well do you the most good comes in a bottle of laxatives. Try psyllium husk, it works in 24 hours or so. }

If you would like to telephone me please do (you can block your number) at [number edited by rumpole ]. LET THE GAMES BEGIN.

Rumpole responds: You sir, are a legal bully. You threaten legal action against anyone and everyone.

The right to free speech is not a game, but a right. You have emailed us before and we responded privately by informing you that we would print anything you wished to say.

Remember your previous email? Here it is:

Dear, Sir:I am Darrin McGillis and was just sent a link to your blog.It seems from my review that every single blog you have posted in the site has some sort of libel referance (your misspelling, not Rumpole’s) my name.Would you look into all you most recent post and make a independent review. I think you will agree that the post should be removed.It seems that every blog has been attached with libel against me. Kindly,inform me of the action you have taken if any on this matter.Darrin McGillis

Here was our response:

Dear sir: Your allegation that "every single blog you have posted in the site has some sort of reference to my name." is both incorrect, puzzling, and appears to be nonsense.
1) We don't post blogs...we write posts and people post comments.
2) We have been writing posts since November of 2005 and did not even know your name until last week. Please cite to the specific posts in November, December, January, etc., that you somehow believe has mentioned you.
3) To the extent the people who read this blog have commented on you, there is not much we care to do about that. Your name has been mentioned in a Herald article and is fair game for commentary.

4) We will apply the same rules to you that we apply to everyone on the blog- no one will be permitted to post information about your personal life, address, name of family members, etc. Ad hominem attacks are usually removed. However, to the extent that people who read this blog think your web site is good or bad, they can comment about it and there is not much we care to do about it. Your website is about a Judge, and this blog is about the legal community in Miami. However, if the Herald story is incorrect and you have nothing to do with that website, email us immediately and we promise that your comment will be posted and not edited as long as it follows the above rules.
Good day to you.

The person who received this email did not deign to respond until the above email arrived threatening to sue our web host. Since he has written that "every blog" is "attached with libel against me [sic]" he must be very busy writing letters to "every blog".

Lets take a quick medical test: what is the condition where someone believes everyone in the world is writing about them and libeling them?

We have emailed Mr “sue everyone” to let him know that if the comment that so offends him is false in certain allegations about his private life, we will remove it. But if the comment is correct and he just does not like what is in the opinion, then the comment (which we didn’t write) will stay up.

Hey pal- perhaps you mistake us for our departed country man Neville Chamberlain. Appeasement is not in our nature. Giving in to bullies of any sort is not what we are about.

You do not scare us; you cannot bully us; you can spend all your time day and night trying to use the legal system to scare people. But we have tried more cases than you apparently have brain cells, and what takes hours or days of your time to do, we can easily beat with a few deft legal ju-jitsu maneuvers.

So know this, the more you threaten us, the more we will shine the harsh light of truth upon you.

Every sniveling, threatening, complaining, harassing email will be posted for all to see. (The least you can do is use Word to spell check your missives before sending them off. As everyone who completed Third grade knows, “spelling counts.” )

The irony is that this man, who does not hesitate to put up his own web site of hate and distortion against Judge Hernandez, has a conniption [--technical legal term] anytime he is even mentioned in a post on our blog. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the blog business buddy boy.

Sue us will you? Why our crack legal team of Dewey Cheatum & Howe is standing by ready to leap to our defense. Just bypass the web host, and serve those papers on our legal team. Check any bar, one of them is bound to be in there hustling free drinks.

See YOU in court tough guy.

PS: To summarize through all the mocking above: if the post that is driving you crazy, (that nobody is reading or cares about) is false in the context of the reference to your personal life, prove it and it will come down.


Anonymous said...

Main Entry: anger
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: upset
Synonyms: acrimony, animosity, annoyance, antagonism, blood of a bitch, blow up*, cat fit*, chagrin, choler, conniption, dander*, disapprobation, displeasure, distemper, enmity, exasperation, fury, gall, hatred, huff, ill humor, ill temper, impatience, indignation, infuriation, irascibility, ire, irritability, irritation, mad, miff, outrage, passion, peevishness, pet, petulance, pique, rage, rankling, resentment, slow burn*, sore, stew, storm, tantrum, temper, tiff, umbrage, vexation, violence
Antonyms: affection, calm, forbearance, glee, goodwill

Anonymous said...

The 3rd DCA is an Appellate Court.

Not an Appellant Court.

Anonymous said...

thanks for being honest.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Judge Cohen, Hernandez and Miller have told this man to stop and follow the law. The 3rd DCA and the Supreme Court have told him NO. Would it be up to Rumpole to teach him what the word really means? Do you accept this mission "Double O Rumpole"?

Anonymous said...

Rumpole you can expect this from your friend D.M.:

"In 1992, there were no changes in the group. "The A-Team" (as they were called by Edgardo Diaz due to All their names beginning with the letter A), recorded an English single "Dancin, Movin, Shakin," which would be the first of a few English recordings under the Darrin McGillis management. After reports that Edgardo Diaz was authorizing the manufacture of pirated CDs and cassettes of recordings made under the McGillis Records label, McGillis (armed with a court order and assisted by armed marshalls) embargoed a concert in San Juan, Puerto Rico; he also confiscated money and merchandise to compensate for incurred losses."


Abe Laeser said...

"... but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

I applaud your efforts, Rumpole, and as my friend Ms. Reno always says during moments of personal difficulty: "Strength and Courage".

Anonymous said...

Rump I don't know about you but I can definitely see why D'Arce would forward McGillis to the Domestic Violence Division (as is usually done in DV). The man seems to be crude, rude, and unable to understand the process of the law, or the law itself.

After reviewing his 3rd DCA Argument before Chief Judge Levy, it can be said that his legal argument is more like the type of lobbying that happens in Tallahassee. He begged the court to create guidelines and act as a legislative body. The only part of his argument which had any legality to it spoke about his obvious and wilfull misuse of the system, asking for an emergency hearing at 4:40pm on Friday expecting to get it because he thought it was an emergency, expecting to take depositions without proper notice for the following Monday, and having his hearing on Tuesday. I think he is arguing for $500+ for ill filed subpoenas without a court order from one day to the next. He goes as far as spending over $1000 with the 3rd DCA and Fla Supreme Ct.
I think Mr. McGillis will make a great State Representative arguing for new laws to reshape Domestic Violence Court.


McGillis you can do it, it won’t be the first time we have a State Representative without a College degree, in your case you will be one of the first without a High School Degree. As the Miami New Times said, "The high school dropout (McGillis) spends hours researching legal precedents at the University of Miami School of Law library..." (If you got a G.E.D. then I apologize Mr. McGillis).

Anonymous said...

Rump, can you tell us what Randill Mac means by the following on his OJR web page?

"Take a moment to watch the below video of the oral argument in the Third District Court of Appeal were Attorney Miguel De La O, (who is friends with Juan D'Arce) attempts to defend the conduct of Judge Hernandez and his Judicial Assistant."

After watching that 3rd DCA footage, I see nothing but foolishness coming from the Appellant and De La O seems very firm in his argument and that the Court is without jurisdiction and the Randill Mac did not follow the rules for setting a hearing at 4:45 pm on a Friday, or maybe he wanted to rewrite the rules and be heard Ex-parte?. Chief Judge Levy and his colleagues made no inquiries and then slammed him according to the 3rd DCA web site with their ruling. Am I missing something? Is this man on medication or was his 8th grade reading teacher in Woodstock? De La O spoke for about 2 minutes or less, while this guy spoke for more than 10 minutes and still said nothing.

Additionally, can someone pull that original DV file and see what the Domestic Dispute was about. (I do not travel to South Dade) I am all of a sudden very curious to see what and who these people really were doing to each other...

Anonymous said...

can't sleep and can't help to think that that guy is a 2 ball root.

Anonymous said...

mc gillis sounds like a jerk

Sam I Am said...

McGillis, in no small part by creating a controversial website, has surely made himself a public figure. On that premise, the bar for libel would be very high indeed.

rudy said...

Dear Mr. O Marcus,
Did you still think that those terror suspects are 'not really terrorists'?? Your what they call a "true believer" but not the Pat Riely kind....

Christopher S. Jones said...

Good for you Rumpole. Your Kung Fu is strong. P.S. I practice federal securities law (two borders North, in PBC) so I probably should have no interest in your post (sorry -- blog), but I have to tell you, it is really incredible. Of all the blogs I subscribe to, I look forward to reading yours the most each morning. Keep up the great work.

Rumpole said...

With all these kind words ....we don't know what to think. "You like us...(sniffle) you really like us."

However, soon enough "zzzzzzz" will make a post and someone else will call us "a two bit no talent hack", and then things will be back to normal.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Jones, can't you get one of us hired to represent your firm, Milberg Weiss on their criminal indictment?

Rumpole said...

To answer your last question- no- it did make the blog.

However, your post should be read in this context:

1) The allegations against Mr. De La O are simply allegations. He has not been charged with theft to our knowledge, and getting sued does not mean he committed the acts. Time will tell.

2) Your views of appellate procedure are amateurish at best, leading us to believe you are NOT a lawyer. Mr. McGillis is not a lawyer, but plays one on TV. Hmm..any trend here?

3) You could not “run” Mr. McGillis with the FDLE as that is not a public accessible database. So how do you know he does not have any priors? Liars are not allowed on Rumpole's site. Leave now.

This is the last time you get to use this blog in your febrile attempt to attack Mr. De La O for
kicking (your?) butt before the 3rd DCA. Take it somewhere else.

The meeting of the McGillis fan club is every other Thursday in a phone booth on SW 8th Street.
Arrive early, as seating is limited.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole are the 24 Hours up yet? Has the McGilllis crew barged and knocked down your door yet?

Anonymous said...

Relax, Rump. McGillis only picks fights with the letter people. Unless you change your name to "Mr. R", you are lawsuit free. As for Mr. McGillis, he'll be busy with his suits against your favorite alphabet government agency and the Black man with the gold chains and Mohawk.

Anonymous said...

please find a new topic. write about some nubile pd or asa you lust after, some judge you have an issue with, maybe even a discussion of law. please no more on the topic that has eaten the blog

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately i have had the burden of sitting in a courtroom on many occassions when Mr, McGillis clogs up court dockets with frivioulous motion, seeking to only muddy court records and to boost his own ego. While there is freedom of speech and access to courts, an individual like Mr. McGillis is a menace to the very system that is supposed to help innocent people. Mr. McGillis is paranoid, delusional and somewhat twisted in each and every one of the legal arguments he advanced in the long standing case i observed. What i can tell you is that the Judge had the good sense to outrun him

Anonymous said...

do they still have phone booths?

Anonymous said...

Did McGilllis ever attend High School? Rump, for sure you need to tie one hand behind your back to give this guy a chance.

McGilllis will never, and I mean never ever be able to touch the great Rumpole. You see, Rumpole will always be the "Big Lawyer" that got away!

McGilllis event got Ricky Martin to split with Menudo. So much for Menudo.

One more thing, in his video he speaks of Emilio Estefan and that crazy nut who was stalking him. Could our very own McGilllis be that same man? Any news on that?

Anonymous said...

I was sitting in Court as well one day last year when McGillis was appearing before Judge Hernandez. It was quite a spectacle.

Judge Brownwyn Miller also happened to be sitting in the Courtroom observing McGillis' motion before Judge Hernandez. It was pretty clear that her purpose in the courtroom was to observe McGillis in action.

Anybody know why?

Anonymous said...

why did my response not maken it regards FDLE and the web link? Rumpoles NOT playing fair.

Web host could be bullied into closing you down....

play fair

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


NO THAT CASE WAS # 02-001116-FC-04

JUAN CARLOS DIAZ, petitioner VS. EMILIO ESTAFAN, respondent.

January 14, 2002 filing before Judge Deborah Labora and Judge King

Anonymous said...

You will not beleive this McGillis has loaded a letter from the president of the USA on the home page of

Rumpole, backoff, he now has the US Goverment behind him.

Sam I Am said...

I admit to some pleasure when the high and mighty are brought low by their follies. But watching powerless fools practice public self imolation brings only sadness to my heart. Let us write of McGillis no more.

Anonymous said...

OMG! He has a letter from President Bush on his site. Did you see the flash presentation and how he is on one of the pictures? Super shallow!


Rumpole, I think he is flexing his legal and political muscle upon you. Have you been served?

One last thing, I thought he said he was not part of ORJ, speaks in the 3rd person and now has a flash presentation of US judicial power? Who will he sue next? The 3rd DCA, Florida Supreme Court, Rumpole or all? I think he is trying to make history here. Rumpole, can you stop him or not?

A Robed One said...

Mr. McGillis:

You throw out the phrase "show cause" very loosely. None of the dockets you have cut and pasted into your comments makes reference to a show cause order being issued against anyone. It appears the Fla SC issued a motion to stay an order of the 3d DCA sanctioning you. You are the only person I've ever seen able to spin this into some sort of victory by claiming the Fla SC has issued a show cause order and is about to sanction your opponent. Wake up and smell the coffee, son. You were sanctioned by the 3d DCA. That doesn't happen every day and is not done willy-nilly. Granting a motion to stay is only the Fla SC's way of preserving the status quo until it considers your appeal of the sanction order. Maybe you'll win, maybe you'll lose, but it takes a special individual to infer that the Fla SC is getting ready to reverse the 3d DCA and actually sanction your opponent.

Anonymous said...

dear; Robed One:

Getting ordered back to a deposition and sanctioned in small claims court does not happen everyday..... it takes some powerhouse lawyers to get sanctioned in small claims court... nah , yea ?? any more comments

Anonymous said...

To: a robed one

Thank you for clearing what I myself saw in the McGilllis case. My money is on the probability that he will sue the Fla SC next at the Federal level. Let's stay tuned.

Let's see.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

what a bunch of children grow up. no wonder miami has the worst legal system in the state.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever get sued

Anonymous said...

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