Monday, February 13, 2006


A reader tests our bravery:

Rumpole, are you going to stand up for liberty and run the Danish cartoons?

Rumpole replies: 1) it’s off topic; 2) sure- we’re anonymous anyway. What’s the worst that could happen, al queda crashes the web site? 3) anyone have the link to the cartoons?

John Gault writes:

Where the state begins, liberty ends. Don't talk about liberty if you favor welfare, social security, medicare, etc. Are you really for liberty over security, or does it just sound good in your little blog?

Rumpole roars 1) Who is John Gault?
2) don’t even start getting Ayn Rand with us. You do not want to go there. Trust us. We will flambĂ© your altruist/collectivist butt with non-stop objectivist philosophy. But that is not what this blog is about. This blog is about the Justice Building and we will not bore our readers with philosophical arguments that belong elsewhere.

Steve Levine fan club has more members: The groundswell continues: Steve Levine for Judge

Anonymous writes:

Steve Levine tries cases all the time. Most recently, he sent Phil Maniaty crying back to the office with an acquittal.

Rumpole responds: No cheap shots at Bow-tie Phil. He’s an old timer and OK in our book.

However, legal minds may differ:

Anonymous is no fan of Steve Levine:

Apd Steve Levine for judge? Is that a joke? The guy hasn't tried 5 jury trials in the past 10 years. What are you his brother or something?

Another reader notes:

Why give Victoria DelPino a hard time because of only 5 years experience? If I remember correctly, wasn't Beth Bloom at only 5 1/2 years when she filed? And Newman was at 4 yrs, 364 days.At least Delpino had the courage to put her name in an empty seat where she could get credible competition. According to this blog, she would have an easier time had she just picked a white male Jewish sitting judge to run against.

Rumpole notes: Judge Newman ran and had to withdraw when he jumped offsides and was penalized for running for judge a bit too early. However his second campaign scored a TD.

A reader writes about blogs and links:

Yes. That one [Rumpole notes that the post began with an answer to another post]. Start your own, say something interesting, and maybe we can get Rumpole to link to you.In event Markus links to Rumpole, his blog is pertinent, and I believe he's given Rumpole blog assistance in the past. I think he deserves to be cross-linked. Moreover, and in all seriousness, Markus' blog is topical and informative. I see no self promotion. He studiously avoids discussing his cases. (It's not like his average client is going to be swayed to hire him by a blog!) True, Markus did reprint a story from the DBR that involved him and his clients, but that was only after people, like myslef, referenced it in the comment section. The issue in the article was near and dear to lots and lots of attorneys... avoiding tainted money. Just ask Roy Black.

Rumpole notes: We have not linked to David Markus with a K’s blog for only one reason: technical incompetence. We note that Mr. Markus gave us publicity early and often and stepped in with technical assistance when the blog went kablooey

( a technical computer term). As of this post we are trying to post a permanent link with Mr. Markus. The initial results were that his blog was listed in 5 separate areas. If you checked in on line around 5PM Monday, you saw the carnage. Keep posted to see how many defense attorneys it takes to post a simple link.

Off topic: we heard this: the Olympic biathlon event should be renamed the “psycho killer event. First you ski 50 miles through the woods. Then you start shooting. "


With his distinguished acts and poor aim this weekend, VP Dick Cheney becomes the second sitting vice president in history to shoot someone.

Name the first.
Hint: think cold weather.

See You In Court.


Henry Leyte-Vidal said...

VP is AAron Burr

Anonymous said...

Le Monde published a cartoon that captured the debate between expression and blasphemy. I thought it was much better than those originally printed by Jyllands-Posten. You can see it here. The cartoonist is writing "Je ne dois pas dessiner Mahommet." (I must not draw Muhammed.)

The Jyllands-Posten cartoons can be seen here.

Anonymous said...

john gault is a distillation of the heroic potential in each of us. he divorced himself from society for various reasons and smokes a great deal of weed. specifically, cripto bud. he is a cross between a libertarian and anarchist. he is a fictional character. and he has a great love for the 1st ammendment.

Anonymous said... from political catoonist Daryl Cagle has the Danish cartoons as well as lots of other great ones.

Anonymous said...

Ayn Rand takes me straight back to high school! Fun writer. Philospher? Not so much.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Before people start disparaging Robin Blake. She was going in to see a client. The clients family was also in the waiting area. Per the corrections officers in my courtroom, the clients family handed her a few envelopes and asked her if she could take them up to the client. She was stopped no less than 10 feet from there. Please, lets give her the presumption of innocence that she deserves, and not use this to gossip about one. she deserves.

Anonymous said...

based on my calculations she pinched a gram. three quarters would be 21 grams. she is 1 gram shy.

Anonymous said...

And it was not TGK, it was DCJ

Anonymous said...

Robin's a great person and I highly
doubt that she would knowingly jeopardize herself over something like this. Hopefully, what the CO's
are saying will come to light and
the State will no action.

Anonymous said...

I think they call County Court - the "People's Court" and I can think of no-one better than Steve Levine to sit on the bench as a County Court Judge. He has dedicated his life to the criminal justice system, he has been in government service for the last 22 years, he has tremendous experience in the courtroom, and he is exactly the type of person we deserve to have on the County Court bench; someone who cares about those who are less fortunate, down on their luck, who barely have a leg to stand on.

I am sure that in a few more years, Ms. del Pino can gain that experience needed to become a more well-rounded person capable of sitting on the bench. For now, I will vote for experience, wisdom, compassion - I will vote for Steve Levine!!!

Anonymous said...

Let it be a lesson to all, your clients are presumed innocent until proven otherwise, but their family is generally guilty. The liberal ethos of innocense sometimes deludes lawyers into forgetting that we are dealing with criminals here. Blake will have to attest to this. for her sake.

Anonymous said...

Wow- Steve get some rest and please stop blogging about why you deserve to be a judge.

Spiderman said...

TGK, DCJ, MIA...the questions are the same:

Did you pack your bags yourself?

Have your bags been in your possession the entire time?

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, it's John GALT, NOT Gault. Maybe you were thinking of Wille Gault, who was also a heroic, individualistic figure in many regards.