Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Anonymous wants to be the next Raymond Chandler:

Rumpole sets the stage: A black and white film noir- the door to the chambers is frosted glass. The lawyer, wearing a wide brimmed fedora and a double breasted suit walks in. A frosted blond wearing too much liupstick and running a nail file across her nails looks up:

The JA's low growl left no doubt... "Buy my Thin-Mints® or the perp walks..."I set down a ten. "Keep the change, doll."Still burning, I tucked away the Girl Scout cookies and headed back to the court. I walked in to find a smirking judge. The defense attorney's grin confirmed my fears.., that and a half-dozen boxes of Samoas® stacked high to his right. I'd been played the fool. Licked, I accepted victim compensation and dropped everything.That afternoon I went back and bought a case of Tagalongs®. Sometimes the price of justice ain't cheap.

Someone wrote...

"JAs selling various items from within the chambers of a judge sniffs of other things being for sale..."Oooooooh, whatever could you be implying? Perhaps a covert girl-scout cookie operation! I smell a courtwide scandal

Anonymous has opened their copy of the Constitution:

I know law school was many moons ago but I thought the 1st Amendment dealt with government censorship. As a private citizen, Rump, is allowed to censor what he wants on his blog. Although, is the blog his property? Does the public need protecting from it? and...is it possible that this whole blog is part of some government conspiracy..... rump, are you sitting on the grassy knoll?

Prophet Mohammed cartoons here:

Anonymous wrote in with the link:

http://www.cagle.com/ from political catoonist Daryl Cagle has the Danish cartoons as well as lots of other great ones.

A lawyer who reads, writes:

Ayn Rand takes me straight back to high school! Fun writer. Philospher? Not so much.

Rumpole replies: put down your copy of The Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged and go buy "Philosophy, who needs it?" or "An Introduction to Objectivism" by Ms. Rand and do some serious reading.

Lawyer arrested: We presume her innocent:

Anonymous wrote:

Before people start disparaging Robin Blake. She was going in to see a client. The clients family was also in the waiting area. Per the corrections officers in my courtroom, the clients family handed her a few envelopes and asked her if she could take them up to the client. She was stopped no less than 10 feet from there. Please, lets give her the presumption of innocence that she deserves, and not use this to gossip about one.

And Anonymous writes:

Robin's a great person and I highly doubt that she would knowingly jeopardize herself over something like this. Hopefully, what the CO'sare saying will come to light andthe State will no action.

SY GAER STEPS UP: and wrote this:

can we move on now that I have revealed that I am the blogger?

Rumpole responds: Now we know what he is writing in that little black book of his. One of our favorite Sy stories is that as jury selection started, he leaned over and took our legal pad and ripped off a few sheets and said “now I’m ready.”
And if we recall, he won. [don’t read too much in to this- no way to tell if we were co-counsel or the other side].

The following is a paid political advertisement for Committee to elect Steve Levine:

I think they call County Court - the "People's Court" and I can think of no-one better than Steve Levine to sit on the bench as a County Court Judge. He has dedicated his life to the criminal justice system, he has been in government service for the last 22 years, he has tremendous experience in the courtroom, and he is exactly the type of person we deserve to have on the County Court bench; someone who cares about those who are less fortunate, down on their luck, who barely have a leg to stand on. I am sure that in a few more years, Ms. del Pino can gain that experience needed to become a more well-rounded person capable of sitting on the bench. For now, I will vote for experience, wisdom, compassion - I will vote for Steve Levine!!!

A trouble maker writes:

Great! Being the author of both the original comment of the JAPS problem and later the deleted comment, I hope the issue has come to a head and the JAPS problem is no longer. Stay tuned, other regretable realities at the Gerstein Building are forthcoming

Rumpole sez: There- you have a nickname: “Trouble maker” with a capital T that rhymes with P and stands for pissing us off. Use it when you post if you wish. See, we don’t remove all your stuff. However, we think you are [ the following comments were removed because they constituted a shocking personal attack]. There, how do you like them apples hot shot?

Trouble Maker waives the white flag in a subsequent post:

Being the author of the JAPS matter, I agree. I authored the comment about her looks as a cheap shot. It added nothing to the analysis. Sorry. I hope she and Leifman get the point. Basta. His honor should not be spoken and written about in this manner due to someone else's indiscretion. I have moved on. Personally, I hate the service and lines at Perfumania, but what can I do. See Ya there.

Rumpole grumbles: we’ll see how long you can control yourself. But thanks for stepping up and admitting the personal attack was out of line.

Riddle: What has 4 legs and chases Cats?
Mrs. Katz and her lawyer. (bad dom rel joke that doesn’t translate well when written).

Anonymous supports Judge Aleman:
Re Katz: GOOD! I wish some of our judges punished the many attorneys who get their "continuances" by ignoring judges' orders and not showing up (I remember a case many years ago where an attorney was denied his 8th continuance. Miraculously, we was unable to appear for trial because he was sick. Oh, and that was the 3rd setting in a row he was ill [yes, he was healthy for many settings in between]).

ON Getting a new Blog:

Anonymous writes:

I guess if we do not get our own blog your next move is to out us. No more anonimity will surely achieve your intended result. What is going on here? Is the KGB running this blog?

Rumpole responds: Teddy KGB is running the blog while holding up Oero cookies and twisting them.

Reminder- we can’t out you. When you post anonymously we cannot trace the post. Even if it could be done, noting our technical expertise, we couldn’t do it. Otherwise we could out Judge Rosinek for organizing a campaign against all those people who voted for Judge Blake as the Judge they would like to have. Ever see those two together? Its like Abbott and Costello. Former teacher and student- former law partners- judicial brethren. All around good guys.

See You In Court.

Ps. If you think about it, the JAPS thing could turn out to be an idea ahead of its time. Sort of like Walmart. Go to court, do your work, stop in Judge A’s chambers and buy perfume; go to Judge” B’s chambers, who is running a special on the latest videos, pick up two for the weekend, go to Judge C’s chambers, and buy q-tips and shampoo and some dog food.


Anonymous said...

ha, real funny. Walmart. This is about justice, not about commerce. or so I thought.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rump:

That wasn't a paid political announcement for Steve Leifman - it was a draft letter for Steve LEVINE to run against del Pino.

... and some very nice comments from ASA Phil "the fire" Maniatty -who has always been a professional and classy advocate for the people of Miami Dade County.

Rump - Keep up the good blogging !!!!

Anonymous said...

1/2 pound of herb? ms. blake, you need to dig deep and hire the best criminal defense atty in miami. i heard your dad was representing you. fire him and start interviewing lawyers.

Anonymous said...

1/2 pound of herb? ms. blake, you need to dig deep and hire the best criminal defense atty in miami. i heard your dad was representing you. fire him and start interviewing lawyers.

Fire your dad now!!! said...

Is her daddy even a criminal lawye?.Get Eddie O, (sr.) and the bullshit gets no-actioned, or a quick NG at trial. Stay with your papa and ... whatever happens , in some way, you'lll have deserved it for stupidity 2x.

Anonymous said...

You gotta be real careful with the families of your clients, and never take anything to a jail other than the file and a legal pad. Clients and their families often get pushy but you got to say no, or risk the same, or worse, trouble as Robin Blake's, like a client I had, a hitman, who asked me to give him a copy of the State's discovery response with the name and addresses of all the witnesses! After I stopped laughing, I told him a resounding "no".

Anonymous said...

does the client have a right to the disco? I'm just asking; I though cleints had an absolute right to the contents of thier file. Wise ones, how do you handle the situation Blake was in?

Anonymous said...

How do you handle the situation Blake was in? Hmmmmm. Let me think.......


Any more brilliant questions?

Anonymous said...

Maybe clients have an absolute right to the discovery but I'm not giving it to a guy for whom murder is just a job. I'll take it to the jail and use it to prepare the defense but I'm not leaving it with him.

Anonymous said...

The situation Blake was in is simply handled by not taking any stuff from friends and family to an incarcerated defendant. Let them give it to corrections or take it themselves in their next visit. Only take file, paperwork, pen, legal pad, and business cards when visiting clients in jail, and you should be safe.

Anonymous said...

Don't even let the client keep your pen. It can be used as a weapon.

Anonymous said...

what if she was trying to make a little extra $ on the side

Blake is guilty as hell! said...

I offer Ms. Blake 90 days house arrest F/B 2 years R/P, with a W/H.

Anonymous said...

pardon the interuption

Anonymous said...

that plea is rejected

Anonymous said...

Interruption has 2 r's in it. Learn to spell or stay the hell off the blog. I hate grammar errors!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can someone be a dear and tell me where I can purchase perfume testers are the Justice Building?

Anonymous said...

You must be a bitter prosecutor who was recently embarassed by Ms. Blake in trial or something. I'm sure you know by now that the case was No Actioned. It was over before it got off the ground. By the way, Ms. Blake is a good friend of mine and I would appreciate if you keep your uninformed comments to yourself.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the above comments are attempts to solicit high-profile cases online. The fact that you feel the need to solicit means you are probably some of the worst "criminal defense" lawyers around. For real lawyers, their clients come to them and not the other way around. Stop before you get reported to the Bar. "Anonymous" writers can still be tracked down, you know.

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Anonymous said...

Levine for judge? Watching him closely as a Surfside commissioner he seems unable to stick to a decision from one week to another. Disturbing also is his professing on one side of an issue and then voting the other to not upset the powers that be.