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Judge Aleman jailed defense attorney Adam Katz for 60 days (!!!!!!!) for missing a second trial date in two months. See the story here:,0,5424909.story?coll=sfla-news-broward

Late breaking news: lawyer to be released tonight:

Rumpole notes: North of the border. Sheesh. They’re crazy up there. We have had our run -ins with Judge Aleman, and because we can’t find anything nice to say about her, we will remain silent. Her actions speak louder than our words ever could. Nice appointment Governor Bush. (what would we she give us for this blog and our comments? 10/20/life?)


He hit the Miami airwaves with a publicity campaign calling him “tall, dark, and judgmental.”

Now he’s “tall, dark, and unemployed.”
Or try “tall, dark, and canceled.”
Anyway you cut it, we have it on rumor and innuendo that the television career of former Dade Circuit Judge Alex Ferrer has been JOA’d.
The people have voted, the jury has spoken: boring television? GUILTY.

Judge Marilyn wannabee? GUILTY.
No Ratings = no TV calendar.
However, all is not lost. We did hear a juicy tidbit: Judge Alex is a finalist to host “Hunting with Dick Cheney” on OLN.
PS: This rumor is rumor and has not been confirmed. Not that we are the harbinger of the televsision industry or anything.

Captain My Captain: ALL HANDS ON DECK as the Captain requests this blog sponsor a judicial candidate:

It is time for this BLOG to show its true strength - we need to draft a candidate to run against Victoria del Pino. A lawyer with barely five years of experience does not deserve to be sitting on the bench.I know of an Assistant Public Defender who has been practicing law for more than 20 years. He was in the civil arena before becoming an APD. He is an experienced and fantastic trial attorney, he cares about all of his clients, he participates in many community activities and he is a great father to his three children. This is someone who deserves to be considered for a judgeship in Dade County. This is what the citizens of Dade County deserve - an experienced courtroom attorney - in both the civil and criminal arenas, and someone who is a well-rounded individual on top of that.If we are really serious in promoting well qualified candidates, and this BLOG is serious about promoting the quality of justice, then we owe it to ourselves, to draft this candidate - for County Court Judge.I say we get APD Steven Levine to run for the seat!!!

Another reader jumps on the Levine bandwagon:

As a former ASA who faced many fine defense lawyers, Steve Levine was one of the finest opponents I had to go up against in all my years at the office. He was more prepared and more professional and did more for his clients than any other defense atty. He always did the best he could for his client - and isn't that the bottom line!!!

Rumpole wonders: if we endorse a candidate do we have to give equal time to the other candidates?
If we were to endorse a candidate it would be lawyer and Traffic Magistrate Tom Cobitz for County Court. Have you ever watched Tom in court? He is always cheerful, polite, and puts unrepresented defendants at ease with a bit of humor. Even when he adjudicates a person and sends them to traffic school, they usually leave smiling. Good job Tom, keep it up, and run for Judge will ya?

A reader votes early and often:

Levine over del Pino - he's got my vote!!!

Did We Surrender when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? No!
Anonymous writes:

The public defender's office doesn't need some trial lawyer leading them into battle. It doesn't need a cheerleader. It's not like Animal House with Blutarsky saying "Let's Do It!" It needs a person who can go toe to toe with the legislature, and get the resources needed for those APD's to do their job representing their indigent clients. Bennett Brummer has done just that quite well.

LEFT HOOK AL: DUI maven Mike Catalano has an Al Milian story:

When I was new defense attorney, I had a case against Al Milian. It was a DUI. (I think this was 1988)Although I never met him before, for simply filing a good motion to suppress he called me all kinds of names and made a nonsense bar complaint. He then stalked me for over 15 years.If he goes to rubber chicken campaign dinners, I will go too and remind people not to vote for whacko nut jobs like him.... the guy who simply beats up his opponents in the hallway.Hey, remember when he lost a agg bat case and told the press the jury was "lobotomized zombies and morons... I guess he does not believe in the jury system!!!He is a very dangerous person and should really think about doing something else for a living.If he becomes a judge, we will really have our hands full.Mike CatalanoMiami, FL

Rumpole Notes: When does stalking for 15 years become a serious problem? Plus, to stalk Catalano do you also need an airplane?

A cantankerous reader grumbles:

I can hear it now all you defense attorneys who have had it so good with the softer than butter Judges bellyaching about Al Milian. Come on you guys have Ex-pd's on the bench who conduct cross examination for the witless defense attorneys who appear in front of them. You have Judges who cry when they sentence Gort armed robbers to life. Do you hear ASA's writing in to this site whining like spoiled children? Grow up and live with the fact that there might actually be a new Judge who has trial experience and is State oriented.

Rumpole notes: Most ASA’s don’t have internet access at work, so they can’t write in.

Another reader notes:

Al Milian isn't state oriented. Al Milian is Al Milian oriented.

Another reader ponders the obvious:

Could the fine citizens of Miami-Dade County be stupid enough to vote for Al Milian, the ticking bomb of the bar? Unfortunately, the answer is probably "yes", unless we step up to the plate and force ourselves to write that check. I for one will be writing it even though I have never dealt with Judge Langer personally. I have dealt with former-persecutor Milian and he is everything people say about him and more

Rumpole quotes PT Barnum: no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the average American.

Judge Langer has fans:

Les Langer is a tremendous asset to the juvenile justice system and he would be an irreplaceable loss. He devotes an unbelievable amount of attention to the technocracy of complex juvenile issues. There is no way Milan could replace him. While Langer could improve in the area of holding the state to their burden and taking evidentiary issues seriously his loss would deprive the most vulnerable of Miami’s citizens (accused and troubled youth) of a hard working and experienced advocate.

Quote of the Day:

Dick Cheney.

Second quote of the day supplied by a reader:

"The spirit of liberty is the spirit which is not too sure that it is right..." -
Judge Learned Hand

Third Quote of the Day supplied by a reader:

Each time a man stands up for an ideal,or acts to improve the lot of others,or strikes out against injustice,he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope."- Robert F. Kennedy (1925-1968, American Attorney General, Senator)

Rumpole thinks the readers are getting a mite too serious.

A reader requests:

you should ask your readers a question. if they were killed who would they want as lead detective asa and judge? who would they dread as defending their killer?

Rumpole grouches: Who do we look like, Michael Dukakis? No, we will not ask that question. But thanks for thinking of us. Try a more uplifting web experience. Go here:

A reader who’s been riffling in the archives, has a comment about Bar Complaints:

Re: Brian Tannenbaum's 1/12/06 comment: Brian's comment points out one of the greatest flaws in The Florida Bar's grievance and disciplinary process. Too much anonymity and too little documentation to support grievance committee decisions. Written records are not ordinarily kept of grievance committee proceedings. The discussions are typically oral and not, routinely, recorded. This fosters cronyism characterized by a lack of meaningful investigations and nod-nod, wink-wink decisions when well-connected lawyers are involved. Many law firms are political juggernauts that enjoy a unique shield against consequences for violating The Rules Regulating The Florida Bar.

Rumole responds: Our initial response to bar complaints is the same as Tony Montoya’s:
“meeeeet my littllllle friend.”

On the NO BABIES AND BEEPERS post we received this reply:

Re: No kids no cells & beepers:I clerked in Circuit court and it was pretty sad to see kids exposed to the less attractive sides of their caregivers lives played out in front them. I mean do they really need to hear the charges against them, see the disappointment and fear in adults eyes and sit through trials where evidence is presented against the people they trust to take care of them? When they take Mom or Dad away in handcuffs it's a pretty upsetting sight!! They are not on a class trip where they are prepared for what they are about to see and supervised by a responsible adult sensitive to what is going on. They are brought to court by someone who is not respectful of the proceeding or the kid! Can't we make a rule? If the entre is priced over $25 or the person running the show is in a black robe, get a sitter!!!!!

Rumpole notes that the gentle reader misses the point. Yes, people should not bring their children to court to watch them led away in handcuffs. But many people come to court for different reasons, including cases in County Court where jail is unlikely. Our comment was directed to the Judges to treat people with kids like citizens and not outlaws. But, yes, if you want to raise a slam dunk topic, people should not bring children to court to get sympathy. Then again, the people in court facing serious charges have already demonstrated a serious lack of judgment on many other issues.

If you want sympathy, hire an incompetent defense attorney and maybe the judge will feel bad for you.

See You In Court not missing any trial dates with Judge "60 Days to repent" Aleman.


Anonymous said...

Jailed lawyer to be released tonight

By Sara Olkon

Adam Katz, the Coral Springs lawyer sentenced Friday to two months in jail because he missed two court dates, will be released from jail sometime early tonight.
As a condition of his release, Katz has to undergo a 48- to 72-hour evaluation to see if he has a drug or alcohol problem.
His attorney, Richard Rosenbaum, said he does not think his client needs the evaluation but offered it to expedite the release.
Broward Circuit Judge Cheryl Alemán had sentenced Katz, 39, for a contempt-of-court charge. During sentencing Friday, the judge said she thought he needed the evaluation

Romble said...

Gen. Patton said "Every great leader in history reviews his troops." Brummer leaves such responsibilties to David Weed. Obviously this tact has not be working that well....
You post under estimates what a trial lawyer at the head of either the SAO or the PDO would do for atty morale. Trial atty's would love it.
Finally as for funding, the PDO is given 1 dollar for every 2 dollars the SAO is given. That is the formula. Both offices have plenty of $- it's just a question of how they spend it and who they spend it on.

Anonymous said...

Cobitz only hope is to get appointed. Unless ofcourse he
has a nice wad of money at his
disposal. Say like 100K.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Steve Levine, don't ya love that New York accent still
kickin strong.

I can see it now, during a motion
hearing, Steve the Judge will say
to the Sate "get outta heeere with

Anonymous said...

The post by the person about how jews used to play the name game was an interesting one and I am surprised that you didnt respond to it. What is it Phil are you afraid to offend your peeps?

Anonymous said...

Lets tahe a look at Adam Katz mug shot.

Anonymous said...

There are lots of folks who have applied recently that should take Ms. del Pino on. Here's a few suggestions (in no particular order): Scott Fingerhut, Lisa Walsh, Miguel De la O, Bill Altfield, Edith Osman, Maria Rubio, Judge Prescott, or Judge Tunis. Lots of good people around.

Rumpole said...

Rumpole responds here about the reader who posted about a previous post:
The comment about Jewish people was at best, in- artfully phrased. Topics like Latinos running against Jewish males have been properly discussed in the past. Initially, we just ignored the post because it was poorly written. In retrospect, after reading your post, we reviewed it and agree it crossed the line, and we removed it. The point could have been made in a way that would not raise eyebrows as to whether the poster was anti-Semitic.
However, you, Inspector Clouseau have no idea who our “peeps" are, and you would be best to stop making popular but inaccurate accusations as to our identity. Among other things, its beginning to annoy the person/people who are most commonly accused of authoring this blog.

Rumpole said...

And furthermore, we know it annoys people because they send us emails that are becoming more and more angry.
Finally, there is no truth to the rumor that Bennett Brummer has invited us to go on Dick Cheney's next hunting trip.

Jason Grey said...

Bet ya ferrer comes back and runs for state attorney.

Anonymous said...

No one gives a damn whether the state attorney or the pd can try a case. The only people who did were the pathetic losers who lost the 2004 PD race.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Rumpole, the post about the perfumes is mean-spirited, nasty, has no redeeming social value whatsoever, and should be removed. It's only aim is to make needless trouble for a very hardworking JA who runs her judge's office in a very efficient manner.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last post - it is unfair to specifically target this JA without listing what items are for sale by JA's in other chambers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I said Trial Lawyers would like it if the PD or SA tried a case. Sorry it offended you so - you must be in the administration.

Anonymous said...

In respponse to your response, the JA happens to not run her operation with the required efficiency that a chambers seems to require. It is for this reason that we bring up the "Perfume Problem." Notwithstanding, JAs selling various items from within the chambers of a judge sniffs of other things being for sale, and this is regretable. A JA should never bring reproach upon her judge, and this one does.

Anonymous said...

Someone wrote... "JAs selling various items from within the chambers of a judge sniffs of other things being for sale..."

Oooooooh, whatever could you be implying? Perhaps a covert girl-scout cookie operation! I smell a courtwide scandal.

Anonymous said...

Do you want the lady fired you asshole? Why bring attention to something like that. Mind your own buisness and stick to snitching your clients instead of being a rat yourself.

Anonymous said...

Someone wrote... Do you want the lady fired you asshole?

Which post are you responding to?

I certainly don't think she should be fired... indeed I think the suggestion that she is impugning the integrity of the office is a bit silly.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea for a poll. Why don't you post a poll asking who people think Rumpole is. here is the do not decide what names are in the poll. The top 15 people nominated by posters will appear in the poll, and then people can vote on who they believe you to be.
My nominee: Everyone's favorite, Phil Reizenstein

Anonymous said...

I just don't see Rumpole as a former ASA, much less a Division Chief Prosecutor as Reizenstein was.

Anonymous said...

Phil ain't Rumpy. I heard it was Joe Frederick.

Anonymous said...

In response to your commenting of my being being an asshole, the next time you have the opportunity to question the integrity of a judge because (s)he doesn't rule in your favor, don't let the peddling JA come to mind. The integrity of the court and the process should be more important than the profit margins of the opprtunistic "peddler." It plainly says on Judge Slom's door that judges are not to accept gifts, however much they would appreciate them. Nevertherless, if you purchase enough perfumes from Leifman's store, I wonder if you can curry any additional favors. GET REAL. I AM AN ASSHOLE FOR CALLING HER ON HER SHIT, BUT LEIFMAN'S OPERATION LOOKS LIKE A JOKE TO ME. I GUESS HE WON'T GET MY VOTE.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Your argument would be far stronger if it made sense.

Phil R said...

I would post more on this blog, except I saw what happened to Bobby Reiff and Brian Tannebaum, and who needs that aggravation? I will just simply smile, shake my head when being accused of something I didn't do. Sorry folks.

Anonymous said...

The JA's low growl left no doubt... "Buy my Thin-Mints®
or the perp walks..."

I set down a ten. "Keep the change, doll."

Still burning, I tucked away the Girl Scout cookies and headed back to the court. I walked in to find a smirking judge. The defense attorney's grin confirmed my fears.., that and a half-dozen boxes of Samoas® stacked high to his right. I'd been played the fool. Licked, I accepted victim compensation and dropped everything.

That afternoon I went back and bought a case of Tagalongs®. Sometimes the price of justice ain't cheap.

Anonymous said...

To imply that Leifman would rule favorably to those who bought perfume from his JA is ridiculous. And if that is the case... I want my money back; my motion was denied!
What about those clerk's always trying to hit us up for that United Way campaign? Twenty bucks for a box of doughnuts? Whose pocket is that going in?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

i did call you an asshole but your post should not have been taken down. if it makes you feel better i am an asshole also and so are all my friends. dispite this, my natural impulse is to defend the little guy- so leave the little lady alone.

Anonymous said...

The comment deleted stuff is sketchy, Rump. Unless the person is engaging in speech not protected by the 1st Amendment, you ought to leave it up, and let other speech counter it. I do love the blog, though. Thanks for doing it.

Anonymous said...

I know law school was many moons ago but I thought the 1st Amendment dealt with government censorship. As a private citizen, Rump, is allowed to censor what he wants on his blog. Although, is the blog his property? Does the public need protecting from it? it possible that this whole blog is part of some government conspiracy..... rump, are you sitting on the grassy knoll?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Someone wrote...


Sigh. I guess the pro se litigants have found the blog.

Anonymous said...

WTF is the point anyways?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The two nominees thus far are:
Phil Reizenstein
Joe Frederick
I am going to add:
Jackie Woodward

Sunny said...

Can tell you it's not Jackie. I was at dinner with her when Rumpole posted last night. Which did leave Phil at home all alone... He was supposed to have been home asleep??? Although it would have been hard for him to post while they were away in Colorado last week.

Anonymous said...

I think that they have computers in Colorado, but not sure

Sy Gaer said...

can we move on now that I have revealed that I am the blogger?

Anonymous said...

The blogger is Milton Hirsch. There.

Anonymous said...

Re Katz: GOOD! I wish some of our judges punished the many attorneys who get their "continuances" by ignoring judges' orders and not showing up (I remember a case many years ago where an attorney was denied his 8th continuance. Miraculously, we was unable to appear for trial because he was sick. Oh, and that was the 3rd setting in a row he was ill [yes, he was healthy for many settings in between]).

Anonymous said...

Milton Hirsh could never create something so cool.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing Markus with a K

Anonymous said...

Re: Adam Katz. I bow to no lawyer in my dislike for Judge Aleman, whose religious fervor makes any of her judgments suspect as her way of forwarding that agenda, but 2 absences in a month from trial settings calls for a judge to take action. Referring him for an evaluation was an appropriate step; summarily sentencing him to 60 days in the slam (her first response) was not. But (and I do not know Katz) if he does have issues with drugs/alcohol et al., his friends surely had some idea of it, and were too protective of his privacy to intervene with him, talk to his partners/associates/boss, or even call Florida Lawyers Assistance confidentially on his behalf. At least 2 terrific lawyers I knew have died of alcoholism and/or drugs in the past couple of years, and I had no idea in either case, until it was too late. I hope that if Mr Katz indeed has a problem, he will feel free to join us at the FLA support meetings in his area; he will be made welcome, I guarantee it. (The FLA meeting in Miami, by the way, is on Mondays at 5.30 pm. The confidential hotline for FLA is 1-800-282-8981.)

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