Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Several readers have a problem. Admitting they have a problem is the first step to recovery.
Anonymous confessed:

i think i have justice building blog addiction.

And another reader also confessed:

I'm addicted too. Is there some type of support group we should join

Rumpole helps out:


1. We admitted we were powerless over the BLOG. That our lives had become unmanageable, our caseloads exploded, as we spent more and more time on the blog
instead of work.

2. We came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves [Bennett H Brummer] could restore us to sanity by restricting our daytime access to the blog.

3. We made a decision to turn our careers over to the care of Stein and Brummer as we understood them.

4. We made a searching and fearless inventory of ourselves and why we could not get through the day without a bit of wisdom from Jason Grey, or reading about the latest attack on Bobby Reiff.

5. We admitted to Bennett Brummer all the posts we made on the blog about him.

6. We were entirely ready to have Bennett Brummer remove the Justice Building link to the Blog from our “Favorites” on our web browser.

7. We humbly asked Him [BHB] to remove our negative posts about him.

8. We made a list of all persons we had slammed on the blog , and became willing to make amends to them all.

9. We made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or cause Bobby Reiff to sue us.

10. We continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong on a blog post, we promptly admitted it.

11. We Sought through prayer and meditation to stay away from the blog, improve our opinion of Bennett Brummer, praying only for knowledge and the power to stay away from the blog, or at least spell check our posts before posting them.

12. We, having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, tried to carry this message to others addicted to the blog, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.

Good Luck with the addiction. See You In Court.

No truth to the rumor Judge Rosinek will be conducting a "blog court" for those attorneys caught and prosecuted for posting on the blog.

PSS: We received a very nice email from a REGJB Judge who told us that s/he reads the blog often and so do many civil court Judges. So what does that mean? Well, among other things, we have to stop using words with more than three syllables .

Why is it that even when a robed reader goes out of their way to be nice to us, we have to take a cheap shot? Probably years of resentment spilling out. Maybe we need a 12 step program. "Judge Jabbers Annonymous" Anyway, in all seriousness, thanks for the compliment Judge.


Anonymous said...

Just saw movie requium for a dream. were not that bad of i guess.

Anonymous said...


David Young said...


Sy Gear asked for discovery! Yes it is true. I was honored to participate in such a historic event.

Anonymous said...

What is up with all the negativity toward Brummer, Rumpy? Can't you leave the guy alone for at least a couple days? Geez.

Anonymous said...

blog addicted helpful hint:

just police your office's internet access like the state attorney's office does so you can't read or post during the day

Anonymous said...

"bee care full win yew ewes spell checque:?."
- Gary Vert

Rumpole said...

Rumpole notes: 1- we did NOT delete the comment that was deleted. We guess the person who posted it did.

2- The post on the blog was not as much negative to Brummer as a humorous (or attempt at humor) regarding previous Brummer posts. ie., posts that mentioned he was trying to stop him employees from accessing the blog, etc.

Anonymous said...

Stop talking about Brummer already. He's is a shit bird - we get the message.

Anonymous said...

Brummer wants to pretend to care, please. Does he live in a nice neighborhood or in the hood? It is nice to talk about caring when you need votes, especially when you are going back to George Jefferson's House in the sky. Want a fool. Does he even know how to do an opening statement still or ever?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Want a fool. Does he even know how to do an opening statement still or ever?

"Want a fool?" Where "or ever" did you learn English?