Monday, August 13, 2012


Tomorrow is election day in Miami Dade. In Hialeah, election day has been held for the last sixteen days, and depending upon the number of absentee ballots you filled out, you may well be able to vote at least twice tomorrow.

But for the rest of us, tomorrow is the day to vote in local elections. We have refrained from making any endorsements, but we feel pretty comfortable in saying this:

Judge Andrea Wolfson has done a great job on the bench and there is no rhyme or reason for why she has opposition. She is a good judge who did not deserve any opponents and she should be elected. If you vote in Hialeah, you can vote for her twice! Although we are sure she wouldn't want you to do this. Once is enough.

Kathy Fernandez Rundle merits being retained. Rod Vereen would be a good State Attorney, but his association with nefarious individuals, who this being Miami, are police officers, is disturbing at best.

So go stand in line tomorrow and be a good American and vote for your favorite judge, many of whom have  been at the polling places for the last week or so during early voting, sweating, and cursing the misfortune that brought them an opponent. Don't feel too bad  for them however. Once elected, they'll take it out on you in court.


Anonymous said...

I recently started working for KFR and it is one of the most diverse offices I've ever worked at. It is well run and she definitely deserves to be re-elected. God help us if Vereen wins.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Vereen has as much chance as winning as he did when he ran last year for us house of representatives. Zero.

And please don't say things like god help us with respect to who would run the state attys office. Especially in this context. You sound like a fool.

After rundle hangs it up Jose A will take over the office. He is a great guy.

Cisco Kid

CAPTAIN said...


from the Miami New Times ... on Mitt Romney visit to Miami:

Today, Mitt Romney is foregoing a Miami political campaign tradition by skipping over Versailles restaurant in Little Havana. Instead, Mittens will be hobnobbing with a convicted cocaine smuggler. The Republican presidential candidate is holding an afternoon rally at Palacios de los Jugos at 7085 Coral Way, which is owned by Reinaldo Bermudez, who served three years in federal prison after pleading guilty in 1999 to one count of conspiracy to distribute cocaine.


Cap Out ...

Anonymous said...

Wolfson is far from a good judge. She is about as biased towards the State as judges come.

Anonymous said...

A few court appointment checks rolled in today and a few new clients and i did over 20K so, just because I can, I went out and bought a new Breitling watch. It's nice to be me.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole you stated,

"Kathy Fernandez Rundle merits being retained. Rod Vereen would be a good State Attorney, but his association with nefarious individuals, who this being Miami, are police officers, is disturbing at best".

Your statement is misleading and ambiguous at best. What is ironic is that you stated, "Rod has associated with nefarious individuals;and just who is that? The only nefarious association I have witnessed, is that of the felonious staff, of which Kathy Rundle, has employed, the likes of Guillermos"Jerry"Ramos,Deisy Cabrera, and Al Lorenzo;are you serious? Your comment is preposterous, and your assessment is erroneously bias.

As far as being meritable, what is meritable about having had her ASA's numerously cited for prosecutorial misconduct,Gail Levine, Richaard Scruggs, further more Broweird as weird as they are, have made readily available a Brady List to identify bad Law enforcement,if Kathy is so meritable with all the corruption she claims to have fought, why will she not comply with a fundamental right of our Constitution?

Rumpole, your a nice guy and all but your discernment stinks. I question your perspicuity, character, and motive. I believe you cannot handle an African American heading the SAO. So take your dismissive and subjective analysis, and place it where the rest of your head is.

I'm just sayin' said...

Your readers should know that Wolfson met with and was endorsed by the CHRISTIAN COALITOIN. Save Dade is not happy.
Voters should know..'
I'm just sayin'

CAPTAIN said...



Dozens of 'innocent' prisoners could be freed (USA Today)

Dozens of federal prisoners who are locked up even though prosecutors concede they are "legally innocent" could soon be released under new orders from the U.S. Justice Department.

The department confirmed Monday that it had instructed its lawyers to abandon legal objections that could have blocked — or at least delayed — the inmates from being set free. In a court filing , the department said it had "reconsidered its position," and that it would drop its legal arguments "in the interests of justice."

The shift follows a USA TODAY investigation in June that identified more than 60 people who were imprisoned for something an appeals court later determined was not a federal crime. The investigation found that the Justice Department had done almost nothing to identify those prisoners — many of whom did not know they were innocent — and had argued in court that the men were innocent but should remain imprisoned anyway.

CAP OUT ....

CAPTAIN said...



Regardless of whether you may be a supporter of KFR or Mr. Vereen, of Judge Wolfson or one of her two opponents, or any of the other many qualified candidates, please exercise your right and VOTE.

Good luck to all of the candidates.

And remember, it's T minus 84 days until the next election, and that one my friends, will determine the future of our courts, and our country.

Cap Out .....

Rumpole said...

The thugs who run the police union who personally intimidate prosecutors who go after corrupt police officers. Those are the people Rod has been associating with in this election and their tactics disturb me. This is not about Rod's color. How do you know what race I am? We have arrived at a time in America where a person can criticize a black candidate for his views and actions and not be accused of being a racist. In other words, I judge Rod by the content of his character and not the color of his skin - and we all know who dreamed of an America like that, right? The troubling part here is that I know Rod to be a person of upstanding character, which makes his association with these thugs all the more troubling. Go ask any Dade public corruption prosecutor about their tactics.

Anonymous said...

I have always found Wolfson to be fair, respectful, punctual, and hard-working. I think she should be elected. I remember Spiegel having a temper issue back in the day, and I have heard the other opponent has never had a jury trial.

"American Minority" said...

Rump, spare me with the cliches okay.

Who is it that you are claiming to be nefarious, John Rivera? If he is so nefarious then Why is he currently the PBA President? Also these officers you claim that are thugs who are they? If these officers are showing support for a fellow officer who finds himself in uncertainty.

Your claims of illegality are ambiguous and unsubstantiated. Go ask any ASA if they have a readily available Brady List. Other wise save your faulty theory that this man you claim has upstanding character, to be associated with "nefarious individuals".

Lets talk impropriety, Sergio Pino from the Latin Builder's Association, who thirteen(13)days after having held a fund raiser for Rundle his daughter's pending cocaine charge was dropped.

Rump, lets talk integrity and honesty and most importantly respect for the Law. Spare me the I have a dream speech. This is reality and I question the content or your bias character.

Let's talk reality if the PBA had endorsed Kathy would we be having this discussion. No Like I said Rump your a reasonable guy, but your assessment is clearly biased.

"American Minority" said...

BTW Rump,its with this being Miami not "who this being Miami".

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me when Judge V. Siegler will be up for re-election. I will also appreciate your comments in regards to her work at the bench up to now. Is she a fair judge? What is your opinion.

Rumpole said...

AM- you equate leadership with meaning the person must be honest? Thus, because Rivera is president of the PBA he must be honest? Like Assad is President of Syria, so he must be honest? Or Stalin was honest? Or Khadaffi? Or Castro? Really? That's your defense of Rivera? You haven't been in court and seen his tactics. This is the real world, Grow up.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

all the people who were endorsed by Save Dade first sought the endorsement of the Christian family coalition but were rejected.

Anonymous said...

Voting for judges by the average voter is almost impossible if you like making an educated decision on any of them. If you are not in the legal profession you are out of the loop.

Kissimmee Kid said...

“Why are Republican Governors enacting ‘voter fraud’ laws which will effectively disenfranchise tens if not over a hundred thousand eligible voters from voting?”

Silly, they want to suppress the vote. Right-wing asshats love to carry IDs; freedom-loving lefties can’t find their wallets.

Voter ID requirements keep people from voting. To the autocratic authoritarians of the Republican Party; keeping voters from voting is a positive outcome.