Thursday, August 23, 2012


When you file a petition for cert to the United States Supreme Court, it helps when the NY Times editorializes that the court should take the case. From the NY Times Op Ed Prosecutorial Abuse: 

This case was brought against Dr. Ali Shaygan for allegedly dispensing drugs outside the scope of his medical practice. He was acquitted of all charges in 2009, after a four-week trial and jury deliberations of only three hours.
The trial judge awarded almost $602,000 to cover Dr. Shaygan’s lawyers’ fees and expenses and reprimanded the prosecutors, who had threatened a defense lawyer with a “seismic shift” if he asked the judge to suppress statements obtained from Dr. Shaygan in violation of his rights. When the defense lawyer went ahead with his request, the prosecution, in reprisal, increased the number of charges from 23 to 141. The judge, quite rightly, said the government had not acted in “good faith,” in addition to perpetrating other “conscious and deliberate wrongs.”
Lesson: When you mess with Mr. Markus, his publicity machine reaches into the upper levels of the NY Times. 
We're not out out of the woods yet, but you should postpone  that trip to Key West.

Broward has issued an email alert on the storm:
We are tracking the current storm activity. In the event of a tropical storm or hurricane approaching our area we will make a decision regarding closure. Should Broward come under a tropical storm or hurricane warning, the closure information will be posted on our website at 

Judge Peter M. Weinstein
17th Judicial Circuit Court

Our Chief Judge is considering closing courts for the Heat's victory parade.  

You can follow the 11th judicial circuit on twitter @MiamiDadeCourts. Latest Tweet: "Sad to see Dolphin coaching great Don Shula retire." 


Anonymous said...

I'm a state employee. I love hurricanes. I get paid no matter what. Blow baby blow.

Pinecrest Pete said...

I may need to shumie it this afternoon and get the hurricane shutters out. Standard ritual. Put two six packs in a cooler. First six pack goes down as I pull the shutters out of the garage and place them around the house. Then a burger. Second sixer goes down as I screw the damn things in. Nice to have the power driver, but still a pain.

Miami Shores Sam said...

Pinecrest Pete...I'm with you brother.

Anonymous said...

New SAO jamming device interfering with cell phone signals and use of the REGJB wi-fi. Goal is to prevent defense from using computers during voire dire to run jurors and check their Facebook pages while they do the same thing.

Ever wonder why sometimes the wi-fi works perfectly and sometimes it doesn't. Very few at the SAO (no attorneys) know about "Project Knockoff" or "PK" as they SAO courtroom techs call it.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for all the posers to post juvenile/locker mentality comments about how they met some hottie while buying hurricane supplies whom they invited to stay with them during Hurricane Issac.

Anonymous said...

Geeze you read my mind. I was working on the comment right now, Meanwhile, Project knockout is an open secret at the courthouse.

Anonymous said...

I'm a fifty year old with a beer gut and a comb over. I met this hotttie babe while standing in line buying batteries and a twenty four case of bottled water. She noticed my Porsche keychain and asked if I would take her for a spin. Twenty years old and working her way through law school and a banging body. I took her for a spin and invited her back to my waterfront condo. She gave me a lap dance and then we hit the sheets. Didn't even the Viagra.

Anonymous said...

i am a twenty year old law student. the other day i was at the store and noticed a horrible old man with a porsche key chain. he invited me for a spin and then we went to his apartment. it smelled like hell! i slept with the guy for $300.00 US in order to buy books for the coming semester. It was the worst experience i have ever had! pls dont tell him i wrote this. but if you do tell him to take a Viagra next time.


Anonymous said...

that is one pissed off judge..

Anonymous said...

The Res Ipsa Loquitur is coming up with a special premium backpage section to connect hot UM law students with wealthy, middle-aged, local attorneys. It's expected to be one of the most successful programs ever created by the law school.