Friday, July 27, 2012


South Florida Lawyers reported on how the State Attorney was Zlocked ( (c) Justice Building Blog 2012, all rights reserved) in her recent lawsuit to open up the August 14 "primary". 

Trivia question: which current circuit court judge was reported to the bar by then chief judge Tjoflat of the 11th circuit  when he was a defense attorney and made fun of the judge's name in a FACDL mailing?  Judge Tjoflat is currently the longest serving federal appeals court judge since although he is eligible for senior service, he has not elected it. Judge Tjoflat was appointed to the 5th circuit by President Ford and confirmed in November 1975. 

By the time you're reading this, the Bar Exam in Florida is OVER. Congrats to all those who finished, and we sincerely hope you never have to go back to Tampa... unless you want to. 

The Olympics have already started and the opening ceremony is tonight. 
USA...USA.... actually our loyalties lie with the host country. Rule Britannia and all that. 
Meanwhile Mitt Romney's visit to our beloved London has set back US-Great Britain relations worse than the war of 1812. Open mouth...insert foot (albeit covered in silk socks and $1,000.00 shoes) 

DOM has a "feisty" (his word, not ours) update. 

Shooting tragedy: Carol City Highschool graduate Paul Royal, age 18, days away from starting his college football career, was shot and killed outside his home Tuesday the Herald reports.  Royal who wanted to get out of Miami before becoming another statistic becomes just that: one teen every three hours is killed by gunfire in the United States. Hard to figure out how having more guns in circulation would have stopped this tragedy. 

Another steamy summer weekend is upon us. 


Rumpole said...

We're a little bit conflicted now about posting the answer. Sleeping dogs should lie and just because we have a long memory doesn't mean one mistake a very nice person made a long time ago should haunt them forever. What to do? Really. We don't run this blog to hurt people. What were we thinking when we wrote that late last night?

Rumpole said...

Not for nothing, but reading the news from London yesterday (The Times of course and it even made Le Monde from Paris) Mitt Romney had an awful day yesterday. He insulted the people of London causing two very public dustups with the mayor of London and then the PM. Then a fundraiser with a bank in trouble and then a "secret" debriefing by MI6 about the situation in Syria which his people obviously leaked to the press causing the voracious British media to take pictures of him entering and leaving the SIS building, and making fun of his "secret" visit.
Mitt learned that foreign policy is a mite bit harder than it first seemed. His first foray can't get any worse. Oh wait. He's heading to Israel. Uhho. Hold on tight.

Anonymous said...

So whats the update on the two lawyers from last Weeks huge news story? Any bar complaints coming? Seems as if it is back to business as usual for them and once again that the lawyers on this blog just love to bitch and moan but never actually do anything..........

Anonymous said...

YOu have not mentioned a thing about the Absentee Ballot Fraud.
2 women were busted in Hialeah (of course) with possession of 18 absentee ballots. The were working for Alberto Lorenzo, all the attention is going to the fact they were working for Carlos Gimenez but Carlos Gimenez's consultant is Al Lorenzo. The women said they were also working for some judicial candidates but of course that did not make the news either. Who are Al Lorenzo's candidates? This is an assualt to our democracy, when ballots are bought and manipulate the people suffer.

Rumpole said...

Hialeah is to Miami as Osaka, Japan is to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It's another world nee universe. If you wish to be our foreign correspondent for Hialeah please email us and we shall discuss it. Meanwhile your news has been posted.

Anonymous said...

Rump- can you at least mention that the offending judge wrote something to the effect that he didn't know what a Tjoflat was but it seemed like it was something that was in a bathroom tissue of a teenage boy?

PETFL said...

People For the Ethical Treatment Of Florida Lobsters
May be be dunked in butter and well seasoned so he knows what it feels like.

Anonymous said...

Okay Rump, responding to your "ideal world" post in reply to my question, since it seems we are now engaged in an adult debate.

I agree with your number one 100% -- enforce the laws we have. I'll jump to your last one about trigger locks just begin to highlight how uninformed you are: already being done. Let's talk about the hunting gun vs "assualt weapon" distinction -- it's a fantasy. Most hunting guns are far more powerful and share many (and I mean many)of the same characteristics as what people like you are mistakenly calling assualt weapons. That's one of the biggest problems with trying to draw the distinction. I won't labor you with the facts, which I doubt interest you, but google the topic, and there will be ample discussion should you choose to inform yourself.

The concealed weapon permit issue. One for hunting, car, home, bathroom, closet, etc. Nonsense. Unworkable, unenforceable, and you better than anyone should know what happens when our government begins to parse existing laws into tiny little bits (even if well-meaning): they become vehicles for overly aggressive agents and prosecutors to prosecute more otherwise law-abiding people. Let's enforce the ones we have.

Now there is something you said with which I sort of agree, and which I can speak on from experience. I think the minimum training requirements to obtain a CCW should be enhanced. So I don't agree that you should make it "harder" as you say, but would fully support far more required training and educational requirements before issuance. Perhaps that does end up making it harder, but I think if it as making it more comprehensive. And, further,just as LEOs are required to periodically qualify with their service weapons, I don't see why civilians shouldn't be required to demonstrate the same profficiency to retain their CCW privileges. So, we sort of agree there.

And stop this nonsense of more guns more violencs. It's silly. As a percentage of the overall gun ownership in this country, guns involved in violence represent a fraction of one percent, are almost always obtained illegally, and used by people who are prohibited them from possessing them.

And I will venture a guess on the shooters in the case from today's Herald. They aren't first time offenders. They aren't second time offenders. In fact, they are probably well, well past that. You and I both know that. So they are probihited from possessing the gun they used to shoot the kid, which we both know they didn't go into a shop and buy, or go through a back ground check to get, or wait any amount of time to get it. We agree so far?

But here's the kicker: Perhaps they really should be in prison somewhere but for the extraordinary efforts of one of our skilled colleagues. Actually, they should probably be in prison but for the efforts of more than one of our skilled colleagues over the years. I've had clients that I've worked miracles for go out and do horrific things like this. Surely you have too, no?

Who has blood on their hands? The millions of lawful gun owners and advocates of the Second Amendment or the attorneys who, in preserving the Constitution for the rest of us, did the work that set these monsters free?

I say neither.

What say you Rumpole?

The Devil's Advocate said...

Ah yes, the comment about the member of the judiciary. I remember it well, but agree that is better left unsaid. It was actually an attempt at humor and was considered funny at the time until, that is, some jerk had to notify the judge. This should be a reminder to all especially with e-mails snd texts, that once information is out there you can't control what somebody else may do with it . And I believe the comment was similar but slightly different than the previous post at 8:34 indicated. No need to embarrass anyone decades later.. Enuf' said.

CAPTAIN said...
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H.M.S. Pinafore said...

Hey Rump, at least tell me if I was right. I won't advertise it.

H.M.S. Pinafore

Anonymous said...

Results of a 1-minute search limited to today's news only:


"Gun carrying man ends stabbing spree at Salt Lake grocery store"

But you're right, Rump. Bad and/or crazy guys are so adept at their crimes, and good guys are such hapless fools, that firearm can never be used in self defense. Well, except for all the thousands of times a year that they are.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree. Lobsters have rights. The right to be delicious.

Anonymous said...

The trivia question and answer are fair for one reason: the judge in question is now himself also a judge!

2 points:

1) State Circuit Court Judge doesn't have his cases go before the 11th for review. So no worries.

2) As now himself a judge, he could maybe use a reminder that otherwise good lawyers sometimes make bonehead mistakes.

If the bone head in question were still a litigator, that might be different.

Anonymous said...

oh come on...not fair to tease us and not give the answer.

Anonymous said...

Here is a problem I see happening repeatedly in this debate, or maybe I should say a few problems.

1) statistics are unreliable, vary depending on the source, can be manipulated depending which side of the debate you are on.

2) anecdotal evidence is extrapolated to be used to predict or explain wider behavior.

3) highly publicized incidents incite knee jerk reactions.

What I take from this is the following:

1) guns are prolific and a ban will never work.

2) the idea of extensive and continuing training and education is essential and should be mandatory.

3) enforcement of existing laws is the place to start. As a defense attorney min man laws make my job difficult, but as applied to people who have no business owning a firearm because they cannot comport themselves to society rules- prison is the place for them. What will make us most safe is for these people to be put away.

4) mental health issues in this county go unnoticed, untreated, undiagnosed and as this continues, things get worse.

Something that seems to get very little discussion here, is what I believe is the reason the second amendment exists. We are not given the right to bear arms to protect ourselves from one another. The right derives from the desire of the founding fathers to defend themselves from a tyrannical government. I think when the ability of the people to defend themselves from the most powerful force they will ever encounter is taken away from them, then all freedom is lost.

People often think what it would be like if only criminals had guns. I shudder at that thought, but what would it be like if only the government had guns. I say it would be not much better.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rump,

I not only had the right answer buth the whole story and you did not post the answer. What's up with that.

Anonymous said...

Exactly when did the Olympics turn into a supersized Broadway musical?

Anonymous said...

Two very wise and proven bumper stickers:

FEAR THE GOVERNMENT THAT FEARS YOUR GUN (something that history has proven time and time again).

WHEN GUNS ARE OUTLAWED, ONLY OUTLAWS WILL HAVE GUNS (something that Chicago and the District of Columbia have proven time and time again).

Anonymous said...

So you ask a trivia question knowing that publishing the answer will be embarassing to a sitting judge and then you decide not to publish the answers?????

This time you are right. Everyone loves that particular sitting judge and he was wrong to insult that federal judge who did somthing really stupid.

See....sometimes we all make mistakes!

Anonymous said...

Bravo 4:43:00. Couldn't have said it better.

Anonymous said...

What did the lawyer (now judge) say? Sounds to me like the Federal judge needed a sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole is Milt. Eumpole is Milt. That is why no matter what happens, Rumpole never says anything bad about Milt.