Tuesday, July 10, 2012


UPDATE: Over 2,000 individual page views today! Chief Judge To FACDL: Drop Dead!

Several attorneys have emailed us details of the hearing Tuesday afternoon before CJ Joel Brown on the FACDL's motion to stay the administrative order putting the dreaded Limited Registry (Motto:"Reasonable doubt at a reasonable price.") in to effect. We have ascertained the following:

Invoking a little known codicil in the Faber College/11th Judicial Circuit's operating procedures (last used by Dean Wormer, see In Re: Animal House) in times of emergency, the Chief Judge refused to hear the motion to stay the implementation of the administrative order. (see 1:15 of the video clip)

Actually the Judge invoked the Judicial Cannons of Ethics ("Thou shalt not rule on anything of importance unless there is no way out"...."thou shalt have no other false idols before me" -woops- wrong set of commandments) which he claimed prevented him from commenting on an issue when there is pending litigation.

There was stunned silence in the courtroom as lawyers scrambled on their IPADS and IPhones to pull up the rule that gaged the Judge. Huh? Brown somehow reasoned that since there are other pending legal challenges to the Limited Registry law, the challenge to his administrative order cannot be heard. And he cannot even comment on why.  Here is a partial transcript of the hearing:

FACDL: Judge can we ask a question.
Brown: Yes, but I cannot answer it.
FACDL. Can you elaborate on your ruling?
Brown: I know nothing! I see nothing! I hear nothing!

Miami Herald: Is there an "e" in Brown?
Brown: No.

Brown: "The time has come for someone to put their foot down. And that foot is me!"

See You In Court.


Anonymous said...


I was there. I am speechless. What happened ?

Where do we go from here ?

What happens next?

Anyone ? Anyone? Bueheler? Bueheler?

I've been Browned said...

Brillant Job Rumpole. I was there and you captured the moment perfectly.

Anonymous said...

What can Brown do for you, you ask? Not sure my answer is printable on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Is there a transcript of the "hearing" available?

Anonymous said...

There was a court reporter. Obtaining the transcript? Well who knows ?

Anonymous said...

There is an uncanny resemblance between the CJ and dean Wermer. Has anyone ever seen them together?

Just saying...

Brown owes me $20 said...

Rumpole pretty much got the transcript correct. Brown ambled in sans bailiff, spent several minutes fiddling on the phone to get JAC on the line, then spent several minutes directing the clerk to create a file for the issue- which was sort of strange- then told the clerk to put the documents in the file, and then announced he wouldn't rule and wouldn't say why.
Then he got up and ambled off the bench.
Everyone in the courtroom was dumbfounded. Most were upset that they had paid $20 bucks for parking for a three minute non-hearing.

Anonymous said...

The whole event is so bizarre. Something that is so important and it was managed with a meaningless formality. Does not reflect favorably on the CJ.

South Florida Lawyers said...

Have to give you serious props for your pop cultural references.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and when the judge entered the courtroom not only was he sans bailiff. He also was sans robe.

That was an indication that this was going to be a brief exercise In futility

Mr. Justice Milton HIrsch said...

Ike said famously "I will go to Korea."

I say: "I will adjudicate the case,"

The lawyers in FACDL v. Brown ex. rel State of Florida are directed to file all pleadings and papers with chambers and Ms. Moneypenny forthwith. Counselors are reminded that summer hours are in effect. I will review all pleadings and schedule hearings in a timely fashion,

BTW- for those of you watching Jeopardy tonight, that Stephanie has an amazing rack,

Anonymous said...

Were we in a court room or in the tower of London?

The graffiti is on the wall. The silence in the courtroom was due to the stunning realization that court appointments are dead baby.

The Judges don't care. Now that any short fall comes out of their budget, even being on the general registry is meaningless.

DS said...

What do you expect from the Germans

Israeli parliament slams German circumcision ban

The Associated Press

JERUSALEM -- An Israeli parliamentary committee has denounced a ruling in Germany banning ritual circumcision in part of the country.

A regional court in Cologne recently ruled that circumcising young boys for religious reasons amounts to bodily harm, even if parents agree to it.

Circumcision of baby boys is a fundamental Jewish religious ritual.

The denunciation came after the committee met Monday with the German ambassador to Israel, Andreas Michaelis.

The ruling was particularly sensitive, given German history and the Holocaust of World War II, in which 6 million Jews were killed.

Committee chairman Danny Danon said the last time circumcision was restricted in Germany was "during its darkest hour."

Michaelis told the committee that Germany is working to resolve the issue, and the ruling does not apply at the national level.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/07/09/2888150/israeli-parliament-slams-german.html#morer#storylink=cpy

Anonymous said...

Oh, oh! Seems like some people are gonna have to get their own paying clients instead of screwing the taxpayers...lol!

CJ LOG said...

Chief Justice's Log, stardate 65989.3.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. (Aside- I asked that stupid Milt Hirsch for a good shakespeare quote and he gives me some McCarthy hearing crap. Ask for a McCarthy hearing quote and he spouts Anais Nin. Ask for a Nin quote and he gives me a Browning sonnet. He is worthless. I'm going to beam him over to probate where he can rot with the dead.)

The damn FACDL gave me all these papers on the limited registry. They're like Klingons these FACDL fanatics. I'd like to use a photon torpedo on them. Thank goodness for Dale Brown. True he looks like a Ferengi, but he gave me the ol'Canon of ethics out. I have a civil suit coming up the end of August and I want to take the long weekend. I'm gonna do the same thing.

Soto and the rest of the bleeding heart liberals in Criminal are of no use to me. I didn't graduate from Starfleet to put up with this crap. I'd love to be able to learn to use that Vulcan death grip. It would solve so many of my problems. Maybe I can get Miller to wear those pointed ears at this years Halloween Party.
Memo to self: Fire my bailiff and hire one that can remember to pick my robes up from the cleaners. One hour martinizing my ass.

Well, that's all for now. I'm due at the bridge. Brown out.

If I had a hammer said...

Time to unleash the hammer.
Where's that dude Jude?

Anonymous said...

Props to getting the exact star date for today correct.

Bones McCoy said...

Damnit Joel! I'm a Judge not an accountant.

Anonymous said...

Lets just run an opponent against him

Jonathan Blecher said...

@CJ Log...brilliant

Anonymous said...

Thomas elliot was the xourt reporter

Anonymous said...

After years of practicing criminal law, it is starting to dawn on me that maybe this line of work is just not what it use to be or what it was expected to be. There was something noble about out chosen profession. But the nobility is sadly being taken away from us by our clients, the judges, the prosecutors & a legislature who simply doesn't care.

Anonymous said...

Did Brown ever do court appointed work? Curious minds want to know. I bet NOT.

Anonymous said...

this is what you need to cover on your blog.

CJ Log said...

Chief Judge's log, stardate 65992.1.

Chief Justice Roberts is in Malta all expenses paid teaching a history of const law course. All I get are invitations to the Hialeah Rotary Club's weekly lunch. I hate that chicken they serve. I need a better PR guy.

More flack from this limited registry crap. Need to raise shields and keep them up. Ivan Fernandez got the last laugh on me I beat him for the chief judge slot and he gets an appointment to the 3rd Dca. "Regrets, I have a few..." Wish I could do that over again.

Ok: 1 pm budget and staffing meeting and then that Maria Dennis doesn't like her chambers. Again. Another meeting. When will it end?

Brown out.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Bletcher banned from the blog?

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to venture a guess as to the final outcome of the Lance Armstrong case against the USADA? What about if the case goes to arbitration?

I will stick my toe in the water by saying that the judge will grant the injunction but that Armstrong will be forced to arbitrate. He will lose at arbitration.

I won't stake my health or my family's health on my hunches, but I have a sick feeling he going to lose.

Anonymous said...

somebody should have opposed dennis. she is a hack. and works 4 hours a day 3 days a week. a joke, that she put her name in for federal court.

RFB said...

He wasn't banned. Me and FB were.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough. But he ordered the code red on you guys. So lets take a vote: Bletcher: ban him or keep him?

Anonymous said...

Anyone know when Judge Brown is up for re-election?

Anonymous said...

Brown's actions were pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Ok this is by far my favorite post of all time. Love the animal house comparison. I thought it was so right on! Funny as hell. By the way judge brown is seriously lacking in the lap. I got that impression when i met him in person even before all of this happened. Courage cannot be taught or learned, it has to come from within. He doesn't deserve to be chief judge. NO matter what title he has now or is "given" from here on out, he will always be remembered as a coward. Not a very attractive attribute for a "Chief" judge.

Anonymous said...

who's going to start the trend of wearing the Delta Pins? First of all the Delta sign is cool and would spread the word of what happened at 73 west Flagler in courtroom 6-1. WHen people ask, we tell them. If there is enough noise, change is inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Banned from a blog?

What's that about?

Anonymous said...

Hey 8:02 am: you are a total, complete douchebag. You thought that it was NOBLE to defend drug dealers, burglers, thieves, rapists and murderers? Dear child, what kind of drugs have you been taking? The same as that face-eating freak that got shot by the cops? You are NOT noble. Anyone in the system (on either side) who no longer uses Pull-Up diapers knows that. You are a cog in the wheel. Get over yourself you money-grubbing delusional freak show.

Anonymous said...

Ban the Blech!

Anonymous said...

8:13, you Sir are the douche bag. The nobility in our profession was not about the acts that some of our clients committed, but in the principle that all people deserve zealous representation and due process. You are one of those asshole who feel the need to anonymously insult other people for no reason other than to make your petty self image feel more important, but at the end of the day you are a coward and moron. Yes, some of us became criminal defense attorneys to represent the highest ideals of our democracy and system of justice. Some of us actually believe in the Bill of Rights regardless of the allegations against our clients. Some of us practice that philosophy no matter how jaded things may become. You sir are an embarrassment to this system no matter what side you are on.

Anonymous said...

9:06 pm: I agree with the earlier post. While you drown in self-congratulations for your dedication to the Bill of Rights... let me remind you that the people who truly represent those accused of crimes without the need to drive BMW's, own big fancy houses, and F-over the court system can be located in the Law Offices of Carlos Martinez. Most of the private criminal defense attorneys have the decency to at least admit that they are making a good living off of the criminal acts of scumbags. Your delusions of being more than what you are are annoying. So, go screw yourself.

Anonymous said...

And how do you know I don't work as a PD 5:41? So, go screw yourself moron.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen a more idiotic line of reasoning than what I see here.

Especially for lawyers who are supposed to think in a logical and linear manner.

There is no correlation between the compensation and the need to defend constitutional and civil rights. Where does it say that only the indigent have their rights violated?

Many of these comments sound like sour grapes from ASAs who are sad that to make any money, they might just have to take the risk of opening up a business. Thy might have to take out a loan to get them through the first year.

They may have to get their hands dirty, and defend a poor person, whose mother, father, and girlfriend have gone out and gotten second jobs to pay the modest fee of a private attorney, so they can get a little more attention for their son than he would get from an overworked PD.

What's even scarier to the ASA is that they may lose their innocence. They may have to cross that line, only to see that the cops they have been blindly believing for years has been lying through his teeth for years. He may have to realize that the victims he has been protecting are less deserving than the defendants he has been prosecuting.

In short, it is easy to be a hero when you have the money and power of the state at your fingertips. It's scary on the outside. And anyone who writes a comment like the ones above don't have the stones to try it.

They will say they just don't want to have to work with criminals. Unfortunately they just refuse to see they already do.

DS said...


What is wrong w making Money. This is America, The Land of Opportunity. Making Money is NOT EVIL.
Supporting Yourself and Your Family in a naice fashion is a decent thing to do.

I Breath Life in Gideons Trumpet.
How do the ideals of those who wrote the Bill of Rights come to life without Attorneys?

All of us that help resolve disputes through the Courts stop direct personal resolutions which History has shown means violence.

How would YOU resolve the issues. Just let the Police Stop and put a bullet in the Head? Or should Familys of Victims seek direct Justice from the Alleged Perp?
After All there NEVER is another side to the story, is there.


Anonymous said...

Once again, DS (a public defender who could make lots of money in the private sector) makes a great point. There isn't anything wrong with making a good living. Bottom feeders however shouldn't act like they are doing God's work.

DS said...

You said
... what kind of drugs have you been taking? The same as that face-eating freak that got shot by the cops?

The Face eater was Mentely Ill NOT ON DRUGS. I KNOW, he was a Former Client of Mine. The MEs tox screen backs that up. HIPA n Bar Rules limit what I can reveal, unfortunately ...