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On March 24, 1962 Emile Griffith beat Benny "Kid" Paret to death. The murder was not a
 "who-done-it? " and the motive was clear:  Griffith beat the Kid to death because the day earlier the Kid called Griffith "Maricon", a Spanish slur for a homosexual.

Griffith never served a day in jail. In fact, although he committed the murder on national television before millions of Americans, Griffith was never arrested. Griffith killed the Kid during a welterweight title bout at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Google the fight if you must and watch the 12th round  on You-Tube if your dare. Griffith  delivers at least twenty five unanswered blows to the Kid's head as he lay tangled and defenseless in the ropes and the referee just watches.  Death was the price of calling someone a maricon in 1962.

The NY Times remembered the macabre anniversary in a must read piece here. That the Kid's widow lived a sad and lonely life in Miami just makes the tragedy a little more bittersweet.

We used to call boxing the sweet science. But over the years we have lost our love for the sport. The admiration of the skill of boxers has faded with the realization that the sport wrecks the participants lives. There's nothing sweet about pummeling a man to death.

Oh how the mighty have fallen. And yet you knew it was coming. When two hacks charge millions of dollars to defend a member of the Miccosukee tribe in a car accident case, and then lie under oath in court about who paid their fee, you just knew it was  a matter of time before the client put the final nail in the coffin.

The Herald reports here that the tribe has filed a legal malpractice lawsuit against former US Attorney Guy Lewis and former federal prosecutor Michael Tein.

A few million dollars is the price of your former good name as a US Attorney and federal prosecutor. Lewis and Tein have set the rates.

See You In Court.

UPDATE: Judge Dresnick denied the motion to disqualify as being legally insufficient. We think that might be a bad strategic move as the case law is clear what the motion has to say and that the judge's role is to just make sure the "i"'s are dotted and the "t"'s crossed. A better move might have been to deny it as untimely which it surely was.


Anonymous said...

I disagree. The indians have money and want lawyers with connections. The indians were trying to game the system by hiring influentail lawyers and are now complaining because the lawyers lost a case. The indians are claiming that Dexter stole from them also.
They make millions of dollars from poor people addicted to gambling and then don't want to pay fucking taxes? Or verdicts? Fuck them. By the way, Tien sounds like a total douche-bag. He should pipe the fuck down. The purjury case is another matter. Dresnick might have taxed them but would not have fucked them. They are idiots to have have asked him off the case. My understanding is that Dresnick did grant the motion to recuse.

Anonymous said...

Link to Miami Herald article confirming that Judge Dresnick denied the motion to disqualify.


Anonymous said...

Are you saying that there is any parallel to the Trayvon Martin situation and that of Emile Griffith?? That Griffith too should have been arrested?

If so, you are way way off. There is a little something called consent in a boxing match, which would likely prevent any criminal prosecution, I would think.

Maybe I am missing your point, but the story is quite compelling.

The Kid was a loud mouth punk, who was beaten in a sanctioned bout. Griffith did exactly what he was supposed to do as a boxer. The ref failed to step in and stop the fight. He is dead before he even can get to the canvas, the ropes having held him up, defenseless.

By the way, Paret called him Maricon on more than one occasion. Not a reason to be killed, but not a sympathetic guy.

There was a very good documentary done about the fight and rivalry, pretty sure it is on YouTube. While you are at it, check the Ray Mancini v Duk Koo Kim fight as well.

Sweet science? I don't know who coined that term. Boxing has always been a brutal "sport." I venture to say less so now than it was in its infancy.

Another misnomer? The "Sport of Kings."

Huge beautiful animals forced to run on spindly legs, which snap at the smallest misstep, requiring a shotgun to the head right there on the track. I suppose it got its name because that is how kings treated their subjects.

Anonymous said...

You are only part correct on the Paret matter. Benny Paret, was a talented boxer who was born in Cuba. He was a natural welter weight (147), and had a ruthless manager who tried to milk every dime from him that he could. He put Paret in too many difficult bouts back to back. Several months prior to being knocked out by Emile Griffith, Paret fought Gene Fullmer for the middle weight title. Fulmer, a natural middle weight (160), destroyed Paret and knocked him out in 10 rounds. Paret was never the same after that fight. Before that Paret won the welter weight title from Griffith in a brutal 15 round decision. And before that, Griffth knocked out Paret in a welter weight title fight. There is a documentary film on this called Ring Of Fire.

On the night that Paret fought Griffith and was killed, Paret complained of headaches prior to the fight. His manager made him fight Griffith anyway. The ref, Ruby Goldstein let the fight continue in the 12th round, because Paret had almost knocked Griffith out in the 6th round.

Anonymous said...

The denial of the motion to disqualify by Dresnick was reported in the Herald. The only place where someone said it had been granted was here.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole...what about a tribute to Judge Scott Silverman, one of the very best Judges that the Justice Building has ever seen? Thoughts of the lawyers and his colleagues? Real Fake Former Judge comments?

Anonymous said...

I read the complaint in toto. Bullshit. It is ripe for a motion to dismiss. Just a laundry list of (very) conclusive allegations that seems more like sour grapes than a legally justifiable case. It borders on the slanderous by trying to tie their lifestyle into their billing practices. I see an attempt to make them look like Scott Rothstein, which they are not. True, Tein's quote in the Herald only compounds the amateur hour feel of this whole escapade. He should learn to shut up and simply decline to comment. They need to hire a good lawyer and stop trying to defend themselves.

Barrister of Ballentrae said...

I was under the impression that buying a lady dinner was part of the quid pro quo for nooky , But the BRADENTON HERALD tells us :

Woman offers sex for dollar-menu cheeseburgers

A woman was arrested in a prostitution sting — but not before she got two double cheeseburgers off the dollar menu at a McDonald’s.

Christine Faith Baker, 47, was walking on a Southwest Florida street last Friday when she was approached by a detective working in the Manatee County Sheriff Office’s special investigations division, according to a sheriff’s office report.

After the undercover detective invited Baker into his car and the talk turned to sex, she said her fee would be two double cheeseburgers from the dollar menu at McDonald’s, the report states.

The detective bought the burgers for $2.75 and then Baker told him that he could also tip her $40 for her services, according to the report. After Baker gave the detective directions to a vacant lot, Baker was arrested by other agents and charged with prostitution, the report states.

Baker was released from jail on Saturday, according to the sheriff’s office website

The Barrister

Anonymous said...

Judge Silverman iis one of the worst judges and people that has ever worn a robe. Unless your a prosecutor. Then he's great.

Anonymous said...

youre such a dumb ass

"two hacks?"

now it clear you a traffic ticket poseur.

so bitter and jealous. sour grapes.

CAPTAIN said...



CASE NO. 00-25711 CA 20

In the case of Carlos Bermudez, as Personal Rep. of Gloria Bermudez vs. JIMMIE BERT and TAMMY GWEN BILLIE, Defendants.

The Motion to Disqualify Judge Dresnick was filed on March 23, 2012. Affidavits in support were filed by Michael Tein and Tammie Billie at the same time. Judge Dresnick signed an Order Denying the Motion on March 29, 2012.

Captain Out .....

Anonymous said...

It looks like Lewis and Tein think that they are still government attorneys.

Anonymous said...

Did Dresnick make any findings? If he did, he's out.

Anonymous said...


Rumpole said...

First I storngly disagree with your comment about Judge Silverman. He was and is a great and fair judge.

Now, as to my simpleton friend at 8:07 am:

first: If I did traffic tickets and charged my clients a fair price and did a good job that is nothing to be ashamed of. It is something to be proud of. Which is more than I can say about the two hot shot feds who ripped their clients off.

Second: Just a guess here, but I would venture that I have tried more federal cases and murder cases than actual times you have crawled out behind your desk (and it's a big assumption that you even have an office) and stuck your frightened nose into a courtroom.

Don't get your panties into a bunch over these lawyers. They're not worth it. Now crawl back under than rock and sit and wonder why you have no cases, no life, and are reduced to leaving nasty messages on a blog you hate but somehow can't stop reading obsessively.

South Florida Lawyers said...

Totally agree it's time to hire a mouthpiece and let her do the talking.

Anonymous said...

Miami Beach Officer Eric Dominguez has been relieved of duty.

CAPTAIN said...

The Captain Reports:

Breaking News ... County Court Judge


ASA Abbe Rifkin is one of four names that have been sent to Governor Scott's office for the open County Court seat in Broward.

While the Governor has been appointing mostly former prosecutors, Ms. Rifkin will have some stiff competition.

In a stark contrast to the work of our JNC here in Dade, the four names have a combined 110 years of legal experience.

Mari Bluestein is an ASA with 25 years as an attorney

Randi Boven is Board Certified in Marital and Family law and has 25 years as an attorney.

Christopher Pole is Board Certified in Criminal Law and has 31 years of experience.

Abbe Rifkin is an ASA with 29 years of experience.

Scott will make his choice in the next 60 days.

Cap Out .....

DS sez said...

I like Abbe. She is a tough opponent but she has a good head on her shoulders and Knows the Law . If she remembers she is a Referee on the Bench ( not a Super ASA like Leslie was/is) than she will be a fine Judge.
When I have dealt w/ her ,She has always been honest and straight forward, she aint sleezy nor mean, just tough as nails.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Gov has good people to choose from, and can't screw it up if he tried.

I fear what will replace Abbé in Miami if she leaves.

Anonymous said...

Kudo's for Abbe! Well earned

Anonymous said...

@8:07, It's puzzles me-- if you hate something why waste your time reading this blog and leaving a comment? Psychology Today would say its because when someone puts someone else down or makes fun of them its only to make themselves feel better.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. This is why no one should ever suggest a tribute to anyone on this blog. Silverman is a terrific and fair judge. He treats everyone with respect and follows the law. In fact, I like him even better now that I did as an ASA (he will make the tough/gutsy calls that many judges won't).

No matter who gets named on this site, some jerk will pound him or her. Next time you want to do a tribute, do it elsewhere and don't subject the people you like to the kind of asinine attacks we see here.


Anonymous said...

I am sick and tired of hearing about the Sanford shooting. Enough already. Who gives a shit? We don't live there, we don't work there, we don't go there, and we don't know any of the people involved. On top of that you could debate all day long every day of the week whether that was justifiable self-defense under the stand your ground act. we have four more egregious shootings here in Miami-Dade every single day. Just yesterday 14 people were shot at what appears to be a Haitian gang funeral for "money marv". One of the people shot was a five-year-old girl. Where's the outrage? Is outrage only reserved when a White person shoots a black person? Is it somehow socially acceptable for people to shoot each other as long as it is within the same race? Is violence by blacks against blacks like the use of the N-word where black people are free to use it anytime they like but white people are forbidden ? Where's al sharpton? Let's see if the students at North Miami Beach high school walk out of class in protest of the funeral shooting. I don't think so. Jason grey

Anonymous said...

Scott Silverman is a nice guy but, in criminal he goes out of his way to protect the system and he police.

Once he gave a cop an easy sentence after a jury trial for molesting a citizen when he should have slammed the cop.

I like Scott but, prosecutors love him.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey Lohan just got off of probation for her 2007 DUI. How can somebody be on probation for a misdemeanor DUI for 5 years? It's almost like she strung it out for the publicity.

Anonymous said...

433 pm - I had nothing else to read when i was taking a crap

Anonymous said...

I still give a ____ about what happened in Sanford. Reasonable minds can disagree Jason.

(1) Should blacks not wear saggy pants going down around their thighs? Yes. Should they want to present themselves better? Yes.

(2) Was it justifiable self-defense? Based on what I've heard, doesn't sound like it. But then again that's because I don't find Zimmerman credible, and don't put any weight on his testimony. Of course private opinion is what it is, and it will have no effect on what really goes on with the prosecution and trial.

(3) Are there egregious shootings all of the time? Yes. Should people be outraged about them like the gang shootout at the funeral home? Yes.

(4) Is it true that winning a case in the court of opinion is meaningless as to guilt in the courtroom? Yes. Does it matter what the public thinks? It doesn't. Is it going to ruin the chances for getting an untainted jury? Absolutely.

Ought blacks stop killing other blacks? Absolutely. Why do people in Miami-Dade even care? Because the victim was a Miami Gardens native, went to Michael Krop Senior High, and Carol City Senior High.

Why would anyone care about Lucy Paret, the impoverished widow of Benny Paret? Because it has significance to some people. Why would anyone care about legalizing drugs? For some, the War on Drugs destroys lives; for others not; but in the end, the cause has significance for some people. Why do we care what black people even call one another as horrendous as the word might be? You guessed it, because that event (the hypocritically one-sided usage) has significance for some people even though its not going to change the price of tea in China.

To all the folks hankering to call black people niggers, go for it. Caveat emptor.

Anonymous said...

I'm with JG,
tired of hearing about it,
Care about it? Maybe, but ready to move on,
Ready to address the other things he mentioned.
They all deserve at least the same attention
And all these rallly/protest things; I don't see them concretely doing much good. Causing more divisiveness. March and protest for more than an arrest of an individual who may or may not have a defense.
Tired of even typing about this.

Anonymous said...


Transcript of hearing before Judge Dresnick ... Interesting read.