Saturday, April 21, 2012


Ok everyone. Relax. Take a deep breath....and let it out....oooommmmmmm..
Center yourself. Life goes on. 
Our take:
The State Attorney Race: Super reporter David Ovalle (who probably just can't wait until the Washington Post calls) has this article on the State Attorney Race and the implications and insinuations regarding the two entries into the Republican primary. To re-cap: Rod Vereen entered the Democratic primary against Kathy Fernandez-Rundle. When the Republican primary became contested on the final day,  the Democratic primary became closed. 

Here's what the not so smart pros think: Vereen  is African American. Rundle is Hispanic. More African Americans are democrats and more Hispanics are republicans. Thus Rod Vereen has an advantage over Kathy Rundle now that "her base" cannot vote for her in the primary. 

Poppycock! Maybe there will be a day when we stop pigeonholing a person into their race and assuming that they will always vote for their race.  We didn't vote for John McCain. Or is it that we now assume that whites can vote outside of their race, but Hispanics, Asians, African Americans cannot? 

Has Kathy Rundle earned the respect of the African American community enough to merit their vote? You bet. Does Rod Vereen bring both experience and a fresh perspective to the job sufficient to earn him a serious look from all voters and not just all non-hispanic voters? Absolutely. 

To the extent either of these two candidates falls back into old stereotypes and assumptions, we will be watching and not afraid to call them out. 

There are two candidates who challenged Judge Wolfson. The prevailing view among attorneys from both the defense bar and the SAO is that Judge Wolfson is among the best and brightest and hardest working of the new group of county judges. 

To even begin the conversation about replacing Judge Wolfson on this blog, the two candidates who filed better be prepared to explain to us why they thought this very good Judge should be replaced. And these two candidates would be well advised to not ignore our request. Our blog gets read, and their silence will be more than deafening- it will be defeating. As always, they can write us and be assured we will post their reasoning without edit or comment. 

We're in a feisty mood this rainy Saturday. 
Get your umbrella, find a few good movies, and enjoy the weekend. 


Anonymous said...

Kfr does not respect the civil rights of african american's malone and shamaroo? Why do black politicians always resort to the race card. It's so annoying.

Anonymous said...

It's always a bad day in Miami when someone wants something so bad, they feel the need to take it away from someone good. Things arent always what they seem to be. Running against an incumbent is and should always be a difficult decision. There are so many opportunities to run for a seat in an open seat, why, we ask, would someone take it from a decent hard working Judge. Isn't that what we strive for? Greer Wallace is a competent candidate. It's not going to be an easy task for her. We know that political strategy was the motivating force. We need good Black Woman Judges. It's a clear fact. Maybe she felt there was no other race for her to get elected unless she splits the vote and goes to November and this was the best one to do that. Its a darn shame that it has to be this way. I guess we will have to watch and wait. Hopefully people will be evaluating the race for it's merits and not that Andrea was personally targeted. It may feel that way but we all know that it isn't true. Andrea may have a big fight on her hands but in the end and if it's between Andrea and Greer, I think that Miami Dade will get a great Judge. I for one, wish them both luck.

David Ovalle watch: said...

Michelle Samaroo is not black as Mr. Ovalle assumed from her past-presidency of the Wilkie D. Ferguson Bar Association; She is of Indian-American heritage; Her parents are from the Indian sub-continent.

A fake captain said...

Greer Wallace should have run against Pando. Pando will be removed from the bench, it is only a question of when. If Greer makes the runoff in that race, and lets face it Diana Gonzalez is a lightweight who would have drawn no votes from Wallace, then Greer wins in November because there is little probability that Pando can survive until the November election. Who is advising Greer? They should be fired. Wolfson is friendly, photogenic, and female, not to mention competent and connected. Greer had a better chance against De La O, and she had no chance against him.

Anonymous said...

For all the abuse you losers are giving Mauricio Padilla for his income, he made more last year than two other candidates. Greer Wallace made 10,000 and Alex Labora made 14,000. So leave Mauricio alone.

FACDL list serve leaker said...

All political "strategy" in Miami starts with pitting one racial or ethnic group against another. All of it. And why not? It works.

Identity politics is as old as politics and it works because especially in races like those for judge where all most voters know is the name on the ballot. The simple, undeniable fact, is that uninformed voters - which is nearly the same thing as saying "voters" - vote for the candidate whose name they think most closely matches their own. Voter Gonzalez in the voting booth, knowing nothing else about the candidates, will choose Rodriguez over Johnson or Greenstein. Voter Rabinowitz, knowing nothing else, will go for Greenstein. Voter Washington, in the same place, will choose Johnson.

If they have ever heard the candidate speak or looked up the candidate on the web, perhaps there will be a different choice. But in judicial elections, even where candidates spend hundreds of thousands and campaign like mad, all most voters will know is the name they read for the first time when they visit the election precinct. This is the nicest possible version of this. There is also plenty of intentional and really vile race baiting that goes on, too. But here I'm just talking about a "pure" but ignorant voter who walks in knowing nothing, which most voters in these down ballot elections do.

Comparisons to McCain/Obama are ridiculous -- folks hear and see and read something about the Presidential candidate. Most folks hear NOTHING about judicial candidates. And the "consultants" and candidates know and exploit this.

Real life examples abound and only those too politically correct to have the courage, or those invested in these strategies, are unable to say the truth. Those who make their living, or win their election, exploiting race and ethnic politics are always the first ones to scream "racist" at anyone who calls them on it. But they know and we know and they know we know and they are just cynical hypocrites.

This is the truth and you know it in your hearts

Anonymous said...

To: Roderick Vereen From Member of the bar: What is your position on the way murder cases are handled by the sao and if you feel they are not being handled well what do you see as the problem and what would you do about it? Are you upset that all players and family in the murder of sean taylor will wait almost 5 years for trial and 3 codefendants will have their case last longer than 5 years. what is your position?

Anonymous said...

Favorite movie: King Kong

Why? Because even the big guy who is on top can be brought down.

Prediction: Don Cohn will go down like King Kong.

Why? Ineptness should not be on the bench.

Anonymous said...

KFR has faced a lot a criticism, some deserved, some undeserved. Maybe it is time for a change--19 years in elected office can make one feel a bit cushy. But one thing that all of KFR's supporters and many of her detractors agree on is that she is not racist--her record both in hiring and prosecuting reflects this. You want racism, go to Broward and Satzland.

As for Rod Vereen, he is a very fine attorney and could bring a breath of fresh air to the office; while the Miami-Dade SAO still has a good reputation, it has gone downhill since Reno left. But his comment has left a very bad taste in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

I used to like Rod Vereen, but now I see he is just another disgusting black candidate who has no real qualities that merit consideration but who wants to run just b/c he is black. When has he ever been pro law enforcement? He is a poser if ever there was one. he cares nothing about the mission of law enforcement, he just wants name recognition. Disgusting. I don't care if someone wants to run against the state attorney for legit reasons, but Vereen is just doing it to cash in on the Trayvon name. Go suck yourself Rod.

Anonymous ASA said...

Why can't KFR send out tweets to LeBron and D-Wade? Does KFR like the Matrix as much as Samaroo?


She clearly is fit for the role of State Attorney.

Anonymous said...

I thought campaign treasurer had to be a resident of Miami Dade County? Vereen's is a resident of Broward. or is that only in Judicial races?

If you recall Judge Patricia Marino sued former Judge McWorther to exclude her from the ballot because her Campaign treasurer was a resident of Broward and not Miami Dade County as required. But that was a County Judge seat and not a State office holder.

Anonymous said...

David Ovalle wouldn't be able to analyze his way out of a cereal box. I think the guy got to ride around in a police car a few times, since every time a cop kills a Black, David writes the story including every ridiculous explanation the cops have for what they did.

Anonymous said...

Here is why Rod Vereen’s little trick will back fire in the long run for the black community.

First, that trick won’t ever work again, meaning in four years the Republican’s of Miami far, far right wing will file against Vereen with a strong Cuban candidate who appeals to the far right, and given that 70% of Miami is Spanish Rod Vereen will become a distant memory leaving poor black men at the mercy of a Republican State Attorney who thinks anyone that lives in the ghetto should get life in prison no matter what the charge.

Rod Vereen, if you by some miracle win this race YOU cannot and will NOT be able to win in four years against a strong Cuban Republican candidate. If you somehow win, have you thought about the damage you will have done to poor black men that get tied up in the criminal court system with a Republican State Attorney with a mind set of “lock them all up for life”. This will devastate the black community for years to come.

You may want to rethink this whole “Trick” you just pulled and look at the big picture.

Anonymous said...

Reunited and it feelssssss soo good! Don Cohn and Patty Marino Pedraza will be out on the campaign trail together just like they were in 2006! You both knocked out incumbent judges--how does it feel?????????????? Hopefully McWhorter and Rippingille will donate money to your opposition.

Anonymous said...

Kathy has done a good enough jobto merit another term. it is amazing that that office can keep any experienced ASA's the way they have not been given raises for six years and just got a three percent pay cut.

there are still some very good lawyers in that office who do a good job.

Rod is a decent guy but should have run for a different office

Anonymous said...

Rod is getting great publicity
he will soon be a household name in the black community. he should have gone to the elders before he ran.
but in the end, kfr 58.5% rod 39.5%

Anonymous said...

Seriously Rod? VERY DISAPPOINTING. KFR isn't perfect (none of us is) and subject to fair criticism. But racism? COME ON. You know better and owe her an apology. She has a strong track record of hiring and promoting minorities and work with the minority communities.

Seriously, I've always respected and liked you. This is REALLY disappointing.

As for the two jokers who filed as Republicans.........you both make me sick. That kind of disengenous and cynical manuevering reflects poorly on you both.


Anonymous said...

Let me summarize 5:03's post:

"If you are not a Cuban you have no right to run for anything except certain commission seats and you deserve to be crushed. Black folks should just know their place and hope that whatever Cuban is elected is merciful and good. Now sit your ass down and get to the back of the bus."

Does that about cover it? Heck, even KFR doesn't think that way.

Anonymous said...

Feisty? How 'bout them Panthers!

Anonymous said...

10:03 PM

Reality check!

You are in Miami. If we were in Puerto Rico I would expect that a Puerto Rican would be voted the top cop in that Jurisdiction.

But listen I think anyone who wants to run for office should regardless of race, and if they win great!

My point was that this wack-job little trick of having friends file in the Republican ticket to lock out the Cuban vote says to the Cuban people "you won't have a voice in the pick for top cop because I can't trust you to vote for the best candidate" sounds racist to me...

I think Castro runs his Island like that?

Anonymous said...

calm the fuck down people. a democratic primary should ONLY include democrates. rod's move was smart and the right thing to do.
btdt, btfw your a nerd x prosecutor. when you piss you sit on the seat.
rod is getting execellent publicity and although it will be impossible for him to win, its a good move for his business.
the problem is that cathy is a good state attorney and he has not pointed to a single thing that he would do different. plus, i prefer a state attorney who us hated by the police not in bed with them-

Anonymous said...

Just sounds like a realistic, smart political strategy to me.

Anonymous said...

I really don't like the way Rod is being trashed on the blog. Has he not tried so many long, difficult, and laborious trials that he can do the job on the other side?

Please be more open-minded and look at Rod's experience for what it is. He is a real fighter for his client and will prove to be the same advocate for victims' rights and also bring a fresh view to the Miami SAO. He deserves a chance.

DS said...

To paraphase Jefferson
If the People are not exercising their vote intellegently, it is up to us to better educate them in their decisionmaking then take away their vote.
There is Nothing wrong nor evil in running for office, even against a competent or good incumbent. The Incumbants term is at an end, they are not given a life-estate in the office, only 2, 4 or 6 years and we begin again.


PS: to 5:03 ..you said beware a 'State Attorney with a mind set of “lock them all up for life”" , well I see no difference in what we have now. Lock in up n throw away the key, seems to be the fall back whenever the ASA is unsure of what to do.

Anonymous said...

I Love Castro He isn't a racist and he sent all the scum bag criminal and mental patients here in the Meriel Boat Lift. Love Long Live Fidel!!!

Anonymous said...

I read to your cowardly anonymous rants and raves with the racist boy over tones I just want to say I respect Scott Saul and Alex Michaela at least they have the fucking balls to openly say how they feel. My view is be superior mentally like Thurgood Marshall and Johnnie Cochran people who the white racist man constructively feared, just like they fear Barack Obama because he's was the President of the Harvard Law review. The Pen is mightier than the sword and in racist America as a minority I getting stronger and stronger. If you are a racist fine be a fucking racist but don't be a fucking anonymous pussy be open with it. Better yet tell me in Au Bon Pan I'll buy you a cup of coffe.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is that Artie Spiegel is probably the most inept, incompetent, fringe religious fanatic in the courthouse. Why he thinks he is qualified to run for Judge is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Before anyone comes with the cowardly anonymous remarks all I do is read study and practice law and I don't watch much t.v. My oral arguments are keen that's how I get off. So fuck you in advance. A.M.

Anonymous said...

Hey AM @2:19-- I dig your moxie.

Anonymous said...

rod 's only mistake was not consulting the italian mob.

we wont hold it against him.

rod is one of us

CAPTAIN said...

The Captain Reports:

State Attorney Race .....

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, just a point of clarification to Rumpole, and to all of you readers who then followed instep. If you read my post on Friday, you know that the two other candidates filed as WRITE-IN candidates and not in the Republican primary.

Their names will NOT even appear on the ballot.

Enjoy the rest of your rainy weekend.

Cap Out .....

Anonymous said...

What a waste of money and time having Rod run against Kathy.

While I'm on my soapbox, why the fuck did two people run against Wolfson? Get real. She is on time, nice, smart, fair and respected by all that appear in her courtroom. Why her?

Patty Marino and Don Cohn ran against people who were supported by the Cuban mafia 5 years ago. Can you say pay back?

Have any of you actually heard a negative thing about Patty or Don?

Anonymous said...

The one thing I recall about the learned appellate attorney "American Minority" is that he did not know how to spell Dred Scott's first name.

Anonymous said...

As an ex Richard Gerstein ASA who enjoyed the freedom to handle cases without a whole lot of interfernce from several levels of supervisors (we only had to answer to RG and Carhart)- a freedom that bureaucrat Janet Reno quickly extinguished, and KFR continued - I'm interested in Rod Vereen.

I'm disappointed he played the Democrat race card with the write-in candidates (blacks v. Cubans), but then he and KFR are Democrats, so what should we expect anyway?

I know he is an accomplished attorney, I think he would be a good SA, but - damn - keep the race crap and "KFR is a racist and/or suspect" out of this election.

If Vereen wants this to be a race contest, whatever.

For example: Do you know why Obama likes to stroke a dog on his stomach? Rubs in the spices.

Anonymous said...

Am Min-

The pen is mightier than the sword?

Not in your case. It's more like your pen is up you ass along with your head. Your spelling is akin to a second grader, your sentence structure and grammar is poor to the point of nearly being unreadable, and your ability to clearly make an argument is just non-existent.

Your oral arguments are keen? I find it very hard to believe, but let's hope so. Your future with the written word is bleak.

If you are so opposed to the anonymous blogging, you can sign your name to your comments.

And as long as you are so courageous and feel like calling people out, why not show up Monday morning in Au Bon Pain at 8:30 and shout out your support for Castro. Better yet, wear a sign around your neck proclaiming your love and respect.

That we we will all know who you were. We will be able to identify you from your carcass as they drag you out of the courthouse after being beaten to a pulp.

The real problem is that you are a mental deficient, and if it is true that you have been the beneficiary of an education, it has obviously been wasted on you. You are nearly illiterate, know nothing about history or law, and even less about people.

It is not African Americans or other minorities we fear. It is ignorance coupled with hate. You seem to have an abundance of both.

But keep submitting your comments. We all can use the laughs.


Anonymous said...

Who the fuck is "American Minority" bitching at? When you ramble on with curse words at least clarify who pissed you off to the point your head exploded!

Fake Alex Michaels said...

American Minority.....if you are really a lawyer, I hope your oral argument skills are quite good. Because your spelling is BULLSHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!

I want to rip off your head, shove it up your ass and put you in Romanian Death Grip. Then I feed you to Nicolae my 900 pound Romanian Killer Black Bear.

Anonymous said...

I appear regularly before Judges Cohn and Pedraza. So, I have an actual basis on which to state that they are both excellent judges, who perform in an exemplary manner. Neither should lose this election, and neither deserved to be challenged. These contested races are shameful. Hernandez and Cambo should be ashamed of themselves and they both should remember that payback is a bitch.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:01 p.m.I appreciate the hat tip Sir./Ms. I've learned that real is respected in all social circles, not pretentiousness and cowardly anonymity.I help manage campaigns in my spare time, and I give no-nonsense perspectives. I just speak reality no different,from Rahm Emanuel.

Anonymous said...

Amazing to see "American Minority" taunting Hispanics. Obviously, AM only represents the group he (I assume AM is a he) belongs to.

The reallity is that until we all work together and across racial and ethnic lines, we'll never know true peace and justice.

AM.....If you want to represent your group and/or set a good example for others, try promoting unity and respect for all cultures. When you taunt those who are different, particularly another minority, you stoop to the level of those who have discriminated against you. I'd hope you would be better than that (I disagree with the commentators attacking your intelligence.......we all type quick messages full of mispellings and such and some of your comments have been insightful). You're starting to sound more like a rabid revolutionary than the thinking man I thought you were.


PS-----it's ridiculous to challenge everyone for posting anonymously when you're doing the same thing.

Anonymous said...

9:15 am and 2:05pm- you are clearly the same miserable person. Why don't you go bitch somewhere else and continue kissing KFR's ass.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Rod vereen running against kfr. He is a smart, more than qualified and experienced trial attorney. The fact that some think he is using a race card is pathetic and shows how ignorant Miami people can be. After all, who is using a race card in Miami- a Cuban or an African- American?

I am white and that has nothing to do with the way I vote. It should be about the candidate's qualifications.

Rod Vereen is clearly a threat to KfR and her little circle so it is quite understanding to her them run to this blog and bitch.

Anonymous said...

"American Minority" is a loser who is seeking the attention on this blog not received from peers or spouse.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant move by Rod and his co-conspirators.

DS said...

You attack the No-Names by commentting on them by saying "not pretentiousness and cowardly anonymity"
No Name Ni Identity, just a mysterious A.M...


Anonymous said...

5:15:00 -

Neither Patty nor Don were supported by the "Cuban Mafia" in '06, their opponents (McWhorter and Rippingille, respectively), both incumbents, were. Karma's a bitch.

Anonymous said...

The F.U remark made by American Minority was uncalled for and immature.

Anonymous said...

Being anonymous is not necessarily cowardly.
It should allow for open discourse without judgment.
If I said what I felt all the time, it would cause some real tension in the halls of REGJB.
I wouldn't care, but their are others who would have a hard time handling it and their reactions, not my statements, would cause problems.

Plus, who cares what my name is. What matters is what I think.

Anonymous said...


What has American Minority ever written on this blog that would lead you to believe he is a thinking man?

I can understand if it is a typo and maybe you meant "drinking man.".

Anonymous said...

AM is Juan d'Arce

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ on the competency of Don Cohn. I have often been in his courtroom only to hear the magic words "we all have to follow the law" or after lecturing counsel on his absurd take on the law, "but I know that you know that". He also got an interpreter transferred, run through various non English speaking JA's and generally pissed every one off. Don needs to go, simple as that.

Anonymous said...

I respect the boggers who speak their mind and walk thru the REGJB w/ ease hell I respect them even more for being out spoken although we may dissagree.I do not respect some anonymous dweeb, or coward key board racist btw BTDT What in the hell does that dumb shit stand for ? It reminds me of the btk creepy dude who happen to be a clergymen. Fuck Off Asshole I win cases not opinions on blogs Shit for Brains. I actually loose sleep trial prepping, and visit clients that are incarcerated and fight their cases. I'm not plea bargaining, cynical,pessimistic, anonymous, coward who was raised to profile and be ignorant of others that don't quite look like me all while attempting to seem snooty and smart with weak trial percentages try that wedgie on for size.Lmoa!!! smh

Anonymous said...

An Ancient American adage explains that "Throwing rocks and hiding your hand is cowardly." A.M. I have important work to do later folks.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't even finish reading Fake Alex Michael's comment without bursting into laughter I guess that's why he told me he doesn't read the blog. LOL! Bravo Bravo Well done LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't even finish reading Fake Alex Michael's comment without bursting into laughter I guess that's why he told me he doesn't read the blog. LOL! Bravo Bravo Well done LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Did a bottom 50 feeder speak I didn't think so if so I told that idiot already he's is invisible I don't recognize any idiot who parents whisked them off to a so called higher education and graduated in the bottom 50 of that institution and wears that as a badge of honor. That people is your typical harlequin just like Georgy W. Look dude I don't acknowledge you, and I would proclaim whatever leader I liked this is America and I don't manage baseball teams.Any way Stand your ground is the Law isn't it...

Anonymous said...

KFR sucks. She is a horrible boss, a miserable person, and selfish. KFR has donnyhornles, that is her race card.

If the Cuban Republicans had a strong candidate, don't you think they would have had someone run in any of the past three elections or so.

Rod is a good option, regardless of his skin color. I know him for the last 15 years, always professional with a smile.

The SAO needs a major overhaul, starting with KFR amd running down to most of the real leaders. KFR has been awful to those who didn't deserve it, and great to those. So many scandals never made public to protect her! WHy did the fat womanizer remain as the head of felonies so long?

Go Rod!

P. Nis said...

Congrats to our newest judge Ariana Fajardo.

Anonymous said...

American Minority-

Once again you are talking out your ass. No one whisked me off to get my education. I went where I wanted, and paid for it myself. But let's suppose I were lucky enough to have my education paid for me? So what? It's still no excuse for your illiteracy.

Whatever your prejudice is against parents who give their children the best education possible, I hope you don't ever get over it. I can't imagine you ever being in a position to say anything else to your kids other than- "here is a dime, good luck in your future."

And thank for acknowledging me in the same breath as you say you don't acknowledge me. But let's face facts, you not only acknowledge me, you can't stop thinking about me. I'm so in your head, when you shave I get nicks. You can't sleep at night because my comments cut you down like the sapping in a forest that you are.

Your skills in front of a jury?? Come on. The only thing you ever "tried" was when you tried to avoid a jury because you wet your pants at the thought speaking in public.

Here is today's lesson for you. This is a period "."

In this country, it is used (among other places) at the end of sentences. A sentence is usually comprised of a number of words in order to convey a thought. For simplistic writing, sentences are usually limited to one subject. I suggest you stick with that for now.

This is a comma ","

It is often used as a separator among clauses within sentences, to separate the independent and dependent clause, which makes reading much simpler.

Additionally, sentences take on entirely different meanings when a writer fails to use or misuses these punctuation marks.

Next week: we examine the colon. I fully expect to find your head there.


Anonymous said...

T50 is cold, and funny as hell! Touché !

Raimundo Couret said...

Right! Yet, the comment should have included all people victimized by KFR's inept or vicious assistants; not only BLACKS. I am neither black nor democrat and have been intending to help Mr. Vereen by making public expositions of serious criminal activities in SAO. They prevaricate with the express intention of covering up the backs of [colleagues] the self appointed corsairs of the 20th and 21st Centuries. Yet, in view of apparently disregarded comments posted by black racists of the extreme left, I may think it over.
Finally, Justice shouldn't have a color and neither should principles and moral values.

Wilfred said...

Look at the makeup of the County Judges. There are more women then men. It seems the women cannot handle trial cases so after five years of practice they opt for the 8-5 job of a judge. Most are not very good. If they cannot handle a simple default case, how are they qualified to be a judge?

The County Court is really a court for lesser crimes, loitering and prowling, dog running loose, not bagging your trash, defrauding an inn keeper, petty larceny, etc. With that said, these are really important cases. I am not joking.

To have Greer Davis as a judge is a total miscarriage of justice. Her private practice is a shambles. Ask any black attorney. I recommended her to someone and she screwed up the case so badly, they are still having a problems. Never vote for her.

Former Operations Officer
Clerk of Court
11th Judicial Circuit