Saturday, April 28, 2012


A kerfuffle broke out the other day at the PDs office. From the FACDL email list serve:
Who is the attorney whose behavior is responsible for the new security policy at the PD office?  Now everyone has to be scanned, empty pockets, bag run through x ray. Nice work.
Lo and behold, the Great OZ, the man who never speaks, from behind the curtain Silent Charlie weighed in:
No need to mediate. The screeners work for the county.
If AOC allows the court id to be used in my office, then no one with the court id will have to go through the magnetometer.
And the final word goes to Betty Llorente, the voice of reason:
I will follow up with AOC on Monday.  Thank you Carlos.

Life in Miami as a criminal defense attorney. And so it goes. 

More bad news on diet soda- because we care (hat tip to long time alert reader Jason Grey):

The average American drinks 216 liters of soda each year....The authors commented that this research was sparked by the observation that diet soda drinking behaviors are often different than regular soda drinking behaviors – women often use diet sodas in an effort to avoid weight gain – either to stave off hunger between meals or as a replacement for calorie-containing beverages. Many women drink over 20 diet sodas per week.
These researchers discovered that parathyroid hormone (PTH) concentrations rise strongly following diet soda consumption. PTH functions to increase blood calcium concentrations by stimulating bone breakdown, and as a result release calcium from bone.
In the study, women aged 18-40 were given 24 ounces of either diet cola or water on two consecutive days, and urinary calcium content was measured for three hours. Women who drank diet cola did indeed excrete more calcium in their urine compared to women who drank water. ..

There is nothing healthy about diet soda. It is simply water with artificial sweeteners  and other chemical additives, such as phosphoric acid. The safety of artificial sweeteners is questionable, and they provoke the release of insulin and other hormones that regulate blood glucose; their intense sweetness confuses the body, which naturally associates sweet taste with calories – over time, these mixed signals can lead to increased appetite and weight gain. Diet sodas don't just weaken our bones, they are linked to kidney disfunction  and promote obesity; furthermore, in a recent study, older adults who drank diet soda daily had a 43% increased risk of heart attack or stroke compared to those that never drank diet soda.

Enjoy your weekend. 


Anonymous said...


Who is Reginald Clyne, and why does he make such openly racial appeals? Stop dividing us!!!

BTW, I thought Patty was Italian, not Cuban????

Anonymous said...

At least partly due to your advice on diet sodas, I have nearly completely eliminated soda all together.

Questions- what about all the tonic water I drink with my vodka and gin?

And what about my coffee? I use Splenda. It's probably death wrapped in paper. What do you suggest? Don't say black, that isn't happening.

Anonymous said...

Any link between drinking diet soda, or soda in general, and the rise in infertility amongst women?

Anonymous said...

Wait a second. . . .Hold on . . .

Black lawyers cannot talk about trying to change the status quo and get folks like them on the bench. That's despicable.

Only Hector and the gang can do that . . . even after 20 years of BEING the status quo.

Anonymous said...

Patty is Italian, her husband is Cuban. Clyne needs to do his homework before writing divisive garbage.

Anonymous said...

That guy Reginald Clyne is a liar and a racist. You gotta read his article in the Miami times. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Patti Marino is Italian and married to a Cuban guy.

Clyne is a black guy who helped McWhorter when Patti beat her. Remember McWhorter? She was a total flaming jerk. Patti did us all a favor.

Anonymous said...

I gave up soda 3yrs ago, no soda, only juice or water now, soda ruins your teeth for sure. I had a buddy who worked for Ritz soda corp. plant and the acid used to make the soda, corroded the soles of his and other employees work boots.
Thanks for the info Rump.

Anonymous said...

I've gave up soda all together I had a buddy that worked at the a Soda plant and the acid used to make the soda corroded his and others sole of their work boots.
Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Rumpy, did you see those Heat play yesterday? If they can keep that type of play up, they are a lock to win the whole shebang! Let's go Heat!

Anonymous said...

I want to have a kerfuffle with Rumpole. FIU law grad. Female. 29. Stop traffic kind of bod. You game Rumpole?
I emailed you a pic.

Anonymous said...

Don't complain about Dade! You should see the back-biting going on in Broward's blog:


Perhaps they finally understand that Satz, Dale Ross and cronies have been screwing them and their clients for years.

Rise Up Broward!

Anonymous said...

Why does AOC have to give the PD permission to recognize court IDs?? Jus' wondrin

Anonymous said...

I think they have to get AOC permission because the security personnel are not PD employees. I believe they are part of a larger contract that AOC has for security at the court, PD, and SAO.

I don't know this for sure, but it explains why you see the same people working at all the buildings. You would think that the PD coils make the rules in his own office, but you know how it is working for the government.

Eye on Artie said...

From judicial candidate Artie "Bugsy" Spiegel Fcebook page:

"My dear friends, I have taken the plunge. As you may already have heard, I decided to pursue my life-long dream - I have filed to run for a position as a Judge of the County Court in Miami-Dade County. I would greatly appreciate your prayers, your support & your votes. I expect soon to launch a campaign dedicated Facebook page and a separate campaign website, too. If you would be so kind, please "like" this announcement and perhaps share it, too. Nothing could be of greater help to me than your friendship!

If you know me, then you know I will be a fair, conservative judge. The law will be honored; the lawyers and litigants will be treated with respect and dignity.

Once the web pages launch, through them, if you are so inclined, you will be able to contribute to the campaign effort. Contributions to the "Arthur Spiegel Judicial Campaign" can also be mailed to the campaign treasurer, Rey DeArmas. If you contact me, I can provide his office address. The maximum contribution is $500 per person, but anything you decide to contribute will be welcome. These contributions aren't tax deductible.

I will keep you all posted. If there are any events you think I should attend during the course of this political season, please let me know and I will do my best to be there. If you can offer a place for a campaign sign, please let me know.

Thank you. May the Lord Bless you and keep you."

Lifelong dream to run for County Court Judge? What about when he ran for Circuit Court some years back?

Can he solicit money this way?

Anonymous said...

I am tired of the Hector lead Cuban strangle hold on the bench. And this is not about black, white, Hispanic or other. I want qualified judges. Period. Temperament. Legal knowledge. Real world experience. A sense of fairness and justice. I don't what color they come in or what their surname is.

Anonymous said...

Artie, you idiot. You have to say that you will not accept more than $500.00.

Anonymous said...

No Artie God Bless you ..

Is Art a jew for jesus?

Just what we need a 'conservative' jew for jesus on the county court bench. Vommit.

And this goes for all of you- keep your religion to yourself. It's offensive.

Did any of you watch the white house press dinner? Obama is a cool cat. Too bad about his tax policies. He would have my vote otherwise.

The Miami Heat look poised to make a great run. A shame about that kid from Chicago. The Bulls are done.

And a little advice to you Rumpole. You were talking about quiting the blog. That's cool but never reveal your identity or you will be forever be known as a self-promoting blogger. Not cool.

Anonymous said...

If you are tired of the Cuban Stranglehold on the bench ....wait until 2014 when we really clean house ....Buckle Your Chinstraps!

Anonymous said...

No black woman judges...no racism...why cant we all get along...the minority has talented people too...we need to reflect our community...in the judiciary...all black judges in broward were challenged but good people supported them...can we all support qualified people..All white or all Cuban..that is not the only way...People we can do better...Reggie Clyne is a good man...only trying to do the right thing in this diverse community...to be sure the nominating committee or gov...are picking black judges..Cuban's can support blacks too..

Anonymous said...

Where does that idiot Reginald Clyne get his information. It is all incorrect. Besides the fact that he got Patti Marino-Pedraza' s ethnicity wrong, he also says she never tried a jury trial? Not only have I witnessed her in trial before a jury, I even tried one with her. WTF?

DS said...

Remember that Jesus was born, lived and was executed as a Jew, which was a Latin/Roman equivalent to the N word for the Hebrews. If you look at the words of the Rabi from Nazareth ( i.e. JESUS), he preached nothing unusual for Hebrews of his times( i.e. read Hillel and you get the same themes).
Also He Never said John 3:16, that’s Latin perversion and propaganda.
In fact on the sermon on the mount Jesus was asked what do you have to do to get to heaven and Jesus said:
1. Know that there is But One God
2. Love the Lord Your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your might
3. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

The First 2 are from Moses ( repeated in the daily prayer of Shma )
The second Hillel also said


Anonymous said...

How can you even like a jerk like Reggie Clyne who tells out and out lies about judges.

Reggie thinks that only Black candidates should win.

Saying that Patti Marino never tried a jury trial before becoming a judge is a bold face, pants on fire, lie. Reggie, grow up.

Anonymous said...

DS- your interesting revelations have confirmed my theory that I've stood by since my teen years (mostly due to lack of time for true research and get some education on it). There is but one higher being (if you so chose to believe in one).

Artie, even I am aware that you do not directly inform or direct any kind of financial advertisement for your campaign on any level (I do not have an interest in running for judge). Be it orally,written, on Facebook,Blogspot or anything on the Internet. It may hurt you in the long run. Please have your campaign team review the rules and regulations carefully, they need to stay on their p's and q's as there are many well qualified candidates running for the position to be filled.