Friday, April 20, 2012


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Incumbent Judge Andrea Wolfson now has two opponents.  Attorney Greer Elaine Wallace has joined the fray in Group 24 along with Attorney Arthur Spiegel.

I'm going to lunch!!!!!!!!!!


In a last minute move, forced by Rick Yabor's decision to jump into the Group 28 race, Attorney Frank Hernandez jumps out of the race with Tanya Brinkley (and Yabor) and into Group 01 against Incumbent Judge Marino-Pedraza.  This leaves Group 28 with only two candidates, Brinkley and Yabor.

Carol "Jodi" Breece, 22 year member of the bar, and Board Certified in Criminal trial will NOT be running in 2012 against Judge Pando and Diana Gonzalez.  She will though be running for CIRCUIT COURT JUDGE IN 2014.  Good luck Jodi in 2014.

Our mole at the Elections Office has just told us a secret.  Incumbents, and especially Judge Charlie Johnson, breathe easier, for a few more minutes.  Enrique "Rick" Yabor has jumped out of the Johnson race and is filing against Tanya Brinkley and Frank Hernandez.  Our first three way race.  Although I try not to show favortism, I'm really happy for Judge "Charlie" Johnson.

Welcome to the party.  State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle just got some uncomforting news.  Not only will Mr. Vereen be facing off against her in August, but two more have joined the race as Write-In candidates.

Attorney Michele Samaroo, ten year attorney, has qualified as a WRITE-IN candidate. 

Attorney Todd Omar Malone, licensed eight years in Florida, but practicing as an attorney for 22 years, with licenses in New York and New Jersey, has NOW qualified as a Write-In candidate.  He was an Assiatant Federal PD in Miami for nine years and also worked for Freidin & Dobrinksy, a PI firm, for a few years, before opening his own firm.

What does this mean?  It means that the Primary in August is now a CLOSED Primary, and only Dems will be permitted to vote in the race between Fernandez & Vereen.  So, who is behind the filings of Samaroo & Malone? We'll let our readers figure that one out.

We have confirmed that Attorney Mauricio Padilla is IN and has qualified to run against Incumbent Circuit Court Judge David Miller.  Many of you have emailed us to ask the WHY - we'll have that answer in a future post.

Still no final decisions to report on Breece, Yabor, or Wallace.

BREAKING NEWS ...... (We have been holding our Thursday post out of respect to Judge Esquiroz)


MIGUEL da la O has no opponent.

Greer Elaine Wallace is OUT of Group 42 of the Circuit Court, Miguel de la O currently has no opposition, and Wallace is looking at a County Court incumbent to file against.

Will de la O become the next Milt Hirsch and win without facing any opposition?

In Circuit Court Group 49, we can confirm that Teresa Pooler is all in against Victor DeYurre.

William Pena Wells is OUT of Group 20, County Court, and will not be running for anything this time around. That leave Incumbent Fleur Lobree and challenger Michelle Barakat.

In County Court Group 24, Arthur "Artie" Spiegel is IN against Judge Wolfson. 

In County Court Group 40, Lourdes Cambo is IN against Judge Cohn.

And Rick Yabor has not made a final decision on whether to run against Judge Charlie Johnson or someone else.

Finally, still no solid word on the intentions of Mr. Padilla and his possible show down with Judge Miller.

So, what do have to look forward to in the final three hours (9a-Noon)? Well, two incumbent County Court Judges will likely have opposition, as Enrique "Rick" Yabor and Greer Elaine Wallace make their decisions known.  Carol "Jodie" Breece has not yet qualified in Group 10 of the County Court against Incumbent Judge Pando and Challenger Diana Gonzalez.

(The rest of this post was written late Wednesday night).

With just more than 24 hours to go, things are finally starting to fall into place. Here is what we can tell you so far:


The week began with 24 incumbent judges without opposition.

As of today, that is still the case. Judge David Miller may be facing off with Attorney Mauricio Padilla if Padilla decides to pay the qualifying fee.

There are four open seats and each one has a contested race. They are:

Robert Coppel v. Maria Verde
Miguel de la O v. Greer Elaine Wallace***
Alex Labora v. Maria Santovenia
Victor de Yurre v. Teresa Pooler***

***Ms. Wallace has not yet paid her qualifying fee. We reached out to her campaign but have not heard back. Ms. Pooler has not paid her qualifying fee. We have been able to confirm that she is in the race and looking forward to the campaign.


The week began with 26 incumbents judges; four facing opposition.

This week we saw two more incumbents draw opposition and one incumbent (Pando) now facing two challengers.

There are two open seats and each one has a contested race.

Ana Maria Pando (I) v. Diana Gonzalez v. Jodi Breece***

Fleur Lobree (I) v. Michele Barakat v. William Wells***

Andrea Wolfson (I) v. Arthur Spiegel***

Ivonne Cuesta v. Jacci Seskin (open seat)

Tanya Brinkley v. Frank Hernandez (open seat)

Teretha Thomas Lundy (I) v. John Rodriguez

Charlie Johnson (I) v. Enrique "Rick" Yabor***

Don Cohn (I) v. Lourdes Cambo

***Ms. Breece has not yet paid her qualifying fee. Mr. Wells has not yet paid his qualifying fee. We have reached out to him with no success. Mr. Spiegel has not yet paid his qualifying fee. Mr. Yabor has not yet paid his qualifying fee. We believe Mr. Yabor is contemplating a switch to another race. He will make his decision today and we will know on Friday who the unlucky incumbent Judge is that draws him as an opponent.


And the biggest news of the week was certainly that of criminal defense attorney Roderic Vereen filing against longtime incumbent Katherine Fernandez Rundle.


Of your 24 incumbent judges, 14 of them have a net worth of at least One Million Dollars. Your Top Four are:

Michael Hanzman - $23,000,000
Victoria Brennan - $9.8 mil
Valerie Manno Schurr - $4.0 mil
Ellen Venzer - $3.9 mil

The other ten incumbents include five with a net worth of under $300,000.

On Friday, we will congratulate the winners and post the final line-ups for contested elections.

Keep those private tips coming.



Anonymous said...

Maria Ortiz or Lourdes Simon would probably get opposed if one were to guess

Anonymous said...

In no case should De La O get a free pass-someone should file asap

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Vereen, it's time for Change!!

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it Wallace is jumping in against Pando, Gonzalez, Breece

Anonymous said...

$ is not everything. So what if some has raised a lot or a little what matters is how they work it.

Anonymous said...

now I know why no one declares against Brennan, she is loaded. How does a career prosecutor come by that kind of money anyway?

Anonymous said...

Honk for Greer Elaine Wallace!!....Its Greer time

"American Minority" said...

Is this a bond Hearing or a Trial. This is the longest bond hearing I ever seen. This is obviously differential treatment.

Anonymous said...

On Zimmerman Bond Hearing,

Detective testified Zimmerman did have lacerations to the back of his head, consistent with being hit with something hard, like concrete.

So much for all of you who say the video was proof he was not injured and was lying.

Anonymous said...

Zimmerman bond set at $150,000 with GPS.

Anonymous said...

I can't take the suspense its killing me.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone going to file against Carlos Martinez?

Grey Tesh said...

Dina Keever has filed as a republican for Palm Beach county State Attorney. That makes it a 3-way race. Anyone know the lowdown on her?

Anonymous said...

New Flash:

Zimmerman gets bond of $150K. State concedes Proof Not Evident, Presumption Not Great in order to avoid hearing.

Anonymous said...

Trayvon Martin supporters say the lack of evidence presented by the prosecutor at the bond hearing is because the State "did not want to tip their hand"

What a crock. When has a prosecutor ever not present evidence at an Arthur Hearing, because they did not want to let on what evidence they have?

They will have to disclose everything they have, and everyone knows the State wants defendants in custody pending trial.

If he is really such a dangerous guy, State would have pulled out all the stops to keep him in.

As far as his prior "violent criminal history," the judge all but called it meaningless bullshit.

the trialmaster said...

Michele Samproo was an in house attorney with GEICO. She has a number of piercings on her face and is totally unqualifed for any elected office, much less SAO. Kathy will win in a landslice.

Anonymous said...

What a fucking zoo. So much for any deference to the JNC and the appointment process. That is what happens when, what should have been a apolitical process, becomes so politicized.

Judges a politicians. Ain't it grand.

DS said...

The JNC and the Gov. appointing is a Political process . I trust the Public , even with their lack of Knowledge, more than Gov. Scott.
I have No Deference for the JNC nor the Gov., over the People, even if the people are uninformed.


Anonymous said...

Rod's a great guy and lawyer. I wish he was running for judge so I could support him. Unfortunately, he chose to run for State Attorney and I think Kathy has more than earned the right to another term. For all of the complaints and problems (many of which are not of her making, like the despicably pathetic funding provided by our supposedly "tough on crime" legislature and governor), that office is among the best in the country, something she deserves credit for.


DS said...

Advocates for legalizing marijuana have found a new -- and surprising -- supporter: evangelical leader Pat Robertson.
The man behind the Christian Broadcasting Network and conservative family values offered his endorsement in an interview with The New York Times.
"I really believe we should treat marijuana the way we treat beverage alcohol," the 81-year-old Robertson said Wednesday. "I've never used marijuana and I don't intend to, but it's just one of those things that I think: this war on drugs just hasn't succeeded."
"It's completely out of control," he continued. "Prisons are being overcrowded with juvenile offenders having to do with drugs. And the penalties, the maximums, some of them could get 10 years for possession of a joint of marijuana. It makes no sense at all."
He said no one event or moment caused the conversion. Rather, it's his belief that the nation has over the years "gone overboard on this concept of being tough on crime."
"I believe in working with the hearts of people, and not locking them up," he said.
Robertson made similar comments last week on his 700 Club program (video) and in 2010, the Times says.


Anonymous said...

What the %#@#$^& did Andrea WOlfson ever do to warrant two opponents??????

Anonymous said...


Excuse me, but I think that is what I said. Uh-Duh

Anonymous said...

When good reasonable people start to agree with Pat Robertson, can the apocalypse be far behind?

Anonymous said...

Too bad more attorneys haven't thrown in their hats! Incumbents get lazy and comfortable, mommy/daddy judges plead out everything so as not to be in trial past 1pm, and the SAO encourages repeat offenders and DUIs with so many PTD/BOT programs.
I say start anew & vote them all out!!!

The fear of losing & having to work might has actually changed attitudes in the past. LOL

Anonymous said...

Greer Wallace, hope you didn't pay for the advice to jump into the Wolfson/Spiegel race. Dumb move.

Anonymous said...

Rod Vereen,

I just read the Miami Herald this morning. Your quote was embarrasing. Yeah, ok, KFR is a racist. Who is advising you? I thought you were smarter then to play the race card in the Miami Herald. It is obvious the Shamaroo(past president of the black lawyer just like you were) and Malone would never run against you except to help close the election. And there is nothing wrong with that. But for you to claim that KFR has a bias against them becuase they are black is wrong. What's wrong with you?

Anonymous said...

Who is this Lourdes Cambo (never heard this last name before, and have asked every Cuban I know being that I hear she claims to be)? Guess Gutierrez could not find a known attorney to go up against the terrific Judge Cohn. Gutierrez is a sore loser because he ran Bonnie's campaign and lost. So much for caring about what is best for the community.

Anonymous said...

I just started reading your blog and I'm troubled by your comments. Are you are suggesting that the more money a judge has the better they are on the bench? If not, why the rankings? Some of that money could be from inheritance, or they could have married into money; but to suggest that they are good judges based on how much money they have is just plain stupid. I'm concerned that your obsession with money clouds your judgment.