Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The attorneys handling the George Zimmerman defense are amateurs. They demonstrated as much today when they held a press conference to breathlessly announce that...they will not longer be his lawyers as they have lost touch with their client. 

Zimmerman is out of the State of Florida -  that not will  help at the bond hearing.  Zimmerman is calling news reporters and talking off the record- his latest chat was with Sean Hannity of Fox News (Motto: "Hating Obama 24 hours a day." )
More importantly, it is readily apparent that the defense has not engaged a private investigator, meaning that the witnesses are being interviewed solely by FBI agents and local law enforcement. But worry not, because we all know that those investigators are interested in just the truth. 

It was disgraceful that attorneys would call a press conference to trash their client and complain that he is not listening to them, and then try and squeeze out one more bit of publicity by announcing they are withdrawing. Of course since there is not yet a case, they have not filed a notice of appearance and thus there is nothing to withdraw from. 

George Zimmerman is in a world of trouble. What he needs now more than anything is a well trained defense attorney who can take this case by the reins, control the client,  shut down the 24 hour news cycle  and begin to do the basic work of preparing a defense.  It's a damn shame that the odds are that although Zimmerman needs the very best of our profession, he will likely end up with the very worst. 

Viva Fidel, v2.0. 
The Miami Marlins suspended manager Ozzie Guillen for five games for Guillen's comments that he "loves" Fidel Castro. 
You know, in any new relationship, the introduction of the "L" word is a big bridge to cross. At times it can shatter a relationship that is not built on steady ground. 
Perhaps if Ozzie had said "I like him a lot. And when I say 'like' I mean 'like like' " , things may have gone a bit better. Just a thought. 

Motorcycles are dangerous:
Bobby Petrino the football coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks will be fired after the 51 year old married father of four crashed his motorcycle. 
Oh yeah, there was a fetching 25 year old new female employee of the Arkansas Athletic department on the back of his motorcycle. 
Rumpole's Third Rule of Commuting: Don't drive single women half your age to and from work without any other witnesses in the car. Oh yeah, she was wrapped around his body and bike. No room for witnesses. 

See You In Court. 
Coming Soon: Why are corrections officers on the second floor of the jail  generously calling bail bondsmen for newly arrested clients? Are they just being super nice? 


Not the Real Fake Captain said...

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old guy said...

Is this a sign described in Revelations?

Jose Baez calling in to CNN to complain about Zimmerman's lawyers disclosing confidences -- like his location and potential mental health issues. Pot calling the kettle beige?

Elderly Cubans threatening not to attend Marlins' games because the manager has said something that offends them? I have gone to games for 20 years, and now that the seat prices have doubled I do not expect these folks to be sitting near me anyway.

Santorum quits, but Newt will push on to the convention -- with Ron Paul in tow?

Is today April Fools Day -- delayed?

Anonymous said...

These lawyers need to be reprimanded

GB said...

well said

CAPTAIN said...



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4 contested races.
24 incumbents with no opposition.


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Ellen Leesfield - $125,289


Alex Labora - $1,350
Teresa Pooler - $6,585
Maria Santovenia - $16,900
Maria Verde - $17,875
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Anonymous said...

My thought exactly. It was embarrassing to watch them "withdraw" but considering they took this case pro bono in their words (translation: for all the free publicity they could glom onto), I am not surprised by how slipshod their representation of him has been. You do not take a case like this one without the financial and logistical support necessary to do the job right.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your commentary on Zimmerman's attorneys. They are a disgrace to the profession, irreparably harming their client for personal gain in the most public way possible. The Bar should hammer them.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if corrections is getting a kick back from the bondsman, who gets a kick back from the lawyer. It's really hard for honest lawyers to watch this happen. It needs to stop

Anonymous said...

Interviewed a prospective client yesterday. In his pile of papers was the business card of Al Quirantes stapled to the bond collateral receipt. Client told me the bondsman recommended him. Is this wrong?

Anonymous said...

Looks like that jerk De la O is going to buy himself a judgeship. Guess that's what you do with the Governor says you're not fit for the job.

Anonymous said...

Get ready incumbents.....it's coming....calm before the storm...

Anonymous said...

wasn't rod vereen the attorney in the case in miami that started the whole stand your ground law reform? the defendant was alexander james, I worked in Miller's courtroom and wonder if rod would want to defend george zimmerman since he LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEES publicity.

Anonymous said...

If you wonder if the system is broken, consider just these two facts:

Valerie Manno "Often Wrong, Never In Doubt" Schurr, who makes Peter Adrien look like a hard-working mix of Cardozo and Marshall, has raised $130K+ from lawyers who practice before her and should damn well know better. Why is this? Every lawyer who has ever been before her knows she is galacticly incompetent. "Winning" in front of her (and I have) actually makes you feel worse than losing in front of her (and I have), because the notion that she agrees with your position immediately makes you suspect that you must be completely wrong. So these lawyers showering her with money aren't working to keep a good judge on the bench. Instead, they are just hoping to gain SOME sort of edge before this disaster in a robe. So lawyers who actually KNOW better pander to a lousy judge out of fear.

Next, look at the contributors to Greer Elaine Wallace. What do you notice? Almost no lawyers at all. Instead, her contributions mostly come from businesses and interests hoping to curry favor with her husband, Florida City Mayor For Life Otis T. Wallace. These contributors know and care nothing about the judicial system -- it's just undiluted politics to them.

Which -- of course -- it is.

Anonymous said...

Great! First we get Milt without a fight. Now we're getting Brinkley.

DS sez: said...

I saw a portion of their Press Conference, it seems like those two Defense Attorneys are bad mouthing their client. Also they are giving up privileged and/or confidential info from or about client. They Should NOT say he is ignoring their advise nor say he is out of state . They have a continuing duty, even after w/drawl to NOT do anything that could hurt the client. See Fla Bar Rule 4-1.9


CAPTAIN said...

The Captain Reports:

Breaking News .....

Angela Corey, special prosecutor, will announce charges against Zimmerman today.

More to follow ...

Cap Out .....

CAPTAIN said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Rump - You are right. High-profile cases bring out the worst in our profession because no-names use this as an opportunity to gain exposure.

Apparently, the first attorney was representing Zimmerman free of charge (no surprise). He then enlisted the help of Uhrig because he had no experience in dealing with homicide cases.

That's the problem with our profession. Too many unqualified hacks looking to profit off of publicity.

If Zimmerman had money he could afford the best legal talent. Instead, he is not wealthy and probably not terribly bright (he's calling the prosecutor and giving interviews to Sean Hannity) so he is happy when some attorney offers their services for free.

DS - right on. Those two guys had no right to say that Zimmerman had left the state. If there was a snowflake's chance in hell that Zimmerman could get a bond, it is now gone thanks to these hacks.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that in a community as large and as diverse as ours, only four races are contested. Not one incumbent has opposition. Really? Pathetic. Maybe we should stop complaining about Tunis, Gordo, Brennan, and the others of the same cloth since no one has the balls to run against them.

Anonymous said...

Okay, who is brave enough to become a part of a pro bono team to defend Zimmerman? Rumpole, Captain, DS? How about you, HT Smith? Or is the system only designed to protect the Lightsey brothers?

Do you believe in the system as much as Jeffrey Samack (The Country Walk Child Abuse Case) did to suffer the inevitable rath of your peers and the African-American community to defend him and make the State prove its case?

How about you Roy Black? Or do you only fight for justice for those billionaire, drunk driving, aristorcatic retrobates who can afford you?

Whether Zimmerman is guilty or not, he is entitled to a defense. Since the cards seem to be stacking up against him before a jury (certainly should not be tried in the 8th or 9th Circuits) who will be as scared and intimidated as any we have seen in a long time, doesn't this guy, who is no less presumed innocent than the next guy, deserve better than some PD or conflict counsel can give him?

Time for you to put your beliefs and convictions on the line and to the test. This prosecutor is as nasty and self-righteous as they come. Maybe she needs to learn a lesson in prosecutorial discretion.

Who's the first to sign up?

Fake Ozzie Guillen said...

I'd like to apologize for saying that I Love Fidel Castro. It was a mistake on my part. What I meant to say was that I Love Osama Bin Laden. He is the reigning World Hide and Seek champion(2001-2011). And he did it without steroids.

Now let's Play Ball.

CAPTAIN said...


AP is reporting that Zimmerman will be charged with 2nd degree murder and that he is IN custody.

Now let's see if he can find some competent attorneys who won't reveal attorney client privileged information. Unbelievable that they did what they did yesterday. Never can I remember seeing anything like that.

Cap Out .....

Anonymous ASA said...

i cannot wait for zimmerman to testify during the "stand your ground motion."

Anonymous said...

4:07 PM

Nice backhanded rip at the PD and Conflict Counsel.

Anonymous said...

Jose Quinones has a terrible accent and will for sure lose this case. http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/04/11/2742667/major-medicare-fraud-trial-starts.html

Anonymous said...

Zimmerman will likely win at trial and the state will blame the jury and that'll be all.

DS Sez. said...

407 pm
F-U .
First, I work For PD11 and can Not do outside criminal work. Matter of Fact I am limited as to any outside work or honorarium [sic? ] I can take.
Second , Your an Ass to imply that If Zimmermann had a PD or RCA Attorney he would get second rate representation. Why dont you just say we are not real Attorneys, but Public Pretenders.


Anonymous said...


Why are you so angry?

old guy said...

Pro bono?

All of my clients want that, but I do have to earn a living.

Unlike public defense, I do not get a check every month to help pay the mortgage, gas, food, etc. If the State would choose to pay me a reasonable [far less than I charge others] rate, I would love to be his Champion.

But I thought that I could not solicit business. Did they change the rules?

Anonymous said...

It it Quinon, and he is the man!

Anonymous said...

Many of the Miami-Dade PDs are very capable, accomplished attorneys. There are a number whom I would gladly hire, if I could, if I ever ended up in the pokey myself.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 8:24:00 PM: You sir/madam are an effing moron/imbecile

Jose Quinon is one of the best lawyers ever....hard working.....prepared....respected and feared....handles big cases with high fee clients ....not a bottom dweller like you

your note about an accent reveals what you are all about

Anonymous said...

4:07----your comment is ridiculous. No one is scared to defend anyone or lose a case. Any attorney who tries cases wins some and loses some. Every defense attorney who handles homicide cases represents unpopular (and hated) offenders all the time.

Further, the publicity that will come with this case is worth a lot of money to any defense attorney. That said, there aren't a lot of us who can afford to invest 1,000+ hours in a case and get paid nothing (or next to nothing if the state pays).

Finally, there are MANY senior PDs who are outstanding and experienced attorneys who are far better than many (if not most) in private practice.


Anonymous said...

Jose has won a lot of his big cases too. To me (and to clients), results matter more than anything else.

Anonymous said...


Don't take my comments so personally. I agree with later comments that there are many members of your office that I would gladly hire to handle my defense, if they were in private practice.

But do you know the quality of the attorneys in the PD office for the 9th Circuit? I do. Do you know if their budget is adequate to deal with a case that will require extraordinary effort and attention? It is not. Do you know whether the PD, an elected official, is one who is susceptible to political or community pressure? (Yes, he is.)

I am not angry as one comment asks. I am concerned that those, who espouse such conviction and faith in the system, run and hide when standing up for those principals puts them in financial harm's way. Jeff Samack was my friend. I saw what the Fuester case did to him. It killed him sooner than he needed to die. He suffered greatly and it is only years after his death that we recognize is sacrifice.

What effect do you think it would have on the case, if someone like an HT Smith stood up and said that this is not a "Black and White" issue, but simply an alleged crime where the alleged victim is black and the defendant is white and he resultantly takes part in Zimmerman's defense? I think it would make a huge statement about who we are and what we stand for.

This is about educating the public that justice is not a specific result. It is about the system and what it is supposed to do. When I hear phrases like: "We want justice for Trayvon." "Let's start with an arrest." It smacks of Judge Roy Bean: "First we'll give a fair trial, then we'll hang him."

I am not saying Zimmerman is innocent. I am saying he is innocent until proven guilty. And that is justice.