Monday, October 17, 2011


It's the same old song in The Office Of Regional Counsel, just in a different Region.

Region 4 is now in turmoil, and the bad news is that there is no Gene Zenobi clone ready to step in and solve the problems. Low morale, high turnover, top lawyers fired, and general interoffice turmoil all bedevil RC4 which covers Broward, West Palm, and some other counties where they make OJ and grapefruit juice.

The Sun Sentinel article is here. Last week the Governor declined to name any of the two remaining candidates that were forwarded to him (the 3rd candidate, Raag Singhal was appointed to the Circuit bench last month) and the JNC is back to accepting applications: "Help wanted. Attorney needed to run Office Of Regional Counsel. Must be willing to be shunned by fellow defense attorneys who are no longer getting appointments and be tolerant of employees who take a nip of wine every now and then after work."

Meanwhile things are so hunky-dory at our own Regional Counsel Office (Motto: "Now we're happy") that we hear rumors of a celebration dinner happening this coming week.

Dolphins/Jets tonight. Michael Feiler won his suicide pick of the Ravens Sunday. The only thing standing between him and victory are the OH-4 Dolphins.


Anonymous said...

Teenage drinking til 4am-- Oy.

You have to be involved in your childrens lives and know where they are.

George Frobisher said...

Is there a conflict when a prosecutor leaves his old firm (the SAO) and takes the bench in Magistrate's...er, Circuit Court?

Anonymous said...

News Flash - That doesn't constitute a "Conflict". Check the rules.

Anonymous said...

Not sure about the conflict but I'm sure that Milton is a tool.

Anonymous said...

according to reports on the news which may nor may not be accurate, not only was the young woman underage, drinking, and in possession of several fake identifications, she was drinking at a bar at the Fountainbleau Hotel on Miami Beach; and why was the 68-year old victim out driving at 4:30 in the morning? according to news reports she was a manager of a McDonalds restaurant and was on her way to work to open the restaurant

Fake Jay White said...

I'll be live blogging the Fins tonight (If Rumpole allows) as we document our 0-4 teams Super Bowl run. It's gonna happen folks so get on the band wagon now.

I have some intriguing news: the next coach of the Miami Dolphins, at probably 9 million per, will be the one guy we are all waiting for. The one, the only, the GENIUS Eric Manginni!!!!

The Q said...

The Q's key to the game:

1) Reggie Bush in space. Get him the ball and give him the chance to break open the game. Punt returns, screens, quick slants, the more touches, the more chances to be a game breaker. The Dolphins have so few game breakers they need to give he ones they have a chance.

2) Stop the run. Make the pretty boy QB beat you. Lots of pressure.

3) Special teams. On the road, slow the game down, play position. Good coverage on punts. No returns. Give Reggie the chance to break one for you.

4) No cover 2 defense. Play the 3-4. Go rollin with Nolan. Let the linebackers loose and bring the pressure.

5) Slap Rex Ryan silly in the post game handshake. Start a tradition.

The Q said...

Oh yeah. Almost forgot the most important point of all:

6) Don't throw at Darryl Revis. Avoid the Pick Six.

Fake Jay White said...

Drats! Curse you Revis.

Finfan said...

Only a "monster" like B Marshall could catch a ball in the wide open field with nobody within 15 yards of him and run out of bounds. Isn't it time for you to get kicked out yet.

This is on top of not getting one extra yard on the first drive which would have given us a first down.

And on top of getting baited by Revis into a pick six.

And on top of dropping a TD pass on the last play.

Please get kicked out NOW.

Anonymous said...

Are you f'ing kidding me. We had 1:05 on the clock and one time out and we decided to run out the clock while down by eight points.


Anonymous said...

Nothing like self mutilation on national tv. QB runs out of bounds instead of tossing ball out. Hartline drops sure first down and monster can't jump. He must be white under that uniform.

Anonymous said...

6:18 - what incident are you referring to?

2:48 - which Milton is a tool? The author? The judge? Why?

Dolphins can still go 8 and 8.

Anonymous said...

He cant jump because of the knife wound his baby momma gave him. nice pick up Sparano!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know when Governor Scott palns on appointing RCs for the 2d and 5th DCAs???

What is the hold-up?

They were supposed to have taken office by July 1st and we are damn near November now...

I understand delays (to an extent)like what happened in the 3rd and now the 4th but what the hell is keeping him from naming the RCs in the other two DCAs???

Anyone know or have any clue? Someone should be putting some heat on him for this excessive delay. Meanwhile lame duck RCs continue to run amok...

Anonymous said...

Shumie shumie shumie shumie shumie LURVEY
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EyeonLurvey said...

Love the last comment. On Monday in DUI ct an Asa released her witnesses before the case was settled. Deal went south, def demanded a trial, Judge told state to get ready for motions and state said their witnesses were gone. Final result- state not ready. Nolle prossse. Chatter among the attys was the ASA did a real Lurvey.

Anonymous said...

Corrections just accidentally released an inmate convicted of attempted murder.

I would say this is a step or two above a Lurvey.

Anyone care to give it a name?

Anonymous said...

There was another article on RC debacle published this weekend at Palm Beach Post:
It is really sad that after five month since JNC voted to fire a bunch of RCs, George was the only one fired. The other people (Hendry and Massa) are still running their respective agencies making close to 100k a year each. I will not be surprised if those people will decide to sabotage their agencies just like George did. In fact Hendry already has "Florida auditor general investigating financial improprieties in his Polk County-based office" and his Administrative Director looking at many years of prison in a case also involving other employees of their Polk County office. See:

Anonymous said...

Yeah But Lurvey would never have done such a stupid thing

Anonymous said...

Huge corrections mistake.

A multiple violent felony convicted on Monday of attempted murder was accidently released from the Miami-Dade jail by Corrections.

Apparently, he had misdmeanor charges as well for which he had already served his sentence. Apparently, someone didn't indicate on his jail card that he had been convicted of attempted first degree murder and was to be held without bond pending sentencing.

While we may laugh about this, it's no joke. This man is a danger to society and now has nothing to lose. He is no doubt facing a life sentence.

I hope this illustrates to the public how inept Corrections is. How braindead and apathetic their employees are who sit on their fat asses waiting until shift change. I've seen more customer service at the DMV.

Corrections is law enforcement and these men and women are charged with a grave responsibility. Hopefully it stops being a breeding ground for lazy government clock punchers and starts hiring some decent and competent employees.

Anonymous said...

Phil Massa is passionless about indigent defense. He could care less about zealousness or principles and often tells lawyers just to try a case from the A-form. Anyone who dares to stand up for their clients and do a good job either gets fired or reprimanded. It's ridiculous. I hope someone competent gets named as his successor. . .and soon! No one was qualified other than Raag this last time. Someone with actual criminal defense experience should step up and submit their name this time. We need you!

Anonymous said...

The intentional release of felons onto the streets of Miami has long been known as a "Fidel."

The unintentional release of felons onto the streets of Miami is known as a Miami Police Recruit Class.

Anonymous said...

This article is inaccurate.Did Maken really tell the JNC that she planned on taking the Florida Bar exam? Actually,she failed the first attempt at the exam making her ineligible to serve as a certified legal intern. She failed to disclose that little tidbit to her boss or the courts and that made her the subject of unlicensed practice of law.Then, she passed the second attempt, but she was not admitted because she cannot pass the character and fitness.Please, reporter, check your facts!