Saturday, October 22, 2011


Suicide update: CK marches with the Saints
while Feiller rolls with the Cowboys


There is a group occupying Miami downtown. It's starting small but who knows what it leads to?
The Herald has coverage here.

What's the difference between protests by the "Occupy" group and protests by the Tea Party? Not much (to the chagrin of conservatives) says the NY Times.

Any thoughts about if and when they try to occupy the courthouses?

Want a great nuts and bolts explanation of the defense theory of the case and why it matters so much? Roy Black has it here.

Tim Teebow arrives in Miami to play against the Dolphins tomorrow (yawn).

It's a beautiful fall day in Miami. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

richard hersch as rumpole posting about ethics of pena, what a joke!

Anonymous said...

When the Tea Party first started, one of its main complaints was the use of government money for Wall Street bailouts, and, for this reason, I was somewhat sympathetic to its aims. Somehow (i.e., through the use of lots of $), the Koch Bros, Richard Armey, the GOP, etc, were able to turn these aims into the destruction of public sector unions, an attack on Obama (who had little to do with the original bailouts), and the resurrection of 19th century monopoly capitalism. In this sense, the Occupy Wall Street movement is an attempt to take the Tea Party back to its original origins.

In the entire history of this country, only two (FDR & Andrew Jackson) and one-half (Rumpole's hero, Teddy Roosevelt), presidents have had the guts to take on Wall Street. Any of the people who voted for Obama and thought that he would add his name to this short list, either wasn't paying attention to his contributor's list or doesn't understand how government in this country now works. By choosing to concentrate on health care reform, instead of seeking drastic economic changes, however, Obama may have sowed the seeds of his own destruction, as it is difficult to see any Democratic incumbent winning a national election with a four-year record of steady 10% unemployment. What makes this even worse for the establishment is that much of this 10% is made up with educated and motivated young people who have been sold an outdated (American exceptionalism, American dream, etc.), illusionary dream and they know it.

But, if the Tea Party types and GOP capitalists, think that they are going to have an easy time of selling their free-market message with the same steady 10% unemployment rate, then THEY do not remember American history. Past economic restructering has always been preceeded by unemployment, social unrest, and, ultimately, violence. And plans like that of Herman Cain (he now has come out against the minimum wage!), are not going to fead the beast. The Occupy Wall Street movement is not going away and will grow and morph into something much more aggressive until somebody is able make drastic changes in the present political/economic situation.

Secret Judge said...

Hersch was always a straight shooter with me and will make a fine Judge.

Anonymous said...

Captain, SERIOUSLY, can you please tell us the division assignments of the new judges? Those of us who work as prosecutors or apds in those respective courtrooms would really like to know who we are getting.

Anonymous said...

I am in court on Monday morning - family court. If I have time after I will swing by and take a bunch of photos of the occupymiami crowd.

Any place I can post these if they are any good?

Anonymous said...

Florida State up 14-0. Went to Two Guys for a smoke and to watch the game. With his team winning, the Shumster is in a good mood. Lots of stogies half price.

Holdem Hal said...

Rump= let me correct a common misconception down here. At the poker tables, strong is strong and weak means weak, unlike what the books say which is that when a fish acts strong he is weak. I don't see that own here.

First year PD. Up 16,750 in October at the 10-20 at the Hard Rock. I don't have to tell you that my winnings are five times my monthly salary. I play Friday night, saturday night and usually Wednesday or Thursday night unless I'm in trial. I really believe I should take a leave of absence and just play poker. I can live on 16 K a month and I have to tell you my dating life has improved dramatically with my cash roll at the sobe nightclubs.

Angry Gurl said...

Oh don't take a leave of absence, the Miami courts couldn't continue without your obvious stellar intelligence and the women down here need more than your big flash roll.

Idiot. Cretin. Creep.

Anonymous said...

If I could name ONE private female criminal defense attorney worth a damn in court, I'd be concerned with Angry Gurl. Wonder when's the last time she tried a case?

George Frobisher said...

Richard Dreyfuss and director Alexander Payne spotted this weekend scouting locations for shooting, slated to begin in late 2012

holdem Hal said...

Angry Gurl you are an anorexia obsessed materialistic skank. I've read your posts obsessing about eting five grapes instead of four and railing about how no man is in your league.

The simple fact is that no matter how good looking, intelligent and nice I am, the women I date are constantly judging me by my car, my apartment, my clothes, my ability to afford a nice restaurant. I tried a case a few months ago and the alternate juror called me and flirted so we met for drinks. She saw my car (2007 Hundai) and frowned and told me later that her ex boyfriend had a Porsche and a Lamborghini and she was worried I couldn't afford to pay for her dinner (which I did.)

I don't judge people by how much money they have but had better believe that every single woman between 20-30 that is sizing me up as either a boyfriend or potential mate is concerned about my ability to provide for them. My current girlfriend, a model, wants me to play poker all the time. WHy? 1) We can sleep in until 2 pm. 2) I almost always come home with a stack of cash that we then go out to some club and blow on food and drinks and dancing.

Tell me AG, what is wrong with that?

Anonymous said...

I am scratching my head wondering how some idiot (11:20 AM) could compair Hersch to that Pena Wells guy.

Observant Male said...

To 7:02:

Most of the fine women criminal defense attorneys are with the Public Defender's office. Unfortunately, since most of our clients are sexist cretins, I believe women have a tougher go of maintaining a private criminal defense practice.

Anonymous said...

The "angy gurl" thing is sooooo stupid. Right up there with the "Q", Shumie and trial master. You should ban that nonsense.

Anonymous said...

"Hold this!!!!" Hal,

Obviously you can't take a joke. Angry Gurl is a guy, probably some sex crazed porn addicted loner or psychopath, who hasn't gotten any in years, and is living in his mom's basement, or on her couch.

Angry Gurl couldn't possibly be a woman because no woman is as stupid as she seems to be. Vapid maybe.

Anyway Hal, while you are two fisting it over some idea of who Angry Gurl is, the joke is really on you.

Go to Shumies and smoke a bowl of their best Everglades weed, and relax.

Anonymous said...


Buy yourself a new car. Nothing fancy, Hyundai makes a fine car. Something comfortable, clean, and easy on the environment.

Get something you like, for yourself, not to impress anyone.

Take that girl on a date, park it yourself (no valet) where it will be safe, and impress her that you are frugal, serious, and thinking forward to saving for educating your kids, and retirement. Take her to a nice place, good meal, complimentary wine, then courteously excuse yourself when the check comes, walk out the front door of the place, stick her with the check, and smile at yourself in the shiny finish of your new car.

And know that your poker face that pays for it never let on for a moment about your plan.

Angry Gurl said...

Oh Hal, aren't you quite the sharp tongued litigator! Calling someone a skank when your vocabulary otherwise fails you. Just how did you get into law school with less than a 10 on your LSATs? Oh well, never mind. You stick to cruddy back rooms populated by neanderthals and skanks and play your poker because that is clearly where you belong.

PS- I make in a week what you make in your very best month.

Anonymous said...

7:02:00 PM

Amy Weber and Preeti Lala are two outstanding criminal defense attorneys who kicked my ass when I was an ASA. Ask the clients who were looking at a mandatory 30 year sentence before hearing the words "not guilty" what they think about those two female criminal defense attorneys. I'll venture to guess they think they're worth a damn.

Anonymous said...

220 pm
In the late 1900s and the beginning of the 20th century there were a number of short term political parties that the Tea Party is channeling. The NO NOTHING PARTY is the best example , but there were many groups/ parties that wanted the US to return to gold or silver as a monetary standard or stay out of world affairs.
The Republican Party has been controlled by big business since Teddy Roosevelt had to leave it and create the Bull Moose party.
The problem w/ the Tea Party is they fail to understand that the American Revolution was not fought over being taxed, but BEING TAXED WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. In fact that was only one of the many reasons for our revolution/. Read the second half of the Declaration of Independence for a complete list of why we revolted.
The founders of the USA were not anti-government, they just wanted a say in how they were governed.
The Tea Party hates the Gov't and wants it out of their pocketbook, but does not mind if the Gov't wants to tell me who to marry or what to use to get impaired/intoxicated

Anonymous said...

I agree that most of the better women defense attorneys are with the PDs office. But lets not fool ourselves, most of these women choose to remain at the PDs office for family or other personal reasons. Some of them want to become judges and are doing their time to get to that point. Others have families and want the flexibility to be there for their kids. These fine women make this choice and they should not be chastised for doing so.

Anonymous said...


Much like you, they were the KNOW Nothing party.

You seem like a nice person, but who did you pay to take your SAT test to even get into college?

Anonymous said...

To 7:19 and 11:25:00 PM:

You both cannot read. I said PRIVATE DEFENSE ATTORNEYS. You both make mention only to PD Attorneys.

Give me a list of 10 awesome female PRIVATE DEFENSE ATTORNEYS that solely do criminal work. You have a better chance of figuring out who Rump is.

Fake Kenny Weisman said...

Rump- my girlfriend says that thru three quarters the dolphins defense was lining up in a cover 2 and before the snap the two deep safeties were moving up to linebacker Mike and Sam positions converting the defense to the old Buddy Ryan 4-6 and were getting great pressure and confusing Teebow. But inexplicably the tea went away from that scheme in the 4th quarter and Teebow picked them apart.

what gives Rump? Suck for Luck or what?

Eye on Timmy Teebow said...

Jay White Jay White
you know what's right
unless we trade for Teebow
we can't fight fight fight.

Jay White Jay White
make it happen tonight
trade for Teebow
and the Dolphins will fight.

Anonymous said...

If there aren't 10 notable women criminal defense attorneys it is only because they are not taken seriously by the clients, bench, or their peers. The old boy network still has its effect.

Every one of us has tried cases with or against very good female lawyers. Their ability equals the men. Their opportunities do not.

Holdem Hal said...

At the start of the 4th quarter the guy at the hard rock was giving you 7 points on the Broncos and 3 to 5. I took it for six large and got back a sweet 10K. I had all the faith in Teebow.

CAPTAIN said...

My prediction.

Just as the Dolphins continue to find new ways to lose each and every week, they will once again top their best losing game toward the end of the season when, with the number one draft seed seemingly a lock, they will win a game and lose the pick. That will be pure Dolphins. They just can't do anything right.

Cap Out .....

Anonymous said...

y ANON, play on words NO/Know, its called poetic license. How about attacking my ideas or is the subject matter to complex and all you can do is look for a (purposely) used homonym to make fun of me.
Is it that what I said rings true?


CAPTAIN said...

The Captain Reports:


Names sent to Governor Scott to replace Judge Figarola are:

David Alschuler
Tanya Brinkley
Donald Cannava
Ivonne Cuesta
Steven Lieberman

We should have the names later today for the Circuit Court two open seats. Also, with Judge Scola moving to Federal bench, that opens up yet another Circuit Court seat.

Captain Out .....

Anonymous said...

I agree that there are probably not 10 noteworthy female private criminal defense attorneys due to opportunity rather than talent. There are, however, countless very talented female ASAs and PDs.

Anonymous said...

just drove by the occupy miami tent city in downtown miami. booooorrrrriiiinnnnnggggg.

Guess it will get more exciting when the miscreants from up north are frozen out of NYC and Chicago for the winter, and then make their way down here.

Anonymous said...


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Miami Criminal Defense Attorney said...

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