Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Reports are flooding in of chaos at the REGJB this Tuesday morning (after a Monday holiday).

Long lines.

Jammed courtrooms.

Harried Judges.

No parking spaces.

Clients and civilian witnesses stumbling around, shocked by the confusion of a court system in disarray, administered by incompetents.

Bulletins when warranted.



Anonymous said...

It's a joke already. When will they stop setting all Monday holiday cases on Tuesday? Are they that concerned that a pissing on the sidewalk case will be dismissed on speedies? Every single judge should have a camera on their bench to view the line outside and the parking lot before issuing bench warrants.

A complete joke.

Anonymous said...

Newman was in rare form. Dismissing cases with prejudice. Entertaining oral motions for judgements of acquittal (and granting them) when the in court ASA refused to nolle prosse cases. The young kid was filibustering for time. It was if the NVDL/DUI was the most important case in the world. I remember my first trial week as an ASA. Hague forced me to nolle prosse like 35 cases. We got over the pain quickly and were better for it.

Anonymous said...

But just think of how boring it would be to go to an efficiently, well run courthouse.

Anonymous said...

anybody know who's leaving criminal to fill the openings downdown??????

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a mess today.

Without misdemeanor soundings, the trial calendars are getting out of control.

Sam Slom, are you noticing what is going on?

Anonymous said...

At least it wasnt raining cats n dogs...

Anonymous said...

October 12, 2000 USS COLE. Ten years since Al Quada attacked us.

Anonymous said...

I've asked this simple question before. Why is ANYTHING pre-scheduled on a court holiday in the first place???