Sunday, October 17, 2010


UPDATE: Lost the KC/Houston game by half a point. Let's push the JETS game to 500 and we'll take the Colts -3 for 400. DOM won his game handily as the Eagles pounded the Falcons. Can't get the metrics to work on the Cowpokes/Vikes game although we like the Vikes.

This week we see the return of Big Ben, the injury (physical and otherwise) to Brett Favre, and the questionable status of opposing Fin QB Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. Call this week the week of the QBs.

We're 9-10 and -110 for the season after our come back week last week.

KC at Houston. KC is the type of team we have picked up on in pre-season in the past. We missed this one this year. A QB in his second year in the system. Romeo Crenel is their D coordinator while Charlie Weiss is the O Coordinator. What do they have in common? They were both coordinators under the evil genius/cheater Belichick in the early part of the decade when the Pats began their run. Re-united under the Chiefs they have given the team the coaching to win.

The line is Texans -4.5 and we like the Texans for 300 Schaubs. After building up the Chiefs we pick the Texans? Yup. Regression to the mean. The Texans are not as bad as they looked against the Giants last week, while the Chiefs are playing in their second tough road game in a week.

For the 4 O'clock games we're looking long and hard at the Vikings and the Colts. Check back.

Suicide Pool. And then there were five.

Miguel De La Over and Rick Freedman: riding the return of #7 in Steel town with Roethlisberger and the Steelers. If the Steelers light it up today, you have to consider them a serious Super Bowl contender. We will be watching this game closely as they are in Miami next week.

Plea D and Michael Feiller and BTDT : the big guys....the Giants.

DOM (2-1-1) v. Rumpole (3-2) :
Mr. Marcus has the Eagles -2.5. We were going to make it a real bet and take the visiting Falcons +2.5 but Atlanta does not play well on the road against a tough defense (see, week one, Atlanta at Pittsburgh) so we're going with one of our early season trends and bet against the Broncos and take the J...E...T..S, JETS JETS JETS on the road at Denver. Jets -3 and 300 Santonio Holmes as well.


Pick Em Paulie said...

Okay, so a nice 2-0 week last week with two underdogs made for a nice Monday morning. 4-1 last two weeks after a slow start. We are now over 50% and in the black again. Paulie going back to three games this week.

Each bet for $500.00

Atlanta +2.5
Det NYG Under 44.5
Miami +3 500

2010 Record
6-4-0 60.00% +$800

Anonymous said...

What's with Jeff Feiler?

blonde bombshell atty said...

This is a close Fins game rump. Wish you were here cuddled up on my couch with me. Not wearing a whole lot-just the way you like your women.

Anonymous said...

You mean Jeff Feiler...bumm bumm ba dumm...Intercontinental Man Of Mystery?

That Jeff Feiler???

Anonymous said...

Horace is with me and we are fully dressed (for now)

Anonymous said...

Suicide Update:

Rump, what was BTDT first week pick?

Rumpole said...


Anonymous said...

I want to know some of the up and coming PDs? Who are the future legal leaders of the Defense bar?

Anonymous said... Rump said, I submitted my entire season's picks before the first game. I didn't skip one.


Anonymous said...

i saw jeff feiler last week ... and he was doing just great!

Anonymous said...

8:52 p.m., we only discuss hot PD's in this blog. Hot ASA's, judges and clerks, too.

Anonymous said...

Future legal leaders of the defense bar will not be coming from the PDs office......

Anonymous said...

Who cares football sucks!