Sunday, October 10, 2010

NFL WEEK 5 2010

Update: The Dallas game was low hanging fruit, while we squeaked out an over in the Ravens game. We finish the week 2-2 which included a flyer on an upset special for 50 wings on the Bills who jumped out to an early lead, but lost. We also lost the over bet in the Atlanta/Cleveland game, which leaves us up 415 for the week but still in the red 110 for the season. Four winning weeks out of five and still down. This is a tough business.

9-10 for the total of picks for the season. And we won our side bet with Mr. Markus, as the Giants whuped his Texans, while our Ravens/Over pick slipped through.
Rumple 3-2; DOM 2-2-1.

Update: trying to get something going here with the 4 o'clock games. 400 Salads on Tennessee at Dallas over 43. Really sweated out the over in the Ravens game.

Good Sunday Morning.

Today is October 10, 2010, or 10/10/10. What will you be doing this morning at 10:10 am? We will be out for our run.

Special Rumpole quiz: we will email you a private hint for the first five people who email us the digital equivalent of the binary number of today's date.

Suicide Pool:

Cary Clennon: Bengals; Nick Basco: Saints; Juan Gonzalez: 49ers; Plea D, Miguel De La Over, Rick Freeman, and Michael Feiler (who was cheering his Noles yesterday) Colts.
BTDT also picks the Colts. and a word here about BTDT: he sent in his entire picks for the season on week one. He's still alive in week five, and that alone is a remarkable accomplishment.

Rumpole: Ravens ; 52nd Street Irvin: Bills(!!!??). DOM: Cowpokes.

At the moment it appears Clay Kaiser had feet of clay and defaulted last week. No motion to set aside the default, but faker former Judge Colby did file a motion to set aside his pick of the Eagles last week, citing to Blog ex rel Feiler. But the motion was neither timely filed, nor did arrive with the required supporting documents (a one hundred dollar bill, preferably in a stack of the same), so it was denied.

A word about anonymity. Writing a brilliant and funny blog is hard work. And many is the time we have sat in Au Bon Pain and over heard conversations about the blog, and how the lawyers love reading it. And this is entirely true: we once over heard a fetching PD intern say that she thought writers were sexy and did anyone know who wrote the blog?

But there are advantages to anonymity, and this week was one of them.
Can you imagine walking down the hallways this week and hearing people snicker "he lost all his picks last week" and having to deal with snooty federal bloggers who would be crowing "hey, I picked against you last week, bought my wife a new Rolex. Thanks!" and other such claptrap?

First the bad news: We point out that our unofficial picks on teams regressing to the mean did very well. And if we hadn't seen the weather report and bailed on the over in the Cincy/Browns game, we would have won that one. But the man must be paid: we were down 1430 for the week, and start today at -525. We are now 7-8 for the year.


Atlanta at Cleveland. While we like the Browns to post a win today, we really like the over 41. This one will get us right back in it. 300 Mangini's over 41.

Denver at Baltimore. Again, we like the Ravens here, but we really like the
over 39 1/2. 400 Flacco's over 39 1/2. And this is our pick with Mr. Markus, while he goes with the Texans -3 over the Giants.

Upset Special: The Jaguars go to Buffalo to play the Bills. The Jags had a big win over the Colts last week, while the Bills are just not as bad as their 0-4 record indicates. This game regresses to the mean. Bills -1 over Jags, 50 Chan Galleys.


Pick Em Paulie said...

Okay, 2-1 last week is just what the doctor ordered to square us up record wise. Only down the vig to Three Fingers. Now for some profits.

Each bet for $500.00

Tennessee +7
Oakland +6

4-4-0 50.00% -$200

Anonymous said...

2 words...en banc

Anonymous said...

Buffalo is -2.5


Rumpole said...

whew. That run by Mcghaee saved us in the Ravens game.

Anonymous said...

Rump, don't take your losses to heart. It's called gambling. You had some good streaks before and you will have some bad streaks in future. Shake off those losses. You made some bad choices with your pride. Keep the hubris and ego in check, and start making solid choices with your brain again.

Anonymous said...

When are you going to get to announcing your picks for the races on Novemebr 2, 2010.

I really don't like football and I think you do a disservice to your readers by not taking stances on the races....

If you want to take "action" on the races to make them more interesting, ask any of your clients who are betting their lives on the courts to place a bet.

Come on already, bring it up a notch.

Nicholas said...

I don't know who Basco is, but Basso picks the Eagles now. Should have known something was up when my name was spelled right.....

Anonymous said...

Go Paulie. Two underdogs that win outright. Nice.

Mikal said...

Fetching? Excellent word!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Here is a thought, help me flush it through...

The reason corruption has overtaken our politics is because we no longer have excellent people in politics. That is, the trait of those extraordinary folks who entered public life for a higher calling is no longer the common denominator of politicians.

Our society is entering into a mature faze, where mediocre people enter politics to seek their fortune just as they would enter into any other trade to seek wealth. So, if they need to cut a corner here or there, it is all part of the commercial transaction they are plying.

Confronted with a decision where their personal interest may be afflicted by the doing of what is right for the community, they immediately feel conflicted. They recognize the are foresaking their private gain for the betterment of the society. And this, this is contrary to the commerce of their engagement. Being Excellent, like we encourage ou children to be, is secondary to maximizing the returns on our political tenure.

The United States is a mature democracy. The democratization of creditials, like university degrees and professional licenses, has made it more common for people of common courage and principles to mimmick people of another sort and trick th electorate into allowing them to ply their craft on the public stage.

I think we all now know this at least intuitively. It is for this reason that the term politician is a perjorive by default.

What do y'all think?

suicide player said...

Horace: Me thinks you pulled a switcheroo on us readers. When I looked at your original pick for suicide it was the Ravens. Then you posted an update and said that you had spoken with 52nd Street Irvin and based on his information, you had switched your suicide pick to the Bills. After the Bills lost, that update mysteriously disappeared.

Either I am drinking too much of that Miami River vino or .....?????

Rumpole said...

I did pick the Bills. I'm out. It's a long story. I am in a place where the internet keeps going out and i keep losing my posts. So then I have to switch back to an earlier draft. But I am out because I did switch to the Bills.

Anonymous said...

8:39 you are a wise one!!
I completely agree.

Public office is no longer public service, it's more like...."look at me in the public eye, I'm so great."

We're screwed.