Wednesday, October 27, 2010


UPDATE: The Heat squeaked out a win last night, and clawed their way back to a respectable 500 winning percentage. How long they can remain in this position of mediocrity is unknown. And we are not optimistic.

So Fla -the civil blog- has the update on the forthcoming Hank Adorno proceedings with the Florida Supreme Court. The Herald reports today that the Supreme Court rejected the Bar's recommendation of a six month vacation for Hank, and has ordered Hank to begin closing up shop and to report to court to show cause why he should not be disbarred.
Query: What do you think the proper punishment is for a lawyer who, to paraphrase the Third DCA, engaged in a scheme to defraud his clients?

Everyone's favourite federal blogger has the update on Apen's attack on Public Defenders. "All they do is represent criminals" is the quote.
Query: is that true?

The Governor promoted county court judge Beth Bloom to circuit court today, and you have more than likely already heard the news as it spread throughout the building with the speed of a judge running for a free buffet dinner.

Bloom joins her recent colleagues on the county bench, Judges Arzola and Fernandez as the latest judge to be promoted. Judge Bloom had the reputation in county court as running a no-nonsense tight courtroom. Bloom is considered to be hard working and knowledgable on the law, and while we supported Judge White-Labora, we have hopes that Judge Bloom will be a fine addition to the circuit bench.

The next semi-official rumor is that Judge Bloom will take over Judge Ward's division as Ward moves to one of those acronym laden divisions where they specialize in robbery cases committed on Wednesdays by defendants born in June. Or something like that.

See you in court. And welcome to the party Judge Bloom.


Anonymous said...

Bloom is a MILF!

Anonymous said...

The gloves are off, no one, not me, not you, not your friends nor enemies should sit by and allow Pam Bondi to get voted in...

watch the shit bag that is about to be the next attorney general

by the way, she later reneged on the settlement agreement in this case.

fake blecher said...

Hmmm...Lee graduated second in his class at west point having never received a demerit. Married a granddaughter of geo washington, and met a young US Grant during the Mexican war.

Grant, when he registered at West Point was registered by a clerk who mistakenly added the middle initial S. Grant, being shy, didn't mention the error and lived with it for the rest of his life.


shumie tecumseh sherman said...

All of the sudden you're Shelby Foote?

Anonymous said...

Grant's given name was Hiram Ulysses Grant. He was registered as Ulysses S. Grant, and just went along with it.
His friends called him "Sam".

Anonymous said...

I am not a Pam Bondi fan, and I already voted for Dan Gelber in early voting.

The conservative response was already way ahead on the dog issue. They were not to be denied. Bondi's retorts:

1. She felt the family, hurricane or not, engaged in animal abuse and neglect. She rallied dog owners behind her to say that, no matter how chaotic things are, your dog is like your child, and if you haven't looked to see where your dog is, you don't deserve to be the parent anymore.

2. Therefore, Bondi litigated in the courts, because she did not feel the family deserved the dog back, and was looking out for the dog's best interests.

3. Eventually the parties settled, and the terms of the settlement were supposed to be private. Nonetheless, the family indicated that within months after the settlement, Bondi stopped fulfilling her obligations. The conservative response: perhaps Bondi ought to sue the family for breaching the confidentiality of the settlement agreement. If the family can't honor its obligations to remain silent, can they be trusted?

At the end of the day, I know who I voted for, and it was not Bondi. Nonetheless, since there are two sides to every story, just wanted to share the above information.

Anonymous said...

No one more deserving. No further comment necessary.

Anonymous said...

Beth Bloom is very state oriented but, we all respect her. She treats everyone with respect and dignity. She is a very good judge.

I wish her well in Circus Court.

Anonymous said...

I think Judge Bloom is a great choice for the Circuit Court spot.

And I also agree that she is a MILF.

fake blecher said...

10:34 pm- he is mostly known as
" William Tecumseh Shumie" on the civil war blog sites that I frequent.

You just don't see Tecumseh as a common middle name these days. Or Rutherford as a common first name for that matter. Oh well...

Anonymous said...

if there is sufficient evidence to prove that Hank engaged in a scheme to defraud his clients, then the proper punishment is permanent disbarment.

Anonymous said...

The Judge give Adorno a repremand, the suggest 6 months suspension, what a bunch of unethical creeps.

I like this quote for So.Fla Blog:

The Court was apparently not persuaded by the macher boys-club backslappers who rose in Hank's defense:

A parade of South Florida legal heavyweights pleaded on Adorno's behalf. His supporters included former Florida Supreme Court Justice Raoul Cantero, Sanford Bohrer, a partner at Holland & Knight, and Ruden McClosky founding partner Don McClosky.

Hold on a minute -- don't the Supremes know who these people are?

Hats off to the Supremes for acting when the Judge and the Bar did not have the balls to do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Hey do you guys in the SAO county court still GAINOR your files?

I'm out of the SAO seven yrs now, but we did back then. And I can't forget former ASA Albury Ross, who didn't finish one day and his supervisor called him on it, and old Albury just drawled in that west Texas twang of his "well, I recken I did a half Gainor."

Pretty funny stuff. Any way, you guys still Gainoring the files?

Anonymous said...

From my source called THE Z- Fake Blecher is actually the real Blecher and real fake blecher is his college buddy from Wisconsin and they think this is a big funny thing they are doing.


Anonymous said...

Judge Bloom will be a great addition to the Circuit Court!!!

Jack Lambert said...

The dolphins are crying over another call from last sunday when my Steelers kicked their butts.

Now the crybaby fish want to take Debo (James Harrison)'s interception away from him on the last play of the game.

News flash- you guys play the Bungles this Sunday and you'd better start paying attention to that game.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Beth. Now you will be in a place where almost everyone deserves the mandatory jail you give after a jury verdict.

Anonymous said...

With all my respect judge you need to see the straw buyer