Friday, October 23, 2009




Our intrepid reporter, late of the Herald, Oh Susannah Nesmith, is at it again, this time with a DBR expose on the emails of the Judges of the Justice Building. The title links to the emails.

Apple Pie at 10 paces to solve a fight? See the email from Judge Rob Pinero.

Law suits over seniority ? See Judge Cueto's email.

But here's the best email- and we reprint it for you in whole:

FROM: Diaz, Reemberto
Sent: Friday October 16, 2009
TO: Faber, Robin, Cueto, ALL JUDGES

Mr. Faber: In the past few weeks I have received three (3) Unsolicited emails from you. Let me respond in the order they were received:

1. NO. I don't know an interior decorator to recommend to you;
2. NO. I don't want to buy comedy tickets from you.
3. NO. I'm not interested in your misguided opinion about the Chief Judge's decision. This is not Craig's list nor a blog. Have a good day.

From Rumpole:
TO: Reemberto Diaz; Robin Faber; All Judges

In RE: Unsolicited emails.

1. I WANT to buy comedy tickets in the form of being able to read the emails you guys send back and forth to each other while on the bench whilst I'm in front of you trying to get you to grant (unsuccessfully, especially you Judge Diaz) a motion to suppress.

2. Just What does Judge Faber think is wrong with Judge Brown. Pleaseeeeeeee?

3. When Judge Diaz sniffed that the email system was "not a blog" was he thinking about any blog in particular perhaps?

4. We thought EVERYBODY went to Reemberto Diaz for recommendations on an interior designer? Isn't he known as the Martha Stewart of Criminal Court?

UPDATE: Just when we thought our readers couldn't be any funnier, comes this quickie website thrown together by some anonymous reader. Lets decorate together!

Boy this stuff is priceless. You just can't make this up.

More highlights: Judge Butchko as a conciliator. Basically writing to her colleagues (under the greeting "Dear Friends") "Why can't we all just get along?"

Judge Cueto- one wonders if his response to the seniority system stems from his mistreatment by the other judges....AND are the other Judges, including the chief judge mistreating him because of his abilities (or lack thereof) he propensity to run off at the mouth and say stupid things, AND is the chief judge giving him crappy assignments and USING the seniority system as an excuse?

Memo to Judge Brown: You can't hide this guy forever. Send him to probate.

INFORMAL POLL: Click on the title to the post and read the emails and then vote for your favourite Judge's email. The winner will receive a certificate from Rumpole suitable for framing. Our vote: The irrepressible Mr. Nice Guy- Reemberto Diaz and his gentle missive to Judge Faber.


On October thirteenth Robin Faber was asked to remove himself from his chambers. That request came from his chief judge . Deep down he knew he was right. But he also knew that someday he would return. With nowhere else to go, he appeared at the chambers of his childhood friend, Reemberto Diaz. Can two judges with huge egos share a chambers without driving each other crazy?"


Anonymous said...

God, do we love watching judges fight!

Anonymous said...

Man, I just love Piniero and Diaz.


Anonymous said...

LOL. I love Pando's e mail. She's ready to have a legal discussion on the issues as if she's actually got the ability to decide them. HAHA. Very amusing. Still clueless after all these years.

Here's an idea Pando; why don't you put the time you're wasting discussing this crap into your courtroom and cases? Read a little case law and stop the guess work. Maybe even show up on time every once in a blue moon........

old guy said...

It really is fun to watch the "children" at play. Unfortunately, these babies get to decide the fate of my clients. All too often they screw up lives. I would rather that they entertain themselves fighting about who gets to sit at the grown-up table.

Anonymous said...

Love Diaz.

Anonymous said...

Thank god for public records.

Anonymous said...

Craig's list - WTF - why is he mentioning Craig's list?

Craig's list is for picking up a Hot Escort, a massage partner - how in the world does Faber fall into that ...?

Anonymous said...

Probate division is the plum assignement for the judges with the most seniority who are approaching their own probates.

Anonymous said...

Is it me or is Robin Faber the worst Judge ever? Robin, please go back to the Public Offender's Office and start as a "C" attorney again. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

OMG! There has to be more emails this cannot be it!

Decorate with Faber and Diaz and share ideas. said...

Wow! Who knew Diaz and Faber could be friends again!

Rumpole said...

Coming to the Blog Monday-

SENIORITY. MERGED SENIORITY. AND WHY Reemberto Diaz might just want to help Robin Faber pick out the curtains and rug for his new chambers!!!

Anonymous said...

I raised this judicial imbroglio back on October 19. I got this response:

Who gives a shit. You wanted to be a judge. You became one - either by appointment or election. You have a cushy job with a title, some power, and some prestige.

If you don't like the way it is run, go back and work in the real world.

Both erroneous and unresponsive, it exemplifies the attitude of most attorneys. This is unfortunate. The court is our bastion of justice. It may be flawed, silly and sad, but we turn to its people, (Diaz, Faber, Cueto, Pineiro, Lando, Brown, et al.), and entrust them with lives. We look to its organization, (judicial seniority, appointments, etc.), to oil the wheels of justice. And yet. Were it not for Diaz's wicked email, we would be discussing none of this.

well that's not exactly right. we're still not discussing anything beyond curtains.

Anonymous said...

To whomwever at: Saturday, October 24, 2009 3:02:00 AM

I have not had that good of a laugh in a long time. I shed some tears of laughter.


Anonymous said...

Rumpole FYI your profile views has hit exactly 10,000 viewers.

Do I win a prize or something for being the 10,000 viewer? How about a bottle of that Miami River stash you have hidden under the boat?

Scott Saul said...

I do not agree with the tone of this blog. It's unfair to the Judges.

Many of us were former ASAs and PDs. In our private conversations, we discussed mundane, silly and offensive things (I know I did). What if your private conversations were used to evaluate your professional life? I say my mind and could care less if I put it in print.

I, along with everybody else, enjoy to editorialize on Judges, lawyers, politics, hot chicks, rock n roll, sports, etc. Many texts/emails to my friends or colleagues could be interpreted as not being politically correct. Our private lives are not meant to be placed on a stage. It is an unrealistic and unfair mode to critique.

In today's world, emails and texts have supplemented or replaced the normal forms of even casual conversation. If I was in a government office today, there is no doubt in my mind that I would have placed informal contents in an email. So, would all of you. Nobody should be on stage 24/7.

You know what Judges disturb me the most? Robotic and apathetic people that do not allow their humanity to touch their rulings. That is how you get a person sentenced to 20 years for stealing toilet paper or a refusal to release a defendant in their last days of life. I like seeing emotions and eccenticities in Judges. It's good.

Unless these Judges are discussing issues that impede their ability to be Judges, then who cares about their private conversations, quirks, in-house political concerns and daily musings.

Nesmith has placed an unrealistic label on Judges (who are just common folk that either had their friends appoint them or a lot of people check their name on a ballot).

Dumb blog

Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding Scott.

Can't you see the judiciary we have is comprised of blowhard self important pompous jerks?

You take a guy like Johnny Kastrenakes - worked his whole life in court- trying cases- fighting for what he believes is right. Earns his stripes and earned his right to be a judge.

And then you have a whole bunch of Peter Adriens- no nothing dangerous idiots who think the job of judges is to wreck a person's life.

And finally we get a peak behind the curtain of the wizard of Oz and see what we all know is true- that 95% of these judges are self absorbed babies. Have you read Cuerto's emails? He's going to take his toys and go home because Tony Arzola got "his spot"!

Really Scott- you've been around long enough - and seen the good and bad judges to know that these fools deserve every bit of what they are getting.

Don't you understand like Rumpole said- Faber is sitting on the bench pretending to listen to you while sending emails about selling comedy tickets or looking for an interior decorator. Do you think when he's not in court he's in his chambers reading case law or writing a law review article or playing solitaire?

Come on Scott. You Know better than to defend these idiots.

Anonymous said...

To 9:39 a.m.: You have got to do better in order to disengage Scott's nose from the Judiciary's collective ass. It's quite far up there, ya know.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Scott Saul has a motion in front of Faber next week. I hear Faber is getting Arzola's regular division spot but is mad because Miranda is taking Arzola's courtroom and Faber is getting stuck in Miranda's small courtroom. Always another reason to support Cueto.

Anonymous said...

Oh this blog is priceless!

"Have you read Cuerto's emails? He's going to take his toys and go home because Tony Arzola got "his spot"! "

Just LMAO!!!! What a morning.

Anonymous said...

Scott, I would agree with you in part, if, and only "IF" they had used a personal email address like Yahoo, HotMail, Gmail, Etc.

But - they not only used a Goverment computer (on Goverment time) they also used the 11th Judicial Circuit assigned web domain email address. Hence the easy access by a "nut job" reporter for email communications between the Judges.

ALL emails you send to any Florida goverment email address (including Judges) instantly becomes a public record that can be requested under the Florida sunshine law.

Anonymous said...

robin couldnt hack it as as c ps he spent his career in the land of broken toys over in juvenile

Anonymous said...

judge faber is a joke of a lawyer.

Anonymous said...

As far as I am aware, ROBIN FABER has been a horrible jurist at every place he has been assigned. No one has liked him at any place he has been assigned either. From his fellow judges to the staff and even the cleaning crew. This man is confused and full of himself. Thank God that he will be challenged at the end of his term and we can return to normal.

By the way, ROBIN, get a real staff. What's with your Bailiff? A bit confused.

Scott Saul said...

Hey 9:39 a.m.,

many of these Judges were our friends and colleagues before they took the bench. I agree that you want these Judges' mind on the game but when you are the bench all day, that is not possible.

Haven't you ever had unpure thoughts when selecting a jury?

Anonymous said...

Bring Ivan back!

Anonymous said...

rumpole more odd couple triva

what was the name of the racing dog that felix and oscar owned?

what was the name of the fighter that oscar was impressed that his doctor then girlfreind knew of?

what was the secret ingredient in the glue that was going to make felix and oscar very rich?

Rumpole said...

Off the top of my head and I swear I didn't Google this-

forgot the name of the race dog

the fighter was the famous and very real Al "bummy" Davis

and the secret ingredient was mussels.

The two boxers most often mentioned on the show were Gus Lesnovitch and Al "bummy' Davis.

I can see that episode with the race dog in my mind, but I can't remember the name.

Back at ya: WHat did Felix's brother do and where did he live?

What was the name of the woman who bought the car Oscar won answering Opera trivia when he answered the phone and Felix gave him the answers?

What were the operas Oscar answered to win the prizes?

fake simon and garfunkel said...

Where have you gone Fast Gerry Klein
our judiciary turns its lonely eyes to you....

Anonymous said...

I don't know who here has actually tried a case in front of Judge Faber, especially since he's been in jail division, but I have.

He's been a great judge - fair to both the State and Defense. He actually makes an educated decision based off of case law, and usually makes the right call. His voir dire runs on the long side, and while it may not be fun to sit there as the attorney trying the case, he makes picking a fair panel much easier in the end since he talks to everyone.

Authentic Fake David Miller said...

Listen Cueto and Faber- You know you guys are an embarrasment to the bench.

You two, along with Judge Dennis, may NEVER use my fax machine.

DM Out

Rumpole said...

I can't publish the comment about the judge where you called him sexist. All your other comments were spot on- and I tend to agree that particular judge is insensitive- but I can't prove it and we're dealing with people's public reputations here. Please resubmit it without the sexist comment.

Anonymous said...

the secret ingredient was barnacles

the dog was named golen earrings

felix brother was a dentist in jersey

totally stumped on your questions

good call on all bummy davis

Anonymous said...

Pineiro is by far my favorite! Cueto needs to stop worrying about his made up rights and start concerning himself with the ACTUAL rights of those appearing before him.

Anonymous said...

Philadelphia, la fuerza del destino, riggeletto. bummy davis , early brooklyn murder inc sponsored fighter, great left hook killed in a stickup.can't remember the womans name

Jason Grey

Anonymous said...

Having practiced before Faber, I can attest that he is a caring and intelligent judge. As far as his email etiquette, well I will leave that to Judge Diaz . . .

Anonymous said...

There has got to be more emails. Out of all the emails sent everyday between these cats, you gonna tell me that only 4 exist?

Someone over at the DBR get that public records request form templete a printing. Those of you north of the border join in the fun and do the same.

Anonymous said...

Rump, I can't remember my post word for word, but go ahead and delete the part where I refer to the judge as sexist and post it as you deem appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Saturday, October 24, 2009 12:27:00 PM

No - D'Arce it will not happen, you keep that job in Tallahassee, kapesh!

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Anonymous said...

Miranda's courtroom 4-10 may be small but it's one of the few that has windows. The other ones are 1-4, 2-11, 3-1, and 5-5. They sure beat the rest of the ugly, windowless courtrooms in our poorly-designed 1960-style building.

Sifting Emails said...

The problem with digging for diamonds is the mountain of data.


125+ judges
125+ JAs
125+ Bailiffs
125+ Administrative staff

If each sends and receives an average of six emails per day, you're tasked with reviewing 15000 emails every week. I don't see the court providing them in electronic form, which makes digital searches difficult. The court will likely charge, which makes shotgun searches expensive. The reality is this... Nesmith must have received a specific tip and requested specific emails... which judge gave the tip would be almost as amusing as the emails themselves.

Anonymous said...

Jason impressed by your odd couple knowledge

Anonymous said...

Stupid County Court Judges think they are are good as a Circuit Court Judge. Hey morons, you are in a non-laywer's job.

Twenty years on the county court bench means. . .

Twenty wasted years.

Anonymous said...

Them county judges work half as much as circuit judges for almost identical pay. They must be on to something...

Rumpole said...

Felix's brother owned a bubble gum factory in Buffalo and in the last show he reunites with Gloria and they move to Buffalo.

The woman who bought the car Oscar won was "Pushover Page" -

La Forta Del Destino, which Felix also offers a translation in German-

Anonymous said...

Judge Reemberto Diaz is the WORST judge possible. Moody! Machista ! Unfair! Bad manners! Unprofessional !

If you are going to family court avoid by all means to have this judge. Appeal anything needed. This judge does not like his job.

He is rude, uneducated, careless and reckless when making decisions regarding children, if he even makes any decisions as he does not like to rule on anything.

Writing this in hope it will help other parents have their case fairly heard and their custody and divorce properly judged.
If this is your judge, and you can not change that, PRAY A LOT!