Sunday, October 11, 2009

NFL 2009 WEEK 5

UPDATE: We pushed our Cheaters bet (just as well, who really wants money won on
Cheaters?) and lost our Buffalo bet (memo to Bills- you lost AT HOME to the BROWNS, time to consider bocci) so we're down 550 Manginis for the week. Not to worry, the Fins will bail us out. The new line is Fins +2, (you can get 2 1/2 if you look) so we're going to press our pick and say Dolphins + 2, +1000 Ronnie Browns. (Did ya know the Dolphins turned down a Braylon Edwards for Ronnie Brown trade this week?)

The suicide pool bids a fond farewell to Dan Lurvey who took our advice and went out in flames on the Bills. Sorry Dan.

It's week 5 in the NFL, we're on a roll, the Fins play Monday night and Monday is a holiday! What could be better? (A Springsteen concert in NJ, but we already wrote about that yesterday.)

The Cheaters go to Denver to play the Broncos in a game that may feature some snow before it's over. Longtime and careful readers of the blog know our outright hatred of the evil genius, his pretty boy QB, and that entire cheating mess of chowder eating bean heads from Bahstan.

That being said, the Pats are three point road dogs in Denver, and emotions must fall way to money. We're not convinced the Broncos are for real yet, and the Pats are decent (geeze it hurts to say that.)
Take the Cheaters -3 200. Watch the weather carefully. The O/U was at 44 and is down to 42 but if the forecast calls for lots if snow and you can catch an unsuspecting line maker at 42, grab it. UPDATE- the snow will miss Denver so under is not a play here. The Broncos are "rollin with Nolan" - Mike Nolan is their new Defensive coordinator and their defense has been outstanding this year. Today will be a big test.

J...E....T....S......come to town for some Monday night football.

Rex Ryan has built himself quite a defense in NY very quickly. Ryan always was a great defensive coach, and it's no surprise he has gang green playing tough. But we think the J...E...T...S are playing above themselves, while, as we mentioned in pre-season, the Fins record would not match their abilities. The Fins are better than 1-3; the J...E...T...S are not as good as 3-1 and we like the Fins here with the game being even.

The Fins are the only team to consistently make the wildcat formation work. Coach Bill Cowher last year opined that the way to beat the wildcat was to blitz it. Music to coach Ryan's ears. How will the Fins respond? This will be a great part of the game within the game.

Also to consider is that J...E....T....S.... QB is starting his twentieth football game at the college or pro level. Meanwhile Fin QB Chad Henne is starting his 42 (40 at Michigan, give or take a few). Plus Henne has the benefit of watching a full NFL season as a backup. Henne has the stronger arm, and the Fins D is just as good as the Jets D. So the Dolphins win the QB matchup, they have the dominant running game, and they are just the better team.

Dolphins even +500.

The worst team in the NFL with the worst coach in the NFL (the Browns and Mangini) go to Buffalo where the Bills, while hurting, get their premier runner Lynch back from a four game suspension. The Bills are a 6 point favorite and their coach is in some hot water. The difference in this game is coaching and coaches.

Coaching- Mangini is the worst in the NFL.
Coaches- Bills coach Dick Jauron is widely respected by his players who want to win for him. Mangini is widely loathed by his players who can't wait to see him fail ( levying $1,000.00 fines on players for carrying a bottle of water into a team meeting will do that.)

Bills -6 +500.00

HAPPY 40TH Birthday Brett Favre.

Iftikhar Memon- Eagles; David O Markus- Steelers; Miguel De La Over- Giants; Rick Freedman
(who I neglected to mention stayed alive in week 4 with the 49ers) Eagles;
Lurvey-Bills; Daniel Tibitt-Vikes; Public Pretender-Eagles. Peter Sauter- Cowpokes;
Michael Feiler- Indy;


fake alEx michaels said...

Dis is bullsheeeeeeet. I should still be in the suicide pool! I am de greatest!

real fake blecher said...

FB- you really went overboard this time. Your little stunt during the FSU game will cost you big time. Don't you realize they can trace the store you bought those marshmallows from? At least six people told the cops the cheesy little motel you stayed in up there.

You're writing your own obituary mi amigo, and I am going to enjoy every minute of it.

Anonymous said...

Before we turn to football, a quick word about the hot associate. She floated into court Friday wearing the most snug fitting colorful shirt that stopped traffic as she sauntered into the courthouse. Made my day. Made my week.


fake jay white said...

J..E....T.....S.....suck suck suck.

Anonymous said...

Rump- you don't want to go rollin with Nolan ad pick the Broncs?

BTW- Nolan endorsed Milt Hirsch for Judge yesterday, and rumor has it Madden will use Hirsch on the front of their

"John Madden's Judiciary 2010"

video game.

Anonymous said...

I got judiciary 2009- the one with Alex Kozinsky on the cover. It's not that good. Jeri Beth Cohen's trial stats in the game don't match and you have to go all the way to the ninth circuit to get a motion to suppress granted and held up on appeal in federal court. In state court any client charged with murder gets the death penalty in texas, and you can't get a continuance out of the Broward Judges. Of course Adrien is the easiest target in Miami- all you need to do to get points is get him to grant the other side's motion and then appeal. It's a guaranteed ten point reversal and you often get the 100 point "reversed and remanded for discharge" bonus in his court.

Still the game is not as fun as the 08 edition

Pick Em Paulie said...

Pick Em Paulie had a bounce back week in week 4, going 3-2 which netted us $400. Our two losses were squeakers, so going 5-0 was within our reach. I disagree with Rump on two games, so at least one of us will be happy after this week.

All bets are for $500.00.

Baltimore -9
Buffalo -6
Washington/Carolina Under 37.5
Denver +3
NYJ -1

2009 Record
9-11-0 45.00% -$1550

Anonymous said...

Little known fact about Madden Judiciary 1990-1999 editions: : If you hold down the alt and del and type in "Gelber" when in the Miami Courthouse you get 100K in bribe money which you can use for court appointments (to get more money) and motions to suppress. The key is to spend the money get your results and get out before getting caught up in the sting. If you get caught up in the sting you're out of the game.

Napoleon Bonaparte Broward said...

Rumpole, in reading this blog over the years and the comments (such as they are), there is only one truism that I have gleaned:

Cash money won't never play out.

The Rankmaster said...


I'm going to call BS on your comment yesterday. First, if I correctly asked the front desk of St. Regis to connect me to you, and you were staying there, you would never know it. Maybe you weren't in the room. Maybe you were and I hung up instantly. Second, there are multiple front desk employees/operators, and at least one I spoke to could not spell - I highly doubt they kept a list/record of names people asked for that were not at the hotel. Under your premise, they keep a list of this; that is absolutley ridiculous.

Even at that, you are suggesting that each operator would record this information, compare their notes, and then generate a master list. Even more ridiculous, is that they would then share this information with a random guest (and violate the privacy other guests expect when checked into a hotel), and that you would find someone who has compiled all this information.

If you asked someone at the hotel for this information, they would look at you as if you were from Mars. It is not kept, and certainly not shared.

It's not a big deal, the Rankmaster found you out. However, the Rankmaster will keep the information to himself and allow others to try and figure it out on their own.


Now the top 5 "motion to set aside bond estreature" attorneys
1. Lauren Fernandez
2. Gregory Iamunno
3. David Edelstein
4. Mark Eiglarsh (would be higher, but spends too much time staring at himself in the mirror)
5. Larry Hanfield

Anonymous said...

OUCH. Lurvey & Rumpole both bitten by the Browns - lose with pick of Bills.

Sauter escapes in OT

and one question which Rump won't seem to answer? Who is Public Pretender and how are they in this suicide conest when they have no pick in three of the five weeks (or did you just forget to mention them)?

Rumpole said...

Listen Rank idiot- I alerted the front desk to a scenario and said based on something that was on a computer blog to kindly keep track of phone calls for guests that were not registered. They asked their operators to do it- I only asked them to do it for a few hours and those are the results I got. Right now- I'll give you one chance- you name the person and the room and if you're right I will out myself right now. It will never happen because you and every other putz who thinks they know something cannot seem to think outside the box.

Look at it this way- what does the name of the person you think I am have to do with 21? If you can't answer that genius, you're just shooting in the dark.

Rumpole said...

Public pretender- week 4- SF; Week 3-Ravens; Week 2- Skins; Week 1- Seattle.

Send me your email and I will send you his/her emails.

Anonymous said...

Rump= wanna see Madden Judiciary 2007 freeze up? Choose Jonathan Schwartz as the defense attorney, Peter Adrien as the judge- the defense keeps losing but the case keeps getting reversed on appeal, but the defense keeps losing the re-trial. It's a bug in the game and the only way to stop it is to clear the calendar and start over. It sucks if you've been playing awhile for that year, but it's fun if you do it just to see the computer go crazy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Homer, I mean Rump,

Do you REALLY think the Fins will beat my Jets no spread?

You are smoking (insert illegal substance of choice here).

Put down your pom poms, or in this case your lame-ass foam fins, and get with the program:


Anonymous said...


CAPTAIN said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

TRIVIA: What Judge was quoted on the record as saying:

"“If we deport people back to Cuba, we could empty our
jails. We would have it made and be happy, but we cannot.”

First five bloggers who answer correctly will receive a free fax machine courtesy of Judge Miller.

Three Fingers Vinny said...

Rumpole, you fangul, yous a-makin' me rich!

Anonymous said...

Trivia answer: Jeri Beth Cohen. I don't want a fax machine as prize. I want skybox passes for the Marlins stadium that she made possible.

FAKE JAY White said...

And that's another Miami Dolphins Monday Night Football FIRST DOWN!

Anonymous said...

THAT was a trivia question? Here's a better one, what day was before Sunday. C'mon, I know you can do it.

Fake Vic Vedmed said...

J...E....T....S....JETS JETS JETS !!!!

dol-fan dopey said...

There's a horrible new website Rump. Calls you a punk; slams shumie time and says they have proof shumie is a philatelist and a numismatist and engages is usufruct and panders to paleontologists.

Its just shocking and harmful to his reputation and I am certain most if not all of it is not true.

Anonymous said...


why do you gush over this bruce guy? he seems kinda lame.

Rumpole said...

If you were at the Stone Pony in 1972 you wouldn't say that. If you saw his first Born To Run Tour, you wouldn't say that.

Anonymous said...

Rump, correct if I'm wrong....I also make a living capping games, but everywhere I looked and everyone I spoke with told me that Denver was a 3 point home dog. Therefore, how can your wager on the NE Cheaters be a push of they were favored and Denver won outright????

May need to change your book or verify your facts.

-Greedy in Coconut Grove

kickback sid said...

The first quarter of the Miami Dolphins Monday Night Football game on the blog has been sponsored by

My-bondsman-made-me-hire-my-lawyer.com is a service unique to the Miami Courthouse. When you're arrested why worry about a lawyer? Call your bondsman and let him make all the details.

notice- the Florida law requires that we inform you that the hiring of an attorney is an important matter and you are entitled to ask for your attorney's qualifications in writing at no charge.

Anonymous said...

Q.: What are the qualification to be a baliff?

A.: Just be a professional A-Hole!

CAPTAIN said...

Fins showing why their DBS worst in league