Saturday, October 03, 2009

NFL 2009 WEEK 4

Coming Monday on the Blog: FEAR SATZ!

(Final edition)

We're up 1025 losing only our dolphins under pick. Nice week at 3-1.

We won two out of three picks last week, but lost the big one. Down 400 for the week and 2400 for the year, and we humbly make the following resolutions: 1) Not to bet on the Titans. We're 0-2 on them this year; 2) Not to bet on a game with the Texans. We're 0-3 on those games this year.
3) Leave the Jets and the Jags alone as well. Can't figure them out either. Ionically the Jaguars are hosting the Titans this week, and as much as we are drawn like moths to a flame on that game, we shall leave it be.

That leaves lots of teams for us to get in the black with, including....

The Fins at home! This game is even to Miami +1 and we like the Fins (call it Miami + 1/2) for 500 Hennes. We also like the under 37 1/2 for 250 Parcells. We've thought about this for a while now. The Fins start a QB making his first NFL start. But Henne has sat for an entire NFL season and played through two pre-seasons. He is ready. The Bills on the other hand are the NFL's hard luck story. No team in the past two years has been more devastated by injury and the injury bug continues this year with their starting LB and CB out and their down to their 3rd string left tackle. The Fins are mostly healthy and as we said as the season started there would be two things to keep in mind this year- the Fins would not be as bad as their record and the Chargers would not be as good. The Fins get off the schneid today at a 4 o'clock start at home.

Chargers at Steelers. Tough game to call. The Steelers should break out of their slump soon, but until Polomalu comes back, the Steelers need their offense to win their games, and San Diego can roll with the best of them, so we like the over 42 for 500.

We have an apology of sorts to make. We often call Charger head coach Norv Turner and Cowpokes head coach Vanilla Phillips the two worst coaches in the NFL. We were wrong and we apologize. Eric Mangini of the hapless hopeless Cleveland Clowns is by far the worst coach in the NFL this year, and perhaps the worst in the NFL since "there's no "O" in Joe" Joe Walton of the Jets in the 1990s.

Mangini is horrible. He is not a leader of men, and he is weak in offensive and defensive schemes. He mistakes being tough for getting respect, and he has lost his team, the second team to quit on him in two years. Mangini does not have the talent and coaching ability to be a DB coach in the worst division II college program. It is a joke he is coaching in the pros, and no mistake he is ending his career in Cleveland, who plays the resurgent Bengals today and reminds us of former Bengals coach Sam Wyche's quip when asked about the difference between the two cities during a match-up of these two Ohio teams: "you can live in Cincinnati."

Bucs at Redskins: battle of the busts. Nether team wants to win this game and neither team deserves to win this game. The Skins will probably eek out a home win, but the under 37 is the way to go. 300 Obamas under 37 in DC.

SUICIDE POOL: Sexy Fan went down (pun intended) last week with her bet on those cursed Texans. Everyone else made it through.

Michael Feiler- Giants; Iftikhar Memon-Bungles; David Markus (ignoring our advice) Texans: Miguel De La Over San Fran; Public Pretender-San Fran; Daniel Tibbitt-Texans; Peter Sautter-Da Bears; Dan Lurvey- Giants.

* For those of you raised in a large northeastern city with multiple newspapers with multiple editions, the bulldog edition was the evening edition of the morning paper.


jimmie the greek said...

You must want us to take one of the fingers off that you type with.

Check you bets from last week Rumpole. You lost two out of three - not won two out of three.

You lost the Big one, as you say (Texans -4), but you also lost the $200 bet you made when you took the Vikings and gave 6 1/2 points up to the 49ers. The 49ers lost 27-24; but you lost the bet.

That means you owe us $820 for the week.

Got it!

Pick Em Paulie said...

Well, if you've followed PEP's picks at $500 per play and you are an ASA or APD, you're calling your parents for a gap loan this month. If you're a high roller like Rumpole, no big whoop. Three (2-3) weeks leaves Paulie at 6-9 for the season. But alas, we move forward and see if a 4-1 week can get us even.

All plays for $500.00

OAK/HOUS over 42.5
BAL/NE under 44.5
DAL/DEN under 42.5
Denver +3
Minn -3.5

Season Total
6-9-0 40.00% -$1950

Anonymous said...

Soon. Very Soon we will all be speaking either Russian or Chinese.

While GWB was poking his head over in Iraq, the Russians or as President Reagan always said "Trust but verify" have been making international deals with Brazil. Yes Brazil the biggest country in South America. Russians and Brazilians can now freely visit each others country without a Visa.

Then we have Hugo Chavez and Venezuela. Just think back at all the billions the USA pumped into South American countries during the cold war to keep this hemiphere free of Russian influence. Why did the United States take Puerto Rico from Spain? It was for strategic military reasons as the island is dead center in the carribean. Why did we take Hawaii and later make it a State? Same reason.

People the Russians have been for the past 8 years making military and economic releations with numerous South American countries in what can only be a slow easy path to the United States. We never allowed this to happen under any president before GWB.

What was the whole Cuban crises for under President Kennedy if 40 years later we would just look the other way while Russia rears its head into South American countries, one by one.

Mark my words the Russians are coming!

Anonymous said...

The Russians, to wit: Victor Vedmed, have already come to the Justice Bldg.

Anonymous said...

South Miami cops suck.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What is the origin of the term "Bulldog Edition?"

sexy fan said...

Screw you Rumpole. You can make fun of me but you have no idea what you're missing. Men have threatened suicide when I've broken up with them and they realized they would not longer be getting what you're making fun of me about. You just lost your sexiest reader.

Anonymous said...

sexy fan, how is that making fun of you? for being so sexy you don't seem to "get" male humor of the highest complimentary value... sexist and perhaps degrading to some, but all meant in a wholly positive spirit... he's only fantasizing about what he can't have...

Fake jay white said...

Buffalo sucks; TO Blows; Chad Henne rules. Go Dolphins!

Fake Ed Hochuli said...

That's a Personal Foul, unnecessary foul language, number 24 Fake Jay White, 15 yard penalty, still third down!

(to make this funny you need to know Ed Hochuli is the most well known referee in the NFL. Click on the link to see.)

Anonymous said...

Just to show you I still have a measure of humility, you forgot to post that I lost in your suicide pool with my pick of the Redskins.

That does not absolve you of the Benjamins you owe me.

Anonymous said...

TO 2:52,
the Russians are in Sunny Isles

Anonymous said...

The Russians are coming. Good! I think they have more freedoms these days then we do.

Anonymous said...

The only Russian I need is Nastassia Kinski.

Rumpole said...

I've spent the day watching football trimmed in pink and I am nauseous.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, have you ever seriously considered getting out of the practice of law in order to become a full-time professional sports bettor?

Anonymous said...


How can you be nauseous over the NFL showing support for breast cancer? The NFL attempting to shed some light and support for a cause, while all this blog really is, is a soap box for the defense bar to bitch and moan - yourself in particular. How about you do something for the community once?

And before you respond, I fully expect you to pontificate with a list of charitable things (probably donate thousands to charities, i.e., the human fund), the pro bono cases you take on (four dwls cases, one cocaine possession, a dui, and 3 serious felonies), you donated both kidneys, you taught a blind kid how to wrestle, etc... The point of my post is to point out that this blog in particular adds nothing to the community. Sure, you bring up case law every now and then, but any attorney worth a lick should be keeping up with the cases and rulings on their own.

jimmie the greek said...

Not bad after that horrible first week of prognasticating.

Week 2 +$390

Week 3 -$820

Week 4 +1,025

So, for the past three weeks, you are plus $595.

Keep it up and you will in the black and make us all money again.

Anonymous said...

Stat of the night:

That was the largest margin of victory for Fins team in 7 years.

Worst owner in the city stat of the night:

Marlins won 87 ganes this year, missed the Wildcard by 5 games and the owner is pissed that we didn;t make the playoffs.

I guess they wanted Freddie to handle the relief pitching too.

Anonymous said...

Sexy fan, I would probably contemplate suicide too after catching herpes or some other STD from you...

Pick Em Paulie said...

Nice night Rump.

PEP is somewhat happy. Although 2-2for the night going into tomorrow's game, we at least have a chance to pull a profit this week if Minny covers. Our two losses were close, but our wins were easy. Hopefully, we've bottomed out and we will make some real gains. The last thing we want to hear is fake Alex Michaels yelling our picks "are bullsheeeeet."

Rumpole said...

The NFL did a great think. The pink was just a little much and made me a bit queasy. But I think what the NFL did made millions of people happy and I'm sure raised a lot of money. No worries mate.

Fake Fake Alex Michaels said...

Dees pinck sweatbands are bullsheet.

I like dees pinck better.

Anonymous said...

Sexy fan is probably a man.