Sunday, January 18, 2009



Two great games today. One is a bit easier to pick than the other. 

Eagles at Cardinals. First ever NFC Championship game played in Arizona.  The only reason this game requires any analysis is because the Cardinals are playing at home, in a domed stadium designed to enhanced their trademark wide open offense. But lets face it folks, the Cardinals aren't even in this game if the Carolina Panthers didn't self destruct last week. I watched that Cardinal-Panther game last week and I distinctly remember the look on Cardinal Coach Ken Whisenhut's face- even he couldn't believe how bad the Panthers were playing. 

We bet against the Eagles last week and paid the price. No more. The dome and the turf keep the Cardinals in the game, but take the Eagles and lay the 3 points. Road teams were 3-1 last week, so going with the road team this year is not such a big deal.  Defense wins championships and the Eagles have a dominant defense, while the Cardinals are just lucky to be here. Eagles -3 + 300. 

The Steelers play the Ravens at home and these two teams meet for the third time this year. Third verse, same as the first (two). The Steelers are the team that has most benefited from the bye week. They got healthy when they needed to and they found their running game when they needed to.   This Steeler team is just two years removed from their last super bowl win. They have veterans who have been their and know how to win. Both these teams have great defenses, and we have said before that the Ravens are the hardest hitting defense in the NFL. But the Steelers have the best defense in the NFL and a better and more talented offense then the Ravens.

When the Ravens played the Steelers in September they knocked out three, count em, three Steeler running  backs. Ray Lewis broke the shoulder of the Steeler's first round rookie running back who had shot off his mouth prior to the game. Something about the Ravens brings out the hard hits in every team they face, and that was apparent last week as the Tennessee Titans gave it almost as hard as they got it. As a result the Ravens come out of last week beat up, tired (they haven't had a bye week since week two) and not at their best.  Playing even up the Steelers have beaten the Ravens twice this year. With the Ravens tired and hurting, this game will not be as close as everyone thinks it will be, although Ravens pride and Ray Lewis will keep this game close into the fourth quarter. 

 These two teams are primed to battle this out for years to come. And the Ravens time may well come. But not this year and not in Pittsburgh. Steelers -5 +300. 

We finished last week at 804 Joe Bidens. 
Enjoy tomorrow off, although we will be working. 


Anonymous said...

Rump, why the large bets on these two games? If you lose both, you'll wipe out a pretty good year.

Steeler Fan said...

The Steelers won their Super Bowl three years ago.

Rumpole said...

The Steelers won a super bowl in the 05 season- the sb was played in o6

The Giants won the sb in the o7 season- the sb was played in o8

there have been two prior sb winners since the steelers- The Colts and The Giants.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Rump, what. No post about Bush's choice to declare today "Sanctity of Humam Life" Day?

Come on, a Reagan fan such as yourself?

Anonymous said...

Next thing you know, the SAO will be wasting resources investigating Rumpole for sports gambling.

fake jay white said...

Lemme splain somethin to ya Rumps:

1) Miami has the Dolphins.
2) They're the greatest football team.

got it?

3) They take the ball from goal to goal.

4) Like no one's ever seen.

Offensively speaking

5) They're in the air; they're on the ground


6) They're always in control

and in summation Rump de la Rump

7) When you say "Miami"

8) You're talkin super bowl. (just not this one.)

Anonymous said...

Good call on the against Kurt Warner...genius!

Anonymous said...

love that zona. bow down rump

Anonymous said...

Hey Rump:
It seems the SAO has lost touch with this community. Perhaps it is time for someone, other than Milian, to run for that office. Someone with some community sense, who remebers where they came from; someone who will not cowtow to the pressure by police officers or union, and who know well what the police do on the streets. Any nominations?