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A child asked why there was war. Someone said it was because one nation was dropping bombs on the other. "Why were they dropping bombs?" the child asked. "Because the other country was shooting rockets." was the answer. "Why were they shooting rockets?" asked the child. "Because the other country was dropping bombs" was the answer.  "But I don't understand" said the child. "Exactly. That is war" was the answer. 

We're up 1189 Kurt Warners as we enter the playoffs. 

For wild card Saturday, the Falcons play the Cardinals in Arizona. Much discussion was given to the fact that many "experts" were going to pick all 4 road teams this weekend. The Falcons are the NFC version of the Dolphins. From self destructing last year over the Vick mess, they drafted a rookie QB and made the playoffs. Bully for them. The Cardinals are the pick here.  Veteran QB Warner lights up the scoreboard as the Cardinals have their first home playoff game since Herbert Hoover was president. Cardinals +1 - +200. 

The Colts travel to San Diego to seek a little revenge. Last year the Bolts knocked the Colts out of the playoffs. This year Peyton repays the favor. The Colts are on a nine game winning streak and right now we have them winning this game, and the following week against the Titans before heading off to Pittsburgh, who will beat either the Dolphins or the Ravens. But for today,  we pick the Colts -1  +200. 

Here's a fun hypothetical- Imagine if you will, an undefeated college football team winning a major bowl game, like say, the Sugar Bowl, and beating a former number one team, like say Alabama. Can anyone explain to me why your Utah Utes are not the National Champions?  There's only one undefeated division one college football team, and they don't play in Florida. 


Anonymous said...

Heather Locklear's DUI dismissed
Jan. 2, 2009, Entertainment Tonight has confirmed that Heather Locklear's DUI in Santa Barbara, Calif., has been dismissed.

The really hot actress has pleaded no contest to the lesser charge of misdemeanor reckless driving. Even at her advanced age she is still a MILF.

A source close to the case told ET that "the DUI charge has been dismissed. Heather now has to pay a $700 fine, attend a 12-hour Driver's Education course and be on informal probation."

Locklear was represented by Blair Berk, who has a long-standing reputation for helping high-profile celebs out of such legal jams.

The Santa Barbara District Attorney's Office filed a misdemeanor charge against Locklear for driving under the influence of prescription medications in September 2008.

fake alschuler said...

This just in- Crist resigns, nominates Labarga to replace him. BUT Both Obama and Bush agree to nominate Labarga to replace ailing US Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts.

WHat will Labarga do?

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, have you been smoking pot with Ricky Williams again? Your Cardinals pick borders on the insane. They are in the playoffs only because they won a lame division by default. Atlanta may be young, but they have talent.

Anonymous said...

CNN has just reported that flossing everyday adds 2 extra years of living on this planet.

Rumpole said...

pUt your money where your mouth is 12:24- on the other hand if you can't see the obvious here, you probably don"t have much money to make it interesting for me.

Fake Blecher said...


sooth seer said...

Here are my real predications for 2009-

A Judge will be embroiled in a sex scandal with an ASA- the Judge will angrily deny the allegations and the matter will head to a JQC trial- whereupon a PD will come forward and say HE had sex with the Judge as well. She will resign in disgrace and her husband will leave her.

2) A well known and "wise" attorney will be embroiled in a Dead Sea Scrolls scam. At first the "Wise" attorney will be representing a defendant in federal court on the scam to sell fake parts of the dead sea scrolls. But then the Feds will issue a superseeding indictment naming the aforementioned attorney.

3) David Young will substitute for Larry King.

4) A previously unknown civil lawyer will run for State Attorney.

old guy said...

Yo. Sooth.

The State Attorney just got elected. Move your prediction four years.

CAPTAIN said...


Who is your accountant? You went from plus 809 to plus 1189?

According to my calculations:

You won three - $400
You lost one - $220
Net plus $180
Season - $989

Either way, you were 3/4 and continue to beat the pros.

Ravens are a lock on Sunday. Do you disagree?

Both teams are 11-5. Of the 11 Dolphin wins, only one versus a playoff team - Chargers, early in the season.

Ravens beat two playoffs teams and beat both of them bad - Fins and your cheesesteak Eagles.

But a more telling stat is the five loses:

Fins lose to two playoff teams: Arizona and Ravens.

Ravens lose their five to two number one seeds (Giants and Titans); two number two seeds (Steelers twice); and the hottest team entering the playoffs - the Colts.

Defense wins championships and the Ravens have a better D and with Flacco looking like a real QB now, they could go far into this playoff tournament.

Cap Out ...

CAPTAIN said...


and calls on 1:32 PM (12/22/08) to pay up:

"Captain, you will be wrong in the prediction. It will not be either of the hispanic names. It will be the lone woman on the list. After all the mud slinging do you think Crist will piss of the remainder of the State and appoint a Cuban who is less QUALIFIED than the woman on the list? He wins with the woman for two reasons, 1. He gets the woman vote and 2. He shows that he did not pick someone because of there race.

Prediction the woman candidate will be the next Supreme Court Justice.

For Justice Wells, seat that will be for the Cuban candidate. It will come soon as he retires next year. Problem solved sooner or later."

Monday, December 22, 2008 1:32:00 PM

to 1:32 pm:

Sounds like a throw down to me and I accept. If he names Judge Gill Freeman I donate $100 to the charity of your choice. If he names Labarga, you will donate $100to the charity of my choice.

He will not name Freeman because, as you say, she is a woman. There are already two women on the court. Your reasoning and analysis is flawed. And, the women already love CC. If he were to name Freeman, it would be based on her absolutely superior qualifications. But, he won't.

Now, as for what you say about an Hispanic to replace Wells, then you must assume that there is an Hispanic that is qualified and will place their name into the mix in the 5th DCA. Slim chances there.

Cap says pay up ...

Send a check for $100 to the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, 100 MacArthur Causeway Miami, Florida 33139

Cap Out ...

Anonymous said...

This just in:

Labarga elected as chief judge of the 11th Judicial Circuit without opposition...

Anonymous said...

screw the palestinians. how is it that they start this war by lobbing missile at civilians and now the world is condemning israel for counterattacking.

any american who condemns israel is full of shit. if there were Mexicans lobbing missiles into Texas everyone in this country would support invading mexico to stop it. shit we invaded a country that had nothing to do with 911 and people were called unamerican for not supporting the war in iraq. why the double standard?: obvious, most people hate the Jews plain and simple.

fuck all you die hard pd types who spent college protesting anything, I await all your bullshit condmenations of Israel. but the truth is if Hamas didnt fire those rockets, none of this would have happened

Philip Reizenstein said...

I don't condemn Israel and I am a Jew. But your analysis is way too simplistic. This did not start with Hamas shooting rockets into Israel and if Israel wants real peace then they need to recognize that these issues go way deeper.

As I said- I support Israel's right to enter Gaza to protect their citizens. But when I see pictures of young boys being pulled out of the rubble of houses destroyed by Israeli bombs, and I see the rage on the faces of the young Arab men carrying their dead younger brothers I think to myself this hatred has just been extended another generation.

Another generation that will not know peace.

Another generation that will bury their children as casualties of war.

And I am deeply troubled by what is going on. I don't see any good end to this. This cycle of killing is nowhere close to being broken.

Phil R said...

And yes I know the terrorist that israel killed kept his wives and children in his home where he stored munitions. I am not saying he was right and Israel was wrong. I am saying there has to be another way to break this cycle. For every madman Israel kills, the hatred engendered by the bombing seems to create three more madmen. And that is not a formula for success.

Anonymous said...

phil r's quick response proves that he is rumpole

Anonymous said...

Our only hope in the middle east:

Obama and Clinton getting a real peace plan. They are our most intelligent leaders in decades and they will get things done. Bush and Rice did nothing in the past 8 years to bring the parties together.

Phil, it is very sad to see casualties on either side, but this situation may be impossible to ever resolve. The core of the problem is - Jerusalem. Israel wll never give it up to Palestine..and without that concession the Arab countries will never be content. Not to mention that you have rogue leaders in Iran and Syria providing funds and arms to "freedom fighters" in Lebanon and Gaza.

A nightmare may occur for Israel if tonight the Iranian supported Hezbollah in Lebanon begin an assault on Northern Israel. There is a shortage of Israeli soldiers.

Meanwhile, watch Fox News right now for breaking news.

Anonymous said...

What if the the US had surrounded Mexico with walls, assumed total control of its borders, blockaded it from receiving food or medicine except at barely subsistence levels and prevented it from conducting any economic activity? Oh, and refused to recognize and attempted to overthrow Mexico's democratically elected government. Were Mexicans then to lob rockets over their prison walls at us, would we really have a legitimate reason to expect anything else given our actions?

Anonymous said...

This just in Labarga signed to Sony Television for a TV Court program, Resigns as Justice of Supreme Court, Resigns as Judge of the 4th DCA, Resigns as Chief Judge 11th Circuit.

UPDATED: Labarga TV Show cancelled, Labarga appointed to Obama's senate seat.

Anonymous said...

I hardly consider 16 minutes a quick response. You responded to my comments in 13 minutes. What does that mean? I write on this blog once in the past 4-5 months and I write about a war and the only thing on your little mind is who is Rumpole?

Phil R

Anonymous said...

I don't know about Phil, but Rumpole is the man with his pick of the Cardinals.

fake peckins said...

Rumpole, here's where I ate over the weekend in NYCL

SCARPETTA To what heights can a simple dish of spaghetti al pomodoro rise? Scarpetta provided the answer — the sky’s the limit — and a host of other delights, its sometimes agitated setting in the meatpacking district not among them. At Scarpetta the chef Scott Conant reconnected with his early glory days at L’Impero

eyeonq said...

Relax- the Q already has been called.

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Actor and playwright Sam Shepard was arrested early on Saturday in central Illinois and charged with speeding and drunken driving, police said.

Shepard, 65, told police in Normal, Illinois, he was passing through town and stopped at a tavern before heading to his hotel.

His blood alcohol was twice the legal limit and he was going 16 mph over the 30 mph speed limit while passing through town, the Bloomington, Illinois, Pantagraph reported.

FAKE JAy white said...

Rumpoloa= RE: your pick tomorrow-


kinda need to know said...

Will Shumie be eating Shumai at the tailgate party?

Anonymous said...

Obama and Clinton will do nothing re the war between Israel & the Palestinians and soon to be Iran, with the support of Russia. President-elect Obama had plenty to say when it came time to bail out the UAW which supported ($$$) him, and he had plenty of opinions when it came to bailing out the big banks, insurance companies, and brokerage firms that donated to him. Now, when there is a crisis involving people who don't contribute to his campaign he "cops out" by saying "there is only one President at a time." I thought he was the guy who was going to be talking to everybody. Now he says nothing. Obama and Clinton will do nothing and say they are monitoring the situation as more people die. The US will be unable to leave Iraq because by doing so it creates a tremendous void in this chaotic region that will ultimately come under the influence of Iran and Russia. The ultimate end will then begin. Regretably, we will be in Iraq until the final curtain. Now we know why Bush the first diddn't go all the way to Bagdad. He knew there was no way out.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love those Charger Cheerleaders!

Anonymous said...

charger - colt game: best ever?

Anonymous said...

pay the vig old man.

you forgot about that little man.

Anonymous said...

reizenstein you can call my analysis simplistic all you want but the fact here is that hamas doesnt want to negotiate with israel doesnt recognize its right to exist and is sworn to destroy it. israel withdrew from gaza letting the PA run it. against that backdrop hamas decides to lob missiles into Israel.

while i am not happy that this is happening and i agree with you that it is sad to see the civilian carnage, what real choice does israel have here? should they have sat back and allowed the attacks to occur?

what i am objecting to is the fact that the media and the world is blaming israel for this. when hamas decides to negotiate with israel and israel for no reason decides to invade gaza to kill civilians, then you can condemn israel. untill then most of this criticism is nothing more than anti-semitism

Anonymous said...

phil you are rumpole everyone knows it, you have admitted to it to others.

its ok, judges wont take it out on your especially since you arent crtical of them anymore