Saturday, January 24, 2009


Today it's 35 degrees in NYC. 

12 in Detroit. 

-16 in Chi Town (Chicago). 

13  in Denver. 

-5 in KC (barbeque and soup?)

-4 in St. Louis. 

-25!!!! In Bismark.

Shelly Jean Koostz has been arrested and booked for.....failing to return a library book.  ("Booked"  links to the arrest report). The Book? "The Freedom Writers Diary". What irony. 

In a scene reminiscent from Seinfeld,  (click here)  in which Jerry and George are harassed by library investigator "Bookman" for not returning Tropic Of Cancer, Ms. Koostz was harassed and finally arrested and booked for not returning the book valued at $13.95. 

The Defense?  What would you plead? 


Anonymous said...

Eye wood pleed el lettericee

Anonymous said...

I plead laches

Anonymous said...

Captain, is Crist ever going to name a replacement for Judge Rosinek?

Anonymous said...

Rule Against Perpetuity

CAPTAIN said...


to 11:10 am ...

Judge Rosinek is officially retired and has been designated by the Florida Supreme Court to sit as a retired judge.

He was replaced by newly elected Judge Maria Sampedro-Iglesia, who officially took office on January 6, 2009 and who, coincidentally (to your question) had her Investiture yesterday at the Dade County Courthouse.

As I am sure you already know, the new Drug Court Judge is Deborah White-Labora.


On an entirely separate note, lots of behind the scenes campaiging going on for the job of "El Jefe" aka Chief Judge.

The candidates remain: Gerald Bagely, Joel Brown, and Ivan Fernandez.

Over in the General Jurisdiction Division, Judge Jennifer Bailey has taken over the job as Administrative Judge
and Judge Marc "Shu" Schumacher has been appointed Associate Adminsitrative Judge - those jobs replacing retired Judges Stuart Simons and Jon Gordon.


What longtime and well liked Criminal Court Judge lost his seat to Judge Bailey?

FAX FIASCO .......

Over in Criminal - guess who's back. None other than the suddenly well liked on this blog Judge David Miller.

Miller had accepted an assignment to the Family Division with Judge Ivan Fernandez coming to Criminal. With the "fax fiasco" still ongoing and with Judge Maria Espinosa Dennis also heading to Family, that didn't work. So Miller is here and Fernandez is in Family.

Why Miller, who absolutely hated Criminal and loved General Jurisdiction would end up back at Criminal is very questionable?

Let's hope his second stint is a friendlier and more hospitable experience for both him and the attorneys who appear before him.


In what The Captain believes is a first in this Circuit, with the new judges now having taken the bench, our Circuit has more female judges than male judges.

The numbers in County Court are the most dramatic with 27 of the 42 judges being female.

In Circuit, males still hold a small advantage at 44-37.

The totals: 123 judges in the Circuit: 59 are male and 64 are female.


Anonymous said...

I think that Jennifer Bailey defeated Phil Knight, a long time and well-liked judge in the criminl division.

Anonymous said...

I dont know what the non-returned-library-book criminal will plead, but I have it on high authority that at her arraignment, she will waive reading. No word on whether the state or the judge will throw the book at her.

thanks folks, I'll be here all week.

Anonymous said...

That was a great episode.

Kramer hooked up with the Librarian.

That was one of many Seinfeld episodes where its obvious that Jerry was trying hard not to laugh. This time he was trying not to laugh at Bookman's investigative rhetoric. Classic.

Anonymous said...

Only 708 more days until Peter Adrien can no longer claim the undeserved title of "Your Honor".

Captain Wannabe said...

I saw Miguel De La O having lunch today with the skinny blonde consultant -- cant remember her name. They were discussing Miguel running. Bye Bye Peter.