Monday, January 19, 2009


Addie Mae Collins
Carole Robertson
 Cynthia Wesley 
Denise McNair

On Sunday September 15, 1963, four members of the klu klux klan (their names are not important) planted 19 sticks of dynamite outside the basement of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama.  The Church was the first black church in Birmingham, and was founded in 1873. It was a center of organization of the civil rights movement in Birmingham. 

The names above are of the four young girls who were murdered. 

These children did not die in vain. 

Dr.  King would have been 80 years old on this birthday. He could easily have lived to see the first African-American sworn in as President. 
He did not die in vain. 


Anonymous said...

It always amazes me when people say that a victim or group of victims did not die in vain. Sorry, but I don't subscribe to that. Those young girls weren't soldiers and didn't ask to be martyred. And, the progress we've made, as wonderful as it is, doesn't make up for the lives their killings took or destroyed. The killings were senseless, unnecessary, heinous and utterly useless. They died in vain; there's nothing man can do to change that. Fortunately, there is a higher authority and, hopefully, a place where a real justice can occur (something probably well beyond our capacity to understand).

South Florida Lawyers said...

Touching remembrance, Rump.