Monday, June 02, 2008


The Broward Blog had a link to this ST. PETE TIMES article on the perfect judicial candidate. The writer was dreaming.

From the article:
To me, the perfect candidate to ascend to the bench would be a lawyer who has done time in both trenches, as prosecutor and public defender, good-guy avenger and perpetual underdog. (We need more judges who know what "underdog" feels like.)
My candidate would then have gone into private practice to hone skills in civil or family or some other useful law, gaining perspective and experience over at least a decade, hopefully more...

And certainly, we would hope no one would run for judge just because hanging out a shingle can be a tough go and, hey, the gig comes with a steady paycheck, benefits and a really nice parking space. We would hope.

Rumpole says: about that last paragraph...we would hope that newspaper writers refrain from writing while under the influence of ridiculous ideas grounded in fantasy. To be blunt, you can't spit in any courthouse in this state and not hit someone in black robe who couldn't make it in private practice. Period.

Not to say we don't have talented and dedicated judges, we do. Out of a population of billions, the world also had a Mother Teresa. It's just that saints and great judges appear with about the same frequency, and that pre-supposes you believe in them (saints and the existence of great judges.)

So perhaps and perchance this is the start of a good discussion.

Great Judges you have tried cases before.
We'll start with two:
Senior Federal Judge Jose Gonzalez. They don't come any better than him, and as Springsteen sings on his newest album (Terry's Song) "When they built you, brother, they turned dust into gold. When they built you, brother, they broke the mold."

And in our own REGJB (back when it was just called the Justice Building) Judge Cowart, who famously responded to most objections with "bless your soul" and then moved on about his business.

You won't find any better judges anywhere in the country, than those two. Which leaves a few hundred others on our list as good, fair, horrible, and "how in the world did you even pass the bar?"

Have at it.

See you in court, avoiding the glare from all the robed readers we just insulted.


Anonymous said...

This Ranck stuff is out of control. I've always liked and respected David, and can't stand Abe.........BUT,

This is insane. A couple of us have asked, "why now?" This deserves an answer. Can you imagine if the police or prosecutors gathered "evidence" against one of your clients and waited FOUR YEARS to do anything (no accusation, no information/indictment, no warrant, no notice, no anything) with no explanation whatsoever?

They folks he's accusing of misconduct, all long term public servants, deserve better than this.

David, either tell us what's going on, or move on.

As it stands, I can't help but think of DeNiro's famous line in the Untouchables......."You got nothing! NOTHING." It all just sounds like personal nonsense to me.

fakes spokesperson said...

Rump, on behalf of all the blog Fakes, even RFB, we all say we're going to miss the Mish. He was one of a kind.

Anonymous said...

The IRONY of the CM article today in the DBR is thick. Love it!

Anonymous said...

I think that if becoming a judge would result in a pay raise, you should be automatically disqualified from consideration.

Anonymous said...

There is a place
reserved in hell
for me and my friends

Anonymous said...

why don't we find out why people run against GOOD judges in the first place.. example... judge julio gonzalez in browd.. served as a prosecuter in ny and in miami.. went private as a crim..defense atty. got appointed in 2006 since he's been on the bench he's worked his ass off and now he's got some high and mighty woman running against him solely becuase of his name... remember broward isn't like dade it's smith v. gomez.. gomez as the loser.... ridiculous....

CAPTAIN said...


You could also read from today's Sun Sentinel about our Miami TV stars:


The number is five and counting:

Judge Miliam
Judge Ferrer
Judge Young
Judge Pereyra
Judge Mills Francis

who will be next ....



the trialmaster said...

well said. ed cowart was a real judge's judge. a great guy with no ego. he was a pleasure to practiced in front of. he spoiled me because i thought all judges would be like him. boy, was i wrong!!he is truly missed and is irreplacable.But Stan does a great job as CJ. i am sure that ED would be pleased with stan.

Kenneth Weisman said...

I have been unable to discuss Stuart Mishkin's life and death without breaking down in tears (I cry as I type). I had the honour of working with Stuart for nearly 20 years. As a young lawyer it was Stuart who gave me my first job in the private sector. I learned business and ethics from both Stuart and Steven Golembe. Stuart had an uncanny ability to make any client feel comfortable and safe. He taught me to never get "involved" with our clients. He taught me how to earn. I learned our business "old school". It was Stuart who told me the most important lesson of our craft-"your word is your the end of the day it is all you have". I treasure this lesson most. I frequently repeat this to my two sons. Stuart had his share of issues (which one of us doesnt). He belonged to an old school of thinking which disavowed the value of therapists. Nevertheless, his view of death was one of acceptance. I kissed him every time I saw him in court (he hated this). I have lost a friend and mentor(again the tears). I am blessed to have been his friend. Only love, Kenneth Weisman

Anonymous said...

Julio is a great guy, was a great defense attorney, and has been a tremendous judge. Send money his way!

Scott Saul said...

Special Judges that I have tried cases before

Federal; Hoeveler, Adkins,

Dade; Deehl, Leyte-Vidal, Lopez, Jiminez

Broward; Rothchild, John Murphy, Deluca, Gary Cowart

With those Judges,you win no matter what the verdict was.

There are other fine quality judges. These treat the lawyers and clients like coveted guests.

Anonymous said...

PD's office will only take misdemeanors, juvenile and first degree felonies such as murder and capital sexual batteries because of underfunding.

Anonymous said...

awwwwwww, 9:01 read the herald

the trialmaster said...

a favorite Ed Cowart line when facing a complex legal argument was "cripple that and walk it by me slowly". Not poltically correct in todays world. Ed was the best.