Saturday, June 21, 2008


Anonymous wrote:

Hi all,

I'm the Anonymous that first stated that I am writing in David Peckin's name in a certain race. 

It occurs to me that if this "grassroots" movement as the Capt. dubs it is to have any merit, someone will have to crawl out of blogland-anonymity and spearhead the campaign. Can't be me, I have neither the time nor the ability. 

I don't think David can run the campaign, either. Not sure of the legality or the ethics of one not filing for a seat, yet seeking to win it via "write in". That seems bad form somehow. His friend's, however, could do it for him.

Anyway, I'm willing to make a yard sign saying "Write in Peckins" or given my neighborhood, "Escriba Peckins". 

Whatever happens, I look forward to seeing David's name in the published results on election night. If nothing else, perhaps Crist will wake up and realize that the name which habitually appears before him for appointment, draws votes even when he doesn't officially enter the election.

Rumpole has a little weekend political trivia:

Vice President Al Gore recently became the SECOND vice president to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Who was the first? What administration did he serve in and for what cause were his efforts recognized and awarded?


Anonymous said...

6 lawyers. 3 Judges. A fun little investment club that went long on oil futures months ago. Just for fun. Now- to divy up the 4 million, or let it ride? That's what's on the mind of nine guys right now.

fake Pannunzio said...

Dude. I was born to play Spicoli. I mean, Dude, I may not get the lead in the John Kennedy Jr. story, but I AM Spicoli. I have lived his life. In fact, he was made in my image.

I am the Dude Spicoli.

Now I'm going to catch some waves and then jet off with Mick to Jam with the Stones in London.

fake pannunzio said...

Rumpole Dude, it was Dick Cheney right? Dicky boy got the nobel peace prize right? Dude....

CAPTAIN said...


Peckins Write-In .....

While it appear that the law does not appear to favor our petition drive of our friend David Peckins, that should not stop us from placing his name on the ballot as a write-in candidate. While the law appears to require that he file papers on or before May 2, 2008 (the qualifying period), we can still place his name in the area reserved for write-in candidates. Peckins could not legally win a write-in election without having filed the papers.

Who cares ... write in his name and let the voters know that he is the most qualified "candidate" running in the Group that includes the M&M's.

99.061 Method of qualifying for nomination or election to federal, state, county, or district office.—
(4)(a) Each person seeking to qualify for election to office as a write-in candidate shall file his or her qualification papers with the respective qualifying officer at any time after noon of the 1st day for qualifying, but not later than noon of the last day of the qualifying period for the office sought.

(b) Any person who is seeking election as a write-in candidate shall not be required to pay a filing fee, election assessment, or party assessment. A write-in candidate is not entitled to have his or her name printed on any ballot; however, space for the write-in candidate’s name to be written in must be provided on the general election ballot. A person may not qualify as a write-in candidate if the person has also otherwise qualified for nomination or election to such office.


Anonymous said...

I don't care if Peckins can't win. I'll still write his name because I don't want to vote for Manny or Migna and I'm telling everyone I know to do the same.

Anonymous said...

Also Captain and fellow bloggers, if you spend more than $100 on any independent effort to get any one elected you must file reports with the elections commission.

Anonymous said...

A Hamilton got an award for busting a cap in Burr's grill

Anonymous said...

Charles G. Dawes won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1924 based on the Dawse's Report he wrote and worked on involving German reparations: to provide a solution to help Germany's budget, resources and the need to stabilize the economy and currency in an effort to assist in international relations at that time. He was President Truman's Veep 1925-1929.

Anonymous said...

He was the Veep for Calvin Coolidge, obviously a mistake, and amendment to my previous answer, NOT Truman.

Anonymous said...

if you all promise to write bonny riley in as head plumber, i will write peckins in for judge. count on it

Anonymous said...

Charles Dawes.

Anonymous said...

I don't like the Manny or Migna race either, but why couldn't Peckins pony up the money and run for himself?

Rumpole said...

8:24 IS CORRECT except as noted, Dawes was Silent Cal's VP.

Anonymous said...

Rump- the deal has been struck, the terms negotiated. When Charlie Crist becomes McCain's VP and if and when McCain/Crist win the Presidency, the very next appointment to the federal bench is our own, beloved Judge George SARDUY.

SARDUY say it with me.

Its fun if you try.

Anonymous said...

I still don't know how I would 'write-in' Peckins' name on an electronic touch screen ballot.
Can somebody check with elections?

eyeonq said...

The Q's new breakout lecture

"Quantum defense: defending your client in every dimension. Using string theory for a successful defense."

was debuted this week on a Q Pod Cast to critical acclaim.

blonde bomshell said...

Rumpole.....wanna come over to my place and listen to "I kissed a Girl and I liked it?"

We can experiment.

I sent you another picture. You like?


confused by the Q said...

Here's part of the handout from the Q lecture, I can"t make heads nor tails of it. And yet, the Q claims it works for criminal defense:

The Q wrote....
"The most well-known example and the first one to be studied is the duality between Type IIB supergravity on AdS5 S5 (a product space of a five-dimensional Anti de Sitter space and a five-sphere) on one hand, and N = 4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory on the four-dimensional boundary of the Anti de Sitter space (either a flat four-dimensional spacetime R3,1 or a three-sphere with time S3 R).[12] This is known as the AdS/CFT correspondence, a name often used for Gauge / gravity duality in general.
This duality can be thought of as follows: suppose there is a spacetime with a gravitational source, for example an extremal black hole. When particles are far away from this source, they are described by closed strings (i.e. a gravitational theory, or usually supergravity). As the particles approach the gravitational source, they can still be described by closed strings; alternatively, they can be described by objects similar to QCD strings, which are made of gauge bosons (gluons) and other gauge theory degrees of freedom. So if one is able (in a decoupling limit) to describe the gravitational system as two separate regions — one (the bulk) far away from the source, and the other close to the source — then the latter region can also be described by a gauge theory on D-branes. This latter region (close to the source) is termed the near-horizon limit, since usually there is an event horizon around (or at) the gravitational source. Near-horizon limits as they effect events in real time, such as the report of a crime can be utilized to your client's favor in several ways. For instance...."

That Q. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...


Teddy Roosevelt also won the the prize. While unlike Gore he ascended to the Presidency, he shares the distinction of being a Vice President.

However, unlike Mr. Gore, Roosevelt's Noble was won actually in the cause of Peace, when he negotiated a treaty between Russia and Japan.

Best regards,