Saturday, June 07, 2008


The DBR reported yesterday, HERE
that the 11th Judicial Circuit fired 14 employees and eliminated 14 other jobs that were vacant to snip 1.6 million from the budget. The SAO and PDs office reported that they have also not filled vacant positions, although the comments section of the blog on Friday was rife with rumours that several people had been fired from the PDs office. We have no idea if that is true or not.

Meanwhile on Friday the stock market tanked 3% and oil futures reached a new high per barrel. This is the new reality folks.:
$4.00 + per gallon is here to stay.

When there is speculation in the oil commodities market that is responsible for driving the price higher, you will see a concomitant rise in production from oil producing nations to take advantage of the price hike. That has not occurred. Rather, the increase in demand from new consumers (Asian car owners and factories) and the recognition we are on the down slope of the production and supply curve (translation: we're gradually running out of oil) means that it only gets worse from here.

Time for us defense attorneys to trade in our Escalades for electric scooters.
This is the new world and we'd better start planning how to deal with it.

The International Energy Agency REPORTED
this week that the world needs to invest $45 trillion in energy in coming decades, build some 1,400 nuclear power plants and vastly expand wind power in order to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, according to an energy study released Friday.

45 trillion dollars! (or eleven more unfilled positions at the 11th Circuit, the PDs office and the SAO- if you include pension and health insurance)
It's enough to make us drink. And to that end, another margarita please...

See you in court Monday, shaking off that margarita hangover.


fake jake thompson said...

Deep inside a secret bunker, buried hundreds of feet below the Miami Civil Court House at 75 West Flagler Street, a team of lawyers, judges, and clerks sit huddled around a complicated computer display panel. Large flat screen TVs dot the wall. The room is bathed in a dark cool blue light.
Suddenly a fax machine beeps to life. “Incoming!” shouts a clerk nearest to the fax machine. A klaxon bell rings as the machine starts churning out paper.
A solid steel door operating on hydraulics whooses open, and in strolls Commander “County” Joe Farina, the Chief Judge of the 11th Judicial Circuit. Directly behind him are Judges Dava Tunis and Ron Friedman, and several clerks from the clerks office.

“Whatta we got?” Asks Farina.
The clerk quickly scans the fax. “Nothing new. A demand to comply with the public records request for Dava’s third grade report card, two new lawsuits, oh, and here’s a new one: a lawsuit against the janitors at the Justice Building for not cleaning the bathroom on the sixth floor.”

“Total for the week?” Farina asks.
The clerk types some commands into a keyboard and one of the flat HDTVS on the wall flickers to life showing the total number of faxes, emails, lawsuits and public records requests filed by Fake Jake Thompson, Esq., and Gadfly.”

“He’s down 20% from last week on the lawsuits, and 38% on the public records requests” the clerk notes.
“Yeah but this was a four day week” Farina reminds the clerk.
Welcome to “TASK FORCE THOMPSON”, Fake Jake’s worst fears confirmed: an elaborate and systemic conspiracy to deprive Fake Jake of all of his rights by a team of judges, clerks, lawyers, all funded generously by the video game and porn industry.

Farina calls the meeting to order. He quickly goes through a list of some mundane tasks. “OK. Item 11, the disciplinary hearing last week. Dava, what’s next?”

Judge Dava Tunis stands up. She has led Operation “Punch his ticket” in a coordinated effort with the Florida bar and various nationwide gay rights groups to have Fake Jake’s license to practice law revoked in Florida.

“It’s all in the clear from here. I recommended a ten year disbarment, and he stormed out in the middle of the hearing. The Supreme Court will confirm and approve this in the fall and that’s that.”
Farina nodded. “I see he handed out written objections.”
Dava frowned. “Nothing I could do about that. He snuck them past my bailiff in his pants.”

Farina was not happy. “Dammit. The Video and Porn industry pays us good money to keep that man muzzled. I am not happy he was able to make a statement in front of reporters. We should have had tighter security. Lets, move on. Item12: The Federal Law suit before Leonard.”
A young lawyer stood up. “We got that covered sir. She dismissed it with prejudice last week. I wrote the order and gave it to her clerk, who is with us. You know, the one whose father is a porn producer. She gave it to the Judge. The Judge wants the next slot open on the 11th Circuit Court of appeals, but we’ve already promised that to the Judge in Georgia who filed one of the bar complaints. She’ll sit tight for a while, but eventually we’re going to have to pay off this debt. “

Farina made a small note to himself. “Item 13. The Vega junket is next week. The boys from Best Buy along with the producers of Grand Theft Auto IV will be picking up the tab. Get your room requests in by tonight. This is a nice little payoff for what we do here people, so enjoy yourself. Spend spend spend. Its all on them.”
“Last item. I want the GPS responders on Fake Jake replaced.”
The group looked up at one of the HDTV screens. There was a red dot blinking, indicating that their target was on the golf course in Coral Gables.
“We lost him last Sunday.”
“He was at church boss” one of the clerks said.
“That’s what he wants you to think” screamed Farina. “How do we know he wasn’t at Best Buy harassing a store manager? We need 24 -7 coverage on this target. Wake up with him, and put him to bed at night. Contact those guys at NSA and arrange for a black-bag job pronto. I want the newest responders in all his vehicles, pronto. And one in that silly briefcase he carries. That’s it folks. We have maybe 4 or 5 months tops left on this operation, and then the target will be disbarred and we can move on with our anti-family, pro-porn, pro-video game agenda. Lets not have anymore screw ups.”
The meeting broke up, and another day in the life of TASK FORCE THOMPSON had begun.
© Fake Jake Thompson, all rights reserved.

Anonymous said...

The oil producers will not take a valuable asset out of the ground and exchange it for US dollars that Bush has made almost worthless.

Anonymous said...

those us dollars can buy you a very nice house in america..... at a good price too!!

sitting on a bag of cash? stocks are cheap:


Anonymous said...

the address is 73 west flagler st. you justice bldg. bottom-feeders stay away from the civil courthouse where the big boys play.

Anonymous said...

Miami-Dade Civil Courthoue
73 West Flagler Street
Miami, FL 33130

Jack's Fact Checker said...

A video called When Jack Thompson Talks to God that will make your weekend. Click here.

Anonymous said...

Of course the dollar can buy good value in the US. A crashing housing market, and a recession will do that. But the dollar won't buy shit overseas.

Anonymous said...

Let the oil prices soar. There was an interesting article the other day about why the US is better off with 5.00 per gallon gas. This is the last country on the planet that has yet to seriously address its addiction to oil. Bigger cars with worse mileage than 20 years ago. Seems like 5 dollar gas will be here by July 4th and I say let the prices soar. Enjoy your 100.00 fill ups.

blonde bombshell said...

Rumpole my Rumpole.
I sent you a picture of me, bent over, with a slight "equipment malfunction" pouring a margarita. Did you like what you saw? It could all be yours if you would just email me. Plus, I make a great margarita.

Anonymous said...

Carlos and Bennett did it again.

Instead of firing any of the old guard who mostly have no more passion for the work, make over
100k, and are already financially set for life, they fire the young attorneys making less than 50K who are just out trying to start a career. Those of us with inside contacts know exactly who was fired. And just because they all officially resigned does not mean that they weren't fired. When I was a new attorney, if I was given the option of resigning instead of being immediately terminated, I would have resigned every time. You have a future to think about and no one wants to start out a career getting fired from their first job.

The shit stinks as usual.

Anonymous said...

is margot moss tera patrick?

Obama and Clinton said...


Anonymous said...

Do you guys know how to run a PD's office?