Thursday, June 19, 2008


UPDATE: Controversial Attorney Jonathan Schwartz, late of the Collier County Jail, has been released on $10,000.00 bond. The SOUTH FLORIDA LAWYERS blog has all the juicy details.

And the Broward Blog is highlighting an email from one Collier County Judge to all the County Court Judges urging them to resolve traffic cases prior to the trial setting and to not give withholds at the trial setting. The email ends with something along the lines of  " NOT LETTING THE INMATES RUN THE ASYLUM ALA DADE COUNTY..."

We're going to have more on this. No one  outside of Dade gets away with calling out nuthouse an asylum. It may be an asylum, but it's OUR ASYLUM,  and our inmates that are running it, and no two bit backwater hack is going to get away scott free calling us names. Just wait and see. 

Congratulations to our newest County Court Judge, former longtime assistant state attorney FLORA SEFF!!!!

The Governor got it right with this appointment.


Anonymous said...

this gov seems to always get it right
accept for peckins
lets get peckins in there next
congrats flora

Anonymous said...

According to today's Review,
Corona says that his background and experience in laundering drug money will make him a better judge. That's like him saying his background and experience in f_cking will make him a better virgin!


Flora Seff prosecuted a 1st degree murder/death penalty trial in front of me. Her trial partner was Richard Gregorie. It was a most difficult defendant who wanted to represent himself and he was just out of hand. Flora was superb. She was the very best thatI have seen as a trial lawyer...professional, with integrity, intelligent and a up to date on case law for keeping this trial with no legal error for the Third DCA to reverse. Gov. Crist made an excellent choice. She really deserves to be a Circuit Court Judge, but that will come soon. Congratulations Flora. You will be great and very fair to all. Enjoy your new career.

Anonymous said...

Everyone at REGJB with experience from the 80s remember, the logo of Corona's bank was a Washing Machine.

Is the Maytag repairman his judicial campaign manager?

Anonymous said...

Flora will be great - Love Flora. When I was an ASA, she was one of the only higher ups that could realistically evaluate a case and offer constructive advice without being an asshole.

CAPTAIN said...


Recapping the past two appointments by the Governor, it looks like this:

for Judge George Sarduy's seat ..

Joe Davis, Jr.
Steve Grossbard
Alicia Otazo-Reyes
David Peckins
Rodney Smith
Lourdes Simon.


for Karen Mills Francis's seat ..

Tamara Gray
David Peckins
Bonnie Riley
Flora Seff
Lourdes Simon
Rodney Smith


What does this all mean .. it means we need to get that write-in campaign into full swing if we are to get PECKINS elected in the Migna v. Manny race.


Anonymous said...

Both of them were good picks.

Congratulations to Flora and Rodney.

Boy is Flora going to be bored in DUI court.

"Officer, did he touch the tip of his nose or the bridge of his nose..."

Objection, relevancy.


Anonymous said...

how sad to live one's entire professional life in the justice building.

Anonymous said...

Miami loves Big-Duh.

Anonymous said...

We have had excellent "M and M'
teams before//Mantle and Maris in baseball and M and M candy,Now we have a blight according to all:Migna and Manny.What a shame!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Peckins would do better if his supporters followed simple rules of grammar: it's except and not accept. Get it right.

Anonymous said...

Rodney Smith !?!

Mr. "Can't we all get along?"

Oh, yeah, that was Rodney KING.


Anonymous said...

Holy shit! They actually picked someone with real trial experience! Good for Flora.
Jason Grey

Anonymous said...

Flora Seff was an outstanding prosecutor, who was always extremely prepared and professional. She has the experience, knowledge and temperament to be a great judge. Congratulations to her, and let's hope that she will be elevated soon to the Circuit Court.

Jose M. Quiñon

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Jason Grey. What a pleasure to have an actual trial lawyer appointed, that is an outstanding trial lawyer. People on both sides of the isle don't have to agree on positions, but to have a blue-blood actual trial lawyer with Flora's level of experience makes some, if not all, the election races look like a joke.

Anonymous said...


Don't know where to post this and now it seems like yesterday's news. But why didn't you write anything about Tim Russert's passing?

It seems that someone with your knowledge of history, who cares about issues outside as well as inside REG, would have written an entire post dedicated to him and MTP.

While those of us who followed the news got the coverage, I'm curious why you never mentioned it. It seems un-Rumplike.

Anonymous said...

peckins is a great guy and a great lawyer. the man is old school.
2:53-you knock peckins.... you knock yourself!!
ordes simon and
david peckins should get the next 2 slots.

bonny riley missed her calling. she should run for the plumbers union.)))

Anonymous said...

jason it is amazing isnt it? i mean the last cricuit judge was appointed because thier lobbyist hubby raised bags full of cash for those crminals running the country bush and cheyney.

chain gang charlie got it right with flora

Anonymous said...


A total of five yes that is five candidates have qualified for Clerk of Court.

David Nelson and Harvey Ruvin will fight it out on August 26, with the winner meeting up with the three candidates in the general election who filed as "NPA" no political affiliation.

Interesting is that Captain Pro Se changed from Democrat to NPA at the last minute. WHY?

Captain give the play by play and legal mumbo jumbo as to what this means for Ruvin.

Anonymous said...

Flora is going to make a great judge. However...since Judge Mills-Francis spot was technically filled by Judge Joe Fernandez, does this mean that Judge Seff will be taking over Jose Fernandez's courtroom in 6-7?

Anonymous said...

peckins is a great guy and a great lawyer. the man is old school.
ordes simon and
david peckins should get the next 2 slots.

bonny riley should follow in her dads foot steps and run for head the plumbers union.)))

fake matters and adelstein said...

RUMPOLE, you haven't really hopped on board with the movement to encourage us the use of 'POST PRANDIAL" as much as we thought you would.

Please get with the program.

gossip gurl said...

Just wonderin what 40 somethin Judge was boogying to 'I KISSED A GIRL AND I LIKED IT" At SET last night on SOBE.

SHE seemed to be having the time of her life.

Anonymous said...

Caught Alex Michael's act at the Hard Rock last night. He's getting better; more polished; the act is tighter and seemless. Of course the finishing highlight- the Roumanian Tenderloin Twist brings the audience to their feet.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else as tired of the stupid comments by FORMER JUDGE? We get it. You used to be a Judge, probably a county court Judge based on the stupidity of the writing. You think you're hot shjt. OK. Now what? MOVEON.org please.

Rump- slap a gag order on this junky junior jurist will ya?

Anonymous said...

9:19...........are you as insecure as you sound? Former Judge said that Flora tried a first degree murder with Gregorie in front of him.

First, that means he was a circuit judge. Second, it means it was at least 15 years ago. I doubt he's trying to impress you with his status (particularly since he's remaining at least semi-anonymous). He's pointing out his former position so people put his opinions in context.

Get a grip.

PS---You really can't figure out who he is?

fake sherlock holmes said...

Sorry knucklehead, but I have a pretty good idea of who Former Judge is. Seff and Gregorie tried a cab driver for murder before county Court judge who gained the reputation and incured the ire of his fellow county court judges by weasling into felony cases.

So things are not as they always seem are they Watson?

Anonymous said...

I ask you all to come together in support of Bonny Riley to head up the counties largest and most respected organization-the plumber's union.

Miami Traffic Court said...

Looks like wild times in Miami's traffic court arena. What kind of show are you guys running down there? You know in other places, like Philly, they're much more open about the chaos.

Remind me to stay out of Collier County. :-)

Anonymous said...

I propose the use of “Tió” or “Uncle” as a short hand term (pejorative) to describe certain individuals in our community among. Why you ask, here it goes!

The term is intended to describe those who think that by wearing a Guayabera, sipping Cuban coffee at Versailles, smoking an occasional cigar, talking about “Cuba after Castro,” and being a member of CABA they are representative of our community, culture, values, or agenda. They are NOT! In reality, they stereo type us, and are out of touch with our community, not the community of lawyers who are but an iota of our community.

I am referring to those who have converted CABA into a social club for the power elite, controlled by and for the benefit of the big law firms, law firms which resisted hiring minorities of all types until it became financially prudent or expedient to do so.

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I am referring to those who are mere surrogates for the “establishment” and these large law firms, and who support certain judicial candidates, under the guise of tolerance, using their “cloak of legitimacy” as Cuban American Lawyers to ameliorate the out cry of a community when offended by a member of the “establishment” or power elite is insolent toward that community or other minorities. They fancy themselves as part of the “establishment,” when in reality they are mere instrumentalities of that establishment, not having the true respect of either the establishment nor “their community.”

Well, I think you all get the point! My proposal to identify these individuals as “Tió” or “Uncle” is a play of the old pejorative “Uncle Tom.” We all know the pejorative was, and is often still used to describe an African American who is perceived as behaving in a subservient manner to White American authority figures, or as seeking ingratiation with them by way of unnecessary accommodation. Today, it is used to describe black people whose political views or allegiances are considered by their critics as detrimental to blacks as a group. (See Wikipedia)

You tell me. Look in the morrior, look around, and tell me I am wrong!

Anonymous said...

Flora Seff--plenty of trial experience, excellent lawyer, very good temperment. She will make a fine judge.

the trialmaster said...

the trialmaster does believe that a life time prosecuter with no private practice experence should be appointed as a judge.the prsent dade county bench is the weakest as it has ever been.sure, we have some great ones, stan, kevin, john,but we have alot more stinkers who should not wear the robe.

Anonymous said...

Rump, is there a better teen angst movie than FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH?

If we were going to cast the movie today in your beloved REGJB who would play what part?

Larry Schwartz as Mr. Hand, Spicoli's nemesis.

And of course Joel Denaro as Spicoli.

Jason Grey as Damone.

Pistol Pete Heller as Brad (the guy played by Judge Reinhold)

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I'm the Anonymous that first stated that I am writing in David Peckin's name in a certain race.

It occurs to me that if this "grassroots" movement as the Capt. dubs it is to have any merit, someone will have to crawl out of blogland-anonymity and spearhead the campaign. Can't be me, I have neither the time nor the ability.

I don't think David can run the campaign, either. Not sure of the legality or the ethics of one not filing for a seat, yet seeking to win it via "write in". That seems bad form somehow. His friend's, however, could do it for him.

Anyway, I'm willing to make a yard sign saying "Write in Peckins" or given my neighborhood, "Escriba Peckins".

Whatever happens, I look forward to seeing David's name in the published results on election night. If nothing else, perhaps Crist will wake up and realize that the name which habitually appears before him for appointment, draws votes even when he doesn't officially enter the election.

Anonymous said...

"The alleged Trial Master @ 3:19:
You are a fool.

Stan was not appointed. John was appointed. Kevin was appointed & re-elected with NO opposition.

What exactly are we discussing?

Anonymous said...

bonnie reilly will get it soon as some political payoff becuase her dad is head of some union that can give bags of cash to pols. how many murder cases has she tried? wasnt she in ERU for much of her career? wont matter if daddy is union boss someone will make you a judge

Anonymous said...

more on fast times

Josh Gradinger as Mark Ratner

yoel molina as jefferson the football player

country may be a better spicoli

and gaviria is much better as damone

Anonymous said...

10:30....he said it was a CAPITAL CASE.

Anonymous said...

12:52:00 p.m., you are absolutely right, dude.

the trialmaster said...

the trialmaster took down seff. I am the trialmaster.

Anonymous said...

I put this comment with the wrong posting. I re-post so it is in the appropriate place:

Let's get this straight, not everybody agrees that the Governor got this right. Especially those who believe that David Peckins should be a judge.

Besides, for the lack of a better way to put it, many believe that Ms. Seff is not the brightest bulb on the tree, mean, unreasonable, unbending, self-righteous and vindictive without cause.

I, for one of many, will be out there hoping someone files against her in 2010 and will be raising money and campaigning for her opponent, as she has against other sitting judges. (Payback is a b--ch.)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 6:35 - Stan and John were elected, idiot. Yes Emas was appointed. Actually twice. He lost his first election after being appointed to the County Court, was re-appointed there and then appointed to the Circuit. Learn your history.

Anonymous said...

The "former judge" is John Colby. Thought you all had figured that out some time ago. Get with it people.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Not the Joseph Ramirez case. That one seemed personal. She even broke down in tears ehen the jury did not give him the death penalty. This csse has been tried 4 times