Tuesday, June 17, 2008


OK old timers, who remembers the last time a controversial Miami lawyer was thrown in the can for his actions (or refusal to act) on a case? 
Hint: his picture is above.

Who was the lawyer?

Who was the Judge?

What was the dispute that sent him to the Stockade?

How did it get resolved?

All these questions, and more, answered on your favourite blog.


rick freedman said...

The State arrested Russell Sanborn for the murder of Erin Abramson. She was 18 years old and home from FSU staying with her parent in NMB. Her father, Herb Abramson, was an attorney in town.

Rubin was about the 5th attorney on the case when he took it. On the eve of trial, after Judge Sidney Shapiro had already told Rubin that there would be no more continuances if he let Rubin in the case, Rubin dropped the bomb.

He could not represent Sanborne because his client was going to take the stand and lie and Rubin could not permit that according to his understanding of the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Shapiro and Rubin battled it out and Shapiro won. He sent Rubin to jail with his toothbrush.

Sanborne was eventually convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

I worked for Herb Abramson for a short time back in the 80's. It was a very sad time for him and his family.

Rick Freedman

Anonymous said...

Ellis Rubin was the WORST lawyer to ever hit the justice building. He placed his own agenda before his clients.

Ronald Zamora-TV defense...idiotic

Kathy Willets-nympho defense...ridiculous...only prostitute case to ever do jail time

He always had to call press conferences.

He was a maverick lawyer that took stupid chances and allowed his clients to pay the price

CAPTAIN said...
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Anonymous said...

Where can I buy a "FREE JONATHAN SCHWARTZ" Shirt? Seems like it's not a real popular item.

Rumpole said...


At least OUR president can pass a history test. Can't say the same for 43.

Rumpole said...

BTW Rick- I never considered whether this post might open old wounds for the family. What do you say? Can I leave it up, or change it?

Anonymous said...

Let me get my two cents in about Jonathan Schwartz.

When I left the SAO, I was hell-bent on hanging out my own shingle but, at least for a time, needed a steady paycheck to support my family. I ended up working (briefly) for a true fuckhead (who shall remain anonymous). The work sucked. He sucked. The pay sucked, despite his promises of bonuses and percentages. He demanded long hours 6-7 days a week, which I refused to do given the relatively low pay. The clients sucked. The support staff couldn't take a phone message, let alone do any clerical work. I could go on and on. It was, hands down, the worst job I have ever had in my life, let alone in the legal field.

After about two or three months I realized that I had made a mistake and began networking with my REGJB peers. I learned that JS might be looking for an associate. I refused to even consider that as an option.

rick freedman said...

It has been 22 years, but, for me, watching what Mr. Abramson went through, it was horrible. Evertytime he went to court with his wife and son, hoping that the case would be tried, only to find that there would be another continuance.

It was agonizing. Everytime, having to see the defendant in the box who had "allegedly" stabbed his daughter multiple times.

By the time Rubin took on the case, he had already had enough. So when Rubin pulled the "shenanigans" that he pulled, that was like the last straw.

Mr. Abramson was never the same; but then again, who is after their daughter is so brutally murdered (and right out of his own home that he and his family were in and sleeping at the time of the act) if my recollection serves me correctly.

I doubt he reads this or that it would get back to him, but you never know for sure.

Anonymous said...

10:40:00 p.m. said:

"Kathy Willets-nympho defense...ridiculous...only prostitute case to ever do jail time"

Back in the 1980's, Janet Reno's standard plea offer for anyone charged with prostitution in county court was a minimum of 15 days DCJ. Most of the prostitutes (be it females or male) got at least 15 days jail if they took a plea, and more after trial if they were found guilty. The johns usually got a withhold and court costs. Judge Baxter required an AIDS test long before it became a standard plea condition.

Anonymous said...

Captain you have missed the boat over at the Clerk of Court race.

Alfredo Perez filed as a non-party and qualified. As a non-party candidate he goes directly to the general election.

This leave Harvey Ruvin, David Nelson and Daren Mcgillis in the primary all as democrats. If one of them does not get 51% of the vote all three head to the general. Qualify time expires on Friday at noon with Ruvin and Perez qualified already.

Hey Captain does this fall under your using your last name to get elected catagory?

Anonymous said...

FYI Kathy Willets case was in Broward.

Anonymous said...

http://www.eleventh-avenue-south.com/archives/hamjens_1.jpg Here is a link to a couple of JS' clients - both convicted in in abstencia of the lawyers in Collier for driving 10 miles ove the speed limit.

Anonymous said...

I once saw Yehuda Bruck standing at the podium yelling at his client in front of a packed courtroom with the judge on the bench. He was yelling at the client that he was stupid and a moron right there for anyone to hear. He also was selling him out on an issue regarding an A/C.

I have plenty of clients that are rude and I may not like but any defense lawyer worth a damn will go into the courtroom and stand up for even those they don't like.

Bruck is an embarrassment, a disgrace, and a coward. I have never once seen him announce ready on a case.

Anonymous said...

Migna does nothing for all her clients.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole is British. More details to follow.....

Anonymous said...

rump start a write in campaing migna canot be a judge.

Anonymous said...

wasnt Bill Clay held in contempt in the Otero trial in Ft. Walton Beach and sentenced to jail time?

Anonymous said...

Does anybody remember when Joshua Fisher worked for Jonathan Schwartz? Fisher was a nice guy until Schwartz started rubbing off on him. That's when he started taking people's money and running. The same thing will happen to Yehuda Bruck. But Bruck was already unethical to begin with.

Anonymous said...


I'm posting here since this is the most recent post.

I personally have no connection or knowlege of JS

But reading a post that says you lied about me in front of Judge Bagley re: a plea to 364 says volumes. J. Bagley hasn't been in REG criminal court in at least 5 years or so. So that writer is someone with a long, hard memory. That number of years of recollection, says a lot.

CAPTAIN said...


thank you to 12:24 pm for the Clerk of Court update. Not really following the Clerk's race, but it could be interesting, to say the least.

One correction. The legislature, a couple of years ago, changed the primary law. You no longer need 50% plus one in the primary. The high voter gets in in a partisan race. No more runoffs, in that specific scenario.

Cap Out ...

Anonymous said...

Dont know Yehuda Bruck.
He did come in 55th in the FTL A1A Marathon..


Anonymous said...

How can we forget Rubin's Spiderman trial? Or the kid in Broward who killed her baby then had another while on house arrest? Or Lionel Tate's last hearing on the pizza delivery man robbery case? (the one where he used his BSO Mom's gun) Rubin sure had a knack for picking 'em!!!!